A poolside SilverHairsClub gathering Sat 14 Jan 2017

The Club had planned to hold a members only gathering at a condo poolside, sometime in Jan or Feb 2017. The date is now confirmed for Sat 14 Jan 2017, 12 noon to 1700 hrs.  We have booked the function room and the Karaoke room. The condo is conveniently located walking distance from DT3 Hillview train station. We are able to use the pool as one of our members Grace Ng lives there. Bring your sexy trunks and swimming costumes. Bathing facilities available around the pool. You can also suntan on the deck chairs around the pool.

The activity aims to provide a platform for members to meet one another and get to know one another better.  Details on the program are being worked but you are invited to contribute an event, if the condo management allows it.

A lunch buffet is being organised. Member Daisy Phua is assisting the organisation of the F&B.

Full Event fee: $25.

Early bird registration and payment before 31 Dec 2016 – $20

Plse make payment to Chris Chan POSB Savings Acct 542-10756-1. Payment update will be handled by Christina Chan.

If you think you can help with this activity, please raise your right hand. Thank you.

Terence Seah

Registration and pàyment list:

  1. Terence Seah – Pd.
  2. Grace Ng –  Pd. Registered for acrylic painting
  3. Stella Sheng  – Pd.
  4. Christine Teo – Pd.
  5. Adeline Yeo – Pd.  conducting a demo on acrylic painting
  6. Daisy Phua – Pd. food and beverage
  7. Steven Phua – Pd.
  8. Alan Ang – Pd.
  9. Ann Lim – Pd.
  10. Susan Tan CH – Pd.
  11. Jane Tan – Pd.
  12. Lily Ho – Pd.
  13. Lilian Teo – Pd.
  14. Doreen Ho – Pd.
  15. Moon Wong – Pd.
  16. Sam Goh (Ah Huat) – Pd.  Leading a laughter yoga session, 15-30 mins
  17. Jeffrey Gan – Pd.  providing us with music to soothe the afternoon.
  18. Mrs Irene Gan – Pd.
  19. Doreen Chan  –  Pd.
  20. Winnie Tan –  Pd.
  21. Joan Ang – Pd.
  22. Mega – Pd.
  23. SS James – Pd.
  24. Andrew Koh- Pd.
  25. Judy Lim – Pd.
  26. Bobby Yee – Pd.
  27. Clara Chay – Pd.
  28. Bessie Lam – Pd.
  29. Bess Neo – Pd.
  30. Irene Tan – Pd.
  31. Sarah – Pd $25.00 by ClaraC.  Will return $5.00
  32. Shireen Cheong – Pd.
  33. Nina Choo – Pd.
  34. Sally Tan SC – Pd.
  35. ChristinA Chan – Pd.
  36. Grace Kang – Pd.
  37. Audrey Tung – Pd.
  38. Eliza  Leong – Pd.

Below are those who register on/or after 01Jan2017, paid $25.00  —

  1. Kristy Quek  – Pd.
  2. Kristy’s helper  –  Pd.
  3. Wendy Lum  –  Pd.
  4. Michelle Sim  –  Pd.
  5. Wong Hong Jeng – Pd.
  6. Bobby Bok  –  Pd $20.00, to top up (see comments)
  7. Martin Han  –  Pd.
  8. Shawn Soh –  Pd.
  1. Closing date and time for registration and payment:  Tue 10 Jan 2017 2100 hrs.

107 thoughts on “A poolside SilverHairsClub gathering Sat 14 Jan 2017

  1. Hi Terence,

    I am not good at organizing games. However, if I can make it for the date and time allotted for this event, I am happy to bake some cupcakes to share.


  2. yo yo ho ho hahahahha Bro Terence ,

    if timing match me & if you approve i can lead Laughter therapy excersie for all of us !
    better known world wide as Laughter Yoga .will play by ears first ya !!
    Bro Sam Huat

  3. Caroline,
    TQ for the offer. I definitely keep this idea solid in my mind.

    And Sam, will get back after. We firm the program. I am looking at members minglibg with one another, for this event.

    Terence Seah.

  4. Subject to the condo management approval, we are planning to have a poolside gathering on Sat 14 Jan 2017. If the booking is confirmed, great. If not, the event will be held on Sun 15 Jan. Time: 12noon to 4pm. If we have to rollover one more week, I shall let you know too.

    The condo is located on DT3 Downtown Line at Hillview station. A 5 min walk to the frontgate.

    We have not done any planning yet, but it is likely we shall have lunch. Details on swimming will be advised at a later date. We may also have music, but again more info at a later date.

    This poolside event is strictly for SilverHairsClub members only. And it is intended for new and old Silverhairs members to get to know one another better.

    Cost: $25 per pax. Earlybird registration and paid before 31 Dec 2016 $20 per pax.

    Due to limited space, the event is limited to 50 pax. Please register here. Do let us know if you can come on the 14 or 15 Jan 2016 or both.

    Terence Seah

  5. Hi Daisy,

    Yes, the payment details will be announced soon. Ms ChristinaCL Chan, our most dedicated walking team leader, has accepted the role of Club Treasurer. Christina background is in finance, and she will manage this role for SHC. I have wanted to thank her earlier, but she was too shy. This event is a good opportunity for me to announce her role. Thank you Christina for accepting this role.

    Daisy, I shall announce the payment details soon.

    Terence Seah

  6. Club is planning to hold this poolside gathering at the condo of Grace Ng, a long time SHC member. Thanks to her, we have put in our ballot to use the condo pool. If we are successful, our poolside event is on on Sat 14 Jan afternoon.

    For members who may not know Grace,she joined SHC in Jan 2010. She is now a grandmother and enjoys time with her grand children. Grace, thank you for helping us secure a place to hold a SHC gathering.

    Terence Seah

    • We have got good news that our application to use the poolside has been approved by the condo management. The date of our gathering is now confirmed. Sat 14 XDXeXcX, Jan 2017, 12 noon to 5pm. Thank you JeffteyG for pointing out date error.

      Now, we look forward to a catered buffet. If you have a contact and can help organise this buffet, plse contact me me at WhatsApp 9489 -4360.

      Meantime, please register your coming.

      Terence Seah

  7. Hi Stella and member drivers coming to the first SilverHairsClub event of 2017. I just came back to Singapore last night, met Grace at Glendale Park condo this morning.

    After you enter the main gate, go left to Car Park Tower D. There are plenty of cover car parks and limited open air carparks. Say you are attending a poolside event.

    Please register early.

    Terence Seah

    • Hi members who are coming to this 14 Jan SAT event.

      We have also booked the karaoke room. The sound system is good, especially for those who love to sing in the bathroom. Joking but you are encourage to take part.

      The system has loads of songs. So no need to bring your DVD. However, we do need to have two persons to manage and operate the KOK equipment as we are responsible for its use. This is a separate booking but I think singing makes does make the world go round. Please raise your hand, and I will assign you time slots.

      And singers can register with these two persons. I expect this kok room to be popular, and to cover the charge of the room, there will be a charge of $1 per song.

      Please raise your hand. Tq.

      Terence Seah

  8. Hi Grace/ Terence
    Pls register fllwg members for this poolside event :
    Susan Tan CH
    Jane Tan
    Lily Ho
    Lilian Teo
    Doreen Ho
    Ann Lim
    Payment will be made in due course by them.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Ann Lim,
      I know you have always supported SHC events and a great puller of friends together. I am happy to hear this bird chirp from you.

      C u and friends soon.

      Terence Seah

    • Hi Daisy,

      One quick note before I rush off for breakfast and a number of meetings today. Am in KL today. I see you are coming and although we may not have met before, I appreciate the discussions we have regarding this event.

      Tq for helping to make this event a success. I won’t be able to do everything without yours and members’ help and support. C u.

      Terence Seah

  9. Hi Terence,

    I would like to register for the event.
    Payment has been made, transaction no. 18110597516.
    May I know is the Function room in the Club House?

    • Hi Moon,

      The function room is just besides the swimming pool. Good you ask this question. I had not seen the pool and function room before I made the announcement. I trusted Grace Ng. I came back two days ago to view the place and I must say the venue is perfect. Pool, sun deck chairs, a large function room and a karaoke room too.

      So Moon, come in your Japanese swim suit. I shall try to find a Trump trunk. C u.

      Terence Seah

  10. Hi Terence,
    Please register me and my wife Irene. Will transfer $40 by latest 24th
    Thanks for organizing.
    If there is a sound system, would you like to also add in live singing with Carly the champion singer together with those interested to sing LIVE. I can bring along my keyboard.
    Looking forward!

    Jeffrey Gan and Irene
    Otherwise, can forget the wild idea. No charge whatever heheheheheh……..

  11. Hi Terence,
    In case we need DJ music, I have a full collection. No problem.
    Hi Christina Chan,
    Just transferred $40 to your account today at 1129 am.
    Thanks for keeping the updates.
    Jeffrey Gan

    • Hi JeffreyG,

      Thank you for your offer to play some music at our 1st party of the year. An amplifier/speaker will be made available. Thank you for your thought.

      Terence Seah

  12. Hi CarolineG,

    I would be most happy to receive your contribution of cup cakes, cup size. Appreciate your thots. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you soon.

    Terence Seah

  13. Get to know Adeline, especially if you are considering picking up Acrlic Painting as a new interest. She will be doiing a short demo to interested members during our poolside gathering. Like to be part of this demo session, please raise your hand so that Adeline can plan you a space. Stay tune for details.

    Terence Seah

  14. Hi Terence
    I hope I have found this site and is the correct one
    I will be going on the 14Jan 2017 12pm
    Please let me have the complete address
    I have paid S$20.00 on 23 December 2016 to Chris Chan account no.542107561 ref 5255
    I have also emailed to admin@silverhairsclub.com
    Hope this helps
    Thank you very much
    Fr Doreen Chan LT

  15. Hi Chris,
    I’ve transferred payment of $120 this morning ref #3132 to your posb for 6 paxs : Susan Tan CH, Lily Ho, Jane Tan, Lilian Teo, Doreen Ho, Ann Lim. Thanks.

  16. yo yo yo hohohohoho hahahahha ,

    Sister Chris Chan ,

    my son have transfer s $20 ..his ref 209-270609 ERNEST
    Bro Terence , need me to help ,just tinkle me ya !!
    hahahahahha ,cheers Bro Sam

  17. Hello Terence & Christine,
    Please register the following for the 14th Jan Pool Gathering:
    (1) Joan Ang
    (2) Winnie Tan
    Fund transfer of $40 will be made this evening. Thank you.
    Cheers, winnie

  18. Dear All,


    My apology for the silence……..

    Payment update will commence tomorrow 😀 😀

    ChristinA Chan

  19. Hi,
    This is to acknowledge that payment has been received from the followings:
    Stella Sheng
    Christine Teo
    Alan Ang
    Ann Lim, SusanCH Tan, Jane Tan, Lily Ho, Lilian Teo, Doreen Ho.
    Moon Wong
    Sam Goh
    Jeffrey + Irene Gan
    Doreen Chan
    Winnie Tan + Joan Ang

    See U! 😀

    ChristinA Chan

  20. yo yo what a cold & rainy days in JB ya !!

    Bro Terence / Sister Grace ,
    if have any left over food extra , i do not mind to pack for d orphange home ya .

    cheers Bro Sam Huat !

  21. Hi Terence/Grace/Christina,

    Please register me for another fun gathering to catch up with everyone. I have transferred $20/-, transaction ref : 6727

    Wish all members hava a healthy and wealthy New Year in 2017.

    Thank you


  22. Hi Christina,
    I’ve done a ITR of $20 to your account this morning. (Ref : 18135203921). Looking forward to meet all again. Good day to everybody !

  23. Dear all,
    Received payment from:
    Andrew Koh + SS James
    Judy Lim
    Bess Neo
    Clara Chay
    Bessie Lam
    Irene Tan

    Have received payment without info, kindly advise —
    23Dec 2 pax
    28Dec 1 pax


  24. Hi Terence / Christina

    After a long absent from SHC events, I decided to join the gathering on Jan 14 this year.Have already transfered $20 to Chris ac yesterday morning 10.39am 31/12/2016 ref 1139. Looking forward to meet you all again.

    Happy New Year
    Grace Kang

  25. yo yo yo hohohohoho hahahahha , good morning bro & sister !

    heheheehhehe , sister Kristy Quek if you do need my help . i am a okay ya !

    arite , Bro Terence ..i will lead d Laughter Yoga for 1/2 hour ya …time 1500hrs , open area better lor.. for those who join before , please come ya . as still in d festival mood .

    i have brought some new small gifts from my recycle shop ya . an elderly couple wind up his kedai & give me for helping d charity . too many ,i plloso donate out to other charity ya…so those who are attending d LY …free for you !

    wow wow wow now JB heavy downpour ya ,with school reopen liao . and still have many recycle collections to tackle lei…..

    cheers Bro Sam Goh

  26. Hi bro Sam
    A very happy new year to you, hohoho!!!
    If l can go and l need your help, l will let you know.
    Thanks for your kind offer!

    • We are all getting to enjoy our senior years, and we do need assistance/helpers to help us move around. Members wishing to bring their help who are non-members to a SHC party can seek ok from the EO.

      Kristy, I am glad you make the effort to come join the 1st SHC event of the year. Look forward.

      Terence Seah

  27. Hi Terence,
    My apologies. I have been overseas and back now and found out its going to be held on 14th. Unfortunately, I have an outing with my sisters so would not be attending. Have fun!

  28. Hi Clara,

    your payment $25 made on behalf of Sarah was received on 31Dec2016.
    Therefore, it should be only $20.
    Kindly remind me to pass back to you $5 on 14Jan2017. 😀

    ChristinA Chan

  29. 31Dec2016 – other payment $20 received from:
    Shireen Cheong
    Nina Choo
    Daisy + Steven Phua
    Sally Tan
    Grace Kang

    02Jan2017 received $50 from Kristy Quek for herself+helper.

    Thanks! See you…….

  30. The Poolside party at Glendale Park is getting near our date next Saturday. Please update your coming. No food will be allocated for late comers. Our plan is for the food to arrive at 12noon, and we start makaning at 1pm. Thank you DaisyP for making the arrangements.

    ChristinaA will update the paid list soon. I am the one who is delaying the update, as I could not access the Club website. Just got back from upcountry, Thailand..

    For those who would like to join Sam Goh on his Laughter Yoga, please contact Sam when you arrive. This session will be under the trees, in the open air.

    Adeline Yeo will bring the gadgets and paints to demo acrylic painting. Please contact adeline when you arrive.

    We will have music entertainment from Jeffrey Gan, who will keep our afternoon entertained.,

    Lastly, there will be no Karaoke, and as have no one to man the station. Please treat this as off.

    See you next Saturday.

    Terence Seah

  31. Hi Chris,

    Just did a $25 transfer for Michelle Sim as she had difficulty logging in.
    Attached from my account for her payment. Tks and look forward to catch up with you.
    Jeffrey gan

  32. I am glad to see many members coming together for the first event of the year. Although we like to see more participation, we need to decide on the number of pax so that DaiayP can cater to the exact number of pax.

    Therefore, we shall have Tues 10 Feb 2100 hrs as the closing date and time for registration and payment. No further participation will be accepted after.

    Look forward to seeing everybody.

    Terence Seah

      • Thank you Stella. My mind was on Tues 10jan 2017 2100 hrs as the last date/time to accept registrations.

        For all participants, please go straight to the registration table. Eliza Leong will be there, and will tick your name against the registration/paid list. She will also give you a name sticker so that you can paste it on your shirt/dress.

        Registration starts 1130 hrs.

        Terence Seah

  33. Phew! Finally was able to update the payment against the name list and had also made some changes to the order.

    HongJeng & JanetLoo,
    Kindly advise the TIME you have made the payment as names are not reflected for payment through ATMs. The upload chit is too blurry for my eyes 😀
    One 1 payment could not be traced so tentatively has indicated payment against HJeng’s name.
    Will update once I have the required info.


  34. Hi Kristy,

    It is very nice of you to offer to do a game. This makes the afternoon exciting. Let’s keep it hush hush for now, as long as we dont have to strip after removing our swimming trunks/costumes. Keep it short and let’s have it. Thank you. And I wish your legs are in good shape.

    Terence Seah

  35. Hi Terence,
    Kindly register Michelle Sim as I have made Transfer for $25 on her behalf as She have difficulty doing so.
    I have also inform Chris in the post.
    Thanks for hosting the event and a special thanks to Chris for her hard work in undating. Bravo…………
    Jeffrey Gan

  36. Hi ElizaL,

    You started a new post. Instead a comment that you are coming will do. But no worries, as you and Audrey are young rooster,s, welcome to SHC.

    I copy ypur text as follows:

    “Pls register Audrey Tung and Eliza Leong for the above event. Pls note that I’ve already paid $40 to Christina Chan’s account with POSB on Dec 23, 2016.”.

    Terence Seah

  37. Hi guys and gals, I am taking a quick trip to East Malaysia. I shall be back in time for the first event of the year.

    Dont forget tomorrow is the last day to register and pay.

    Terence Seah

  38. Hi Christina/Terence,
    Thank you for organising. Please register me and I have made atm transfer reference no: 8152 to Chris posb saving account at about 5.30pm. Cheers..

  39. Hi dear Christina,

    Please put my name on the list. I have just transferred $25 to your account from my DBS Autosave Account today 10/1/17 time 12:11pm. Thank you.

    Shawn Soh

    • Plse be informed we have closed registration for the poolside event. Thank you to members who have registered to come.

      Please note Lunch starts at 1pm. If you are swimming, please change to dry clothes before entering the function room. Well, even though you may have sexy trunks to show.

      Please help to keep the place clean and disposed of used items in plastic bags provided. This will be very nice as we have no outside help. Or Grace Ng may be barring us from using the venue again.

      So, see all of you soon.

      Terence Seah

  40. Hi BobbyB,
    Your comments: “Bobby Bok on January 9, 2017 at 10:09 pm”.

    Above shown that on 09Jan you have registered and paid on same day. Payment received was $20.00.

    As stated in this Post —
    Cost: $25 per pax. Earlybird registration and paid before 31 Dec 2016 $20 per pax.

    Those who registered from 01January2017 or later, cost will be $25per pax.
    Kindly top up $5.00.


  41. Hi Martin Han,

    Your WhatsApps msg dd 11Jan informed me that you have made payment.
    Also that you could not register online (will discuss this later on 14Jan with you on how you can do it online).
    Meanwhile, thank you for the POSB Deposit slip dd 09Jan that shown your payment of $25. 😀


  42. Hi Terence,

    Just wish to bring up to you that I noticed something rather queer with the webpage.
    I was sure I have indicated Pd – against 1 name. I do not login daily, but the next time I log in, “Pd” disappeared beside that name. I did not put much thought to it.

    Thereafter I finished, I ensure I checked the list twice before I log off.

    This afternoon, I logged in, realized 1 name disappeared. This time I am sure the name was there since I last logged in.
    Again, I have updated the list and checked checked!
    Trust webpage stays this manner. 😀

    • Hi ChristinaA,

      I am not sure why but strange things do happen.

      I do notice something unusual when I log in. My changes seemed not to be reflected, even though i was quite sure i made the changes when I logged off. Keep track.

      Members feedback would be helpful too.

      Terence Seah

  43. Hi Christina

    Ref your comments above. I would appreciate if you could clarify which name you had indicated ‘Paid’ and the word had disappeared. Also which name was removed from the registration list.

    I am the one who has been updating the registration lists for all of Terence’s posts but so far, we have not encountered this problem.

    I am still updating the registration list of all participants for this event as long as their names appear on this forum page until now, except for the ‘payment’ part. This is Terence’s instruction ~ he told me to update the registration list of participants and you will only indicate ‘Pd’ after you have checked your bank account. Perhaps, you’re not aware that both of us are accessing the same registration list.

    Your clarification would be appreciated.

    Thank you.


  44. Hi Terence

    Ref your comments above.

    If you had made changes and they are not reflected, it would be that you’ve forgotten to save your changes.


    Thank you.

  45. Hi Terence, glad you have also noticed some strange behaviour with the website.

    Hi Gabriella,

    Initially, I thought it was Terence who did the name list update till recently he mentioned that you are still helping him.

    FYI, Terence took quite some time with the system before he could give me access. Previously he could give me acces like a breeze.

    After I have updated twice, then encounter the missed update on next login – SS James the word “Pd” was missing .. I thought “strange”.

    Yesterday, I added up the two figures shown and found one short. Then checked the names & found Grace Kang’s name was missing. It was really weird.

    So, thought better raise it to Terence so that he can get his techies to check the system.


    • This is the first time, we have multiple access to one Post. Myself, Gabriella and Christina. Our web guys have advised me not to allow multiple access to one post, although I am not sure how the system behaves with multiple access.

      But for the sake of convenience, I opt to give it a try, so that we can see all the information in one post.

      Thank you Gabriella and Christina for the patience to smooth this process out. We have also Eliza Leong, who will be manning our registration desk tomorrow. She uses the list on this post. Please see her when you cone to the pool and function room. Plse take a tag from her, so that everyone can read your name from one kilometre away. Or do bring ypur name tag.

      I am back in Singapore, and I look forward to seeing more members getting to know one another in the new chicken year.

      My philosophy with organising events is “A little disorganisation is good for everybody”. So, enjoy yourselves.

      Terence Seah

  46. Terence

    To say I’m not perturbed by the above episode would be a lie.

    I’d updated SS James and Grace Kang’s names long ago when they indicated that they were interested in attending the event.

    Thereafter, when another 3rd party was given access to the editing right to indicate ‘Paid’, I’ve not checked these names which were registered long ago.

    I did not see the word “Pd” against SS’s name since that part of the updating was not my responsibility. I did not delete the word “Pd”, nor notice that Grace Kang’s name was deleted. I assumed that the 3rd party would only update the word ‘Pd’ without changing or amending the position of the list of names.

    I’d always reiterated that the person updating the word ‘Paid’ should not rearrange any of the names I’ve put up on the list. The names are put in the order as they come in. This is for easy reference and checking.

    So far, nothing like this had happened since I did this very simple job for you for more than 5 years. No doubt, the person updating has to be very careful and always check that everything is in order from the View Post position.

    Pl be informed that I’d like to ‘resign’ from assisting you in updating your posts with effect from today. Please remove the editing right to your posts from me. I do not want to be responsible should more strange or bizarre things happen in the future. Anyway, this is not the 7th month!

    Thank you.
    Gabriella Chua

    • Hi Gabriella,

      I have read your comment and understand your reason for being perturbed. I hope that you will not let this issue continue into the evening, or into the coming new year. The task of handling the registration on the post is time consuming and can often be frustrating, especially when I am not the most organised of EOs. It’s because I do not have the time to sit down and sieve through the comments that I had earlier asked you to help me put up the registration list for events that I organise.

      You have helped me with this task in the last five years, and I appreciate it. Thank you.

      While I would have to find someone else to help me, I can understand your reason to resign from this task.
      Perhaps, you have been doing a good job, that I have conveniently forgotten about findijng a replacement. It has not been easy; but I shall set my mind to do so now.

      Please let the issue rest. Our event is tomorrow, and I look forward to seeing all members enjoy their afternoon.

      My apologies that this issue has happened.

      Terence Seah

  47. I have always enjoyed those sessions when Club members get together. The poolside gathering was one of them. Members who know Kristy were happy to see her back to life, looking good and healthy after going hip and knee surgeries. I was very pleased that she contributed a game. Many of us had to go back to our school days to recall some of the knowledge we had forgotten since our primaries.

    Not forgetting Sam Goh, who brought along his toy skinny Rooster which crows and screams at the squeeze of the butt. Sam is always young at heart. Many of us do not know what is Laughter Yoga. Well Sam took us throught 15 mins of laughter. We enjoyed it.

    Quiet and working in the background is our Daisy Phua. She organised the food and beverage, make sure the setup is nice and pretty, and small small tiny details were in place nicely. I appreciate Daisy, taking the initiative to go for ChillApi food. From feedback, members give top marks for choice and taste. Thank you Daisy. And I look forward to you helping us manage more of SHC catering needs.;

    We could not have the venue if Grace Ng has not supported us to get the venue. She put in the deposit to secure the function room, the karaoke room and the swimming pool. We did not damage the swimming pool, as everybody went into hidy. Weather was too hot. Thank you Grace, for bringing out the stools to give more members sitting areas. And making sure we had the music working to entertain us during the afternoon.

    I must say Christina Chan, besides being the walking leader, is also a good treasurer. She collects, chase and ensures the income and expenses tally. Christina, this will be your permanent role in SHC, until you cannot use a calculator. Members, I did not do any work at all, Christina did all of it without my meddling around. Thank you Chris.

    Adeline Yeo gave a demo on acrylic painting. She lugged a huge box from Serangoon with all the painting goodies inside. She has talent. I didnt know she could dance, until the poolside event. Well, she can. TQ for organise a demo for us.

    The poolside event was a nice start to tick the Rooster. Let’s look forward to more. If you have an idea of an event to share with fellow members, do get in touch with me.

    Terence Seah

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