Makan gathering for Retiree Club (East)

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Hi retirees/friends

I would like to arrange a lunch gathering followed by coffee fellowship  next Wednesday, 17 August at the Old Airport hawker centre.  Details are as follows:

  • Date:               Wed, 17.8.16
  • Time:               11.30 am
  • Venue:             Old Airport Road hawker centre – just gather at the hawker centre near the goreng pisang stall (somewhere at the centre of the food place)
  • Food:               One of the best authentic hawker food one can find e.g. char kway teow, wantan noodles, kambing soup, satay, Toa Payoh rojak (to name a few)
  • Nearest mrt:     Dakota mrt station – 5 mins walk to the centre

I would appreciate if you could let me know if you’re  interested to join in this gathering.


Gabriella Chua, EO

Those coming:

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Loong Say Meng
  3. Alan Ang
  4. Alan’s friend (Gr…)
  5. Alan’s friend (AC)
  6. Martin Han
  7. David Loh
  8. Jimmy Longpoetiih
  9. Tony Ang
  10. Christina Chan
  11. Silas Yeo
  12. Mega
  13. Wendy Lum
  14. Ronald Lee

As long as there are 3, the gathering will proceed.  Lunch gathering is confirmed since there are more than 3 :-).. Total of 14 came…Good show

thank you makan   Note of Thanks!  I appreciate all yr support for joining our Makan session today..  You’ll agree that there are many stalls selling authentic yummilicious hawker food. See you all again in the next event. Cheers….

2 thoughts on “Makan gathering for Retiree Club (East)

  1. Hi Gabrella,

    I appreciate your effort to keep organising meetup activities for members who can meet up in the East. While scanning through the list of partipants, I see a noticeable list of more men. There must be some secrets that you are able to attract this group of members.

    I wish more members will join you at this Retiree Club (East).

    I am not able to confirm my coming as I am in between travels. Keep this up, you have my full support.

    Terence Seah

  2. Hi Terence

    Ooolala .. you’re rather observant? There’re no secrets ~ the men are attracted to the good yummilicious food and coffee during my makan and kopi gatherings.
    Isn’t the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Hahaha

    Thanks for your kind words and support Terence.


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