1. Hi Dave and Gab
    I am interested in joining a retiree group in the Serangoon area to talk about current affairs. Gab, how about you forming this group in Serangoon? I can try to get a place to meet. But the meeting will be on a weekday afternoon.

    There are many interesting topics to talk about including politics which is taboo on this platform. There is the case of an old man who killed his daughter-in-law brutally …there are lessons to learn. CPF top-up is another interesting topic.

    We can help look out for one another. Okay, Gab?

  2. Hi Jasmine

    Noted your comments above. However, Serangoon is not my kampong… haha.

    I would like to form a retiree group in the Kembangan area wherein active retirees can:

    .gather for coffee chats in the nearby coffee shops/joints
    .makan in the hawker centres/markets in Bedok
    .morning walks around the Kembangan area (possibly at 5.30 am when the air is fresh and cool)
    .cycle in East Coast Park (I need a tandem rider though)
    .last but not least, yak yak on anything (current affairs, anything under the sun including skeletons-in-the-closet 🙂 )

    The 24-hour sarabat stall at Jalan Lapang (Kembangan) may be a good venue to be considered. Those staying in this area should be familiar with this eating place. It’s rustic, nostalgic and gives the ambience of Singapore in the 60s or a typical Malaysian sarabat stall)

    These are only ideas on the drawing board.

    I’ll put up a posting here very soon.

    Akan Datang………


  3. Hi Gab
    Wonderful ideas! Kembangan is fortunate to have you. If you organize in Serangoon, you’ll be a foreign talent. 🙂 Hope to drop by at Kembangan one of these days.

  4. Well best of luck to you guys. Queenstown, Redhill, Tiong Bahru etc anyone retired SilverHairs members living here?
    Queenstown is very close to many parks and shopping and hawker centres, Orchard Road.

  5. Alamak Gabe!

    One coffee group not enough? Your blood type must be caffeine!

    Haha, just joking… I miss your coffee chat as it is on Wednesdays…when my kopi group meets…????????????

    If the East coffee chat group comes about, I can suggest Geylang East food centre for great roast meats as well as coffee!

  6. Hi Kenneth

    What happened? You’ve been MIA for so long. Miss you at our kopi chat man ~ next chat will be on Wed, 4th May.

    Hope to SYS…..

  7. Hi Everybody,
    Sorry I just got back from vacation with family.
    For those living around Queenstown who wish to form a kopi chat and walking group please let me know your preferences like day, time and place to meet up. I live at Dawson Road and there is a air con food court at Dawson Place we can have our meet up. Regards, Dave.

  8. Hi Dave,
    Welcome back!
    Long time have not log in to this website. Missed out a lot of fun. I wld like to join this chat group in Queenstown. Currently still working but will join u all if im available.

  9. Hi Guys. I have yet to get any suggestion where and when we can have our first kopi chat before we launch our activities.

  10. I find this need to have separate coffee chats a little odd. Singapore is such a small country. Why can’t we have a central venue for a retirees coffee chat?

    If we restrict ourselves, then how to widen our circle of friends?
    Besides, why separate the retirees from younger people?
    Frankly, if we associate only with people of our age group, we age faster.

    Wouldn’t it be better to stick to Terence’s SHC monthly meet?

    Dave and Gabriella, as you both seem very keen, why not combine your individual effort and just EO another SHC monthly meet and get everyone together rather than segregating them into fragmented groups?

    Just my thoughts. No offence to anyone.

    • Hi Mary,

      SilverHairsClub thinking is to hold a monthly EO event, to help provide a platform for SilverHairs to come together and meet new and old SilverHairs.

      Unfortunately, the reality is our experience indicates we are not able to meet the distance, time and convenience factors when deciding on venues.

      The monthly events will be ON.

      Zonal or community events in the East, Jurong, Queenstown or Kranji can carry on, as long as there is an organiser or team leader.

      I guess we cannot run away from this community venues.

      I support central as well as zonal events.

      Terence Seah

  11. Hi Terence

    Fully agree with your comments. Pl see my elaboration on my posting ‘retiree club (east)’…..

    Warm regards 🙂

  12. I respect the views of others in this thread but I feel strong offended with Mary Chan’s comments. You may share your views but please do not put in a way that they are superior to other way of thoughts.

    • Hi Dave,
      How have you been doing with your Queenstown retirees group? Do go ahead with a small group to start moving. Share with us the chats and interests, and I hope more members will join you at Queenstown.

      I also suggest you decide on a date and also the venue. Better, you take the lead. I would like to join you when I am in Singapore.

      Tell us about yourself, your interests, and I am sure you will attract others to meet up.

      Terence Seah

  13. Dave, I can’t stop you from feeling whatever you want to feel.
    I already stated that it was my thoughts. I am actually “sharing my views”, to use your own words.
    You can take it in which ever way you want, but it was never meant to offend.

  14. I always cannot help but want to air my views when the purpose of SHC is in doubt. Like Mary, this is but my personal view. Correct me if I am wrong but be gentle. Kindness begets kindness. The reverse is bloody true.

    The title of this post, “RETIREES LIVING IN QUEENSTOWN” and the accompanying texts suggest discrimination. We cannot blame readers to think that this proposed gathering is restricted only to people living in Queenstown. Hence, it contradicts our original objective and defeats the rightful purpose of this forum page. For that matter, if we have similar set ups in various parts of Singapore, we then have many separate entities.

    Eventually, will SHC be nothing but an electronic page for individuals to make announcements to their respective audience?

    Wait…I shall answer my own question in the next post.


  15. I choose to dilute this legitimate interpretation of the title and its contents. It is neither rational nor realistic for any person to start something that discriminates people by where they live. The leader certainly will not verify the address of each participant. I am sure he/she welcomes “outsiders” coming from anywhere.

    Such a local set-up facilitates people living in the vicinity. A resident can simply come in shorts and slippers if he is to meet friends at a neighborhood coffee shop.

    For the more mobile Ah Pek, there is nothing to stop him from having coffee with his “kakis” in Ang Mo Kio on Monday, Bedok on Tuesday and Clementi on Wednesday, assuming such “branches” are formed. Seniors pay a concessionary rate for travelling and our MRT tracks are well connected. Just pray for no major breakdown.

    Each zonal rendezvous serves to keep a small SHC flame alive when the big fire is not burning. Hopefully, every flame will not forget where it has obtained its first spark. There is a Chinese saying, “When you drink water, remember the source”. Branch leaders ought to encourage their members to participate in events organized by resourceful and hardworking EOs and intended for SHC as a whole.

    As for the “SHC monthly meeting”, let us strive together to return it to its former grandeur.


  16. Alamak!

    What’s in a name or venue? If you want to divide into constituencies (I almost cannot spell the word) then I suggest an Aljunied-Hougang group…to which I belong. I am willing to offer my condo meeting room to host such an event, but, for drinking kopi, we have to adjourn to the nearby kopi tiam as no food is allowed in the meeting room.

    And, if you are not happy with that, you can always go back to your Bukit Batok constituency. There must be flexibility and adaptability … I don’t think that Dave means only Queenstown residents are welcome…or that only retirees may join.

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