Sept Monthly gathering

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This month, we were planning to have the SHC monthly gathering with Ann Giri as the EO.  Unfortunately, she has indicated she has no experience organising the monthly gathering.  Looks like the Sept monthly gathering is off.

I am not sure about future monthly gatherings.  A few things go on in my mind.

  1. Should we have a paid person or group to organise the monthly gathering?  Of course, we have to figure out how to pay this person or group.l
  2. It appears that free membership is not working.  Members expect someone to organise the monthly gathering on a regular monthly basis.
  3. There is a suggestion that we should ask the previous EOs to organise gatherings again.  I am not sure, as it runs counter to our idea to have one member do a gathering once in the lifetime of the members.
  4. Maybe we should pick members in turn to be the EO if the member has not done the role before.

What do you think?

Terence Seah


3 thoughts on “Sept Monthly gathering

  1. We have gone through an exciting week, and now that voting is over, we should try to have a monthly gathering. I am back in Singapore tomorrow, and am thinking we should have a monthly gathering. The longer we hold off our monthly gathering, the more difficult it will be to get started again. We have to try to get everybody together, send out reminders too and organising the venue. Keeping track of members email and tel changes and even the names is a time consuming but I guess we have to get this done.

    We may make a change in the way we organise the SHC monthly gathering. For the monthly gathering, we may collect $1 per registered person for organising this activity. For unregistered or those who just turn up at the event, we shall collect $2. The EO does not need to pay for attending the monthly gathering.

    I am open to new ideas and suggestions.

    Before I start to travel again, which could be as early as next week, let’s identify a place. It is a pity Hans restarant has disappeared, so another similar place will be great.

    Watch out this week for announcement.

    Terence Seah

  2. Just a suggestion if we cannot get anyone to volunteer:

    The Walk Team organize the September Monthly Gathering as they will not be involved with Monthly Walk due to the haze.

    So guys, want to take up the challenge?

  3. Dear members,

    Looks likes our members are very busy, and unable to find time to organise the SHC monthly gathering. I have approached many, and we get the same reply that they are very busy, and we should give others a chance.

    Many members have found friends in the new social media with Whatsapp, and think they have enough friends already from the
    Club membership. I wonder if this is a chance or trend move in socialising using Whatsapp only. We may need a rethink.

    Terence Seah

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