Let’s bring the Baycity Rollers to SHC

The Bay City Rollers are a Scottish pop band whose popularity was highest in the mid 1970s. They were worldwide teen idols.

In 1973, “Saturday Night” was produced for the band. By early 1975, The Baycity Rollers saw a successful UK tour, which prompted newspaper headlines about the rise “Rollermania”.  Bay City Roller fans had a distinctive style of dress,comprising calf-length tartan trousers and tartan scarves. In 1976, the group released “I Only Want to Be with You” which I am sure many Silverhairs have heard and danced to.

Where were you then?  In school, just finishing your National Service, dating your first love or feeling sweet 16.  Let’s bring back memories of the mid 70s.  English songs, pop music, London, Edinburgh, top UK charts, SATURDAY night and I only wanna be with you.

Yes, we should have a band and teeny idol singers to match.  And an English setting at the British Club to bring back the atmosphere.  And, our guests will be anybody and everybody over 45.

This is still a dream.  And if you share in the same dream, please share your thoughts.


Terence Seah

13 thoughts on “Let’s bring the Baycity Rollers to SHC

  1. OH dear! I don’t remember listening to this band at all! I remember the songs of BeeGees, Carpenters, Simon&Garfunkle, Beatles etc.

    Terence, looks like you have a “British Night Fever” extravaganza up your sleeves. Really admire your energy! All the best! 🙂

  2. Hi Jassmine and members,

    UK music has made tremendous impact on our lives. For some of us, music around the mid 70s will always stay with us.

    The idea of having a British song event is still being developed.

    Our first step is to look for a band, who can play and sing Baycity Rollers songs from the mid 70s.

    The event is likely to be on a Sat or Sun afternoon or night.

    Those who share this dream, please share your ideas or be in touch with me.

    Terence Seah

  3. Same here. Never heard of this band Bay City Rollers. Btw Jassmine we hv the same song taste and i like songs like those from BeeGees, Carpenters, Simon&Garfunkle, Beatles, Eagles……

    • Hi Mike,

      You may have a point. I guess some SilverHairs have not heard of the Baycity Rollers during the mid 70s. Hmmm, what shall we do then? Seems like the EO will have to drop the idea of a British songs event? Luckily, the idea is still at the baby stage.

      Terence Seah

  4. Hi Terence,

    Do stay Positive ~ and keep this British band idea of yours ‘Alive’; because not every member will log-in regularly to read SHC updates. Can still recall one of their popular song – ‘The Way I feel Tonight’ they sung at a Live Concert in 1975 which was a big hit; and this song still lingers on my mind eversince my teen days!

    Perhaps it would be ideal for you to host a British pop event, after several Mandarin/Cantonese versions. Lets await more members’ input.


    • Hi Sue,

      You know me too well. I won’t give up the idea of a British pop songs event this year.

      Personally, I will support the EO in the dream and implementation. Next week, week, week, in Sri Lanka and next month, in Bangladesh. Maybe I will look out for a live band there.

      One of the thoughts behind the British pop songs event is our membership drive for new members above the age of 45.

      All comments on this Post will be considered, and we will try to include the ideas. Let’s all dream together.

      Terence Seah

  5. Hi Mike
    Yes, similar taste. Our generation loves the golden oldies and enjoys walking ‘down memory lane’ 🙂

    Hi Terence
    Bee Gees and Beatles are British. There’s also Tom Jones . No need to give up your “British” theme. 🙂


  6. Hi Mike, Jassmine,

    I hear you loud and clear. We are in the same generation too. British pops will bring back great memories.

    Many of us were teeny weeny boys and girls. Help to dream out this event.

    My family was very poor and I could not afford to go parties, altho I can only be contented to hear songs over the radio.

    And members, where we’re u mid 70s?

    Terence Seah

  7. Terence. I like the idea of an all english songs event. But how are u going to organise it. Esp with yr hectic travel schedules ?
    Will it be liveband or karaoke style. And venue?

    • Hi Lydia,

      We will plan this British songs event as ideas surface. Members are invited to share their ideas too.

      Next two months, I am travelling a lot but I will monitor ideas. First, is to locate a band. So far, no suggestions yet. I guess if we have not identied a band, we may go for a VJ. Thinking.

      Terence Seah

  8. If u want a bigger venue, you can try booking a CC hall. And u will hv to commit a date. It will be difficult to hv an all english songs event, as many Shc members like to sing chinese songs. We hv seem that in the ksl event.

  9. Hi Lydia,

    At the moment, the response to this event is rather muted. We have no experience organising an event at the cc hall, so I am disinclined to consider a big place as the cc.

    If we can get a band, this would be great. We should start first with finding a band. A member has suggested a large projection with VJ services. Yes, we can consider. But so far, members have been quiet.

    Terence Seah

  10. As we move along to plan this British songs event, we will likely engage a band at a country club. Songs are mainly from the mid 70s. Of course, the Bay City rollers music would be in our lists. The band is intended to entertain us with the songs, we are into pop.

    We would have this event as one of our monthly gatherings.

    I am looking for someone who is familiar with music and songs of the 1975s. Pop, British. Dancing and singing are not in the plan. If you can help me with this role, plse contact me via Whatsapp +65 9489-4360.

    While not confirmed yet, the event would be held in the afternoon or evening.

    Terence Seah

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