The Rooster is coming; let’s come up with suggestions on how to celebrate the occasion

Traditionally, most of us would have now started to springclean our house.  Then, we start to think what we shall do for the family reunion dinner.  The next day, we would visit our parents, and we fight to figure out which relatives we like to visit.  We wait for invitations to visit colleaques and friends.  And, we anxiously wait for our children to come over with their children.  Not forgetting we enjoy exchanging oranges and give angpows.  We enjoy the goodies, the bak kwa and Green Spot drink.

As the year passed, some of our children feel it is better to spend this holiday to escape the tradition and chore of visiting relatives.  The cruise ships are full with bookings throughout this season, and family members explore going down under to Australia, a short trip to Bintam or regional Asean.  For many of us, Chinese New Year may now be different from what it was before when we were 16, 30 and 45.

At around this time, we think what event we can hold.  Usually, we land up with a sit-down round table lunch or dinner.  If the event meets our club’s objective, we can go for it.  I guess there are limitations at this time, and costs are likely to be high, and most people would have their plans.  But, we can still celebrate this Rooster year together.

Think of a gambling table, some satay or prata or even chicken curry.  Think a little further than Singapore. Maybe a country club function room. Maybe someone’s house or apartment.  How about dancing on a Sat afternoon?

If you have something in mind, share with us. Suggest a date, a place and cost.

Closing date for suggestions: Mon 23 Jan 2017.

Terence Seah

9 thoughts on “The Rooster is coming; let’s come up with suggestions on how to celebrate the occasion

  1. The Rooster wakes up early at 4am. Suggestions pour in as to what we can have for our Chinese New Year event.

    1. Pond fishing at the Raffles Country Club on 6 Mar 2017 1pm to 6pm. RCC opens its pond for fishing once every 3 months.

    2. Lunch or Dinner at JB city Sq mall.

    3. Another event at a condo function room.

    4. A dinner and dance at the SGCC

    We keep the suggestions coming.

    Terence Seah

  2. Hi Terence,

    I have a Chinese Football Association Club,location at Geylang lorong 10 which is great for a get together with buffet, karaoke system, a small dance floor and live band instruments, perfect seating. A house DJ will also be provided.
    Car parking free after 5 pm.
    I have held 3 events the last 3 months there for Irene’s Birthday, one live band singing and an event for my VICTORIANS get together .
    Feedback from all three group is above 90% good.
    Can consider if you find it ok . Can arrange for a viewing if you are keen.

    Jeffrey Gan

  3. Hi Terence,

    Additional info date we can chose upon availability.
    Per head with buffet $25.
    I am a member of the club, so able to get concession rates.
    Dates consider 4th,5th or 11th Febuary ( Chap Goh Meh )

    Please consider and arrange for adate to view if you are keen.

  4. Due to time, we are not likely to have a large club event over the CNY period. For those who are travelling, I wish you a good time. And for those who enjoy the vibrance or quiet during this period, this could not have been a better time.

    Enjoy your private sessions.

    Terence Seah

  5. Hi Terence,

    3rd February , 7th day of CNY called Peoples Day. May I suggest lo-hei lunch at Red Star Restaurant in Chin Swee Road.
    Red Star Restaurant is probably the most authentic , classic looking Chinese restaurant left in Singapore. You step back in time to the 1970s .

  6. Hi Jimmy,

    Thank you for the suggestion. I also think Redstar at Chin Swee is a nice old fashion dimsum restaurant. We had the same lohei lunch some years back, and we enjoyed it.

    Ok, let’s go for it. I am game too.

    I am on the way to the airport, and won’t be able to make any arrangements with Redstar in the next few days. Do you think you can go over and book 2 round tables of 10. We can have dimsum plus Lohei. Aim for something at sgd 2 per head.

    If anybody lives near to Redstar, and can help do the reservation, please let me know.

    So Jimmy, please help chop two tables.

    Terence Seah

  7. Gee, I must have gone nuts. I meant SGD 20 per head, not 2 per head.

    Jimmy, although I think it is possible to gather a large group together to celebrate CNY, I see a number of small groups have already made arrangements to enjoy the festival in or outside Singapore.

    Terence Seah

  8. Our CNY lunch wont take place, as we do not have the resources to organise the event in time. However, many members have gathered togethr in smaller groups to have their own lohei lunch.

    Perhaps, next time, we try to give ourselves more time when organising the Club lohei lunch.

    Catch up with you in one and half months time.

    Terence Seah

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