Social Get-together – Saturday 7th November 2015

Where: Jayleen Hotel, 42 Carpenter Street.
(Opp Clarke Quay MRT; public car park available)
When : 7 November, Saturday
Time : 12.30pm to 5.30pm
Price: $18.00 nett per pax, includes
*Ala carte set lunch with salad, soup, fresh fruits & dessert
*Free flow of coffee/tea, soft drinks & water throughout event
*Games with prizes, karaoke/sing-a-long, music & dance

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life, to be happy
– it’s all that matters” … Audrey Hepburn

So come, special call to New Members, join in the fun … mingle with new and old friends, eat, drink, laugh, play, sing, dance, or just yackety-yak’s but NO topics on politics, sex, race, religion, direct selling or MLM.

Ala Carte Menu – Select one Main Course below
1. Pan fried Salmon in Hollandaise Sauce with salad
2. Pan fried Beef Rib Eye in Wine Sauce with salad
3. Pan fried Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce with salad
4. Seafood Spaghetti

All above come with unlimited self-served
Soup of the day, Garlic toast bread, fresh fruits and Tang-sui Dessert

Drinks – free flow of coffee, tea, soft drinks & water throughout event

12.30pm : Registration at Hotel Reception + place your order of
Main Course
1.00 – 2.30pm: Lunch will be served (within this time slot only)
2.30 – 3.30pm: Karaoke & Sing-a-long; Social Dancing
3.30 – 4.00pm: Mystery Games with prizes
4.00 – 4.30pm: Line Dancing
4.30 – 5.00pm: Mystery Games with prizes
5.00 – 5.30pm: More Social Dancing

So friends, don’t procrastinate, Register Now and pay soonest to secure
a confirmed place.

*Only limited to 40 pax due to space constraint
*Closing Date: 23 October or 40 seats filled up, whichever come first
*Registration confirmation will be based on payment received,
first-payment-come-first basis
*NO Walk-ins entertained

Please transfer funds to POSB Savings Account Nbr: 148138591
after which advise on this blog date of transfer, amount & ref #. We’ll acknowledge accordingly. To help ease our administrative time, appreciate you can arrange to make payment in groups.

See ya guys soon and don’t forget to bring your Name Tags otherwise your
chest may be ‘molested’ by someone at the door :))


  1. Theresa Seow, EO ….Paid on 3 Oct
  2. Frisna Tan, Co-EO ….Paid
  3. Ann Lim  ……………….Paid
  4. Karen Phoo ……………Paid
  5. Grace Wong …………..Paid
  6. Irene Tan ……………….Paid
  7. Lily Lim …………………..Paid
  8. KF Lee ……………………Paid
  9. Daisy Yeo ………………. Paid
  10. Gingko Tay ………………Paid
  11. Ronald Lam ……………..Paid
  12. Yatsing ……………………Paid on 4 Oct
  13. Susan Sia – Replaced by Peng Peng on 1st waitlist … Paid
  14. Mega Abdullah  – Replaced by Jane Tan on 5th waitlist … Paid
  15. Richard Kwok …………… Paid
  16. Clara Chay ………………..Paid on 5 Oct
  17. Neo Bessie ………………..Paid
  18. Daniel Chan ……………… Paid
  19. SS James Tan ……………Paid
  20. John Chua SC ……………Paid
  21. Bernie Chung ……………. Paid
  22. Bessie Lam ………………. Paid
  23. Andrew Tan ……………….Paid
  24. Lilian Teo …………………..Paid
  25. Esther Mok ……………….. Paid
  26. Peri Liew ………………….. Paid
  27. Lum Oi Cheng …………… Paid
  28. Thomas Loh ……………… Paid
  29. CJ Ang …………………….. Paid
  30. Jazz Soh ………………….. Paid
  31. Charles Wee …………….. Paid
  32. Jennifer Wu ………………..Paid
  33. Ron Teo …………………… Paid
  34. Gabriella Chua …………..Paid on 6 Oct
  35. Richard Wong ……………Paid
  36. Catherine Yeo …………..Paid
  37. Judy Lim …………………..Paid
  38. Terence Seah …………..Paid on 7 Oct
  39. Priscilla Wee ……………. Paid
  40. Lydia Chin ………………..Paid on 8 Oct


LATEST UPDATE : Deadline for First-payment-come-first criteria will close 12noon Sunday 11 Oct. Unpaid position will be opened to Waitlist members.

A NOTE TO WAITLIST MEMBERS dated this 10th Day of October: Above payment record self-explanatory. Sorry to disappoint. Thank you for your interest in this event. Look forward to your early participation in our next one. The 2 ladies who had paid please whatsapp your bank details to Frisna Tan (if you have her mb nbr) otherwise post your email address on this blog and we’ll get in touch with you to arrange for a refund.



  1. Peng Peng …  Upgraded Replacing Susan Sia …Paid
  2. Joan Ang ….  Paid. Upgraded but unable to attended. To refund
  3. Serena Tay …Upgraded. Emailed her but no response
  4. John Howe … Upgraded. Pay onsite
  5. Jane Tan  … Upgraded Replacing Mega … Paid
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About Theresa Seow

Hi, I'm Theresa. Think I registered as a member some 1.5 yrs ago, however haven't gotten time to participate in any of your activities. I work in a highly stressed advertising industry and hope to find time to 'Lelac' with new found friends. Perhaps this intro would motivate me to make a point to mingle with fellow SHCians. My interests include mahjong-ing, bowling (unfortunately can’t join in your forthcoming one), travelling, cycling, pubbing and social dancing. Used to golf but have stopped liao. Looking forward to meet you guys one day soon. Cheers!

77 thoughts on “Social Get-together – Saturday 7th November 2015

  1. Theresa, Ann,

    Thank you for organising this EO event for members. And, my diary is clear. I am coming for this event. Please put me down as confirmed coming. Will organise payment next week.

    Terence Seah

  2. Hi TS,
    Hurray !! for stepping forward to organise your first SHC event.
    This site has been pretty quite, hope it could create some excitement.
    Let us be the first to show our support. Please register Daisy Yeo, Karen Phoo, Irene Tan, Grace Wong, Lily Lim, KF Lee and I.
    Payment on the way, first thing tomorrow morning. Cheers !

  3. Wow, wow … really a great motivational start on my maiden event with SHC.
    Thanks for your support and early registrations Terence, Mega, AnnL, DaisyY, KarenP, IreneT, GraceW, LilyL, KF Lee and Daniel Chan.

  4. Please register me, and thank you for organizing.
    I heard that the Jayleen garlic toast bread is a ‘die die must try’ one! 😀
    Looking forward to a fun afternoon!

  5. Hi Theresa & Frisna,
    Wow, must wake up Quickly to chope a seat, hehe.
    Thank you for organising. Please register me. Will remit $$ and advise details soonest.

  6. Hi EOs,
    Done this morning at 10.36am ref 3536, amt of $126/- to Frisna’s POSB acct being payment for d 7 paxs i registered last nite. Pls ack. Thank you.

  7. Wow ! Theresa/Frisna, with your posting and programs laid-out, how not to attend! Must not miss-out, so Please count me in and I will care of the $$ thru a third party. Thanks for organizing as I look forward to meet fellow shcians. Cheers !!!

  8. Hi Theresa/Frisna

    Thanks for organising this gathering. Please include Loong Say Meng and me. Will advise once payment is made.

    Thank you…

  9. Hi Theresa please register Richard Wong. Catherine yeo. Lydia chin as they have problem log in

    For those who have paid pls be patient ya as I only have time to update bank pass book tomorrow afternoon.

  10. Sorry friends for tardy reply. I was away over the weekend and just got back to Sg. Thanks, thanks for such quick response LilianT, CharlesW, BerniceC, Ronald Lam, BessieL, AndrewT, JudyL, JazzS, Susan Sia, GabriellaC, JenniferW, PeriL, EstherM, ThomasG, CJ Ang and Oi Cheng. Your support really pep me up!!

    Ok Fris, will register Richard Wong, Catherine Yeo and Lydia Chin. Xie2 ni mern.

  11. Hi Theresa & Frisna,
    Please register me.
    I’m sorry. I don’t know how to make cash transfer.
    But I can drop a cheque into POSB cheque drop box for POSB Savings Account no: 148138591 if you give me the name of the account holder.
    Thank you very much.
    Priscilla Wee : )

  12. Theresa/Frisna
    Payment details from Richard Kwok are as follows:

    Ref No: 3073
    $18 transferred on 4 Oct 2015.

    Kindly ack receipt. Thank you.

  13. T/f via Internet $18
    Ref – 15622219618

    Home sweet home. Happy landing – the haze was not as threatening as it could be. Thank you Frisna and Theresa. Till we meet, take care. Have a good time, wherever you may be.


  14. Thanks for registration Ron Teo, Priscilla Wee, John Chua, Richard Kwok, Clara Chay and Bessie Neo, the last person to reach the 40th pax. As such, sorry
    Chua Seng Chong, Peng Peng & Joan Ang, we will put you on wait list.
    Registration Closed NOW.

  15. Thanks all for your warm support. Regret unable to take in any more members as venue space is constraint. Please bear with me for inefficient update as I have been encounting backend problems with the website and have been working with Terence on this matter. Those registered please remit payment SOONEST, best before 23 Oct to secure a confirmed place. On my record 16 have paid upto this hour. Once again, my appreciation and thank you for your understanding.

  16. Hi Theresa/Frisna.

    Payment from John Chua Seng Chong via transfer from posb on 5/10/15:

    Transaction receipt ref: 2654
    Amount: $18

    Thank you

  17. Hi Theresa/Frisna,
    Just a little clarification.

    Grabellia Chua has kindly registered, as requested, for me under the name John Chua SC. inexplicably, I could not log in earlier.

    So Chua Seng Chong and John Chua SC are one and same person.


  18. Fris, Just ibank $126 for 7 pax under Ref TS being payment for PeriL, EstherM, Thomas Loh (sorry Thomas, I indicated you wrongly as ThomasG earlier on acknowledgement), Oi Cheng, LilianT, BessieL and AndrewT.

  19. Thanks for interest Serena Tay. Will put you on waitlist number 3 nw. There was a duplication on John Chua SC (registered b4 deadline) & Chua Seng Chong who was on wait list #1. By 23 Oct if the 40 payment not received. The wait list will be in accordingly. Cheers!

  20. Hi Theresa / Frisna,

    I have transferred amount of S$18.00 on 05/10/15 @ 13.30 p.m. via Centrepoint ATM machine for the mentioned gathering.

    Transaction Ref. NO. : 2744



  21. As IT dept is still troubleshooting the backend problems and am unable to update on main blog, I will meanwhile give my brief update based on my record here.
    1) 40 pax reached. Apologies, waitlist will have to wait till 23 Oct.
    2) first-payment-come-first transferred subject to my Co-EO’s confirmation later today. So far till this hour 27 members have paid namely Theresa, Frisna, Mega,
    SS James, AnnL, KarenP, GraceW, LilyL, KF Lee, DaisyY, IreneT, DanielC, Yatsing, GingkoT, Ronald Lam, BessieL, AndrewT, Susan Sia, LilianT, PeriL, EstherM, ThomasL, Oi Cheng, John ChuaSC, Richard Kwok, Clara Chay, Neo Bessie.

    Taking in 5 pax on Waitlist.
    (1) Peng Peng (2) Joan Ang (3) Serena Tay (4) XXXXXX (5) XXXXX.

    My hearfelt appreciation … keep our cash/bank register rolling :))

  22. Hi Theresa/Frisna,
    Transferred $18.00 to your POSB Savings Account at 12 noon today.
    under Ref: No. 4744.

    Kindly acknowledge receipt.

    Thanks & Regards
    Joan Ang

  23. Hi Theresa and Frisna,
    I have made payment via POSB atm transfer for two persons, Peng Peng and myself to your above-mentioned account.

    Ref : 0151 $36 dated 05/10/15 at 15:36. Please update. Thanks.


  24. Hi Theresa and Frisna,
    Oh dear, I did not realize registration has closed and has made payment for Peng Peng as well who is on wait list. FYI.


  25. Theresa Seow,
    Remitted via DBS internet today 5 Oct,, 5pm the amount S$18.00 to your POSB Savings a/c 148138591.
    Transaction reference…either one 15626113340 / 148138591
    thanks. CharlesWee

  26. Hi Priscilla,
    Would be more efficient if you can arrange with any registered member to make ibank or ATM transfer together. Of course you may issue cheque to Frisna Tan,
    as per account number listed on Post. This takes about 2 days to clear and you may lose time meeting the first-payment-come-first criteria. Please advise us once done. Thank you

  27. Noted with thanks for those who have transferred funds yesterday afternoon namely Joan Ang (on 2nd Wait List) Jazz (& for Peng, Peng on 1st Wait List), Charles and Jennifer as well as Gabriella this AM. Will acknowledge once Frisna got her printout.

    Aside to Joan and Peng Peng, thanks for your fast payment however I have to put on hold [to earn some interest :))] till this Sunday. Will make refund if need be.


  28. Hi EOs,
    I’ve transferred $36 ref 3047 @ 10.08am to your POSB acct being payment on behalf of Terence Seah n Priscilla Wee.
    Please update. Thanks.

  29. Theresa,

    Many members have responded to your monthly gathering, not only is it full but fast too.

    For members who have not been an EO before, or thinking of being one in the future, you may like to observe how events are being organised. This will help you fulfil our targets for members to be an EO once in the lifetime of your membership.

    Terence Seah

  30. Hi Theresa,

    I’ve done the i-banking trsf $18 to account no. 148138591. Transaction no. 15647162868.

    Just wondering about the karaoke segment – is it more like a singalong session?
    And not the karaoke with the full works, ie mike & speakers & song selection. And is there a DJ to spin the tunes for the line dance & social dance, with dance floor or just a corner space?


  31. Thanks Lydia. You completed the last lap of the ‘race’. Will update payment once my co-EO forwards me her bank printout, very soon.

    No worries re karaoke or music for dancing. We hv a DJ on hand and will have appropriate arrangement for our different segments of event. Just relax n enjoy, yah.

  32. Wa Terence, looks like you have been keeping a close watch over this event!
    Yes, response have been unexpectedly overwhelming. Thanks to fellow members’ support and trust in my maiden event. Kam siah all.

  33. Hi Jazz, Great!

    Calling, calling forJoan Ang. Please get in touch with Frisna on this blog giving us your email contact for arrangement of a refund.


  34. Dear Frisna and Theresa
    I am so sorry I have to withdraw from the social event of 07NOV as I am now unable to attend. I would like to give up my place to someone else, maybe one on the waiting list. I leave it to your decision. As for the amount of S$18, if I can get a refund, it would be good. If not, it is not an issue for me. My email contact is

  35. Noted Susan. Yes will refund you. Peng Peng, who is on the 1st waitlist will take over your place and will be in touch with you for the payment.


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