Coming together for a gathering of online investors,, Thur 25 Jun 2015 evening

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Since the beginning of this year,  we have been talking about organising a gathering for online investors  to meet and share their experience. Finally, with Kenneth Tan’s helping us to book a function room at his condo, we are now able to announce the gathering details.

  1. Venue:  The Milton, Hougang Street 11, Singapore 534079
  2. Date:  Thur 25 June 2015
  3. Time:  6pm
  4. Topic:  Online trading in stocks, shares, options, US or local markets.
  5. Number of participants:  10 members (max)
  6. Cost:  $5 per person
  7. F&B:  Food not included.  Please have your dinner before coming.

If you wish to make a 10 min presentation, please feel free to indicate your topic here.

Thank you Kenneth for making this gathering possible.

Terence Seah

Registration (on a first paid basis).

  1. Kenneth (Moderator)
  2. Bobby Bok
  3. Leon Lau
  4. Ann Giri
  5. Loong Say Meng
  6. Jennifer Wu
  7. Jazz Soh
  8. Robert Kwok
  9. Mega Abdullah
  10. Peter Goh
  11. This gathering is now closed.  Anymore will be put on waiting list.


20 thoughts on “Coming together for a gathering of online investors,, Thur 25 Jun 2015 evening

  1. I have indicated interest but sorry I can’t do on mentioned date cause it’s the eve of a trip I am doing.

    Hope there will be other learning opportunities.


  2. Hi Terence/Kenneth,
    Thank you for organising. Please register me for the event. I will share with you all on this seasonal trading and one guru claimed to have even achieved 100% success. Cheers..

  3. Hi Terence

    I know this is not the right place to ask this question but don’t know where to ask. Whenever I try to access Silverhairs website on Google Chrome I keep getting this page which says “this is the Plesk default page….” (at home and at office – same problem). But, no problem on IE in office. Anyone can help?

    Thanks & Regards

  4. Hi Caroline,

    When it comes to PC or IT, I must be one of those guys where everything is new. First, do you know how to clear your cache? Clear your history or cache, may that will work. If not, we have to ask some of our It wizards like Hew Lee or YUEW Kwong. Try it.

    Terence Seah

  5. For members who wants to go on one of those Alaskan or Artic cruise, u shd join the Whatsapp Chat.

    I am only the group admin, but when I read about all the ice, snow caps mountains, food on board, and all the giys and gals enjoying themselves, I get jealous. At the rate this goes, this group admon is also going on a cruise.

    One day, we should gather together and invite some members to show us what they have been through.

    Terence Seah

  6. Hi Terence

    Thanks for the tip. Tried it and it worked. Didn’t know that clearing cache/history is so important/effective.

    Thanks & Regards

  7. Hi Kenneth Yes me too indicated my interest but 25 June will be the day after I return from travelling, might have to spend much time finishing my work. So I rain check on that day, boleh?

  8. Aiyah…both Daisy and Frisna cannot make it!
    Should we turn this post into a cruise topic or a how-to fix your PC issue?
    Or should we make it mandatory for other “tumpang” participants to attend?
    Anyway, we have Bobby who’s sharing his sure-win trading ideas… and, dare I say, Leon who has a killer strategy guaranteed to make money for you.
    So, please sign on and let’s have a great time learning how to make a little moolah for ourselves!

  9. Hi Kenneth,
    I have been watching quietly what level of interest this session would generate just by the people wanting to join in now that the date and venue has been fixed.
    I stand by what I said in previous posts to want to see such a session take off on a sustained basis. Terence mentioned the success of Wat App Chat group on topic of cruise, gardening and the latest cooking. I am sure if we start a chat group on investment, the interest will be there and sharing can be quick, fast and furious.
    “Good things and bad things dont last forever” The Value Investing Summit and Annual National Achiever Congress is waning in public interest and a “new kid on the block” WealthMastery is coming on the horizon.
    I am invited to their first 2 days summit at Resort World on 21st and 22nd June. I intend to sit in only on selected speakers session and hope to share what I hear there. That being said, I shall attend the 25th gathering for multiple reasons. I have no killer strategy guarantee to succeed. My investment thoughts keep evolving according to the landscape. Only yesterday night, I closed all my CFD positions as the only way to stay discipline in my current situation. Discipline is KEY to investment.

    The interest to join the gathering discussion will stay low even as the date approaches. I speculate my own reason and would have stay away myself if not for the reverse pschology you use on me. There is not much darling stock at the local scene but Q & M Dental has a good run and further potential. It was a 11 cents stock on IPO and now at S$ 0.72. At the beginning of this year, it is just touching $0.50.

    I shall share the strategy and mindset required for
    a) technical trading versus value investing
    b) Current outlook on Iskandar and its progress since its concept first mooted in 2005. Then a property there can be bought at S$30,000. Possible for that value today ????

    Haha, not sure my presence would get more interested. See you Kenneth.
    One more reason to attend is to profile you and see your condo landscape.


  10. Wow! This meet on the 25th is getting to be the best in a long while!

    We now have two keynote speakers sharing their strategies on a wide range of investment topics from the 100% success of seasonal investing to technical trading on the Singapore market to Iskandar properties.

    I hope some more SHCs will attend this ground-breaking event…remember that due to space constraints we can have only 12 participants.

  11. Sure Kenneth, I will support you, if I can find the place. Its at my neighbourhood (Hougang) and should be difficult to find.

    I am piqued by the subjects to be discussed…

  12. Hi Ann
    It’s great that you’re coming… I shall try to post better directions soon.
    To date we have a few more interested: Jennifer Wu, Jazz Soh, Loong Say Meng, Mega A, Robert Kwok… so we’re reaching our maximum number soon.

    Terence: Do register the guys, and do I look forward to your attendance too?

  13. To all who register,
    Not sure what did the trick but glad to see the sudden interest.
    Now I am committed to clear my backlog with all my investment emails and share the latest with you all. Thank you for that. I am sure we will be in for a lively discussion of sharing and learning.


  14. Hi Kenneth,

    The gathering for online investors is now closed. Any additional names shall be put on the waiting list.

    I am sorry I cannot join you.

    For all participants, your seat is confirmed. Please pay at the door on the day. Thank you.

    Terence Seah

  15. Hi guys

    Don’t forget our meet next Thursday 25th June…see you sharp at 6.00pm.
    Buses from Nex, Serangoon MRT: 53 and 45 (stop at Lor Ah Soo first stop)
    Other buses to Lor Ah Soo: 113 and 62

    Venue: The Minton Condo meeting room
    Address: Hougang Street 11 (off Lorong Ah Soo) Singapore 534079

    Please meet at the main entrance and I shall take you to the meeting place.

  16. Hi Guys and gals,

    To start on time, those who are late should just make their own way to the meeting room.
    Ask the guard or any resident for direction.
    Kenneth, it will be good that you informed the guard ahead on thta day you are expecting visitors so that mentioning your name will be good enough to let them thorugh and not furnishing your unit number or handphone number which we dont have.
    I have the latsest update for all of you on Q & M dental group and others.

    So see all of you.

  17. Hi Leon

    Sorry you don’t have my phone…but I cannot put it on this website. I’m glad that you’ll be coming and, giving your talk. We’re all looking forward to a good time of sharing on investing.

    I hope that everyone coming will be punctual and that we can make our way together to the meeting room. Unfortunately the meeting room is not accessible to non-residents and you will need to be brought personally to it.

  18. Kenneth Tan,

    I am driving. Hope the guard let me in and park then I come back to the main gate. Habitually I am always early or punctual.

  19. Hi All

    I originally registered for this talk.

    However, I was not aware of the new developments because I was away for 2 weeks overseas.

    Anyway I will join the next one, whenver it happens.



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