BBQ cum Potluck, Changi Park, Sat 6 Jun 2015, SHC Monthly gathering

bbq1  bbq2 We have a plan to have another BBQ at Changi Park.  The objective is to provide opportunities for new and old members to meet one another.  Details as below::

  • Date:  Sat 6 Jun 2015 confirmed.
  • Time:  Afternoon (3pm) to evening. You can come anytime.
  • What’s provided:  2 BBQ pits booked and basics
  • What’s you need to bring along:  Really, it will be up to you. Bring your own food and drink; or potluck item or whatever can be placed on the fire.  or anything from Beer to chicken, sausages, German porklegs, fish curry, kueh kueh, frogs, crabs, plastic bags, water melons, oranges, vitamins and forks, plates.
  • Entrance only:  $3 if registration before/on 31 May 2015;  $5 if registration on/after 1 Jun 2015.  Non-SHC members $5 per person.
  • Payment:  on the day itself, on arrival.
  • Open to registered SHC members only.

More details later.  Please indicate the items you will bring be bringing.

Terence Seah (replaced by Thomas Loh)

Registration List:

  1. Terence Seah – I am likely to come in straight from Bangkok, so limited mango & sticky rice. (will be in Mumbai)
  2. Karen Thio & her Helper – Ginger mini tarts
  3. Susan CH Tan – fried bee hoon, sambal belacan and marinated chicken wings
  4. Judy Lim – soon kueh and otak (plus Susan’s sambal belacan)
  5. Ann Lim     (Members 5 – 24  ~satay, cherry tomato salad, durian green bean dessert, Crystal Jade rose chicken, assorted fruits, packet drinks, disposable cutleries, paper towels, red wine)
  6. Bessie Lam
  7. Evon Lim
  8. Karen Phoo
  9. Lily Limit
  10. Oi Cheng
  11. Peri Liew
  12. Ronald Lam
  13. Theresa Seow
  14. Thomas Loh, EO
  15. Gingko Tay
  16. Grace Ng
  17. SK Chua
  18. Tony Ang
  19. Esther Mok
  20. Leon Lau
  21. Irene Tan
  22. Bernie Chung
  23. Daisy Yeo
  24. Lina Tan
  25. Rosalind Lee (mini chicken pies and red wine)
  26. Mary Chan (sausages)
  27. Ann Giri (fruits)
  28. Bobby Bok (fruits)
  29. Daniel Chan
  30. Susan SW Tan (something – combine with Susan C H Tan)
  31. Melissa Khng
  32. Steven Chan (fruits)
  33. Lily Ho (ice cooler with cold drinks and plain water)
  34. Adeline Yeo
  35. Helen Pow
  36. Pow TK
  37. Susan Sia (purple sweet potato)
  38. Andrew Koh (will bring something)
  39. Ronald Wie and Doreen (playing the guitar) ..(fried beef Kway teow)
  40. Registered after 1.6.15
  41. Dolly Lim (cakes)
  42. Wendy Lum (tea eggs)
  43. Lina Ng
  44. Ah Nee
  45. .
  46. ..
  47. ..


82 thoughts on “BBQ cum Potluck, Changi Park, Sat 6 Jun 2015, SHC Monthly gathering

  1. Hi Terence

    I’m confused. You have indicated it’s open to shc members only. Yet, you’ve also indicated that non-shc members need to pay $5?


  2. Hi Gabriella,

    Yes, you are right. This event is open to SHC members only.
    However, in the event that some members decides to bring along a non-member eg a family member, despite the rule, the non-member pays that rate.

    We give this allowance, in public places only.

    Terence Seah

  3. Hi Terence,

    If Karen can go, there’s no excuse for us not to go!

    Bringing fried bee hoon, lots of sambal belacan toasted on charcoal fire. And 1 big packet of chicken wings – marinated, of course.


  4. Hi Terence,

    Pls include me for another fun gathering by the seaside. I will buy Otar and cooked Chicken wing.

    Susan agreed with your comment, definitely will support as I don’t miss any opportunities to have mini tarts by Karen and your fried bee hoon with sambal.


  5. Hi Terence,

    Please register the following 11 of us for this BBQ:

    Ann Lim
    Bessie Lam
    Evon Lim
    Karen Phoo
    Lily Lim
    Oi Cheng
    Peri Liew
    Ronald Lam
    Theresa Seow
    Thomas Loh
    Gingko Tay

    The group will bring:

    1) Satay
    2) Cherry Tomato Salad
    3) Durian Green Bean Dessert
    4) Crystal Jade Rose Chicken
    5) Assorted Fruits
    6) Packet Drinks
    7) Disposable Cutleries, Paper Towels


  6. After I put up the post on a BBQ cum Potluck, I want to the Nparks website to book 2 BBQ pits. I did and was successful. Then the system said I had to pay at the AXS machine within 24 hours. I thought no problem and left Spore the next day. Then I realise I cannot download the AXS apps. Gosh, the booking became invalid.

    Luckily, members come to help, and could book and pay for me first. I don’t spend more than a few days in Spore, and I hope to see more members gather together. Plse get your friends to join SilverHairsClub and participate. Do register here.

    Terence Seah

  7. Hi Terence,
    Two more members joining my earlier list of 11 please. They are Grace Ng and SK Chua. Also, to include RED WINE in the menu. Thank you.


  8. Hi Terence! I would like to register for this event please.

    I saw Ann’s durian green bean soup and die die also I must go! Her dessert is to die for by the way. :p

    My contribution will be mini chicken pies and a bottle of red wine.

    Thank you

  9. Terence,
    I’m keen to join. I will probably come later in the day, closer to evening but will try to come a bit earlier. I will bake something or make some agar agar.

  10. Hi.Terence

    Pl register the following:

    Ann Giri – bringing fruits
    Bobby Bok – perhaps fruits
    Daniel Chan
    Susan SW Tan – something (combine with Susan CH Tan)

  11. I can see the crowds coming for the Jun monthly gathering. We will provide the basic fire for you to BBQ. Add to this, you can also show us your skills by bringing a potluck item. We need anything and everything. Leaves you to your imagination.

    Looking at the show of response, we shall make this event our Monthly Gathering too. The fun will be when everybody gets to move around, no chairs. As you know, I have always like standing events, right from day one when SHC started. However we are seniors, so many of our activities have always been sitting. But, this time, the event will be held at a open space, and you can bring your floor mat, if you are tired of standing.

    The sea breeze will be with us. Some of us will always be wondering if the rain will come. But rain or no rain, the event will go on.

    Our good Susan CH Tan has helped us to book the BBQ, I forgot what the Pit numbers are. I had actually booked the pits earlier, and wanted to pay by AXS machine. But, I travelled, and the bookings expired. Susan quickly booked again. Thank you Susan.

    This event is held on a Sat. It will be fun. Feel free to organise some ball games. If you like to play the guitar for sing-along, please also come. When I am in Bangkok on a Sunday morning, at Lumpini Park, there are always a couple of karaoke groups. They bring along a small amplifier box, with a mike, and they would sing to their hearts content. No need for the super quality, it is the fun and company that matters. We can also have a prize for the best croak.

    For the BBQ, you can bring your own crab, sotong or your own unmarinated fish. If you are not sure what to get, visit Cold Storage or NTUC.

    KarenT, I look forward to seeing you, and making the effort to come to this event. But really, I like your ginger mini tarts.

    So, guys and gals, see you then.

    Terence Seah

  12. If I were to make a guess, I think we would reach 30 participants for our BBQ cum portluck at Changi Beach Park. Obviously, I wish more would come and join this event. Worried that our group would be too big to manage, I have asked Gingko Tay, the sweet slim lady with long hair, to manage our registration desk during the BBQ. I hope to have another person to help Gingko.

    Well, when you come for the BBQ and beach party, please bring along your
    SHC name tag. You can make your name tag, write your first and last name on the tag, and making sure the letters are visible from afar. The idea is so that others can see your name from afar. Either they like to get close to you or keep far away from you. The SHC name tag is unusual, because every one of them is uniquely different.

    Thank you Gingko for your supporting role. And for those who are planning to come, please register before 31 May 2015.

    Terence Seah

  13. Hi Terence,

    Please register Tony Ang and Esther Mok. They will join our group, making a total of 15 now. We will add more food items.


  14. Hi everybody,

    I am glad to see so many of you coming to the BBQ/Potluck. Although I do not reply every participant, I acknowledge your participation, if you see your name in the registration list. And, of course, I read all about the tasty items you will be bringing.

    Besides Gingko, who will be supporting us with the registration role, during the BBQ, we are also having Peri who will be helping us creating a beachside game. I am not sure what the game will be like; but I know it will be fun, as we have seen from previous activities. So, come along. Thank you Peri.

    Terence Seah

  15. Sorry Terence, have to drop out of this gathering. Have a family birthday party to attend – they just informed me. Just cant excuse myself from there cos they’re disappointed when I told them that it clashes with another event.

    But you have gathered a very nice group – I will miss having big fun at the picnic.

    Judy dear, sorry I will miss your company. Will pass you my sambal belacan when we next meet. Cheers!


  16. Hi SusanT, Perfectly fine. Family birthdays are important. Actually, I was thinking we wont miss you, just your potluck cooking. Have Fun.

    Terence Seah

  17. Sorry la, dun be angry ok? If you notice, it has been my practice to sign up early. I didnt want the organiser to be kept waiting as a matter of courtesy. Next time I better dun sign up too early lor.

    Cheers, and have a good day.

  18. Susan dear,

    Family commitment are always top priority, we always can meet another time and your kind thought sharing of your sedap sambal balacan much appreciate. Thank you.


  19. Hi BBQ participants,

    Today, I went to NTUC Fairprice, and dropped by the freezer section. It was a hot day and I thought looking at the frozen items would make me feel cool and also think of what are the items we can have for the BBQ.

    If you are not cooking or baking, and need some ideas on what to bring to the BBQ, go to the supermarket. You can pick up a packet of sausages, this should be fine. I am sure we all like sausages.

    Other ideas:
    1. a package of unmarinated chicken wings or
    2. a kilo of sweet potatoes (the purple ones) or
    half a kilo of tapioca, if you go over to JB, or
    3. one kilo of fish, from the fresh market, make sure the insides are cleared, or
    4. one water melon, cut a round hole at the top, and filled with vodka. Cover the hole back again, or
    5. and, if you have time in the morning, some sandwiches. A piece of cheese in between would be great.

    Please dont bring too much. Just bring something. And, of course, if you really cannot bring anything, just bring along a litre of drinking water. I am not sure what are the new rules and laws like, when it comes to beer and whisky.

    Register before 31 May 2015; and you pay $3. On/after 1 Jun, it is $5. Let’s enjoy ourselves, standing, barbequeing and chatting.

    Terence Seah

  20. Hi all – i am interested in this BBQ cum Potluck event to be held on Jun 2015 (sat) at Changi Park Pit 5/6.
    Call me ‘mountain-tortoise’ (suah koo) but I don’t know how to get there by public transport. Can guide me please.
    thanks a billion

  21. Hi Terence
    Please register me. Thanks to Susan CH Tan for her what’s app to notify us of this event. Shall bring ice cooler with cold drinks and plain water for everyone.

  22. Hi LilyH,
    We shall appreciate your ice and plain water. I can add some vodka to your plain water. I am likely to come straight from the airport, so vodka is duty-free.

    Hi IvanL,
    If you are reading this, we can also make it Sapphire Gin. Haha, it will be a fun afternoon.

    Terence Seah

  23. Dear Terence
    Please register Pow TK and I for this for this event.
    Will bring something but have not decided yet.

    Thanks & regards

  24. Hi everybody,

    Yesterday, I found myself stuck with my travel schedule. I will still be in Mumbai during our BBQ on Sat 6 Jun.

    This morning, I approach Thomas Loh and ask if he can EO the BBQ event. And I am pleased to get his ok. Thomas is very capable, and he will be able to handle situations, even if the sky drops or 50 members register to come for the event.

    I am off today, and likely to be back mid June.

    Thank you Thomas.

    Terence Seah

  25. Hi Terence

    You have not given the account number for the participants to credit their registration fees or will they credit into Thomas Loh’s bank account since he is the EO now.

    Tks & regards.

  26. Actually I have logistics problem since I have 2 events which are timed differently – cannot manage with lugging so many things at one time. Suddenly I thought of an idea – managed to get help from Thomas to collect the food from me so here I am, going again! How can I not go leh, so many nice friends, long time no see……………

    No change to my “menu”. Thanks.

  27. Clarification on the start time of the BBQ cum Potluck at Changi Beach Park.

    We are unable to start at noon. Thomas Loh has requested for the BBQ to start at 3pm. The Post has been amended to reflect the start time of 3pm.

    Hope you will give a helping hand to get the fire started.

    Terence Seah/Thomas Loh


  28. HI Thomas Loh,

    I will be joining the BBQ a Changi Park on 6 Jun, Sat. I will share with Ann Lim’s group in contributing for the food.

    Thks & Cheers

  29. The registratrion deadline for the BBQ cum potluck is 31 May 2015. Please register now.

    Please indicate if you are bringing BBQ food or a cooked potluck item.

    Thomas Loh is the EO. I wont be able to come. Gingko Tay is taking care of the registration and Peri is cooking up a game for the day. And, thank you to those who have registered to come.

    Terence Seah

  30. An announcement on an additional role during our BB!Q cum PotLuck at Changi Beach Park.

    Lily Lim will be helping with the collection of monies during the event. For those who register on/before 31 May, please give $3 per person to Lily when you arrive. For those who register after the 31 May, please pay $5.

    Lily Lim and Gingko Tay will work together, as Gingko will register you when you pop up.

    Thank you Lily.

    Terence Seah

  31. I have been “blackmailed” to attend. Hee…….
    No lah…..

    I will be joining Anne and company and contributing as they would.


  32. Hi Thomas,
    Please register me and Doreen. Will drop and will bring fried beef kway Teow. I will play and sing some songs (Basker style) hopefully to bring cheer to the event. RonWi

  33. Ronald Wie has played his guitar for the club once in a while. I am sure his songs will be attract some of us. Please enjoy the event will him. Thank you Ronald and Doreen for coming to this BBQ cum Potluck.

    Terence Seah

  34. Hi Terence,

    What’s a bbq without chicken wings? Unfortunately my chicken wings may not be enough to go round if there are 40 of us there. I think someone is also bringing some wings – enough or not, I dont know. Anyway, they can take my beehoon but it will be about half a packet, enough for approx. 10 persons.

    Thought I should let you know for planning purposes.


  35. Hi Terence/Thomas,

    As I am required to be present when my husband entertains his overseas guests this weekend, I regret I have to back out from this bbq picnic.
    Since I registered, I will still pay the $3. Kindly let me know the bank &
    bank acct no whereby I can tt the payment.

    My apologies Terence.


  36. Hi Dolly, Susan,
    I am going to miss the cake and the chicken wings. Dont have to worry about bringing for everybody; just for a few people, will do.

    Everybody will bring their sausages, wings, beef, balls, etc.

    Terence Seah

  37. Dear EO,
    I’d like to attend. Will pay $5, no problem, since it’s after deadline of end May set by Terence. Can’t register earlier because unsure of my travel schedule. I have a meeting at ard 3pm so I can only come later say 5pm. Will tea eggs be of interest for this BBQ?
    Wendy Lum

  38. EO unable to log in. Im instructed to convey his msg :
    Big thank to those who have registered .
    Those who has to back out due to other priorities, no worry, there’s always another time. Those yet to sign in, pls do, come come come !!

  39. Hello Barbequers,

    If you can take some photographs during this seaside party, please send them to Susan CH Tan, after the event. We try to keep good old memories. Thank you.

    Terence Seah

  40. Hi Terence thanks for the nice reminder of the good old days. Will try to be early to give some moral support to the EO and the helpful volunteers while they prepare the setup. With some bowls of ice kachang, chendol or Cheng Teng while I try to entertain them and the early birds. Cheers, RonWie

  41. Hi EO am already here but is raining Cats n dogs. Sorry we have another appointment so can’t wait for the rain to stop. Hope it helps, if we leave??

  42. I just logged on to see if there’s any cancellation of BBQ. Looks like the rain isn’t about to stop.It’s still raining quite heavily in Pasir Ris and since Ron Wie said it’s raining cats and dogs, there’s no point my going either.

  43. Just back into Singapore. Read that there is some heavy rain this afternoon. Please share your feedback, so that we can try to make the next BBQ cum potluck more exciting,

    Thank you Thomas, Gingko, Peri and LilyL for your support. And for those who miss this seaside party, well there will be another one sometime someday.

    Terence Seah

  44. I had a very enjoyable outing and lots bonding time with many pioneer and new members as these days, not so easy to join activities due to some constraints. Laughters and noises can be heard everywhere.. this had been missing for quite awhile liao.. Glad that I turned up with much persuasion from Karen Thio.

    Though it was raining cats and dogs initially but gradually getting smaller till completely stopping of the rain. Besides, Ron Wie and co, I supposed that Thomas, Peri, Oi Cheng, Lily, Karen, Lina, ANee and me were the next batch to arrive there.

    Eventhough at that time, it was still raining, both Lily and Thomas were the first 2 to take the initiative to go around finding where the BBQ pits were located – Thank you for graciousness to do so.

    But I still prefer pot luck instead of BBQ so that everyone bring their fair share of foods rather than rely just a handful of SHC members, busy preparing and/or ordering the foods.. I can safely said that it was very taxing for these members going thru all these hurdles especially in weather like that. Kudos to all these members…

    BBQing of foods can be fun but setting up the fire was not an easy task for this kind of weather. But we still manage to get it started. We had our cooked food at last.. Thank you for those that make it happened..

    Games organized by Peri and Thomas were really fun and enjoyable.. I am very sure those that participated in the games enjoyed.. right.. dearies and lovelies.

    EO, Thomas make a wonderful closure for the event by clearing all those rubbish that was left behind all by himself while we ladies were busy chatting at other corner… My salute to you, Thomas..

    Hope to see all of you again soon.. Cheers.. Dolly

  45. Dolly, I note your preference that a potluck, rather than a BBQ, would be more workable. I tend to agree with you. In my mind, the BBQ created interaction because there is so much work to do; and at the end of it, I think the event develops friendship among helpers.

    The other reason why a beach party is preferred, is because there are few chairs, and so little chance of sitting down for a long time. Again, it helps to encourage interaction, thought I guess it can be tiring for us folks.

    Although I had not see the day’s happenng, I sense Ann and her friends had helped to make sure there was enough food. Haha, I actually didnt say anything, just leaving everybody to figure out what to do in the rain.

    Let’s not give up the idea of a BBQ, a potluck sure is always welcome, and a beach party is fun. I miss it. Thank you Thomas and everybody.

    Terence Seah

  46. Thank you, Dolly for sharing with members who were not there due to various reasons. In any outing, it is always the Friends, the Fun, the Food and the Frustrations (if any) that make it memorable.

    Obviously the rain did not dampen the spirit of togetherness, as depicted by the Faces in Terence’s Video.

    Share a nice song……..


  47. Nice video with a memorable old song. Bravo to brother Thomas for a job well done! Too bad couldn’t be there though it’s near my house (volunteer for Sea Game and had to work on that day).

    Yes, Next BBQ Terence!

  48. I arrived late at 6.00 pm.   Unfortunately my bee hoon turned bad and I had to throw it away.   Otherwise it would have been useful to go another round as there was such a big group.  It seemed like the only “staple” food on the table came from Oi Cheng, but it wasn’t enough to go round, so I imagine there were quite a few tummies half-filled (or half-empty, haha) even if they had some portions from the bbq items.

    My chicken wings were not enough for everybody.   Seems that the delicious roast chicken offered by Theresa was snapped up too.  And there were a few other generous spread on the table, eg Karen Thio’s cookies and others which I missed as I was late.  Luckily I wasn’t hungry as I had a late tea before I came.

    If it’s a loose arrangement, there will be bound to be some individuals who will bring  just a small item in “exchange” for the bee hoon, fishballs, drinks, bbq grills, the roast chicken, the yummy durian green bean dessert, etc.

    To cut it short, I feel we could manage things better if we did the following:

    (a)          Set a sum of $x per person for the food.

    (b)          Get a few cooks in the group to prepare the food at home (one person does bee-hoon, one person does chicken wings, one person does another meat, etc, etc.) It’s not worth the money to order food from the caterer.

    (c)           To be fair to the cooks, compensate them by waiving their share of the dollar contribution.  This applies also to the other supporting players eg. the drivers who cart the marinated meat and cooked food, etc to the bbq site.  EO also need not have to pay. But we need a lot of helping hands if the group is very big.

    Who will be the coordinator?   I suppose EO will be the coordinator and will appoint some individuals to help with the tasks.

    I remember distinctly that Lily and Rosalind’s potluck picnic was a great success for the generous delicious spread of food, cos everybody did their part fairly, but we cannot guarantee that this will be the same for every potluck.  Here again, it’s tikam tikam (game of chance) if we do not have a system.

    And poor EO was super hungry after his EO job was done, I think my solo chicken wing saved him a bit …..

  49. Hi Susan,
    I am pleased to read your feedback which will help future EOS consider some of your observations.

    Reading your comment, I see a big group but there is insufficient potluck food and insufficient BBQ items for many members. Means we should have more cooked food and more BBQ items.

    I guess many people were still hungry after the event.

    I am thinking what else could have been done. Please give your feedback.

    Terence Seah

  50. I agree with Susan about members paying X dollars and get a volunteer EO and organising committe to make the food/logistics arrangements. Fairy Godmother is quite rigid about waiver of payment for participation for EOs and committee members. Maybe thats why its not easy to get members to become EOs. I hope moving on, its good to be flexible on a case to case basis.
    I was not present at the recent BBQ event as I have dinner with my family and visitors from overseas. I did hear that some people came empty handed but ate a fair share. Maybe they thought the $ paid for attendance covered the food, rental of BBQ pit, drinks etc.
    My two cents worth.

  51. I thought I had a good time?

    I noticed registration was slow in the beginning but the initiative of recruiting and suggestion to share costs for some food, by a/some members encouraged many to attend. It was more what I had felt prompting, “let’s have fun together!” that had me registering. Well, at least that was how I had felt.

    I would like to sincerely believe the EO and his well-meaning supporters did not end up being spiteful especially after their own initiatives. In fact, I had thought all of us were supporters in our own way.

    Think I might have arrived in the midst of the occasion. The barbecuing had just started and there were no lack of happy and willing volunteers to barbecue the food. The containers for the Crystal Jade chicken and Toa Payoh rojak were practically empty and I was asked to quickly go take some and it was actually fun to have to rush for the morsels (by then, no one else were interested) because it only added to the pleasure of savoring them. I did not know if I had missed any other food item because they might have all been consumed by the time I arrived. I would not have known they existed, anyway.

    Some were scolded for having “repeated” helpings and they felt embarassed, others were very mindful of helping themselves although they came with a contribution. There were others who thought it was funny to pepper and curse the food with droplets from their salivary glands and some were told when they requested for something that the food are all reserved. Must admit though, several of us “sneaked” on
    something but promise it was nothing selfish, just a matter of “survival”. It was funny.

    There were concerns those who had not group shared in the food ordered would help themselves while those who had paid would not have their share but don’t think anyone had witnessed quarrels on this. Anyone?

    I remember there were concerns too of there being too much food experienced from past picnics and barbecues and volunteers were wanting to bring some of the leftovers home. It’s always difficult to estimate isn’t it?

    The EO was very busy ensuring all’s well, conducting the games and teasing people. It makes me feel guilty to learn he had been very hungry and there were no food left for him because I had helped myself to whatever food I had wanted to try but I really don’t wish to count my $s worth. I chose not to have the rib and it’s all right that someone else enjoyed it. So too for my share of the 1 more satay stick.

    It was nice meeting up with “old” friends and making new ones notably, Wendy, Irene and Karen Poo.

    I would like the EO and his supporters to know I had a good time.


    PS: Ya….you are right. I am easily scared. I thought I had a good time.

  52. Thinking along the lines of there being no fixed SOP for organizing the next
    and for the excitement of a variety of spread, just some suggestions for the next picnic/ barbecue. We aren’t giving up are we?

    Everyone who would like to attend must indicate what he/she intends to bring. No indication, no registration. Anyone who objects to what another is bringing must do so on the forum before the occasion, not after.

    Failure to bring what’s indicated will be announced during the occasion. Anything better will be cheered at and anything lesser will be booed upon.

    Free loaders will be booed at and eggs pelted on them.

    Oh…… then we might have a problem of response again.


  53. The weather was kind to us and stopped pouring after 4.30pm so we were able to start the fire to prepare the BBQ.

    Despite the rain in the earlier afternoon, 35 members turned up. As always with SHC gathering, there was a good combination of food. Thank you Susan CH who posted on the web about food insufficient, lFrisna and Carly for the constructive feedback. Perhaps a good idea by Dolly to have potluck in future instead of BBQ so that everyone could bring their fair share of food. Food varieties for the event included Fried Bee Hoon, Rojak, Steamed chicken, Fried fish ball, Tea Leaves Eggs, Green beans soup, Otak, Satay, Stingray, Honey pork ribs, baby octopus, chicken wings, sausages, fruits, mini pastries that were so beautifully crafted by Karen Thio and soft drinks, beers and wine. Only missing were vodka /whiskey because Terence was not there!

    After we had our food, it was games time. Members were formed into groups and had to name the other members in their group. The challenge was to recall their names from memory without looking at their faces!

    Then, everyone had to mingle and request others to write a positive feedback about themselves on the paper pasted behind them. Dolly received the most feedback and was surprised to receive a “dangerous” and “beautiful” feedback.

    Everyone was a winner and went home with prizes sponsored by EO, mangoes courtesy of Bobby and perhaps a better understanding of themselves with the positive feedback from other members.

    More photos taken during the games activities which were not in video chip by Terence Seah will be provided to the Photo Manager for posting.

    Thank you to all members who came and shared this evening of fun and camaraderie, Ann Lim who helped to order BBQ food & apparatus, Peri who coordinated the games, Gingko & Lily Lim who were diligently manning the registration, Dolly, EstherM, Bessie, SusanCH, Irene Tan and others who helped with the tedious BBQ cooking, Lily Ho was came prepared with her ice box filled with soft drinks, beers & wine and Karen Thio who not only attended the occasion but also persuaded Dolly and friends to attend, and for those who were not able attend, there will always be another time.

    Food or insufficient food for some, most importantly, we had a great. Till we next meet, stay healthy.


    Thomas Loh

  54. Hi Daisy, it was definitely me Thomas who commented & signed off. I learnt fast after spending over a week traveling together with learned friends and returned just a day before the BBQ !! Haha.

  55. Sure, sorry for doubting you.
    Regret I am slow in learning but yes, we do learn to understand one another better don’t we?
    Thank you again for being concerned when I was really sick.
    I learnt too that I seem to have a low tolerance for shoutings and complains. Don’t know why. Maybe a pair of ear plugs in my handbag would be useful so I won’t react on the buzzings. Ha, ha, ha.

  56. I always enjoyed the meetup or outing in SHC gathering.

    At the last gathering, my personal opinion was food was sufficient and everyone seem to have a good time including myself.

    Some of us came with “EMPTY HANDED” but actually Ann had already arranged with us to group buy BBQ food etc.

    As in any potluck gathering, there could be people who bring more or less food depending on individual as there was no guide line.

    Personally I feel that there could never be perfect gathering to please everyone, give and take should always be practiced to ensure that the gathering is successful and the fellowship will be important to us.


  57. Daisy Yeo–Life is short. At our age, we should take things easy. It is always better to give than to receive. I sincerely, hope you enjoy the trip and BBQ.

    Judy Lim, Thanks for sincere feedback. Hope we can do it better next time. I agree with you, give and take is important. The friendship is more valuable.

  58. Agree with you totally, Thomas and yes, like I have conveyed my sincere thanks for both.

    Nobody is perfect and nothing is perfect and we all learn along the way putting our pride aside.

  59. We had total 21 members, including Judy Lim, Andrew Koh n Bobby Bok, who all chipped in $xx each to share costs for the bbq food stuff n accessories. Not sure whether food was delicious or participants were hungry, it was snapped up fast n furious !! Such a joy to see them enjoying it ! It’s fair to share at potluck gathering. Some of our “shareholders” especially our EO were so busy at the bbq pit, they missed getting a bite !! They were glad to give a helping hand.
    Food is secondary, we come together for fun n fellowship. Nice to see so many happy faces around during the event.
    Susan Tan n Daisy Yeo has given positive comments, u both got our support. Thanks.

  60. For all the feedback, hardwork and comments, I think the BBQ participants enjoyed the later afternoon gathering. We shall have another BBQ for this beach side party. Maybe, just Chickee BBQ, nothing else.

    If we have 50 participants, and x 10 wings each, this is 500 chicken wings to barbeque. I have in mind who to ask to do the BBQ work. Anybody support this idea?

    Teence Seah

  61. Hmm…..just cannot fathom why our BBQ events always creates controversies.

    Terence asked for feedback on 6 Jun – nobody said something good but I thought I’d just wait for a few days and since nobody had said anything good, there must be something “no good” so I did him a favour by giving constructive feedback, as what one member told me.

    Could be true that some got their fill and were fully satisfied, but there were a few who left with half-empty stomachs as I was told. And isnt it verified that some came with nothing or came with a negligible share.

    I do not like to be a quarrelsome or uncouth individual to tick someone off publicly if he/she brings an unfair share at a picnic, and to even suggest that we spoil the party even before the picnic started shows what kind of mischievous thought lies behind it – you will only know on that day to see what was really offered cos we can change what we are offering – so let’s not put the cart before the horse, right?

    I’m glad that this controversial topic has got some members talking amongst themselves and perhaps bring about a better outcome next time.

    An idle mind is a devil’s workshop so lets keep ourselves busy doing something useful instead of quarrelling and doing Terence a disservice. No point losing sleep, jumping mad over this – went for my hard earned holiday last week, had a good time with friends. Super busy with my cooking hobby, and it’s very therapeutic. You must try!

  62. Wow so many comments after I commented. Not been reading as busy with project trip oversea now. Managed to ‘eat snake’ now to read… Wont say more except to thank EO, Thomas and Peri, CO-EO and many other members whom were there to make this bbq very enjoyable.. Cheers… Dolly

  63. I appreciate the comments and feedback on the BBQ. We had always talked about having BBQs. And, I have BBQs in mind, because these are activities during our young days. And, they also are excellent gatherings for getting to know one another better.

    The feedback tells us alot. And of course, I learnt a lot from the comments, even though I was not present. Susan’s feedback makes sense, as there will always be latercomers as well as organisers who may not have the time to eat. On the issue of fairness, and what to bring, I read the suggestion to have a fixed amount and let some of our good cooks do the cooking for us. I like this idea, Caroline. And, for those who were here to meet friends, I can sense you enjoyed the company which was important to you.

    Let’s move on; and we shall have more BBQs. The next BBQ will be held at Khao Yai, located on a large country ground, surrounded by beautiful mountains, trees, greens and atmosphere.

    Terence Seah

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