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Whatsapp has become very popular, and almost all smartphone users have the Whatsapp application.  It is use for fast communication, and interests groups find discussions on Whatsapp fast and meaningful.  At the same time, one can drop out of the chat if they wish to, anytime.

At the request of members, I would initiate a Whatsapp cruise chat, and members can join the chat.  Simple register here, and we will put you in touch with the chat.  Please make sure your registered telephone number with SHC is correct.

Terence Seah


  1. Terence Seah – non-participant, only moderator.
  2. Zara Lim – Alaskan cruise and Barcelona cruise
  3. Freda Lim
  4. Gabriella Chua – Alaskan cruise
  5. Kenneth Tan
  6. Daisy Yeo
  7. Daniel Chan
  8. Mary Chan
  9. Susan Sia – Alaskan cruise
  10. Laura Wee
  11. Angie Chiaw
  12. Karen Phoo
  13. Bobby Bok
  14. Melissa Khng
  15. Malyne Suen
  16. Magdalene Phey
  17. MaggieTeo
  18. Jane Chua


20 thoughts on “Whatsapp Chat – Cruises

  1. Heeheee…Ken, nothing escapes your prying eyes. Yes dare to dream. Imagine replacing the banner picture above after our “dream cruise”. Talking about no holds barred, literally.


  2. Terence,
    I’d like to be included in your brilliant idea. When I’m babysitting, I’m usually housebound and this is a good way to be in touch with some people in SHC.
    I may not always be in a chat with anyone but I can read and sometimes interact with people in real time, not like having to log on to my laptop etc.
    I like the cruise idea, but I think in order to have more fun, we have to have a group of people instead of just two persons.

  3. Please add me. I am interested in cruise to Scandinavian countries, Mediteranean sea and Nile River. I heard the Balkan Sea and Baltic Sea also good. River Danube also has cruise that traverse through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and ends in Romania where the Danube delta lies.
    Thank you.

  4. thanks Bobby and all cruise participants, your name is automatically added to the Whatsapp chat – Cruises.

    Feel free to exit anytime; and please stick closely to cruises.

    Terence Seah

  5. Terence,
    Magdalene Phey and I wish to be included in the Cruise chat whatsapp group. Both of us had experienced traveling in the Alaska And the Mediterranean Cruises before. We find the cruises very relaxing and refreshing , so different from the normal land tours. We look forward of going more cruises in the near future. Thanks.
    Malyne Suen

  6. Terence,
    6 members from this chat group got together this afternoon at the food court in Plaza Singapura to get to know each other.
    We were, Zara, Angie, Catherine, Magdalene, Mary(yours truly) and Ronald, the rose amongst the thorns.
    We had a fun time, exchanging hilarious anecdotes and discussing cruises as well as food and even dancing.
    It was very enjoyable.
    We parted company with the promise of meeting up again.

  7. Hi MaryC and fellow members,
    I am glad that the cruise chat group had a good outing chatting about cruises and trips. The other members of the group are also like-minded; and this Whatsapp chatgroup will have many cruise trips out together.

    For members who would like to go on cruises to the Artic, to Europe or Australia, come join this chatgroup, It is a great way to find friends and partners, know what to expect, what you can see, how much it will costs for a luxurious cruise trip and to to find a friend to go with you.


    Terence Seah

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