Happenings in Perth

Hi SHCians

Thought I will post some happenings that that you can join in when you are here in Perth. These include:

Mar – fishing again at Cervantes, maybe with Mary joining in. Buying of lobsters if still in season.
Ongoing fishing at various places and golfing.
Aug/Sep – My Self-drive across Nullabor Plain to Adelaide, Great Ocean Rd to Geelong, Victoria, etc and back to Perth.

There are 4 of us here – self, Mary, Linda and Hou Chong. So you can join up and also meet some of our friends here. Quite a number came from S’pore, Malaysia etc. So far, Mary and I are into fishing and I have  yet to do other things eg golfing, visiting markets etc with Mary and the rest.

I’m very certain the Apr group led by Terence and Mary will have lots to do and see here.


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  1. Hi Joan,

    I find this Post inspiring, because you tell us about the sights and sounds of Perth, from the angle of a traveller or visitor. Yes, and I believe Perth has its attractions and beauty.

    On the longer term, and something which I love pursuing, and that is, what attracts overseas Asians to Perth. Is it the same time difference, closeness to home, or the likely attractiveness of its cost of living. I guess the answer can be relative, but I like to hear from you, Mary and Hou Chong, what makes you spend most time of the year in Perth.

    I dont promote migration to Perth or Australia. I prefer to support options on 3 month short term living in Perth. I think the visa is 3 months, that’s great. What about the weather? Is it too cold or too hot at times? Is it really expensive to live in Perth? Can one move there without feeling bored?

    Terence Seah

  2. Hi Joan,
    My family & I are back from my Esperance trip – 725kms SE of Perth. We began our journey via Brookton-Corrigin, climbed beautiful Wave Rock at Hyden – then passed Ravensthorpe to Esperance where we soaked (it rained 2 days one night non-stop) in the spectacular ocean views – Lucky beach – whitest beach in Australia, Salmon beach, 10 mile lagoon past Pink Lake. We returned by Hopetoun, Jerramungup, Katanning, Wagin, Williams via Albany Hwy – clocked 1700kms for the trip – phew!

    Hi Terence,
    Not boring to stay in Perth lah. At home, our laid back lifestyle is decorated with self-designed & sustainable cottage gardens of 4 seasons and DIY culture (at the moment learning how to lay bamboo flooring…need some SHC members to help out leh). Outside the great outdoors beckon us to the forest, wilderness, wildflowers, big rocks, opal, mountain ranges, oceans, white sandy beaches, spectacular coastline, longest jetty 1841m, only natural tuart forest in the world, whales, dolphins, camels, horses, chocolates, preserves, islands, world-class wine, fishing, golf, lakes, black swans, sand surfing, farms, arts, culture & history steeped in Aboriginal experience. Dining out in restaurants & cafes from Italian/Australian to Chinese/African food. Affordable cars, utes & housing (no lifts/stairs). Weather-wise, summer is hot with long hours of daylight. Winters are mild, strong winds, we get hail sometimes. Spring & Autumn – beautiful weather with spectacular scenery. People here are friendly – they call you ‘love’ most of the time…like this?

    Ready, set, go!

  3. Hi Mary #2
    That really is a long trip! I’m planning a long one east to Adelaide in Aug likely but taking about 10 days return trip. But will go for short fishing trips around WA eg Busselton etc.

    Hi Terence #1
    The idea of staying 3 mths at a time in Perth instead of migrating here is worthwhile considering. Reason is that WA is big, with very mixed climate. North WA eg Exmouth,the interior eg Alice Springs being warmer can be visited during winter months and similarly the south eg Esperance (what Mary did) during summer. Also with the seasons, the fruits, veggies are different. We get stone fruits eg nectarines, apricots now, persimmon at a different time. So there’s a lot to experience, see and do. Most important is that you must like to travel around, like the outdoors. As Mary says, the people generally are very helpful and friendly.

    In the 6 odd years of living here, I made many friends and clicked especially with those who shared similar interests eg golf, fishing, makan kakis etc. My hubby has his mahjong kakis. COL was lower but not so now. However I found that with a garden to grow veggies, herbs and fruit trees, besides the excitement of seeing your 1st bunch of grapes, you can save some money. A friend gave me some long beans and spinach, another chive plant and I’m able to fry chives with eggs, do mee siam etc. I also find that peppermint grows so easlily here – so I can have laksa assam anytime. Only thing is no Ikan parang.

    The Apr trip will be an eye-opener to you all when you are here.Hope that the weather will be cooler by then. I recommend that you do day trips to Mandurah, Jurien Bay, besides Swan Valley, Freo etc. Try golf at Supa Golf in Swan valley resort – new to s’pore where you play with big clubs and balls.Stay for lunch or visit the vineyards for wine-tasting. I would have loved to join you all but Singapore calls as I want to see my 2nd grandson. Maybe when you are in Perth for 1-3 mths with your family. Perth is a great place for kids but a good time will be spring, winter and autumn. Mths to avoid really are end Jan/early Feb where temperatures can hit 35 – 40 deg C.


  4. Hi Joan,

    In the past, I do read that many Singaporean families migrate to Australia, and then, when they find Australia is too lonely for them, they call it quits and return. Think about it, I think 3 month retirement living is suitable. We keep our Singaporean citizenship, and enjoy the beautiful Austrlian cities like Perth, as well as familiar company of friends like you, Mary, Linda and Hou Chong.

    So, Spring, winter and Autumn. I think from what we read about Perth travels, there is no doubt, travelling is just wonderful.

    I think Golf is a great exercise, especially if the fees are lower than here in Singapore. There is a group of starter golfers here in Singapore, and I wish they will keep it on-going, and enjoy the game.

    Getting itchy, how about residence. I am sure hotels are not the way to go. For our Perth trip in April, it will be caravan or chalets or homestay. To my knowledge, Perth housing has been going up over the last 3 years. Where do you see a retired family live in Perth. A house? Are there many Singaporean/Perth residence who would let go their place for 3 months for small little groups from Singapore. I suspect buying is out of the question.

    Terence Seah

  5. Hi Joan,
    I totally agree with you that the weather here is among the best. In fact, Perth is within one of only five zones in the world that enjoy a Mediterranean climate. A climate suitable for growing crops/plants, raising animals and a great habitat for Sea-mammals to flourish.
    Last Wed for example, we had a temp of 22~24deg and an overcast sky – a weather just too good not to go outdoors for sports or gardening or coffee or whatever. It’s no wonder that everyone I met on that day, were in a jolly good mood.

    Hi Terence,
    Visiting Perth for 3 Mths Stay is a good idea for those who love to visit a place with a cool climate, beautiful scenery, relaxed pace of life and a culture easy to assimilate into. As you have said, the best part is you don’t have to leave your lifelong friends behind – something harder for men I suspect.
    As Mary and Joan have already said, there are plenty of things to do and places to go to because WA is a big country with varied geog. conditions within the state.
    For visitors on 3 months stay, your cost of living can be reasonable once your housing is taken care of and your own meals are mainly home cooked ones. Sports and recreational activities are very affordable including golfing and boating.
    Over here, you alone choose your own lifestyle. You can live a perfectly quiet life or you can make friends and enjoy sharing. There are ample opportunities. My guess is that the average SH guy/gal coming here would enjoy doing things around the house and garden, join friends for regularly for recreational activities or chit chat over makan, learn new skills, tour to different resorts within WA from time to time and above all, adapt to living a peaceful life.
    I am not going into details intentionally lest it is construed as “promoting migration”.
    However, this subject can be further discussed on your visit including the likehood of finding “housing for short stay”.

    Hi Mary,
    Esperance : I fondly remembered an outing some years back when everyone got into my car as we drove onto the pristine white beach in Cape Le Grand (I think) – 17kms long on white silky sand and passing a few families of seabirds running on the edge of the water. Everyone in the car was elated. The journey there and back is indeed “phew”.
    I look forward to meeting You, Joan and Linda for a chit chat as and when it can be arranged.


  6. Hi Terence/others,

    ( Getting itchy, how about residence. I am sure hotels are not the way to go. For our Perth trip in April, it will be caravan or chalets or homestay )

    You may want to explore the apartments as well. May I suggest Regal or Regalia ( ? ) apartment in Perth city which has a in built kitchen equipped with a clothes dryer. Its location is great.

    Travelling on a Red Cat bus from suburbs to town is FREE. I could not believe it at first and the service is regular too. not too worry, there are many Red cat buses to serve the suburbs and they travel to various parts of the town.

    Supermarkets and Shopping centres close as early as 6 pm.
    Some restaurants too ,latest being 7pm.
    Better buy bread and ham for breakfast as their shops/
    Mac Donalds opens at 10 or 11am. Walking thru the whole stretch of perth ,we saw only 1 or 2 Mc Dons unlike Spore.

    Have fun with the rest to Perth!

  7. Hi Steven,

    How are you?
    Now more Macs in Perth open 24 hours. Supermarkets open early at 8am and IGA supermarkets close later at 8pm or 10p.m. Shopping centres have late night shopping every Thursday. Wet markets (fish, veggies & meat) & Chinese provision shops are open 24/7 8am to 6pm. No worries about bread & ham, SHC group will have prata, chai tow kuey & teochew muay for breakfast…also will get to taste eggs with double yolks fresh from the farms and hopefully some sashimi lobsters & big blue manna crabs.

    Hi Terence,
    You can rent granny flat for 1-2 persons whereas a bigger group will require a house. We can view some rental properties when you come.

    Hi Hou Chong,
    Yeah, Esperance is indeed beautiful. Pretty busy this week as grandson starts year 2 this Monday. Planning with Linda to buy fish & meat at Tony Ale & O’conners sometime midweek.

  8. Hi Mary, Agnes and Patrick, Hou Chong and All

    Thank you Mary Lee for organising the Swan Valley picnic. It was great sampling all the wonderful foods prepares – poh piah, glutinour rice, ginger win chicken etc. After that we went fruit buying – grapes, water melon and fresh figs. We could pick figs ourselves – I now have tasted the 2 varieties.

    Also many thanks to Patrick and Agnes, new SHC members for the ride. A welcome to them – hope that you make many new friends among the SHCians.

    First time meeting Hou Chong and wife and also from Singapore, Yong and Li Choo. Hou Chong, hope some golfing SHCians will visit Perth and we can play golf together. When I’m in S’pore in Apr & May, hope to hit balls at the TP range with Ping Hock and company.

    In August, I’m planning to do self-drive from Perth to Adelaide and Victoria (Gt Ocean Road, Geelong, Ballarat and back to Perth). If anyone is keen, another group can also self-drive and join in. Dates are 17 – 30 Aug. Can even meet up in Adelaide if you want a shorter route.


  9. Hi Agnes and Patrick and All

    Great! You can let me know when you have decided and I’ll email you the proposed itinerary. Both of you have crossed the Nullabor a few times and for us, it will be our first. Friends have told us that it must be something that we must do. We certainly welcome your knowledge and experience.

    Other SHCians, if interested in the itinerary, you can let me know and you can then plan your trips at your own time too.


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