This is Sompho from Thailand

May I say hi from Thailand?

this is the first time I leave the massage in this board and for sure this is not the last time.

Some of you may know me when we travelled together in Thailand. We went together to many places like Chiangmai, Pai, full moon party, Laos and so on. Last trip happened last October at Khao yai natiol park, the world heritage.

Now I already passed the training course for tour guide. So, more fun is coming.

I’m thinking about Ayudhya historical park trip. Just one hour from Bangkok, you will see the glory of the former capital of Thailand.

The high light of Ayudhya is not only an ancient city. It was found in 1350 and had been the capital of Thailnd ofor 417 years until the second dowf fall in 1767. It was announced to be a world heritage in 1991.

I will come back with more information later on.


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  1. I want, I want…. love your beautiful country. Let me know the intended dates, and I will confirm if suitable.

    Yup, congratulations on passing the tour guide course! I look forward to hear more from you…

  2. Hi Sompho

    First, congratulations!

    We met many years ago in Chiang Mai when you and Terence brought the SHC group, a second time when you visited Singapore with your wife, and last when you came for the SHC booth at asuntec.

    I shall be in Bangkok mid-May and actually plan to visit Ayutthaya but doing it DIY by train. I have been on a previous tour where you go by boat and return by bus with a buffet lunch on board.

    I am also interested in going to Kanchanaburi and the Death Railway…but maybe at a later date.

    Keep up the good work and organize many more trips for SHC,

    • Hi, Khun Tan, I remember you. You brought me and my wife to enjoy Faber hill.
      Let me know the date when u visit Ayudhya. If it is weekend, i may join u.

  3. Hi again!

    Yes, I took you to the “mountain” of Singapore…a molehill compared to Doi Inthanon, the highest peak in Thailand. I think you can arrange a tour of Thailand to take in all the highlights. And you should arrange one for SilverHairsClub soon.

    I shall be in Bangkok but unfortunately, Ayutthaya is not over the weekend. However I do hope that we can meet again over a cup of coffee.

  4. Hi Sompho,

    This is Helen. We first met Chiangmai, Mae Hon Son camping then Laos. Keen to join this tour with newly graduated guide. Congratulations !

    Also when are you organising trip to PAI. I would love to go again & again.

    Thanks & Regards

  5. Sompho lives in Singburi, a province north west, 1.5 hours from Bangkok.I have always considered the area around Singburi traditional, easy to move around and liveable.

    Very near by is Lopburi province, and this place is known international as the city of monkeys. This is where monkeys are everywhere, right in the middle of the city.

    An of course, Ayuttaya, the old capital city where the ruins are well maintained, and a world heritage.

    I think a cruise with dinner is something many tourists go for. I have not been to one, but the idea excites me.

    Let;’s see Sompho’s ideas. You are welcome to let him now your suggestions here.

    Terence Seah

  6. Sompho…

    I am just excited about the great tours that you can arrange for us in Bangkok and the rest of Thailand. These tours can be specially tailored for silver hairs: combining the leisurely-paced, almost luxurious itineraries with a distinct unique approach to the attractions. What do I mean?

    Take Bangkok… we could take a dinner cruise but on a local boat, not the aircon, Thai-dancing show on board with a westernized buffet.

    We can stay over a weekend to go to a floating market and also the Chatuchak market.

    A side trip to the Kanchanaburi death railway may take in a night on a floating river raft. Or a trip to Ayuthaya, where we stay to cycle around the majestic ruins and experience the morning floating market.

    What I am aiming for is a tour that is out of the ordinary; which takes us beyond to experience the country and its people, to give us time to soak in the sights and to be able to say: “I’ve been there!”

    • I think there are many things in Thailand that tourists do not know in Thailand. There is not only place but also something intangible that you can feel by heart.
      I am eager to show u that.
      Thanks for you recommendation about the trips. I will keep on thinking about it.

  7. Hi I will be in Bangkok from 28th -22nd May.Can I arranged to go Ayuthaya plus othets for a 1 day tour.

    Pl advise.



  8. Hi Sompho, I am excited about the tour, but must know the date and duration, so that I can put into calendar. Can set the dates first, so that those who can make it, can indicate their interest? The itinerary, you can come up with the big plan and we can offer our suggestion, if suitable. And of course, and $$ estimation, very important to some of us.

  9. Hi Sompho, i wld like to indicate my interest in this Thailand tour . Once your dates are set and if i can make it i will go.

  10. Hello
    I’m thinking about 3 day trip to Ayudhya.
    First day, start from Don Meung Airport, it takes one hour to Baang Pa-in palace. This palace was built in 1632, late Ayudhya. It was left abandon after the second down fall of Ayudhya in 1767. King Rama the Fourth make it alive again.
    Then we check in at Krungsri river. We can have dinner along the river to enjoy the scene and the light.
    Second day, full day, the high light is Prasrisanpetch temple, the temple withe 3 pagodas,land mark of Ayudhya. Then, riding elephen, floating market also interesting.
    Third day, I would recommend you the to Lopburi, monkey town. Visiting the stone Khmer temple, Bayon Style, which was built in 13th century is fantastic. Monkey is also highlight of this trip. Then, let’s enjoy the lunch, grilled river prawn.
    Any ideas are welcome.

  11. Dear Sompho,

    We got you so excited that no dates set for us to apply leave. Am I correct to say that it is a 3-day your?

    Thanks & Regards

  12. Sompho has informed that the trip to Ayuthaya and the surrounding sights is ready to be announced. I shall be meeting Spmpho next week to help him work out the details. As of now, the details are as follows:

    1. Date: starting Fri 22 July 2016 and ending Sun 26 Jul 2017.
    2. You may come earlier to Bangkok or continue to stay in Bangkok after the trip.
    3. Pick up point, for now: Donmuang airport, Fri morning.
    4. Sending back point: Donmuang, Sun morning.
    5. Cost for the 3D2N is 3,900 baht, and this include hotels, breakfast, tours, except lunch and dinner.
    6. For hotels, please do your own pairing, as the rate is twin-share.
    7. Seats are limited, as Sompho will be chartering a van. Please reserve early. Availability on a first paid basis.
    8. Payment: will be announced soon.

    Thank you Sompho for organising this trip.

    Terence Seah

  13. Dear Terence

    Are you referring to 22 Jul to 24 Jul (Fri to Sun) not 26 Jul?

    Let us know when to book tickets .

    Thanks & Regards

    • Oops…..

      Sompho & Terence

      I have committed this weekend to another neighbouring country so, shall regrettably have to miss this. Thanks & enjoy.


  14. Ok, My sister Helen and I will be going for this trip.

    We have got our tickets already. Scoot is having offer, I think. We are going earlier from 20/7/16 by TZ298, reaching Don Maung 8.30am. We will have to book a hotel until 22/7/16 when the itinerary starts. Will appreciate advice on how to spend our time there for 2 days prior…

    Our return flight is on Sunday 24/7 leaving 22.55pm, reaching Singapore by 2.20am. Anyone keen to join us on this adventure?


  15. Sompho is organising a coach which can handle 8 pax. I guess this will be the limit on the number of participants for this trip. If you are thinking of coming, please let us know your interest. Participants are Ann, Helen and myself. 5 more to go. Trip is confirmed.

    Terence Seah

  16. The trip to Ayuthaya, as described by Sompho is on.

    ETD Bangkok Fri 22 July 2016
    ETA Bangkok Sun 24 July 2016

    Pickup at Donmuang airport Fri morning, about 10am

    Ann giri and sister are confirmed.
    I am confirmed.

    Hi Kristine Leong, Stella Sheng, Julian Mok, please confirm if you are going. Sompho will book the rooms after 15 Jul 2016.

    Anybody else like to join, feel free to let me know.

    Closing date to reply: 15 Jul 2016 – 12noon.

    Terence Seah

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