Update of 2009 campervanning trip

Hi All SHC members who are waiting for more news

I’ve been surfing the internet for info and maps, getting brochures etc and am posting an update. Those who are interested may form a group of your own, coming in from Singapore. From Perth, there are three of us and my sister, from Melbourne may join in. Therefore we may rent 2 campervans. All 4 of us drive and so can share in the driving. We are thinking of getting a Britz Hi-top which takes 2-3 people.

It will be a 13D/12N trip from Mar 7 – 19 Mar 2009. Itinerary planned is pick up of campervan from Melbourne, then to Canberra, down to Victoria towns, Great Ocean Road to Adelaide. From Adelaide, we leave the campervans and fly back to Perth/Melbourne or Singapore depending on where you plan to go after that. For us, it will be a flight back to Perth. Those who want to know what the itinerary is, please indicate in your comment and I will reply as it will be too long to post here.

The cost of the trip will be approximately AUD 1000 (hopefully less) per person to cover campervan rental, petrol, food etc. The additional expenses will be airfare. There are budget carriers like Tiger Airway, Jetstar, Virgin Blue etc that will connect you to the Aussie cities. Cost of airfares may be an additional AUD 700.


Joan (Perth)

16 thoughts on “Update of 2009 campervanning trip

  1. Joan

    R u the one I met at Steven Chan event of Indian buffet at Chinatown point??

    My email is karenthio@hotmail.com… please do email plan & Ininerary to me .

    Will consider if someone in SIn joining your group. never travel this way b4 and believe it will be very interesting.



  2. Hi #1Karen,#3Patsy and Ann#4

    Karen, yes, I think we met at that lunch. I was at the table with Catherine Ho, Dan Huang etc.

    In my first post, there were a few who indicated interest. One is #4 Ann. I see someone new #3, Patsy. I will send to your email addresses the planned itinerary.

    I’ve considered different dates in my itinerary, from Wed 11 Mar – Mon 23 Mar. This will give us a chance to catch the Central Market in Adelaide that opens on a Saturday and also weekday accomodations along the Great Ocean Road.I will send to you all who indicated interest, #1, 3 ,4 at your email addresses. Feel free to give suggestions.

    I also am considering hiring a Britz Voyager which sleeps 4 instead of a Hi Top campervan for 2 + 1. You can go into the website http://www.britz.com.au to see the details. In this way, perhaps if you can form a group of 3/4 you can cut cost.

    Joan (Perth)

  3. Hi Daniel

    Thank you for the tip. We have considered this point also though most of the setups include toilet/shower facilities. I have used caravan parks here during retreats/holiday trips but staying in cabins and found the showers, toilets in very good/excellent condition.

    I’ve considered adding table, chairs and a tent so that we can sit outside the campervan, stretch a leg, and relax when we stop. Welcome anymore tips.


  4. Hi Joan, Patsy, Karen and Ann
    I am 58 years young and can’t drive, can’t cook but can do the dishes and laundry.
    I can fly SIN/wherever/SIN

    wARMEST rEGARDS to all

  5. Margaret Chan & Ann

    Have we meet before ???

    Patsy .. believe u are the one at the cylcing ??

    I still cant open up the attachment from Joan. U ppl confirm going ????

    Karen Thio

  6. Hi

    I will be in Singapore on 26 Aug, staying a month or so. Hope to meet you at Hans Cafe on 9 Sep. If not, email me your contact nos. at my email address.


  7. Hi Margaret and all

    Margaret, I’ll bring the itinerary printout for you. Yes, let’s meet. I’ll be there at 5 pm and stay till after 6 pm. Will be able to catch you all, either sessions 1 or 2.


  8. Hi All,

    Will see you people at Session 2.

    Look forward to meeting all of you.

    Hi Karen #9 – Yes, we meet during the cycling.

    Warmest REgards,

  9. Hi

    I visited the Britz branch here in Perth and collected some brochures for you and also had a look at the hi-top and Voyager campervans. The hi-top looked spacious enough for 3 adults and we have decided that’s the one that we’ll rent instead of the Voyager, which is the same size, meant for 4 people. So unless you are a group of 4 sharing 2 double beds, then perhaps it’s better to get one for 2 people. The hi-top has a double bed and a single bed (for <80 kg) on top.

    Will see you all at Hans between 5 – 7.30 pm.


  10. Hi All

    Just in case that some new SHC members are reading this post, the itinerary has been changed. It will be starting from Perth, travelling across to Adelaide and to Melbourne. This will mean that you can fly to Perth and join me, or meet up in Adelaide and for the return, we’ll fly one way to our home destination, whether Perth/Singapore.

    It will still be in March, 14D/13N, from Mar 10 – 23.

    I can help those coming to Perth to find accomodation, either with me or friends.

    With regards to costing, it may work out to AUD 100/day or less and weather will be late summer/autumn.

    Joan (Perth)

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