A SG50 promo Today only

Please inform anyone above the age 60 years old that today if they go to any of the SMRT Offices, they can top up $50 for free, its a SG50 promotion.
Please tell your folks at home!! And share!!

ps:  thought this is the fastest way to inform those applicable…  🙂   🙂


45 thoughts on “A SG50 promo Today only

  1. When my friend inform me I was also Ken cheong!
    But was late for a talk so quickly put this up.
    Anyway 2 of my friends did the top up Today!

    I just called TransitLink.
    Effective fm 150615 – top up can be done anytime till Dec15! Not just today. :). :).

  2. Aiyoh…you no good one…make me heart attack! Ken cheong until kenching!

    The easiest way to top up is through Transitlink machine at MRT or bus interchange… Place your Senior card on
    The reader, select SG Voucher, press proceed and your card is topped up with $50!

    And it’s December 2016!

  3. Ha, ha, ha Kenneth! You are so funny one!

    Choy, choy, choy…don’t tell me you basar your seluar okay… Hope you managed to get to the loo in time. It would be dreadful if you didn’t but I am sure fairy godmother would be willing to spare some samples of what you might need, if so.

  4. Kenneth gave a good suggestion to claim MRT $50 redemption but short of telling SHC members how to do.

    There are two types of Venting Machines at MRT. The bigger one cannot perform. Chose the smaller ( in breath) machine.. You will see SG50+ as an icon on this machine. Press this icon, place your card to read ur balance , press redeme and wait . Ignore the purchase of Discounted monthly card if your balance is below $40.
    Proceed to claim your entitlement.

    The Goverment annouce this SG+ package to Seniors. The MRT made preparation for the public but short of announcing the process available, but enjoying to see the oldies queuing as reported in Straites time today. This is the way the Senior management staffs at work.
    Worse, I saw sales people selecting those in queues to obtain survey datas- Why ?

    Tony Ang

  5. Hi Christina, Kenneth and Tony,

    Thanks for the information and the method to claim.

    May be I will claim it on 14 Dec, there should not be queue at that time.

  6. Dear Andrew,
    may not be so,,, similar to vouchers, normally thinking that there’s plenty of time …. slow, slow.. what’s the hurry? … till 1 day, ah-ha near expiry but no time to use till… bye bye…expired… maybe it is not applicable to some.. 😀
    Anytime when there’s no queue just get it done with lor… hehehe

  7. Daniel,

    We are still young lor……
    Nevermind, we can borrow our senior’s Kopitiam’s card for 10% off our beverages should we attend Gabriella’s coffee meet.

  8. Heehee Daisy…

    The Coffee Chat may be moving to Terminal 3 Changi Airport where we seniors can get 30% discount at the stalls…

    Oops, sorry…only the PG seniors. But you may get a free coffee if you turn up when I’m there!

  9. Good idea, Daisy. My Hokkien friend always says, “no fish shrimp also can”.
    Hi Kenneth. T3 nice place. I guess you will have to check identifications for your complimentary cuppa. Pioneer or senior or whatever, some don’t look their age after dressed up.

    OK…a bit of mischief for this Sunday. Let’s classified SHC members by age, with respectable names…….

    Above 45 – Member
    Above 50 = Leader
    Above 55 – Elder
    Above 60 – Senior
    Above 65 – Pioneer
    Above 70 – Mentor
    Above 75 – Super
    Above 80 – Venerable
    Above 85 – Wtfrudhere


  10. Daniel: I have reached Pioneer status…but Mentor coming soon…
    Unfortunately only Mentor not Senior…so cannot buy you cup of coffee…
    Offer still open to Daisy…if the Coffee Chat group meets at T3 and we meet at Kopitiam…and I buy a PG discount card…
    Alamak…someone just told me that after Mentor status it will be Senile status for me!

  11. Wah…is it my age? I’m reading or “not reading” strange things in this post:
    Tony Ang talks about “Venting Machines” at our MRT stations with a smaller “in breath” machine… I was hyper-ventilating at the station, when all they brought to me was a defibrillator! Nasty devices these!
    Then Daisy offered some samples of idiot know what from a fairy godmother!
    Andrew is so relaxed after being in Singapore for so long…Yes, he’s not claiming his 50 bucks till December next year!
    And…Daniel…! Are you suggesting that we seniors “don’t look their age after dressing up”? I wasn’t on Mount Kinabalu!

  12. Ken. Your last posting above certainly propel you to “Mentor ” status. Haha, I like the way you dissect and digest the statements. Indeed, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if you were in primary school uniform. Hmmm…I think I deseve a coffee from my kiddie-friend.

  13. Dear All
    “MRT ticket venting Machine.” Not any defibrilator” Ken is advance to senile otherwise he is very unwise

  14. Dear All,
    Looks like Ken spotted the China way of Spelling . The “d-D” to “t-T”. .. ” Vending , breadth=width ”
    Hope the defibrilator normalise his heart beat.
    He is definately NOT senile

  15. Hi All,
    Today I thought it was a good day to top up the SG50 $50.
    When I reached the Simei MRT station, there was nobody queuing at the machines outside. So I approached the staff at the control station. To my dismay
    the female staff at the window told me I could update only at Tampanes or Pasir Ris MRT.
    While I was puzzling over what she said and mumbling something, the male colleague told her to do the top-up at the machine outside.
    What do you think? My surmise is that the staff was either ignorant or just lazy. I learnt something from this episode: Sometimes you just cannot take at face value what people utter to you. You have to pursue the matter further.

  16. Is it very funny to make fun of the poor by sending out false msg

    Many rush to top up, such mischief may cause unnecesssary accidents or quarrels

  17. Personally, I am against anyone sending out seem-to-be promotional message. If the person has personally experienced the benefit, then there is a good reason to share the announcements.

    To say, so and so heard from somebody or some other members, is clearly deceiving, even though unintentional. Worse, there are members who send out messages, and saying they have done so for the benefit of SilverHairs. Health products are a very good example. Political intentional are another example. Unfortunately, these arguments are time-consuming, and difficult to prove. So what we do is to put these comments or Posts in a box. If the writer does not contact admin within a few days, the announcement is finally deleted.

    If the writer can justify his message, I am sure we can allow the message or announcement to be share with all members; of course, subject to club rules.

    Terence Seah

  18. Hi. Terence, I just read this message (finally managed to get a good WI-Fi connection), and am rather puzzled.

    What is a “seem-to-be promotional message”?

    Let’s start from the beginning. Without doubt, the author of this post has a good intention. Apart from advertisements (for own benefits), any member intending to make announcements to inform or remind others should not be inhibited.

    The declaration for this top up scheme was already official when this post was created. Perhaps an error on the dates led to some anxiety but this should not diminish the goodwill. Most, and I hope all, SHC members are discerning and learned enough not to do things rashly. They will do their own checks, as demonstrated by Kenneth in his rejoinder. Believing that any member would act without verifying would be an insult to him/her.

    Of course, sending out a hoax message via SMS to play a prank on the uneducated, uninformed and unsuspecting is heartless and should never be condoned.

    Certain comments may make one feel uncomfortable, for whatever reason. The blog admin shall have the final say on what members at large should and should not read, but censoring a statement does not mean it is deceiving.

    So let’s dwell on my comment on June 13. They are well known facts to every Singaporean and the figures are available on websites if one cares to search. There is no shame for any one receiving a legitimate salary, whatever the amount. Only people with second thoughts will rule this as unmentionable. And my 70 year old friend did get his $50 top up after a long wait. I shall get his link card to justify, if necessary.

    Finally, do not discourage or curtail members from making announcements because of probable “unsavoury” comments.


  19. Aiyah… I agree with Daniel… No bad intentions with the post and no bad repercussions… apart from my Ken cheong!

    Anyway I topped up my Senior Easilink card at Bishan MRT at 7pm today: they even stationed a young lady at the terminal to help you with the procedure.

    I’m pleased as Punch…my balance now reads $53.40!

  20. Kamsiah lah Kenneth for your kind offer to belanjar me the cup-a-tea,
    albeit the many criteria. Ha ha ha……..
    Your kind thoughts suffice.

  21. DC
    why I said it is wrong

    a) first the top up is on Monday and not Friday, therefore some mischief and intention of original sender is suspicious, not mentioning this post.

    B) Also I am referring to the uneducated and low income elderlies who rushed to Q thinking top up was for that day only

  22. Hi Daisy

    It is not my choice or my own criteria… Kopitiam only offers 30% at T3 Changi and I do have to purchase a Kopitiam card …
    And the Ciffee Chat group has to organize a meet there…and you have to be there!
    Anyway…I’ll buy you a coffee anytime…no conditions.

    Oh, I must say something about using this predictive mode and the Swipe or Swift keyboard apps on my smartphone… when I type “I don’t” it turns out “idiot” …totally distorting what I was commenting on you post on our fairy godmother. What samples you referring to?

  23. Christina Pan,
    I believe the person who put up the post was only trying to be helpful, although a bit misinformed.

    By the way, nobody is ‘uneducated’. A person’s education starts right from birth and some even think the foetus is learning when he or she is still in the mother’s womb.I think a more appropriate word should be ‘illiterate’.

  24. Hello Kenneth

    Well, I had thought you were only joking on the conditions and don’t doubt you will buy me a cuppa anytime. An initial simple gesture and when reciprocated, undoubtedly creates more goodwill and joy. Thank you.

    What else is FGM selling other than papers? Pampers lah…. but very glad to know we don’t need them at least for now. Ha ha ha…..

    On the predictive mode setting, you might like to try turning off the Auto Replace. Hope this works.


  25. Dear Daniel, Kenneth & MaryC… thanks! enjoy reading the banter!

    Kenneth your comments always “make my day”! Recently, I enjoyed going to the Terminals though it is still quite a distance for me.
    Daniel: like your literate comments.
    MaryC: long time no see.. I understand you are busy with your granddaughter.. joyful time!.. Enjoy every moment 😀

    The only thing wrong is that I was “kan cheong” upon receiving the message from my friend and for a second, I forgot that those eligible will receive a letter.
    She said she did the “top up! So, should I reprimand my friend?

    As said I was rushing to a TALK, so in a split second I thought this was the easiest way to disseminate the good news from my mobile-on-the-go!

    It is genuine information on S$50! good money to thousands! only that the day/date was a couple of days early! People were already in the Information queue in the MRTs asking about it in the morning before I receive this.
    Besides, I am not selling any product and I also do benefit when I also top up!!

    I rarely log in these days AND ALSO seldom comment in this post and utterly do not regret that I refrain from doing so!

    One wonders the reason for this Post being quiet! compared to the earlier years!

    Sincerely yours,

  26. Hello Christina
    You have voiced that nowadays most posts invite little interests. You wondered why. It seems apathy reins supreme and members seem to care little in comments put out by others.
    In my previous comment in this post I have invited opinions but none has come forward.
    They are inclined to retreat to their small world.

  27. FOR the record, you were right Christina, when you started the post on 12 June. Indeed, although the letter said “top up starts 15 June”, many people who rushed to the transit link office on 12 June DID GET their $50, albeit after a long wait for some. However, the title of this post said “Today Only” so perhaps that generated some rumblings. Kenneth did correct the date almost immediately so that should not be an issue.

    I think it is such exchanging of ideas and opinions that makes a blog forum exciting. I can see that every one who has had written does have the good intention of assisting or safe guarding our members’ interests. We should be grateful to their contributions. Let’s move on. Share what you know that may benefit all of us. Be rest assured that there are always “eagle-eye” watchers among us that will duly do the corrections, if any.


  28. Mary,
    my choice of word “uneducated” is correct. It is more than being illiterate

    Thesaurus dictionary:

    Adj. 1. uneducated – – not having a good education ?
    noncivilised – not having a high state of culture and social development
    innumerate – lacking knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts and methods
    unenlightened – not enlightened; ignorant; “the devices by which unenlightened men preserved the unjust social order”
    uninformed – not informed; lacking in knowledge or information; “the uninformed public”
    illiterate – not able to read or write
    educated – possessing an education (especially having more than average knowledge)

  29. I think the definitions are correct…but Mary is correct to label as illiterate the many seniors who cannot read or write.

    Another problem is the registration of households for MediShield top-ups: There are many households whose occupants are not Internet-savvy and cannot register online; so the government or CCs must step into help them register… Isn’t the HDB and ICA able to know who or where their residents stay?

  30. Thanks Kenneth.
    I would hate to have some of my much older friends and relatives labelled “uneducated” simply because they neither speak nor write English, Mandarin and Malay.
    This doesn’t make them “uneducated”. I’m very sure many of them have had some sort of education, not necessarily in the FORMAL way.

    Take for example, a carpenter I know. He can converse only in Hokkien and neither reads nor writes any language, but he can come up with very creative carpentry pieces. He can even advise on what types of screws, nuts and bolts to use for different types of cabinets, depending on the load they are able to bear, etc. His is “self taught education”.

    My grandmother neither reads nor writes a language, but ask her to cook her specialties and she can whip them up and even quote how much of each ingredient to use. All her recipes are in her head, not in written words. I would be loathed to have anyone label her “uneducated”. She is as “educated” in her field as any professor of microbiology or what ever, in his.

    Nowadays, with a piece of paper qualification. many people think they are “educated” and are quick to label others as “uneducated”.

    In the definition, obviously lifted off a dictionary,
    quote: educated – possessing an education (especially having more than average knowledge) unquote.

    What is in the brackets ,(ESPECIALLY HAVING MORE THAN AVERAGE KNOWLEDGE) speaks for itself.

    Both the carpenter and my grandmother have “MORE THAN AVERAGE KNOWLEDGE” in their own fields of occupation. They are simply ILLITERATE in English, Mandarin and Malay or whatever other languages.

    The Hokkien phrase for not being able to read and write is “bo tuck chay” which, translated means “didn’t read book”, which is far from being “uneducated”.
    So, “oo tuck chay” doesn’t necessarily mean a person is educated.There are many out there who have graduated with a degree but who still wear “blinkers”. They can only see as far as their noses, like horses with blinkers on.

    Nowadays, with a piece of paper qualification. many people think they are “educated” and are quick to label others as “uneducated”. Something I abhore.

  31. Wow Mary, good saying, seldom saw such a good comment in the SHC now.

    Furthermore, I don’t believe only the uneducated and low income elderlies are in the queue, it is a human nature to chase for good things.

    I totally agree the examples you are giving for the word “educated”. Sometimes to explain a word is not just check it from the dictionary, but from the intention a person used it. “Uneducated” is sure not a good word, but illiterate is not.

    Can we make definition ourselves (I always like to do that, haha). Can we call the people you mentioned in your sentence – “Nowadays, with a piece of paper qualification. many people think they are “educated” and are quick to label others as uneducated” as “UNEDUCATED”.

  32. fyi I have never refer to those who can’t read or write or speak as uneducated
    nor those who possess the “do” skill like cooking, drawing

    You can be educated and yet “uneducated” Why I said that
    Just look at many people who are lured into various investment scam
    These people are not just the illiterate but the literate
    What I mean by uneducated and as dictionary stated clearly
    It refers to not only the illiterate but also those who are not able make good judgement of information given to them and or those who are easily lead to believe a piece of news because they have limited ability to understand or analyze

  33. Let’s talk about coffee…….my favourite.

    Do you get that little white card in your SG50 package?
    Let’s do some Mathematics

    The statistics
    There are 500,000* citizens (500K) eligible for the Card
    Every Card is credited with 500 credit points
    Every purchase is entitled to a 30% discount with 1 credit point deducted.

    The accounting
    A beverage costs $1.50 per cup, average.
    After the 30% off, it is $1.
    IF every card holder were to use up all his 500 credit points, the coffee chain would have collected 500K X $500 or 250 MILLION DOLLARS.

    The conclusion
    SG50 is indeed a celebration for the BIG TIMER.

    * Based on an estimate from the latest population structure from the Dept of Statistics, Singapore, of citizens 60 years old and above.


  34. Andrew Y,
    Thank you for the compliment.
    I have no wish to waste more of my time replying to arguments that don’t make sense.
    And how are you doing Andrew? Haven’t seen you for quite a while.
    Cheers 🙂

  35. In addition to Daniel Chan’s comment, let’s talk about TOTO, mathematics and probability.
    The former is the favourite game of many Singaporeans who dream to become
    instant millionaires.
    But what are the chances of realising this dream?
    When the Australian team leader searching for the MH370 was asked about what were the chances of finding the crashed plane, considering it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.
    He answered, ” At the moment I don’t even know where is the haystack”.
    It has been reported that the search will be wound down and eventually stopped.
    Let’s do some mathematics on TOTO.
    To hit the first group prize, all the 6 numbers out of 49 must be correct.
    What are the odds against the punter?
    Mathematically, it is an astounding number of one out of 13,983,819 (almost 14
    It is indeed more difficult than finding the MH370.
    Another celebration for the BIG TIMER.

  36. Hi Mary,

    I agree with you, since we have speak out our point, more argument is just a waste of time.

    I am fine. Both of us are busy – you are busy for your grandchild, I am busy for nothing. Usually, I will stay at home, in front of my PC or TV at day and go CC at night, seldom out of my precinct – Jurong, haha.

  37. Hi Robert,

    Still cannot put down the topic of TOTO, why?

    Do you know how to calculate the chance to strike the first price of the TOTO, I bet you not. I do, but I never care about it. When I buy my $8 TOTO for a week, I only know I will either win or loss. And I define the “WIN” is to get the 6 digits right (not 5 and a half or less). So have I ever win? never! But who care. What have I loss, may be I eat just a little bit less for my daily meal and that is good for my healthy!

    For people to become a gambler, there will be many reason. But for the chance a person become gambler because of TOTO, I think the probability is less the the chance we strike the first price of TOTO.

  38. Robert, here we go again. Firstly, about MH370 – I am sure the family members of the victims who vanished would want the search to continue; however remote the chance is. We wish them well.

    Now TOTO – from a Mathematical point of view, a chance of one in 14 million is better than one in infinity. In reality, this is as good as impossible. However, if we did not spend that few dollars on TOTO, we would have spent it somewhere else. Some may think it is better to fill the stomach. Not necessarily so. Hence, I agree with Andrew Y when he said, “What have I loss, may be I eat just a little bit less for my daily meal and that is good for my healthy”.

    Let me elaborate on the probability in a down to earth perspective.

    Put an empty glass (the typical kopi O glass from a coffee shop) on the ground. Go up to the 20th storey of a building. Throw a coin and if it drops inside the glass, you have won the Group 1 prize. From a scientific point of view, it is impossible. BUT miracles do happen. With a bit of help from mother-nature, or grandmother super-nature, the wind may help to land the coin in the glass. This is what everyone who plays TOTO (including me) is hoping for.

    If there are 14 million coins being thrown at the glass from the same height, I am sure someone will land his coin inside. Everyone who plays TOTO is hoping to be that someone. When there is hope, there is life. Don’t extinguish this little flame of hope. Block 101 or 102 at Yishun Avenue 5 seems to be the right building to “throw coins”. Shall we?


  39. Hi Andrew
    It is my prerogative to dwell on the topic of TOTO and SHC Admin has not perceived my view as a violation of the Club taboos. But you asked “Why”. Do I owe you an explanation although I have my reasons?
    Perhaps you are rather arrogant when you underestimated my mathematics knowledge to do the TOTO prize calculation. If I do not, how do I arrive at the figure of 13,983,819.
    Since you do, how about you show the details for the benefit of SHC members.
    In regard to the money you spent per week on TOTO, and your perceptions on winning or losing,it is your personal affair which I am not in the least interested.
    It is a common sight every week that at most of the gambling booths, long queues of people hope for the elusive prize. Can these people comfort themselves by self-consolation for the recurrent losses over a long period of time and pretend that the losses do not hurt them in the least?

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