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I am Agnes Tan from Perth.
Have been working in Singapore for more than half of my life.
Perth is home at the moment.   Migrated here in 1999, ran 2 food businesses (including Hans Cafe) from 1999 -2004, now semi-retired. I am turning 54 in Aug. 
I go back to Singapore at least once a year to visit relatives.  Planning to go back to Singapore this June and hoping to meet fellow SHC members.  I love fishing, travel, cook, gardening and music.
Through Mary Lee (Perth), I have met Joan Wong (on 1st day of CNY) and Linda Loh (at Swan valley outing). 

My husband Patrick Ang is a retired teacher. He loves fishing, crabbing, cooking, music, gardening, travel. At the moment he is trying to re-learn base guitar after not touching it for more than 20 years. He likes to experiment new recipies & DIY.

Also looking forward to meeting and bringing SHC members out to the many beautiful places in Perth on the 5 April trip. 

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About Agnes Tan & Patrick Ang (Perth)

I am Agnes Tan from Perth. Have been working in Singapore for more than half of my life. Perth is home at the moment. Migrated here in 1999, ran 2 food businesses (including Hans Cafe) from 1999 -2004, now semi-retired. I am turning 54 in Aug. I go back to Singapore at least once a year to visit relatives. Planning to go back to Singapore this June and hoping to meet fellow SHC members. I love fishing, travel, cook, gardening and music. Through Mary Lee (Perth), I have met Joan Wong (on 1st day of CNY) and Linda Loh (at Swan valley outing). Also looking forward to meeting and bringing SHC members out to the many beautiful places in Perth on the 5 April trip.

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  1. Hi Agnes,
    Have started communication with Mary Lee recently.
    Guess there are quite a few Singaporean in Perth beside
    SHC members.
    Anyway looking forward to meeting you all.
    Hope your husband will not be ‘crabby’ in meeting us. hehe

    Paul Kong

  2. Hi Agnes and Patrick

    Peter and I are happy to know you and Patrick and look forward to doing things together with Mary and Stephen too whenever the opportunity arises. We already have some things in common – travel, fishing, gardening etc. Also we don’t live too far from one another.

    Both my hubby Peter and I are relatively new to Perth but we really like the cool weather and also the leisure time we have now. We haven’t gone crabbing yet – must learn to do that and other things one day.

    We certainly hope that through SHC, we will get connected with SHCians all over the world and also with back home, Singapore.


  3. Hi Agnes & Patrick,

    Welcome aboard!

    Hope the crabs are still around at Mandurah when SHC group comes in April. Patrick can show the group how to scoop up crabs in the estuary while I fish from the jetty. Then Paul is going to cook chilli crabs for us, hor?

  4. Hi Paul,

    Looking forward to meeting with you all.
    No worries! Pat loves crabbing but he’s not “crabby”.
    It’s crabbing season now (only blue swimmer, no mud crabs) but most probably he’s not going crabbing this year as there were too many shark sightings.
    Recently a man was taken by shark at Port Kennedy which is not too far away from the place where we go crabbing.
    So sad! I don’t have fresh crab meat to make my shark’s fin soup. I can buy crabs but just don’t taste as good as the crabs that we caught. See you soon.

    Hi Joan & Peter,

    When we go crabbing we only go after sun set. Pat will walk very far out to the deeper end of the Peel inlet towards the rivermouth of Serpentine river. For me I will walk around the shollower part as I cannot swim. Pat has to carry a 12 volt battery, prawn light & a crab scoop. He has only one free hand to scoop the crab. For me I will carry a big torch light as the 12 volt battery & prawn light are too heavy for me. I tie a string to my torch light & hang it around my neck so that I can scoop the crab with 2 hands. We put the crabs in a container(sitting on a float)tied to our waist. Last year Pat saw a shark while crabbing & we had to get out of the water immediately. Yesterday we were talking to friends and they say that they saw something big, more like shark, definitely not dolphins which are common around that area.
    They also stop crabbing.
    Will let you know if we are going crabbing again.

    Agnes Tan(Perth)

  5. Hi Joan,

    We go Mandurah to catch crabs this Sunday? I have got one brand new crab trap, do you have any? We use mullet as bait. No worries about shark because we lower our traps from the jetty to catch them. Also we get to fish for salmon & blue herring.

  6. Hi Agnes and Patrick,
    Welcome to SHC and I looked forward to sharing common activities with the both of you. Thanks you for confirming on #4 that there are risks in the Peel inlet/Harvey estuary. Last Thursday, while wading in the muddy areas of the estuary, I had the nagging uneasy feeling of “what if…” and as you know when that happened, the water then felt a whole lot colder and soon you just want to go up, which I did. Later on that evening, I proceeded to the lower deck of the old Mandurah Bridge and it was there that I was able to scoop up a few good sized crabs which swam by, beneath the bridge. No prize for guessing where my next Crabbing outing is going to be. This Fri I am heading for a beach near M River to do Abalone fishing over 3 days.
    Will talk about it at a later date if the trip turns out to be fruitful.

  7. Hello hello,
    Heard my name being mention concerning crabs and chilli crab. Anyway your crabbing is alittle different from my childhood days. Yes, sunset, but waist deep water and with hurricane lamp. All wear rubber shoes cos we step lightly on crab and use thump and 2 finger grab crab from the back. Quickly flip over (turn turtle) and the claws will be out reach. Then deposit crab into pail. Cooking? What cooking?
    Set up a fire and bar-b-q the lot on the spot by the beach. That’s our version on crabbing.

    Paul Kong

  8. Hi Mary#5, Agnes and Patrick#4

    Agnes and Patrick, Peter and I had accompanied a friend crabbing at Busselton and he was using the same method that you described. It’s not easy. We tried but could not catch any. He caught several and we had a good meal of them + fish and sotong.

    Mary, OK. Peter and I will join you for the crabbing and fishing on Sun. We don’t have a crab scoop but we have crab nets. What bait do we need for fishing and if we use nets, what do we use as bait also. How about typeand size of hooks as we have never fished for salmon.At Cervantes we caught herring but not sure if they are called blue herring.

    Also what time are you planning on leaving for Mandurah?


  9. Hi Mary#5,

    Are you cathing crabs from the old Mandurah brige?
    We have a few drop nets. Years ago we will go to the Claremont Jetty with our chef/cooks/service staff after we closed the cafe around 10.30pm, drop a few nets and also try fishing for breams. The jetty is very near to our cafe.
    We will go home after an hour while some of our staff will stay on. We usually catch about 3 to 4 crabs in that hour.

    Hello Hou Chong#6,

    It’s better to be safe than sorry & use drop nets or scoop crabs from the Mandurah bridge.
    I knew that feeling, the water felt much colder when Pat shouted to me & his niece “don’t catch, go back”. We were in the water for less than half an hour and hearing him shouting to us “don’t catch”, I just knew. Not only the water felt colder, the feet are heavier & need much much more effort to run.

    Enjoy cathing lots of abalone.

    Hello Paul#8

    Wow! cathing crabs with bare hands. Over here we use the scoop then a tong to grip the crabs and measure those that are boderline size. Heavy fine (A$70.00) for each undersize crabs. Got to be extra careful as we are walking in the water, don’t get bitten by crabs as sharks can smell a tiny drop of blood miles away.

    Hi Joan & Peter#10,

    Yes, it’s not easy to scoop, even with 2 hands as the scoop becomes very heavy in deep water. Patrick is by himself with heavy battery on his shoulder, light on one hand & no choice but to practise scooping crabs with one hand. I dare not go with him as the water is too deep. Most of our friends go with wife or children & one will hold the light so that the other can scoop the crabs with both hands.


  10. Hi,

    Reading all the postings from SHCians about Perth and the many opportunities to go fishing, crabbing, abalone catching, etc, really bring back sentimental memories for me. I spent some 4 yrs in UWA, Perth, in the late 60s and had a wonderful time doing exactly those activities that are mentioned here.

    Since returning to SG, I have been wishing to retire in Perth. However, now that I don’t qualify for PR or Retiree visa. I am thinking of making short stay of about 3 mths per trip, maximum twice a yr, using the ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) which actually allow multiple entry up to 3 mths stay per visit.

    Any advice on reasonably cheap housing (studio apt?)and estimated cost per couple? I wd probably make a trip down to explore this option further.


  11. Hi Agnes & Joan,

    Oops, grandson wants to attend his good friend’s baptism ceremony this sunday so got to check the tide for another day.

    Hi Henry,
    I will get the quotation & location for 3 months stay.

  12. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for your note and best of luck on your outing for crabs/fishing at Mandurah. May join you if your rescheduled date(& time) is one which I can make it.

    Hi Agnes
    Thank you for your advice. I can see that both Patrick and youself, are well ahead of me in crabbing experiences.

  13. Hi Henry #12,

    Finally, I see some light in the 3 month short-term retirement concept. Yes, I think Australia qualifies well as the 3 month visa seems to work just well for singles or couple. I wish you all the best in pursuing this concept. Keep us in touch with your success.

    Terence Seah

  14. #12 & #15 short term stay at Perth can now become a reality. First, do the estimated FULL costing, inclusive of food, lodging & activities & plane fare & transport costs for short stay, 1 week, 1 month for single and for couple. The costing can be in a tabular form for easy evaluation of one’s needs. Quite a number of activities had been identified. Short term visa is no problem. Now it is necessary to identify a lodging place or multiple homes in one location, where the owner/owners is willing to match SHC requirements….low costs and flexibility in stay duration. Start small and grow the idea from that point onwards. I forsee success .

  15. Helo Agnes..
    Welcome to the club!

    Now your profile become a fishing port…for crabs,abalone..
    my favourite seafood!
    Always know ppl go fishing..apa macam tangkap these species?
    sounds so easy…like u mentioned @11…just go jetty & boleh tangkap 3-4 oredi?
    Its so interesting & i drool when imagining your catch!..hhmm

    Its so cool to hv so many SHCians in Perth!
    One fine day…i sure will visit Perth my dreamland….go fishing with Mary,Joan,Hou Chong & yourself!..& savour my abalone porridge!…but dont want the sharks lah!…eeeii…takut!..lari lari!

  16. Hi Norlinda #18 and All

    Norlinda, haven’t met you before, I think. Certainly hope that you will come over to Perth and join us in our fishing trips. There are many things that you can do here as the cool weather doen’t tire you so much and also you can stay outdoors longer.

    I look forward to playing golf with you as well. I’m just a beginner and a long way to getting all the shots right – but that’s golf and that’s why we return to it every week. You don’t have to bring your clubs over as I have spares.May even see you at golf range in S’pore in Apr.


  17. Hello Henry#12

    Yes, there’s opportunity to go fishing, crabbing and abalone fishing. During your time in UWA Perth, most probably there was no strict restrictions. Now you need a licence to catch abalone & within Perth region can only catch on 6 Sundays each year, starting from 1st Sunday of November from 7 to 8 am each Sunday, limit 20 abalone per licence. The ranger will blow his whistle at 7 am & everyone rush into the water and at 8 am the ranger will blow his whistle again & everyone must be out of the water regardless of whether you catch your 20 abalones or not.
    I went abalone catching once at Penguin Island and everyone has to hang the licence around our neck. 95% of the people catching there are Asians. The CHINA Chinese, Hongkees & Vietnamese comes with the old and young & everyone holds a licence and that’s why everybody has to catch your own and nobody is allowed to catch on behalf of another person. The rangers will be watching with their binoculars & heavy fine if caught catching on behalf of others.
    After this we have to line up and the ranger will check our bags. Heavy fine for undersize or overlimit.

    For crabbing it was 24 crabs per person in the year 2000 and today the limit is only 10 crabs per person.
    Also heavy fine for undersize or overlimit.

    Hello Norlinda#18

    That was in 2000 to 2001, catching crabs from Claremont Jetty on Swan River…
    After that we started crabbing at Mandurah Peel inlet. This time we go walking in water to scoop crabs at night or early morning before sunrise. Patrick can catch more than 60 crabs in 2 hours. Very easy to catch before Indonesian Tsunami, after Tsunami crabs numbers are low & bag limit has been reduced from 24 to 20 and from 20 to 10 per person now.
    Anyway people can still beat the law lah… We were fishing at Dawesville Channel jetty and this Australian Guy with his Thai wife will go in their boat & come back with 20 crabs, bring crabs home and then go out in their boat again… We don’t have boat so buy crabs or go back to using drop nets to catch a few crabs..don’t want to be eaten by shark lah!..See you in Perth..One fine day…


  18. Hi Henry Lim #12

    I was in UWA 1969-1972. Perhaps we may have met. I was in Cammerce faculty. I organize Oriental Concert in 1970.

    Hope to meet you someday.

  19. Hi Agnes and Peter (Perth)

    Welcome to SHC.

    Agnes, I enjoyed reading your post @21 on enforcement of the minimum-size catch law. It’s so well-expressed – simple, vivid, cohesive – I think you’ve got a flair for writing.

    Hope to meet you when you are in S’pore.

    Warmest regards,

  20. Hi Agnes & Patrick!

    Welcome on board! I thought you were one of us when Mary brought me to your house!

    Do you remember me or not? I went over to Mary’s place last June holidays for a week. I visited your cosy home too! In fact, I was so tempted to try one your curry puffs that morning! They looked delicious but we didn’t had them since we’re all so full.

    Anyway, nice to hear from all of you, Joan, Mary & of all people, Paul Kong,who not only plays badminton very well but can cook chilli crab!
    So envious of you all, enjoying life!

    Cat Ho

  21. Hi Joan@19
    Ya lah, we’ve not met..perhaps when u visit Spore in Apr with Mary we can cakap2

    Hi Mary@20
    Saya kabar baik..only here the weather too hot, unlike Perth so cool..hhmm
    Are u visiting Spore same time as Joan?..cos i see u both coming April?..we can go duduk at BedokCorner, i blanja mee upeh,chengteng & rojak/taupok ok..sedap!

    Alamak…sori your thread become our ‘cakap2 place’hehe
    wah!..i dinno catch ‘kawan2’ in the sea also need licence?
    we all here, just tangkap..anyway..takda abalone leh?
    only cute fishes!

  22. HI Jasmine #23

    Should be Agnes & Patrick.
    Peter is Joan’s husband.

    Hi Nor,
    I am coming to Spore with Stephen from 13 April to 23 April. Looking forward to meeting you and Cheng Tng too.

  23. Hi Norlinda #25

    Ya, must meet when I’m in S’pore. Together with Mary, we can go makan and cakap. Sorry my Malay not too good tho shy to say that I’m a peranaakan. Told that I’m not a true one as I don’t speak Malay. What to do – I tell people that my Mum was China born.

    Anyway, now all of us are global and the world is so small – no differences among us. Important is that reaching this stage, having good friends is more important.

    See U in April/May

  24. Hi MaryL (Perth)

    Really appreciate your pointing out the error cos in her e-mail to me, Agnes didn’t mention the error (think she felt paiseh). Will write to her to apologise.

    Hope to meet you when you are in S’pore – at TP driving range?


  25. @# 23 – The greeting is NG!

    (Take 2)
    Hi Agnes and Patrick (Perth),
    Welcome to SHC.

    Agnes, dui bu qi, I spelt your hubby’s name wrongly. Paiseh. Will e-mail you.

  26. Hi Terence #15 and Charles #17,

    I have received mixed feedback fr pple using the ETA as a ‘backdoor’ to PR. One told me that he was using it to enter OZ over a period of 9 mths/yr without problem. However, the following yr, he was questioned by immigration the reasons for his frequent and long stay. He gave the reason that he was visiting friends. He was advised to apply for the proper visa instead. I guess, to avoid such a sitn, best to spend max 6 mths and for me that is sufficient.I am in regular contact with a perth real estate agent and receive updated rental market. generally, can get a studio apt outside CBD for AUD150per wk. Meals and essential expenses per person ard AUD200 per wk.

    Hi Agnes & Patrick #21,

    tks for the info. U r right. During my time, no such strict rules. we just catch crabs and abalone (even baby abalone) and cook them at the beach. such fund then.

    Hi Tian Soo #22,

    yes, i remember Oriental concert. it was a sell out event. i was also one of the founder member of the Spore student association and chairman then was Spencer Chan (colombo plan scholar doing engine). we organised the National day celebration with home-made satay. i stayed a couple of yrs at Kingswood College also. most memorable days then. yes, we must meet and cherish the good old days at UWA!

    cheers! Henry

  27. Hi Henry @ 30,

    Am also interested in your plan. Have not done anything in this direction yet but agree that short term stay is good enough and avoids complication of Aussie’s world tax regime.

    What are your plans for transport tho’?

    Appreciate your input.

  28. Hi Charles #31 and Henry #30

    You are right about Aus World Tax regime. Here are some outlines which some members may find useful. Main test for residency (for tax purposes) are 1) resides 2) domicile 3) 183 days rule and 4) superannuation. “Resides test” is the primary test. Tax Resident are assessable on World income, Non-resident on Australian Sourced earned income, Capital Gains on assets having “a necessary connection with Australia” and Gain on shares in resident co. if your shareholding exceeds 10% of issued shares. Australian sourced Interest and Unfranked dividend are subject to withholding tax at source.

    For those who wished to consider owning a pre-owned car, here are some auto-trans car sold in a Pre-owned car auction last evening :
    1981 Mercedes Benz 280 SE Sedan : $900.
    1990 Nissan Pulsar GL Hatch : $1,150
    1992 Mitsubishi Pajero GLS wagon $3,750
    1997 Audi A8 3.7L Saloon $13,500
    1999 Toyota Camry CSX Sedan: $6,300
    2001 Toyota Camry Conquest sedan : $5,100
    2005 Toyota Camry Ateva Sedan $9,750, $11,500
    The auction house charges a fee of $250 per car.
    The alternative (my recommendation) is to rent a car. Car rental is very competitively priced and you should be able to see these on the internet by way of Google search.

    Few friends are planning to put together a biz for inbound tours, typically for Golfing and sightseeing etc. As they are still in the discussion stage, it would be useful if you could let me know what is on your wish list. May be able to do something. I forsee that cost will finally dictate whether it can go ahead and whether “low costs and flexibility in stay duration” as mentioned on # 17 can also be accommodated.

    Ps: Agnes, sorry to borrow your post to write the above.

  29. Hi Norlinda
    We met but very briefly on 17 Dec 08 at Hans. Hope to see you in Perth someday.

    Hi Agnes
    You mentioned “after Tsunami crabs numbers are low”. This is interesting because it didn’t occur to me to co-relate the 2. I can confirm however, that when I went to the Peel for the first time on 17/1/2000, it was easy to find good sized crabs, even before sunset.

    Friends & I planned to go crabbing by boat from Dawesville Cut next week, dropping nets and perhaps also stopping at selected places to scoop. What a coincidence that you should write about this place just after I firmed up my plans over the phone. I am encouraged by your story about the Guy who came back with 20 crabs x (nos of time). Hope to catch 20 crabs too and will be happy with that.

    On a previous trip out to Swan River leaving from Point Walters, I saw lots of fully grown Mussels cluttered around poles / markers erected in the river. I pinched out some (probably do the over-crowded colony a favour) to use them as baits for fishing. If any of you have had success with Mussels as baits, it would be nice to hear from you.

  30. Hi Catherine

    Of course I remember you.
    Mary bought some eggs for me when she went to the egg farm.
    She was going to bring the eggs to me and I knew you were coming with her and that’s why I quickly bake some curry puffs. All of you had heavy breakfast and were too full for mid-morning coffee/curry puffs. Never mind, next time you come to Perth.

    Hi Norlinda

    I don’t understand Malay but I definitely know what is SEDAP! chengteng & rojak/taupok…..

    Hi Jasmine

    No worries! & Hope to meet up with you one day.

    Hi Hou Chong,

    Yes, before the Tusnami we used to go to Peel inlet around 4 to 5 pm & we can easily get good size crabs and go home by sunset. After the Tsunami we can’t catch any until after sunset and still takes longer time to catch 40 crabs. Crabs numbers are getting low so bag limit has been cut to 10.
    Last year Cockburn Sound was closed for crabbing to help get the crabs numbers up. Still not open this year so no crabbing from Woodman Point Jetty. Even if you are lucky enough to hook a legal size crab on your fishing line, still got to throw it back.

    As for mussels as baits, we used to fish from Claremont Jetty in 2001/02 & one of my Chef will take small missels under the jetty for bait. I don’t remember him catching lots but he did catch a few breams.


  31. Hi Hou Chong Lee,

    Thanks for your answer. Always appreciate a good, short and sharp answer. Hope it’s ok if I raise the following for clarification.

    I presume 183 days rule decides residency test. So if tax resident, world tax occurs. If not tax resident, only witholding tax on Aus sourced EARNED inc. But what is w/tax rate? Under biz migration plan, there is a avenue where you pay about A$500k on Aus govt T bills. Therefore can I say that for those years when I am not a tax resident there will be no tax as it is not earned inc but only witholding tax on the interest? What is the witholding tax rate. assume it’s flat for all quantum. Also what is period of tax calendar year? Is it Apr 1st? Also if non-resident, pls confirm all foreign sourced interest and divd inc is not taxable.

    ALSO “Capital Gains on assets having “a necessary connection with Australia” “. What is the meaning of the above? Can I assume no tax on all SGX listed shares except those with double listings, 1 of which is in Aus?

    Don’t fully understand unfranked divd yet but will leave it for now.

    Lastly the car prices are very attractive. How often are the auctions held? Assume also that road tax is immaterial and there are no compulsory car ‘roadworthiness’ inspections.

    Agnes, sorry for using your thread. Hope I’m forgiven.

    Thanks very much for your input Hou CL.

  32. Hi Charles
    I will attempt to go further into the tax rules but pls note that the points hereunder, are given in a personal capacity and for discussion purposes only.

    One of the Residency test is “The individual has been in Australia for more than half of the income tax year (in excess of 183 days) unless the Commissioner is satisfied that the individual’s usual place of abode is outside Australia and that he or she does not intend to take up residence in Australia”. Expanding on this rule, an individual is arguably a resident from the time of first arrival in Australia if he/she intends to reside permanently in Australia. The question of residence at common law is clearly one of fact and a number of items will need to be considered in reaching a conclusion. In practice, it is difficult to advise on this general test with any certainty but it is important to point out that merely side stepping the specific rules will not necessarily be enough to ensure that an individual is not a resident of Australia if that is the desired result.

    Other related matters:
    – Withholding tax rates in 2008 (applicable to Singapore, a treaty country) are
    1) 15% for unfranked dividend (S’pore sourced dividends are not subj to w/tax)
    2) 10% for interest and royalties.
    – The income tax year ends on 30 June.
    – Yes if you are a non-resident, you are not assessable on the dividend rec’d from and the capital gains made on SGX shares (being asset having no connection with Australia).
    – Unfranked dividend : dividends paid from untaxed profits whereby no tax credit is available to shareholders upon receiving the dividend (unlike tax credits attributable to dividends, paid from taxed profits under the imputation system).
    – Others have told me that they suffer w/tax on int fm their holdings of Govt T bills while they were not tax resident. They were assessed as resident after they migrated. On this aspect, pls seek a 2nd opinion from a practicing professional as circumstances may differ.

    The Motor Car auctions are held at various places and more than once a week. I find that one can get a feel of the market at these places and also pick up a bargain sometimes. New and pre-owned car prices can be found on
    I do not know the basis for road tax calculation so I will read out the road tax applicable to my own car (6 mths old and approx $60k in value) : Lic fees $170.60, Insurance $214.18, GST+Stmp duty etc $57.12 total $441.90 for 1 year.

    Hope the above are useful to you at this stage and may I reiterate that for any advice on a specific situation, pls seek the help of a practicing professional.

  33. Hi Agnes!

    Sure Tku for yr offer! Sounds like I’m so greedy always will talking about food. Doing some advertisement for you too.

    My memory isn’t that good. You were with us at Aunt Maria’s house too? Did Patrick take some photos?
    How about sending one to me?
    I remembered she gave you some plants. So did they grow well?

    Cat Ho

  34. Hi Hou CL,

    Thanks again for the fast response.

    I thought that the test of residency for income tax purposes would follow the 183 day rule and not be complicated by common law or one determining intention.

    Nevertheless your answer has enlightened me much. You don’t have to worry about being sued for your explanation as I am not a lawyer, so I am far from being litigative.

    Your comment on w/tax on interest on govt T bills having 2 different treatments is interesting. Is it possible that they were not tax withheld as a resident before emigration because it is likely that after they chose to emigrate, they were probably more than 183 days in Aus to fulfill the immigration criteria. Unless they confirm that after fulfilling their PR criteria, they were still taxed as a resident even when they were less than 183 days in A’lia. I think for the biz migration plan, they need to keep their Aus govt T bills for a period of 5 years.

    Thanks very much for your help. I do recognise that tax treatment can change over time and certainly have no intention whatsoever to hold you to your answers. This is only a forum for people who might be interested to migrate to A’lia, to consider the different alternatives.

    That I believe was Henry’s idea and mine too.

    On the car auctions, thanks again but I can’t help noting your insurance is only A$200+ only!!! Even 3rd party insurance here in Sgp is much more than that. Why is there such a big discrepancy?


  35. Hi Charles
    Nice to know that the brief notes are of some use to you. This, being an open forum and not knowing who might be at the other end, I thought that it is better to be cautionary and so included the disclaimer. Thanks for your understanding.

    With regards to w/tax on interest and the related rules of determination of residency, may I illustrate this by using w/tax on Bank deposits as an example.
    – When you go to the bank and open an a/c as a non-resident with a foreign address, the bank will put on record to withhold tax on any interest payable to you.
    – When you arrive in Australia as part of your migration requirements, you can at this stage, advise your bankers to change your profile giving them your Tax File Number.
    – When you come to Australia on say, 1 Feb., under a migrant visa and intend to stay permanently (go on to buy your car, house etc.), you are a tax resident notwithstanding that you have less than 183 days in Aus. in that (tax) year ending 30 June.
    – When you decides to leave Australia permanently, you should inform the taxation office and the bank accordingly and in so doing, revert back to being a non tax resident.

    The Insurance premium collected with the road tax, covers 3rd party insurance only. We normally take up a private m/car ins policy on our own on top of it.

  36. Charles,

    Chanced on your query on car insurance as I popped in for a visit. It just so happened that I am able to answer your query because I have (again) just helped pay for my son’s car insurance.

    Hou’s (is this how he prefers to be addressed??) A$200+ for insurance is probably only third-party property. This is for cover in case your “practically worthless” jalopy (lau pok kar????) should crash into an S-class Mercedes and caused, say, $10K worth of damage. There is no claim for damages to your own car – you need comprehensive insurance for that.

    Car rego (road tax) in Oz costs about $500 to $600 a year. The actual road tax part of it is about $200. The rest is for compulsory third-party personal insurance (in case you cause personal injuries in an accident).

    So, TOTAL basic car insurance in Oz is about $500 a year.

    If you take out comprehensive insurance for a car valued at, say, $8000 (as in my son’s case), the premium is almost $600 a year – depending on excess and other conditions – taking the total cost for car insurance to almost $1000.

    Hope this is clear and helpful. So, you can forget about transferring your car insurance to Australia. (Hahaha)

  37. Hi Ron-Oz
    We have not met but I have read many of your input to this forum. Glad that you have come into this post. We can share and compare some cost aspects betw our locations.

    The rego incl 3rd party ins premium mentioned in my #36 (also #39) of $441.90 (which : Lic fees $170.60, Insurance $214.18, GST+Stmp duty etc $57.12), appear somewhat lower from your #40 “Car rego (road tax) in Oz costs about $500 to $600 a year”.
    Comprehensive policy premium for my car is $712 after 60% no claim bonus and basic excess of $300. However, we probably can’t compare light to light bec there are other factors involved: sum insured, driver classification (age & experience), garage address and type, limit of liability, vehicle usage, excess etc. In all, my insurance premium for the car is $926.18 ($712 + $214.18) – you are spot on in your “almost $1000” a year.

    Going back to #32, the cost taking out a comprehensive insurance policy is more than buying a car at the auction.but pls don’t buy a car every year and forgo comp insurance ha ha – there are other implications.

  38. Hi Hou Chong

    I disappeared from this scene because there was nothing useful that I could contribute and I turn green with envy reading about the many activities in Singapore that I couldn’t participate. However, I do pop in very infrequently to check that everyone is behaving.

    Anyway, I was giving very generalised figures to illustrate the insurance cost, allowing for discrepancies between states. Consider yourself lucky for the lower rego cost in WA. I remember moving from Queensland to Victoria and discovering the big jump in rego cost. I sneakily continued to register my car with Queensland until I finally got rid of it. It required some ingenuity because I was no longer a Queensland resident.

    So you pay about $450 for rego in Perth. We pay about $550 in Melbourne. My last year’s rego papers show $178 (lic fees), $338 (insurance, inclusive of $30.73 GST) and $33.80 (insurance duty) – total $549.80.

    I suppose the actuaries feel that Melbourne carries a higher personal-injury risk compared to Perth, hence the insurance component for Perth rego is only $214 (against $338 for Melbourne).

    This discussion reminds me about queries from Singaporeans about costs in Australia (be they on insurance, housing, education, grocery, etc, etc). I remember an intending migrant from Singapore asking me about the cost of something or other. When I told him that it cost about $X, he shot back at me saying that some other friend told him that it only cost $Y. It turned out that I was giving him a cost as it applied in Melbourne and his other friend’s cost applied in Brisbane. The incident has taught me to give very general figures (like $500 to $600) so people won’t think I am speaking through my posterior.

    One can understand discrepancies between states, but discrepancies within a state boggles the mind a bit.

    Now I need to catch up with the posts here, having spotted a few from people who attended UWA. Psssst: I am barred from re-enrolling in UWA’s engineering faculty. [Shame! Shame!]

  39. Hi Norlinda #25
    I am Hasimah staying in Hougang. Unfortunately been a member of Silverhair but have not participated in any event yet as involved with my work and classes that am attending. Have thought of participating in the events but sometimes when times are spent 7/7 away from home you just get lazy to leave the house. Am married with 4 kids and would appreciate if someone could kick me to attend then will do. Sorry created under my husband name as keep losing my password

  40. Hi Hou CL @ 39,

    Thanks again for your clear answers. Your answer on how Aussie tax residency may be triggered simply by making an intention simply ends it for me.

    But I am grateful for the enlightenment, as will some of my other friends here.

    I can confirm that car insurance here, 3rd party and comprehensive, are much higher than in Alia, given your examples. Unfortunately car repairs are a scam here, leading to the higher insurance cost.

    Thee are many examples of how a simple replacement of a wing fender and some lights will cost more than the import value of the whole car. Note that spare parts in Sgp do not have any import duties and ARF fees. The other piece of bad news is that car insurance are also set to rise again this year.

    Hi Ron Oz @ 40,

    Thanks also for your elaboration of car insurance in A’lia. At least I now have a ball park figure of A$1000 pa.

    Hope to see both of you in Sgp.

    Cheers to all.

  41. Hi Ron-Oz and Charles Chua

    I ‘ve just returned from 3 days of stay at a friend’s beach house and learned this bit of info which I thought, may be useful to you :
    Ron #42
    I was told that the 3rd party insurance coming with our
    rego, covers 3rd party – “bodily” only. Those who felt that it is unnecessary to take up an insurance on their own vehicle, should at least take up a private 3rd party insurance to cover “property”. Thus, a practical approach to car ownership, may be to buy a low priced car and take up a private 3rd party – “property” insurance policy, which is affordable.
    Charles #44
    It is a pity that scam existed & they prevail everywhere.
    In S’pore, I note that 3rd party insurance policy premium are only marginally cheaper than that for a comprehensive policy. Kindly tell me if you know why this is so.

    Hope to catch up with you guys too

  42. Hi Hou CL,

    “In S’pore, I note that 3rd party insurance policy premium are only marginally cheaper than that for a comprehensive policy. Kindly tell me if you know why this is so.”

    It’s not true that 3rd party insurance in Sgp is only marginally cheaper than a comprehensive policy.

    Typically 3rd party insurance will be in the hundreds, like in A’lia. But comprehensive policies will easily be in the thousands, but still less than in A’lia. This is BEFORE any ‘no-claim’ discounts. which can apply to both 3rd party or comprehensive.

    Perhaps you were given some numbers which were not regrossed for these ‘no-claim’ discounts.

    I can check but am sure of the above.

    You are right in your comment to buy a cheap car and insure only for 3rd party claims. FYI in Sgp, because most cars after 3 years have a market value close to scrap, it is pointless to have comprehensive cover for such cars. But some finance coys require it as protection for the loan collateral. It is quite common for the insurance coy to pay only the scrap value when you have a ‘minor accident’. So there is no opportunity for the owner to claim on his comprehensive cover, ie have the same accident with a 3rd party cover, scrap your car, collect the ‘paper value’ which is close to the scrap value, and you would have saved the additional premium.

    Consequently a lot of countries, Indonesia, A’lia and NZ eg do a profitable biz importing these cars from Sgp for sale in their home countries.
    For A’lia, the customs are a bother as they insist on not even a speck of dirt on the cars, undercarriage included, before they are allowed in.


  43. Hi MaryLee!

    Could you please verify? Weren’t Agnes & Pat tog with us at the lunch at Auntie Maria’s house. She seemed to forget but please don’t tell me that I’m so senile as that? Ha.. ha..

    Hi Terence!

    Why do I read Agnes’ response in my gmail but can’t find her comment on 21st Feb on this website which she sent to me?

    Cat Ho

  44. Hello Catherine, Terence#47 & Mary #48

    Dear Catho, you are not senile, neither is Patrick (his memory is not as good as before, at least much much better than mine), I just asked him and he remembered going for lunch at Aunty Maria’s place with Mary & Steven with another lady but cannot remember her name, so it must be with you lah….ha…ha…ha… only me & Mary senile lah!

    Sorry! you coudn’t find it in the post because I reply to you via email only.

  45. Hi Mary!

    I remembered all the delicious food laid on the table with love and hard work by the loving old couple. Please let them know that OK?
    There were fresh fried fish, braised pork leg,chepati & many others to go with lemon juice.
    I recalled how Simon cracked the macadamia nuts & how skilful he was with the chest-nuts too.

    Come on, Mary, U are not senile la! It’s just your life is filled with too many excitements. Too many visitors & too much fishing. As long as you don’t get fishy! He..he…

    By the way, I met Lyn thru Amy last Sunday. They looked like sisters!

  46. Hi Catho,

    Wah Lao, you can even remember the food served by our good old friends. You have got a elephant memory! Fishing never too much, we go fishing in Malaysia when I come in April?
    I miss you, Amy & Lynn & looking forward to meeing SHC April group.

  47. Hi Catherine #50

    Yes, you have a elephant memory.
    Now I recalled all the things that you mentioned.
    I was standing next to you when Simon was cracking that Macademia nut, and I tasted the raw chest-nut too.

  48. Hi Mary & Agnes!

    1 consolation! None of us is senile. I was touched by the kindness of people ard me esp Aunt Maria & Simon. They dun even know me! Cooking needs a lot of hard work.

    As for fishing in April in Malaysia….
    It would be a dream………..
    When the Cat goes there… all the fishes will go away!….
    They will be frightened of me… Ha..ha..

    How to?? Not Easter rite??
    Me not so free & lucky like U! Mary Oh Mary quite contrary””
    Where’s your little lamb then? ( yr grandson?)

  49. Hi Charles

    Recap my #45 :
    “In S’pore, I note that 3rd party insurance policy premium are only marginally cheaper than that for a comprehensive policy. Kindly tell me if you know why this is so.”

    Re : Your #46
    “It’s not true that 3rd party insurance in Sgp is only marginally cheaper than a comprehensive policy…”
    “Typically 3rd party insurance will be in the hundreds, like in A’lia. But comprehensive policies will easily be in the thousands, but still less than in A’lia.

    Here is the background :
    In Nov 08, I paid $45k for a 1 yr old 1.5 litre small Jpn Car in S’pore and took out an insurance policy thro the same car dealer. He gave me 2 quotations. One for a 3rd party insurance policy and the other, a comprehensive policy. The difference in the premium was only marginal. I carried out an independent check with another insurer and it returned the same results. These are the numbers :
    Quotation of Motor Insurance Policy Premium – no NCB (incl of GST) :-
    3rd Party, Fire and Theft : $1,752.36
    3rd Party Only : $1,558.36
    Comprehensive $1,943.47 (addn.excess $1500) ~ $2,286.44 (Std excess $500)

    As you can see, my statement on #45 was accurate and given in good faith.
    Ahem!! I am truthful most times other than addressing ladies “darling” and “love” even before I got to know them …ha ha.


  50. Hi Hou CL,

    I am surprised by the quotations you received but I have to assume they are largely correct.
    I was working on memory but don’t remember that 3rd party premiums and comprehensive are so close. It defeats the purpose of insuring only for 3rd party risks.

    I also called NTUC insurance but strangely they would not give me a quote over the phone. They said to call the office when it is time for renewal.

    Alas I am therefore unable to give you a good answer to your query. I might change my insurance to a 3rd party policy and will give you an update when I can.


  51. Hou Chong my friend.

    If you call the car salesgirl ‘darling’ and ‘love’ your insurance rate will be higher. The insured person is as important as the value of your car in determining the rate.

    You are a victim of your youthful look and also Lee Kuan Yew’s roadside trees are expensive. They are the ‘third party’ which you young people tend to knock down when you are distracted by your ‘darlings’ and ‘loves’

  52. Hi Charles,
    Like you, I was equally surprised when I was given those quotations. Some years back, I used to take up 3rd party insurance for my priceless “collectors’ item” because my insurer , somehow saw it only as an old valueless piece of junk …hehe. At that time, the cost of a 3rd party policy was only a fraction of a comprehensive one. Thank you for your efforts in checking. What Tian Soo said in #56 is the likely reason.

    Hi Tian Soo,
    Your point about main driver [vis a vis insured person] being an important factor in determining the rate of premium on a 3rd party policy, is logical. Many thanks. The car (I bought) was not registered in name.


  53. Hi Agnes Tan, Joan Wong, Mary Lee, Hou Chong,
    My wife and I are planning a trip to Perth. Most probably it will be sometime in Feb or March. What is the weather like? We would like to go for the fruits & fishing.

    In my younger days, I use to fish at the river near Kangkar. Now retired, I am back to my fishing hobby again. I have been fishing in Malaysia & Indonesia about twice a month.

    Hi Agnes,
    Are you the cousin of Michael Png from “Matthew & the Mandarin”? If so you could be our long lost “friend”. Please contact us at
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Lawrence & Jessie

  54. Hi Lawrence

    It will be summertime. Sometimes temperatures may be in mid 30s or as cool as mid 20s. However unlike Singapore, the humidity is much lower and so you will not feel sweaty. It’s a good time to go fishing and fruits are stone fruits lile apricots, plums, nectarines etc.Hope you can visit a farm for them.

    We were lucky as through some friends we managed to go fruit picking – nectarines and apricots. We were eating the ripes ones as we picked them as they would be squashed if we put them in the bag. Certainly very different when they ripen on the tree. Pity the owner has sold her farm otherwise a trip can be arranged for you.

    If you are looking for accomodation, I have contacts. I may be there if you come in Mar. Hope there’s a chance to meet up. BTW, let me know what fishing spots there are in Malaysia as I hope to visit PD etc.


  55. Thanks, Joan, for the informations. Have not decided on the dates yet. Will contact you, if we need accomodations.

    Malaysia have many fishing spots. On the East Coast, there are Pengarang (will be going there this friday), Sedili, Desaru, Mersing & all the islands off Mersing, Pekan and the world famous sport fishing spot – Rompin for sailfish.
    There are also 4 kelongs off Tanjong Leman. Sibu Island and Pulau Tinggi are also off T. Leman.
    On the West Coast, they have Malacca, Pangkor Island, Penang and Langkawi.
    These are some of the places that I have been. There are still a lot of places like Sabah etc that I do not have their contacts.

    If you need any contact number, I will try to get it for you.

    Hope to meet you someday, either in Singapore or Perth.

    Lawrence Lee

  56. Hi Lawrence

    Yes, I am the cousin of Michael Png from “Matthew and The Mandarins”. Will catch up thru emails.


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