3 thoughts on “July Monthly gathering, 2015

  1. Hi Andrew Yeung,
    For July, we have no EO for the monthly gathering. Can you be the EO for July. With an EO, we are not able to kick of our monthly gathering. I look forward to your organisiing the activity for members.

    Ann Giri would be the EO for August, once she knows her schedule.

    Terence Seah

  2. Hi Terence,

    I saw you asked me to be the EO of July monthly gathering.

    Actually some members also asked me to take up the post of EO for whatever event. One member even promised me to be the co-EO if I be the EO. But I am sorry to disappoint them, I turned them down.

    I am the first part of the SHC members, but I never be an EO or EC for any event. Will I feel shameful or uncomfortable for this? My answer is “Not at all”.

    Once upon a time, inspired by YK, I promised to take up one post in SHC (with another lady). I planned to devote 24/7 for half a year to do my post good. I made up my plan and e-mail to you. Then I found out your SOP is very different from mine (I don’t mean you reject my plan, actually I think you are too busy to read my plan. Also, I don’t mean your SOP is not good, just I cannot accept it, but I don’t want to illustrate more here). I felt a bit disappointed and gave up the post before you announced it (luckily). Then I promised myself I will only be a participant for the SHC event, but not take up any post including EO/EC

    So, for your invitation, I like to say “Thanks, but no thanks

  3. Hi AndrewY,

    I note your not wanting to be an EO for the monthly gathering. I hope you can imagine what goes on in my mind. SilverHairsClub has for the last 10 years created a platform for members to meet, and has absorbed all the expenses and time to keep our objective going. We only ask our members to do an EO activity, once in the lifetime of the membership.

    You have been an active participant of club activities, and I hope you will reconsider for the benefit of Club members.

    Terence Seah

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