Monthly Walk: 06June Island in the sun

jungle trailsThis is an EC event.. bring your friends preferably 45years & above.   {smile, smile}

Likely many like me would have been to this isalnd several tiems.  However, this is the 1st time we are organizing this walk which coincide with the current FREE entry via the Boardwalk!!    {smile}

Date:  Saturday, 06 June, 2015

Time:  4.30pm sharp

Meeting place : VivoCity Customer Service Counter/Information counter, Level 1 (near Tangs #01-187).

Duration:  approx 3hrs

ECs:  Azhari Cuttlian & ChristinA Chan

We shall have a breezy, partially sheltered walk into the island… through secondary rainforest we shall go where birds, insects, habitants and plants are found…

Have your camera / smartphones everready; your eyes peeled for things of interest — a beautiful bloom or perhaps a long-tailed macque, not forgetting the evening lights along the boardwalk!

Our Walk Team: Charles Wee, Mary Tan, Alice Seah, Serene Low, Veronica Wong, Jeffrey Lim, Azhari Cuttilan and I, ChristinA Chan


1) Azhari Cuttlian
2) ChristinA Chan
3) Winnie Tan & friends
4) Goh Ah Lam
5) Alice Tan
6) Alice Seah
7) Lee Ah Nee
8) Lina Ng
9) Charles Wee
10) Danny Lye
11) June Tan
12) Veronica Wong
13) Hew Lee
14) Jassmine Teo + 2 friends
15) Janis Han + friend
16) Ronald Lee
17) Irene Chua
18) Priscilla Wee
19) Irene Poh
20) Joy Chuang
21) Doreen Tan
22) Olivia Jiang


55 thoughts on “Monthly Walk: 06June Island in the sun

  1. Hi Christina and Azhari,
    I would like to invite some friends to join in the Walk.
    (1) Could you reconfirm that we will be doing the Sentosa Boardwalk?
    (2) Could you indicate exactly the location of the Vivocity Information Counter?
    Many thanks, Winnie

  2. WinnieT,
    Great! Look forward to meet your friends. Kindly inform how many coming. Thx!
    I have updated the info of the meeting place in the post. I think it is near to Tangs.
    Am overseas now so unable to check till after 26May.


  3. Ooops.. WinnieT,
    The walk for sure ncl the Boardwalk n likely wl catch the night lights as well!
    I’ll provide info before we start the walk.


  4. TonyA,
    join us in our other walks then.

    Ah Nee… hahaha for 1 sec I taught that was a new member.
    Looking forward to see you and Lina Ng.

    Alice(s)… hehehe
    AliceT… hope you will be able to capture the beautiful sunset! Am looking forward to see these pics. 😀

  5. WAHwa… ;( “bo xing lee”. Just realized it is a long weekend!
    Have known earlier, would not bother to set up this walk… BUT for the sake of the few faithfuls… we will still do it.. yeah, partner/co-EC!

    We should be timely to snap snap the sunset………

  6. Susan, thanks for info… too late! Our walk for 2015 is set, 1st Sat/month.
    I was away for 3 weeks, we have put in effort so walk will go ahead, no matter!


  7. ECs Christina & Azhari,

    An island walk in the park, include me in, please. See all SHCians again on Saturday and in the meanwhile, enjoy your weekend before end month May 2015.

  8. ECs Christina & Azhari,

    Further to my earlier registration, please also include Tan June, my spouse for the walk. She is preparing to give it a try after laid off for more than 9 months not walking with us. Thanks,

  9. AL Goh, didnt see your name! oh dear… blamed it on the hazy hot afternoons.. my eyes blurry.. look forward to see you after a haitzu 😀

    CharlesW… have thought of giving you a ring 2 days ago! no nid liao…. hehe

    See u Guys!

  10. GabriellaC,
    I did wonder as normally you are 1st to register.. enjoy your hols!

    Danny,, wear something comfy.. as it might be hot at the start and cool at the end… hehe
    June, yea, glad you can join us for this lovely, scenic walk.
    Have a kit-kat and wait for our re-track, if you need a break. 😀

  11. Hi Christina & Azhari,
    Please register me and two friends for this green walk. We are looking so forward to it. Thanks for organizing it. 🙂

  12. Christina,

    Last minute pull-out for my spouse, Tan June as she is having flu and will not be fit to walk tomorrow BUT, I am coming. So don’t get disappointed at all. Will see you and the rest tomorrow evening.

    Take Care.

  13. Dear Walkists – VeronicaW, Hew Lee, JassmineT, JanisH, RonaldLee, IreneC,
    PriscillaW, IreneP

    Thanks for registering… the walk will be great! Am also so looking forward to this walk as I did this route many years ago.

    Look forward to see each of you! 😀

  14. Rain ir shine walk is in!
    In fact rain has stopped!
    Welcome the cool breeze… See all of you at information counter Level 1

  15. ShawnS,
    Glad u are coming w friend!

    Welcome your friends w open arms!

    Ah Nee/Lina,
    Whilst we go an a healthy route hehe
    See u around.

  16. Level 1 no info counter just the Directory panel.. We are waiting here.
    Else look for Tangs entrance at

  17. Thank you to all the ECs for organising this walk. Most of us got the wrong waiting point as the exact location was not clear. Though there were some delayed, we did managed to complete the walk successfully with joy and happiness as the weather was perfectly fine after a shower at some of the places around the island.

    I have uploaded the photos on SHC Group on the Facebook at :-
    ( for sharing and viewing. Same will be also uploaded to by the Picture Manager, Susan later.

  18. Thank you, Christina and Azhari, for a super duper Sentosa Boardwalk.
    Thanks to Danny for the fabulous photos and to all friends at the Walk for your warm friendship.
    Cheers, winnie

  19. Thank you Christina and Azhari for an invigorating walk in balmy weather 🙂

    The boardwalk is short, broad and curvy;
    Brown wood spans across a silvery sea.
    Afar, cable cars silently glide,
    At four-thirty, tall buildings the sun partially hide.

    The route to the Canopy Walk,
    A nature trail to where many flock,
    Is fraught with many distractions:

    The gigantic globe of the Universal Studio,
    The imposing mermaid- tailed Leo,
    Children frolicking in the vertical jets of water,
    The air filling with their innocent laughter.

    A peahen proudly strutted away when we saw it that day.
    And two colourful macaws on the wiry wall of an aviary,
    Precariously perched, behaving like turtle doves for all to see.

    Three flights of escalator – a short respite,
    And the wax museum comes in sight.
    From here, the Canopy Walk is near –

    There! The rustic entrance into the forested domain,
    Where flora and fauna untouched, remain;
    Where birds twitter and insects creak hidden in the foliage
    Where people come to enjoy without inflicting damage.

    That day a yellow oriole was calling lustily,
    Fidgeting about on the branches of a *sycamore tree,
    Perhaps wondering at the human chatter,
    Unrecognized sounds, in his forest bower.

    A section of the Walk was closed, and farther we could not go,
    So out we trooped to the relief of the still-singing oriole .

    • May not be a sycamore

  20. Thank you Christina and Azhari for leading the group for the walk to the island. It’s a pleasure to meet acquaintance and new friends, looking forward to the 2nd part of the walk as sound out by Christina.

    To Jasmine, always a heart warming feeling reading your poetry.

    With appreciation from Goh A L

  21. Danny, Sorry I can’t copy the photos from your file which you sent to my email to my Dropbox. Dont know how else to get it done except for you to send to my mobile, as was done at the last walk.

  22. Susan,

    I think you need help for IT Specialist, Hew Lee to help you solve this issue so that in future you can do it without any difficulties. I can do that to your Whatsapp but not always so as it take up a lot of time to transfer it especially there are many photos to upload. Hope you understand.

  23. Hi Goh AL
    It was nice catching up with you. I noticed you still had your signature cap on, so there was no problem recognizing you. lol!

  24. Dear walkist,

    Thanks for all who came despite the rain before the meeting hour. The rain stopped; we welcome the lovely breeze! Am sure you aint disappointed with the scenic walk.

    My apology for the exact meeting point confusion as the online map was vague and I did not have time to go on site to verify it this time!

    Danny & SusanCH, thanks for uploading the photos.
    Jassmine, thanks for penning. You are amazing!
    Winnie, AL – thanks!

    Next 2 walks will be on 5th July and 23Aug!

    See you!

  25. Danny, good suggestion. Perhaps a face-to-face tutorial with Hewlee or Yewkwong, as suggested by someone, will help. But we are all very busy and I hope they can offer some advice on this.

    I cannot upload all 60 photos at one time to my Dropbox and had to do one by one 60 times before on my mobile to my mobile Dropbox and then send the link to the Dropbox folder and all these are eating into my mobile data! I did mention this problem to Terence and he said he will find a solution. I have meantime passed the photos to him to upload for you or maybe find someone to do it in the meantime.

  26. Susan,

    I am fine with whatever ways you do it. The photos are with you, do it if you deem fit to proceed or else SHOUT for help and hopefully some IT experts around will help you out with it. I have done my part by also sharing it at SHC Group’s Facebook which I believe most of the members should be able to view them if they have a FB account. Goodluck.

  27. Hi Danny / Susan,


    can you recall how did you send to King Seng when he was the picture manager?
    I believe it is the same software that Susan was given.
    Hope this might be helpful…. 😀

    Warm regards,

  28. As you can see, I’m still trying. This time instead of uploading 60 shots one-by-one to my Dropbox (I cannot do a copy-and-paste whole block, as some people suggest), I chose 10 best shots.

    I pulled out my own written manual to guide me, which I did successfully for the past uploads, but I dont know why the link does not look normal this time – maybe Terence can do something about it.

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