“Pay-hikes by Bus on 25th – 30th June 2016” Vs Hitch Hiking 48 Years Ago

I was then 15 years old. After my L.C.E. ( Lower Certificate of Education) Exam, while hanging around my school tuck-shop, talking to some trainee teachers, an idea of Hitch Hiking was introduced. A group of us were caught interested and we seek helps to organize . The teachers Training Centre was 150 meters from our school. It took us 1 solid week to gather contacts with Trainee Teachers ( from different parts of Malaya).
My dad/uncles were supportive and provided crucial meeting points whereby we can get free transportation back home. My dad operated a factory in Johor Bahru and distributed goods along the west coast up to North Malaya. Any one of us felt tired and like to return home can approach distribution warehouse in Muar, Malacca, Seremban, K.L, Ipoh, Butterworth/Penang for free transportation by Goods Lorries. These centers also provided temp Jobs for 1.80/2.00 ringgits with free meals/accommodation- sleeping on foldable canvas beds or empty goods racks.
I am now itch to organize “ A Pay-hike by bus on 25th – 30th June 2016. Please read the following brief and decide whether you are game to participate.

1. Group in 8 or 12 ( Ideal for Round-table Meals and Taxis )
2. You travel very light – Bring only 1 or 2 underwear/Inner wears with a foldable shopping bag, rain-cloth in haversack.
3. We shall meet at Kranji MRT between 8.00-8.30 am on 25th June, where we shall board 170 bus to Larkin Bus Terminal in JB. Familiar yourselves around this terminal and have breakfast here. We shall take a Direct Bus to Malacca Bus Terminal.
4. Stay in Malacca for 1 or 2 nights to replenish your clothing needs. Explore Malacca as much as we can .Will provide tourist must visit sites.
5. 28th June we take a direct coach to K.L/Genting.
We park ourselves here for 2 nights. We can shuttle ourselves to KL for shopping/makans.
6. We will take a direct Coach to Singapore on 30th. Coach normally leave at 12.00 noon or 2.00 pm. You can also fly back at 20.00 hr from KLIA 2 .
Estimate budgetary Coast:
1. Transportation S$ 100-120
2. Hotel Malacca S$ 30-45 per night/pax Hotel Genting – Maxium S$ 100 per night/pax; Resort Hotel S$ 50-60 per night/pax; First World Std Room S$ 25 per night/pax
3. Meals will be at cost
You can What’s App me on 90891348 OR email: ang_tonio@yahoo.com.sg. If you need further information

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