2 Days & 2 Nights Karimun Island

Batam-sized Karimun Island is 1 hour 45/50minutes by ferry south-west of Singapore.

March 26 Thursday

  • 1.30pm  Depart Harbourfront
  • 2.15/20pm (Indon time)  Arrive Tanjung Balai (Two main-street town)
  • 2.30pm   Check-in  Hotel Maxi or Hotel Palapa
  • 3.00pm   Visit The Vila (brothels)-15mins duration for Look-see with courteousy
  • 4.00-5.30pm  Leisurely walk(approximate distance from CK Tang to Centrepoint) from seafront through 1st main-street to hotel
  • 5.30-6.30pm    rest period
  • 6.30-8.00pm    Seafood dinner
  • 8.00pm   Onwards – Karaoke in hotel lounge(with or without hostesses, tips payable 10,000 rupiah-$1.35, Minimum per hostess)

                                                  PLEASE DO NOT VENTURE FROM HOTEL’S FRONTSTEPS

March 27 Friday

  • 6.30-9.00am(Indon time)   Breakfast in hotel (FOC)
  • 9.30-12noon  Visit Gunung Karimun waterfall (halfway up 300metre high mountain)
  • 12.30-1.30pm   Nasi padang lunch
  • 1.30-4.00pm     leisurely walk(approximate distance from CK Tang to Centrepoint) through 2nd main-street(parallel with 1st street) to seafront
  • 4.00-5.30pm     rest period(optional High-tea) at Hotel Holiday Karimun
  • 5.30-7.00pm     open-air seafront seafood-dinner.  After dinner is OPTIONAL to walk back or motor-cycle pillion-ride (cost-5,000rupiah) to hotel
  • 8.00pm  Onwards – Karaoke in hotel lounge or watch TV in rooms

                                                  PLEASE DO NOT VENTURE FROM HOTEL’S FRONTSTEPS

March 28 Saturday

  • 6.30-9.00am    Breakfast in hotel (FOC), Optional choice of 4 kopitiams of not more than 10 customers’-capacity within 20metres walking distance of hotel
  • 9.00-11.30am    Free & Easy/Shopping plus Rest period
  • 11.30am            Check out from Hotel
  • 11.30-1.30pm     Nasi padang lunch OR a-la-carte lunch at Hotel Holiday Karimun
  • 2.00pm (Indon time)    Depart Tanjung Balai
  1. Please credit Twenty Dollars to POSB Savings a/c-510-03720-0 (being hotel deposit Deluxe room, with longbath & mini-bar, at not more than 250,000rupiah
  2. MAXIMUM PAX of Twenty-one (including myself, Abel Tan) on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  3. CLOSING DATE – 9th March Monday.
  4. An expense of $120, varying exchange-rate of between equivalent of 720,000-760,000 per One Hundred dollars is sufficient but EXCLUDES two-way ferry fare of $55 (inclusive of Singapore’s seaport tax but excluding Indonesian 25,000rupiah, payable upon departure from Tanjung Balai).
  5. 100,000 rupiah approximates between $13.20 to $13.90 on prevailing day’s exchange rate 

G O N G     X I     F A     CAI

Abel Tan

32 thoughts on “2 Days & 2 Nights Karimun Island

  1. Hi Abel,

    Your Post was initially routed to the moderation queue because there was no indication that you are also going on this trip. But reading carefully, yes, I see you are going. Your initial post was also messy, but it has now been cleaned up.

    This is an interesting and refreshing trip, and I am glad you are willing to lead us there.

    I have a question; have you been there before? I am confirmed to join you on this trip. The date is now in my diary.

    Terence Seah

  2. Hi Abel,

    Good to see your initiative in leading this trip. Count me in! Will there be any fishing for I am sure we have many fishing enthusiats among us?

    You mentioned FOC breakfasts, how about lunch and dinner? Terence, don’t worry that part of the islands is Abel’s second home!


  3. ahem…excuse me ah… this looks like a tour organized for “men only”. “Look see brothels”? “Karaoke with/without hostesses”?

    Alright then, I know I can not join you, but I am curious. Pardon my ignorance: why “PLEASE DO NOT VENTURE FROM HOTEL’S FRONTSTEPS”? Too dangerous for tourist, is it? Tourist will be robbed and mugged? Or worse – tourist wll be drugged and their kidneys get removed?

  4. Hi Jacquelin,

    Aiyoh, don’t throw cold water, must support the Event Agoniser. He is in good faith trying to organize the trip for us to enjoy the beach and sceneries! Though the sleazy joints are around I know Abel will bring us to the right places of interest.

    Except for Terence and Dan there seem not enough support and even Yew Kwong backed out. It’s not meant to be men only excursion!

    Anyhow we will give Abel our encouragement though Joy doesn’t know I am going.


  5. Wah!!! got brothels, karaoke hostesses, can see robbery and mugging and free drugs and free kidney operations.

    Please include me, but can I stay only one night? If I stay 2 nights, I may die from too much excitement.

  6. Tian Soo, with all thats available, remember to bring new “socks” and heart attack remedy pills. Heeee!

    Enjoy 🙂

    Warmest Regards
    Caroline Gee

  7. Hahaha!!

    It’s funny with all the comments and warnings about the “dangers” and “attractions” of the place…

    I want to go, too! Like Terence, I hope it will be “interesting and refreshing” and that it would not be a men-only excursion… although I’ll have no objections. Can’t have Caroline leaning over to remind me to put on my socks and take my pills!

    Have a Great Lunar New Year all SHCs!

  8. Tg Balai isnt as unsafe a place as any known hoodlum hideout in spore but if one sticks his head out showing curiosity at everything like a suaku tortoise visitng town, that he will always be a target for the baddies even in the safety of a police station

    Good gals visitng brothels………seriously, wny not? It’s a occasion for the good gals to settle the score once & for all…..to see for themselves what these hookers have that they dont, which have drawn their bfs & hubbies in droves to sail the seas and brave the oceans to want to spend time with the hookers. Who knows, our good gals might learn a trick or 2 from them and forever be grateful?

  9. Dear Tian Soo

    You are welcome :0

    Yes, its good that you know the limit of your “power”. Better one “sock” than none at all.


    A Healthy and Happy New Year to you and your family with good fortune too.


  10. Dear Kenneth

    Don’t count me out for I may decide to join in the “tour” and to hand out “socks” and remedy pills to my active fellow SHCians.

    Happy Lunar New Year to you and your family too. May you all enjoy good health, joy and good fortune.

    Caroline Gee

  11. Look like the men are getting really excited about this trip. Welcome on board to Kenneth Tan and Tian Soo! Tim, did I hear you putting up your hand?

    Just last year we have a group of SHC member having a tour of Geylang and taking in the sight and sound. Let this excursion bring us to more fun and adventure. Only one life, why not take the opportunity to witness the excitement in a faraway escapade!

    Caroline, waiting for your affirmation! Thanks for the offer to hand out “socks and remedy pills”.


  12. hahahah Tian Soo – your comment was so funny, I LOL till I fell off my chair! I copied and pasted your comments here so that others can enjoy reading it:

    “Wah!!! got brothels, karaoke hostesses, can see robbery and mugging and free drugs and free kidney operations.

    Please include me, but can I stay only one night? If I stay 2 nights, I may die from too much excitement.”

    hahahahahha good one Tian Soo.

  13. Dan –

    I posted my comment in #3 out of ignorance and curiosity. My comment was NOT meant to “throw cold water” on the tour, nor the organizer. Actually, somehow – my comments had “fanned the fire”. Unintentionally, I have highlighted and drawn attention to this tour’s itinerary that mentioned “brothels” and “karaoke hostesses”. All the guys eyes popped out, and now you have many interested ppl wanting to join the tour. ahem… it’s ok, no need to thank me lah…

  14. Any “good girls” want to take a look see at the brothels, and “learn a trick or 2 from the hookers and forever be grateful”?

    Yes – why not, girls? Do take a look see.

    I have had a look see at the Geylang red light area, and I’ve had a look see at the Amsterdam red light district. What did I learn from the experience?

    The hookers have good figures and good looks. And they look sexually attractive. Do I learn any thing from this “look see” encounter? I don’t really know. All I know is –

    I felt sorry for “my sisters” who do not have enough education and skills to earn their living in some other ways.

    I felt fortunate and blessed that I was not born into their circumstances.

    NO – I did not feel judgmental. And NO – I did not feel “high and mighty”. I remember feeling a deep sadness…

    “Good girls” – go check out the brothels. Tell me what you learn.

  15. Jacqueline,

    Thanks, I misunderstood you. Let’s see whether more adventurous gals and guys will take the challenge!

    I have not been there and looking forward to it. At our age what have we not seen or heard oe touch, let this be not only a learning experience but a an eye-opener, right Abel?


  16. If you go to learn, you’ll learn but if you go to feel sorry, you’ll feel sorry, and when you feel sorry, the furthest in yr mind is to learn what you hv pre-judged is a sorry state of affairs.

    In first world Spore, gals with tertiary education do take up jobs as high society escorts (read hookers) and they’re in circumstances many wish to be in but are let down by their looks, aura and grace.

    So to feel sorry, to say that they’re unfortunate to be “born in those circumstances” smacks of a demeanour high & mighty, of having made a judgment and that they wd hv a choice if they hv had an education. Frankly, all I can say for sure is, for the love of money, people will find their own ways to land this money so long as they’re not coerced into the sleaze………………..

  17. Hi Tian Soo,

    ( Please include me, but can I stay only one night? If I stay 2 nights, I may die from too much excitement. )Ha1 Ha!
    thanks Jacqueline for copying,and pasting the comment again Otherwise I would have missed it.

    To add to your SEX citement ,
    If you travel to Amsterdam RED light district,you may die of “sudden” heart attack after walking through the narrow alleys of brothels for 1 hour. Choy! choy! choy! Touch wood.

    Here the pros are more sophisticately dressed and in various SEDUCTIVE poses like Brigette Bardot/Amy Yip models.

    You can see through the glass windows of OLD,YOUNG SEXY,VOLUPTOUS ” Yau Bor Yau Lor” pros, topless and in skimpy G-string.For sure, your eyes will popped out and the “thing” will stand attention.

    In Los Angeles topless bars,under a translucent curtain you can see the shadows of the Yumsup—–>Humsup Old Man with the help of a torchlight probing the “Batu Caves” with his fingers.

    So much folks for the time being !

  18. Hi Tian Soo,

    ( Thank you for your advice to bring ’socks’. At my age, if I put 1 sock I’ll walk tall. More than one….maybe cannot stand up.Ha! ha! )

    1 “sock” NOT safe; sock maybe faulty with almost invisible pinholes. You cannot afford to take the risk.
    Put on 1/2 dozen then , sure it 100% safe and sound but this it dulls sensation too. No shiok. Better bring along dettol and a whip to add to your fantasy.

    Have a wonderful trip to Karimun Islands but don’t bring back “souvenirs”

  19. Hi Silverhairs

    Please note that NONE of us will alight as the vehicles (4,5 pax per vehicle) cruise through(15mins) The Villa.

    Please also note DO NOT respond to approaches by pimps for they will be handled by vehicle-drivers.

    With due respect, if any individually travelling male participant is very keen to book a overnight female companion, he must confirmed his intention by the Closing Date 9th March(Monday) as he will be accomondated in a different hotel IF a segregated floor area in tour-group’s hotel accomondation is unavailable, so as not to upset the sensibilities of other tour participants.

    Hotel choices are either Hotel Maxi(upgraded in 2005) or ten-year old Hotel Palapa with the distance between them approximately, from Dynasty-Marriot Hotel to Hilton Hotel.

    Abel Tan

  20. Abel.

    Seriously, Can I go with you guys on the 26th and come back on my own the next day.

    I would certainly like to see a ‘Villa’ that takes 15 minutes to cruise through…. in a car!! How many prostitutes do they have???

    I just like to see and talk to the common people on the 27th morning and come back on my own. I can look after myself.

  21. Hi Thian Soo

    Sure you can. There is also ample time for you to join
    the group’s visit to Gunung Karimum Waterfall.

    For some topographical information, Tanjung Balai is a
    two main-street town and the two roads run parallel nearly
    all the way from the ferry-jetty area to the edge of town,
    northwards, a distance approximately from CK Tang to The
    Istana. The width of the town is approximately between
    Orchard Road and Somerset Road/Orchard Boulevard, with the
    East bordered by high ground quite similar to Fort Canning Rise and the South & West bordered by seafront.

    The population of Karimum Island is more than thirty
    thousand with less than ten percent of ethnic Chinese
    Indonesian, majority of whom are tradesmen/shopkeepers
    residing in Tanjung Balai which serves as one of several
    victualling stations for inter-coastal shipping.

    “Please do not venture from hotel’s frontsteps” means
    particularly during evening hours in order to avoid one
    being aggressively hustled by locals many of whom are

    Friends, please be free to make any enquiry regarding this
    trip and yours truly will clarify accordingly.

    Abel Tan

  22. Karimun Island?…heard about it..but never knew its like
    ‘redlight’ in geylang?..apa macam?

    I thot its a mountain area where we can watch ‘gunong berapi’ (volcano..hehe)..sori suaku lah..& can do mountain trekking, see the birds & the bees…breath fresh air like Fraser Hill we just went last weekend!

    So it looks like only 2 guys Terence & Dan going..have fun boys!

    Sori, i only kacau this thread…if any girls going..i can think again..hehe
    any girls…want to go?

  23. Nor,

    Never heard of Karimun Island leh? Boleh “look see”……..” look see” lah. Since we are clearing our vacation leaves, shall we go jalan jalan. 🙂

    Ah Nee

  24. So far…only me & AhNee are keen to tengok2(still thinking)..how about Jacqueline…are u game?..don believe the boys…they can go tangkap chickens…we girls boleh panjat gunung & see beautiful flowers?..ada tak Abel?

    Carly@11…jangan jual itu barang lah…nanti ada koyak..banyak susah!..haha
    instead..give it a thought….mahu pegi tak?..hehe
    kita boleh jalan2 makan2…relax lah!

  25. Nor Sayang

    Anak Baby sudah balek from Tokyo apa macam. July sudah mau pergi Oz. Need to keep my annual leave to ikut pergi Sydney lah. You and Ah Nee got plenty of leave boleh suka suka jalan anywhere right?

    You look see look see and come back and tell us what you saw boleh?


  26. Aiya dear Carly…

    We always tak ngam timing…that day Fraser..u tak boleh..now Karimun again ‘fongshui’ tak jadi?..hhmm..maybe we cannot sleep together hor?..hehe

    Yes…ahnee & me very fortunate..we got plenty leave..anytime anywhere boleh jalan2..only no money tree!..haha

  27. Buddy Nor, boleh “makan angin” lah…no money tree nvm, your house got so many money plant what, hahahaaa…and this money plant very easy to grow….$$$$$$!

    Lily, hope your leave is approved, so we can room-in and have fun! 🙂

    Ah Nee

  28. Hi Abel, i am a newly registered member though i have been on SHC mailing list since June 2005. How much do we have to pay for the whole trip (ferry & hotel)?

  29. AhNee…Ok lah…boleh makan angin, till shiok!..
    but u don headache/giddy take the ferry lah..i bring sengbuay & we karaoke while travelling so that u don get seasick!

    Lily…thank you for inviting to be ur room mate..but miss Bira booked me oredi for the 2 nites!..haha

    Where’s that EO Able ah?…busy catching chicks is it?..or maybe he kena hooked somewhere?…..haha
    Pls tell us…how much total costs?..i only saw $120 + ferry $55..& then ++++??…apa macam?

    Btw….LinChuah…jgn takut mabok lah..saya jaga ok…i will hold tight, U & Ahnee..& then we can joget2 together!..hhhmmm..sound fun rite?

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