3 recommendations to hold our monthly gatherings

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Three places have been identified as possible venues to hold our regular SHC monthly gathering.  There are:

  1. Lee Kong Chian Food court – Basement 1.
  2. HarbourFront Food court – 4th floor, located at NEL
  3. SMU food court – located at Circle line

Thank you to the members who have suggested these places.  Ideally, we are looking for a place which does not require us to commit to a certain number of pax.  The venue should be located close to a train station.  Food and prices should be varied, so that we can cater to different needs.  The place should be relativelyquiet during the hours of 5pm to 8pm.

We will make the decision based on your comments.

Terence Seah


17 thoughts on “3 recommendations to hold our monthly gatherings

  1. I took this pic about 2 months ago but forgot to forward to you. it’s at kallang wave. Moderately quiet esp between 3-6. Mrt station STADIUM (=Central area). BTW 27th March monthly gathering is cancelled? (Can’t find the post anymore)[image=CAM01592.jpg]

  2. Thank you Frisna. How far are your recommendations from the train stations? If it is quiet and near the train station, we will give it a try one day.

    Terence Seah

  3. Hi Terence

    If you look at the Makan Sutra group post…they’re going there for lunch. Kallang Wave Mall is a little secret which would soon be overrun by the Sea Games…

    Yes, the Foodfare food court can be a meeting point for SHCs…and there’s a senior discount on Mondays. Thanks to Africa for this suggestion!

  4. Ha2 Kenneth Africa is big and rich of natural resources. I don’t mind!
    Terence it’s walking distance from STADIUM MRT

  5. Would like to suggest Marina Square Food Court – accessible via Circle/Downtown Lines – Promenade Station or all other lines at City Hall Station.

  6. Hi CarolineS,

    TQ for the suggestion of Marina Food court. I will have a look at the place. As long as it is near to a MRT, not crowded from 4-8pm, spacious, flexible with space and pricing, for our Club members, we can consider it as a regular place for SHC monthly gatherings.

    We shall decide on the venue soon.

    Terence Seah

  7. I second Frisna Tan’s proposal for FOODFARE in Kallang Wave. Must take Circle Line to Stadium MRT. Exit A and Kallang Wave Mall is about 100metres.
    Rather quiet from 2 pm . The food portion is big . NTUC members get discount.
    Also for SG50, every Mondays , Pioneer Generation gets 12.5% discount for food in FOODFARE.
    Biggest Fairprice shop on ground floor.

  8. I have been to both the Gallerie Foodcourt at Marina Square and Foodfare at the Kallang Wave and I like both. Though I have eaten at Foodfare only once, I was somewhat impressed on my first visit.

    The Gallerie has a very scenic corner which I like very much with a view of MBS, the ArtScience Museum and the Helix Bridge. Accessible by the MRT and a little walk in air-conditioned comfort. There’s a variety of food for choice though I think prices are on the higher end.

    Foodfare at the Kallang Wave is bright, spacious, accessible via the Circle Line and grants all the discounts mentioned by Jimmy.

    The only apprehension I have for the Gallerie is the Rats! Remember the recent case of a rat being found in the salted vegetable at Hotpot Culture or perhaps you are not aware of it? The Hotpot Culture is next to the Gallerie.

    In early Februay, while a customer was having coffee in a Marina Square cafe, it was not mentioned which, a baby rat fell from the false ceiling in the cafe. Eeekkk…………..!!!

    Multiple adrenaline rushes might be good for a livelier meet though. :):):)


  9. Hi Daisy,

    TQ for the suggestion. We could use the Gallarie at Marina for the April 2015.

    Can u advise if the venue is quiet during 4pm to 8pm on a weekday? If yes, we will use it for April.

    Terence Seah

  10. Galleries (Aiyah…the predictive mode refuses to allow the singular “gallerie” until I changed to French!)… may be a good choice…but I cannot guarantee it will be quiet with the bunch of SHCS gathering there!

    So, Daisy, you don’t have to advise Terence on this! But, maybe, you can choose the menu: the men have a Turtle Makan group which intends to eat exotic foods…baby rats would be a good offering!

  11. Was at The Gallerie on March 19. Looked OK and the lunch crowd was back. Initially, when the rat incident happened at Hotpot Culture, the lunch crowd avoided the place like the plague.

  12. Terrence,
    May I clarify that the SMU Food Court is located at Basement 1 near to the Lee Kong Chian Library at SMU. It is next to the Bras Basah MRT station , Circle Line.
    Its opposite to the National Museum. There are many busses to Bras Basah Road and Stamford Road. Opposite former SJI.
    In the aftn its relatively quiet. From the MRT control station exit gate its less than 3 mins walk to the basement foodcourt. Ask the SMU students for directions Pls check it out. Even rainy days we are sheltered.. we don’t have to go out to street level. Food prices are reasonable and many varieties to choose.

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