Kopi Meet on Wed, 2nd Nov 2016

novcoffee1  novcoffee2Dear kopi kakis,

Our next kopi meet will be held on Wednesday, 2nd November 2016.  Details are as follows:

Date:                                                         Wednesday, 2nd November 2016

Time:                                                         2.15 – 4.15 pm

Venue:                                                       Usual haunt – Raffles City food court

Nearest mrt:                                              City Hall

Cuisine:                                                     All types of food, beverages and dessert

Topics for discussion:                               Everything under the sun except the SHC taboos (viz: sex, politics, religion, selling of MLM and investment products)

Come and join in an afternoon of fun and laughter among like-minded retirees and the semi-retired.  Chatting and fellowship with friends will keep dementia and depression at bay.  Leave the ’empty nest’ and enjoy yourself over a cuppa.  Just indicate your interest by registering here.


Gabriella Chua

Those coming:

  1. Gabriella
  2. Alan Ang
  3. Cheng WK
  4. John SC Chua
  5. Veronica Wong
  6. Friend(MH)
  7. Michael Yeo
  8. David Low
  9. Lim Tiang Soon
  10. Christine Teo
  11. Nina Choo
  12. Richard Kwok
  13. Friend (JL)
  14. Jeffrey Gan (tentative)
  15. Joan Ang
  16. Tony Ang
  17. Peter Loo
  18. Grace Wong
  19. Lily Boon

Thank you dear friends for coming to the kopi chat this afternoon… without your presence, there won’t  be any event ya?  See you all next month – with Christmas in the air.

5 thoughts on “Kopi Meet on Wed, 2nd Nov 2016

  1. We need friends …. the kopi chat can be a platform to make friends …. but do be careful and spot the difference between the real and fake ones (Lol)…. (tap on the pic and you’ll get a bigger one)

  2. Hi Jeffrey
    Wat a pleasant surprise to hear from you! Hope you’ll join us if free… Venue is at food court in Raffles City … Nearest mrt… City Hall.


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