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 Hi Friends 

 Since it is a majority decision, then this trip becomes a 1day/1night event.  But I shall leave earlier, as planned a day beforehand, ie on Thursday 26th March.

 As relayed to you at yesterday’s SCH meeting, Lily please call Indo Falcon-62783167 to reconfirm Departure time on Friday 27th as the ferry’s departure timetable do change to an hour or two later from published time at the last minute.   Lily, do please sms/call me just before you guys depart from Habourfront so that I can be ready to receive your arrival at Tanjung Balai.  I shall wear a bright red T-shirt, parking myself in the public-awaiting area just otside the Customs & Immigration concourse.

 The fare (double than normal) is 10,000rupiahs($1.30/33) per person for the journey from ferry jetty to Hotel Maxi, a distance approximately from CK Tang to Centrepoint, Orchard Road.  Will arrange for all vehicles to be air-conditioned.  Lily, do please let me know by 25th March, the number of rooms needed.

 Just to recap the day’s itinerary, say 30-45minutes after checking into hotel, we shall visit Gunong Karimun Waterfall.  Our nasi-padang lunch will be in the vincinity of Hotel Maxi.  The venue of the eveneing’s seafood dinner will be confirmed after I make further enquiry.

 Lily, appreciate your help, and make sure travellers’ ferry tickets are bought Two-way.


 Abel Tan

14 thoughts on “Karimun Island trip

  1. Hi Abel

    Ok, noted. Since there aren’t that many of us, will conduct this trip by way of private email to all fellow participants instead.

    Rgds / Lily

  2. Hi fellow ‘troopers’ :
    Please check your email. I will pre-book 2-way ferry tickets once I get your confirmation & particulars.

    Dear Abel,
    Will let you know the number of rooms to book once I finalised the headcount. Will sms you by 25 Mar.

  3. Hi Lily, Abel,

    I am teribbly disappointed that you will have to enjoy Karimum without me. Tian Soo has now to sleep alone, without me, of course. Was hoping to have the nasi lemak and wild city trips. Abel, I am sure you will go ahead. I follow you another time.

    Terence Seah

  4. Hi Terence

    It’s ok. Before your pull-out, Tian Soo had wrote to me requesting for a single room anyway. We will miss you though.

    Abel had planned to go ahead with or without us in tow.

  5. Dear KC Lau

    Thank you for your interest on this trip. I have just sent an email, copied to you, on the latest updates for everyone going on this trip.

    You are VERY welcome to join us as we need more “male presence” in our group.

    As Abel needs to book hotel accomodation upon his arrival on 26 Mar and I need to book ferry tickets asap, please respond at your earliest convenience.

    You may sms or call me for further clarification.

    Rgds / Lily

  6. We had great ball of time & enjoyed ourselves very much during our trip last Friday..thanks so much to Abel for organising this trip & dear missy Lily for assisting him & be our lead girl!..haha!

    Our arrival at Tanjong Balai was greeted with a macho-looking man with indeed a bright red T with great smily face…as we walked through…Able was well recognised & respected with nodded from locals!..wah!…maybe he is ‘towkey’ eh?…haha..

    We check-in to a simply furnished but very cosy room…very clean with a seaview & some water village…its so felt at home…so peaceful, despite the hot humid weather outside…phew!…
    The people lived happily & with ever ready smily face & very helpful when asked for directions etc..
    Our hotel..we know..a 5-Star standard, situated at the heart of the ‘city-liked’ district…like Orchard Road!..but with not much traffic lah…so its easy to jalan2 & brouse around..got shopping also u know!

    An hour after resting..Abel brot us for nasi padang lunch…wow!..a spread of their local delicious food..so sedap!..especially Lily..asking for more that sambal paste..think its green cili fried with some ingredients ( donno what lah..)
    With only 4 girls ( Lily,Ahnee,Bira & me) & 3 boys ( Abel,TianSoo & KC) we ate to our hearts content lah,,finger linking & no need to ‘fight’ for food..ooppss!..sori..i mean so few of us…so we makan slowly until the ‘chief’ hurry us cos our transport waiting to bring us to Gunung Karimun waterfall.

    After about almost an hour drive we reached at the foot…. & it only took us awhile..b4 the waterfall area…so breathtaking..nobody around,only some locals…
    We were served with young coconut juice to quenched our thirst..we chat,joked,giggled & laughed like small kids at kampong surrounded by the chirping birds & lapping waterfalls…so peaceful & tranquil…what a relaxing experience!…
    Downhill…along the way…we stopped at a hut where this old man…chopping little wood sticks..its actually the Tongkat Ali root! ( Tian Soo bot the uncut big root to display at home!..sovenir!..hey!..maybe for other purpose too…haha!..while Ahnee took a big round block!…hhmmm..donno for what ah?…)
    We also visited the beach…so white smooth sandy coast..with also nobody?..apa macam?…haha…only the sounds of our laughter again..listening to Abel ‘s stories of the island..before we could really admire the beautiful beach…time to balek hotel!…aarrgghhh!
    oh ya…otw, the driver took us to peep at the ‘redlight’ area..no happening lah..since its daylight…i suppose…hehe:)

    After light fingerfood,some refreshments & rest…we went for body massage!…Yes!…u shud believe..even the boys too!…they also need it lah….
    At nite we went for seafood dinner….again the food ,so spectacular sedap! sedap!.slurp!…with crabs fried with salted egg,mussel,fish,fried beehoon,kangkong belacan,oyster kailan…& not forgetting avocado shake!..walah!…under the moonlight…we makan2..until cant get up!…haha…

    Then we went for drinks & karaoke at our hotel…wah!..dinno our Abel is a crooner!..but apa macam?…Lily so sleepy(usually an owl!)..either she ate too much…or no Terence & Dolly to spice her up!…haha…
    TianSoo also went to bed early…with his tongkat ali…haha

    Alamak!….next day..after breakfast…time to balek oredi!…we stopped along the way to immigration (walking distance) to shop briskly for kropok & goodies…shop not enough leh!

    I had a wonderful time & enjoyed myselves very much…
    Thanks again to our EO ..for giving us the opportunity to know Karimun!
    For those who were sceptical about the island…think again… 🙂

  7. Oh yes, Terence must have missed all the fun lah, last minute unable to join us. This trip is an eye operner for me, never know the Karimun locals lead such a simple lifestyle. They are so relaxing and contented, they must be wondering & laughing at us…..why you singaporean work & work, it seems like non-stop working, relax lah apa macam!

    We are fortunate to have Abel & Bira who can speak bahasa indonesia, so thats an added advantage for us to travel as a group. Thanks to Abel for being our Tour Guide and Lily for organising this Trip.

    Nor, I don’t know what to do with this piece of round block, so called Tongkat Ali root! At the moment, I placed it at the kitchen table… maybe I will display it as a decor piece lah.

    Wow! the body scrub plus body massage for 2 1/2 hrs cause only S$24. What a great deal! heheheee, so cheap huh. We thought of having it again next morning if we have the time.

    Alamak, where is KC lau, our camera man…he is supposed to deliver our photos leh and Tian soo said he wanted to say something?

    For those who were sceptical about the island…think again…
    Nor, no need to think, just go for the “sedap” avocado shake…yummy yummy and is at Tanjung Balai Karimun. 🙂

    Ah Nee

  8. Ah Nee & Norlinda,
    Both of you are so descriptive. I can imagine it must have been paradise for all of you,…. so much pampering.., so sedap , real value for a “5 star’ hotel.
    Look forward to the photos.

  9. AhNee..
    You better not tell your hubby the ‘power’ of that block..if not u very susah!..hehe

    Next time u follow us ok..sure lagi bagus lah!
    Thanks for your kind comments..Yes!..u r rite…really very shiok treat..but so short a time ..tak enough time to jalan2 & wonder further…perhaps another time
    when Terence decided to jump onboard the ferry!

    Oh ya..where’s KC ah?…cepat,quick give OC our photos…but without our dear camera girl, Sockie.(wish u were with us)..only so few photos…furthermore KC is the only one who brought camera..& donno how to operate well ….everytime make excuses like the sun too bright lah,the cloud too much lah..the subject too noisy lah..haha..etc..then the photos turn out always blur…ooppss!..sori KC 🙂
    Nonetheless…..thanks KC for being so patient carrying my shopping bag!…alamak, forgot…thanks to Abel too,for also piggy-bagged our heavy cikus!..so kesian!…hehe..

  10. Nor (#13)

    Wished I was there too but bo pian lei, boss decided the office move date to be on Friday so cannot elak lah. You all good lor enjoy life eat seafood and go massage…me poor thing hor office moved finished after 10pm..eat fast food, legs and back so sore and still gotta go back weekend to continue unpacking.

    Promise I will bring camera to kelong and you can be my model ya ;0)

    Think hor should ask KC to come and attend the free workshop on photography on 11th Apr hahahaha


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