Tea Dance on Saturday, 8 April at Club 5, Park Royal on Kitchener Road – EC Event (means you can bring your friends who are non-members)

Dear All,

I am organizing a Tea Dance.
If we can get at least 50 pax, we can have a closed door event where the venue will be exclusive to us.

The regular time for the Tea Dance at the club is from 2 to 5pm. However, I have spoken to the person in charge of the Club that if I can get the minimum number of 50 pax, we can have the event from 2 to 6pm.

Tea Dance

Date: Saturday, 8 April 2017
Time: 2 to 6pm (or 2 to 5pm)
Price: S$25 nett
Mini Buffet comprising: One Fried item (shrimp, onion rings, chicken nuggets, spring rolls or samosa)
Assorted mini cakes and pastries
Fried Noodles or Fried Rice
One Dessert item (bubur hitam, bubur chacha, cheng tng, banana in coconut milk or green bean soup)
Fruit platter
Drinks: Free flow of hot or cold tea. The cold tea is fruit infused and very refreshing. Other types of drinks – pay your own.
Music: DJ Armstrong – who plays awesome dance music and you can request for the songs or music you want to dance to.
Payable to Account: 067-00687-9 POSB Savings Account – Caroline Gee (due to time constraint, we have not identified the treasurer yet so I am “one leg kick” at the moment.)

So save the date!

Registrations start immediately as we have to give ample notice to the club for them to make the necessary arrangements.

New registrations closing date is on 20 March 2017 and payment has to be made by the closing date too. P.S.The club has given me extra time to get back to them on the numbers.
Registration List
1. Caroline Gee + 10 – Paid
12. Dolly Lim – Paid
13. Geraldine Ting – Paid
14. Rosalind Lee – Paid
15. Gingko Tay – Paid
16. Michelle Sim – Paid
17. Charles Wee – Paid
18 Joan Ang – Paid +
19. Thomas Loh – Paid
20. Doreen Chan – Paid
21. Judy Lim – Paid
22. Anna Choi – Paid
23. June Lim – Paid
24. Rina Tan – Paid
25. Sockie Neo – Paid
26. Lee Ah Nee – Paid
27. Steven Chan – Paid
28. Dan Huang – Paid
29. Catherine & Andrew Tan + 5 – Paid
36. Dolly’s friends 6 pax – paid
42. Peter Loo – Paid
43. Joo Tian + two friends – Paid
46. Martin Han – Paid
47. Jennifer Lim & Partner – Paid
49. Joan Ang’s friend – Paid
50. Ashley – Paid
51. Jeffrey Gan – Paid
52. Bobby Bok – Paid
53. Maria Tan – Paid
54. Mega – Paid

In the event that we do not make the minimum number of pax required for the closed door event, we will still go ahead and have fun at the Tea Dance.
So lets make it happen!

Calling all the dance enthusiasts, do try to support the event if you are available on that day. Doesn’t matter if you have two left feet, or learning to dance or a dance expert, come and join in the fun. We hope to have the dance floor all to ourselves. Even if you do not dance, you can come and eat and chat and chill out!

We are looking at the possibility of a lucky draw and one or two games to have some fun and to laugh our heads off! I can assure you the games will be loads of fun and we can do this only if we have the club to ourselves. So try to make it happen. Looking forward to more people signing up for the event!
Many thanks!

Caroline Gee

104 thoughts on “Tea Dance on Saturday, 8 April at Club 5, Park Royal on Kitchener Road – EC Event (means you can bring your friends who are non-members)

  1. Wow, Caroline, fast worker, just last nite talk talk over dinner and drinks, this post is up. 3 of us will honour our word to support… Kindly register for
    1) Rosalind Lee
    2) Geraldine Ting
    3) Dolly Lim

    Hope to see more familiar faces for the event.. sure to hv more fun… Cheers.. Dolly

  2. Hi caroline
    Is it at club 5 kitchener rd .?
    If yes, they had it tea dance every sat n sun 2pm to 5pm inclusive of free flow of tea and mini buffet.
    I was a regular there and alex is the manager.
    Should bargain for a cheaper rate cos i m paying on $23 every sat n sun ?
    And is it totally book by our shc membe only on that day .


  3. Good morning Stella,
    Thank you for the additional information. It shall be helpful to those who have never been to the club before. Yes, its the one at Kitchener Road.
    I have spoken to Alex that’s why we can have the extra hour at no extra cost. The only catch is Armstrong has to work overtime so Alex said we only need to pay the DJ. The actual price is S$23.30 net. If I can get the numbers, then I could negotiate for, maybe extra or better food. DJ Armstrong, is a good friend of mine and he said for me, no payment required. However, I rounded up the price to S$25 its because I do not want to take advantage of his kindness cos its his job and I intend to give the extra money collected as a token to him.
    I hope you have a clearer picture now.
    And I have some surprises too but don’t want to spoil the fun just yet!
    I hope you will support the event.
    Many thanks!

  4. I really don’t mind paying $25 nett for a closed door function as I can pop here and pop there for kaypohing since I am no dancer myself lor..

    Well, Caroline, if you can’t get required paxs that you need to fulfil to hv closed door event, then, we will just go as individual to enjoy ourselves lor and pay at the door instead. What says you har? I will be leaving for China for work trip soon, this time, to Hunan, so, if any time permits, I will sponsor some gifts upon my return, no promise hor as Hunan now very cold and I might get lazy to get out from hotel instead… hahahah… Cheers… Dolly… Keep it up.. .buddy

    • Very good to hear some signs of life from Dolly, Geraldine and Caroline. I thought the pulses are fading with the 3 of you. Glad to know you have the club at heart.

      I won’t be able to come for the tea party.

      I like encourage dancers and non-dancers to come enjoy the afternoon. If you cannot come, do say a few words of encouragement to the organisers.

      Terence Seah

      • Thank you Terence. Yes, when I joined the club, I was at one of my low point in life. This is where I met my best buddy and SHC was there for me. So its payback time. So whenever I can, I try to do something for the club members.
        A pity you cant make it.

  5. Hi Dolly,
    Thank you for your support and understanding. Yes, I would love to have the place all to ourselves too.
    And yay! looking forward to some sponsorship of gifts for our “activities”.

  6. Dear Terence,
    LOL! Glad to know you missed us!
    I have my daughter’s wedding, arrival of second grandson, travelling, work so I have been kept busy. And now that everything is in order, I thought its a good time.


  7. Hi Caroline,

    A long-awaited Tea Dance! Please sign me on.

    If it is a closed-door event, I shall contribute a Cash Voucher. Otherwise, will pop in and stay put. Can’t “pop here and pop there” like Dolly; I will surely disintegrate…


    • Caroline Gee on February 10, 2017 at 3:19 pm said: Edit

      Thank you Gingko for your support (and Cash Voucher)! LOL! Little funny lines here and there makes my day!
      Looking forward to having fun together!

    • Wow! So good to hear from you Charles and very happy to hear that you want to join us. Yes, some go for dancing but some just want to chill out and enjoy the fellowship. You are most welcome.

  8. Hi Caroline

    Martin Han is unable to log in.. he has told me to inform you that he would like to attend the tea dance. He will pay soon.


  9. Calling all the dance enthusiasts, do try to support the event if you are available on that day. Doesn’t matter if you have two left feet, or learning to dance or a dance expert, come and join in the fun. We hope to have the dance floor all to ourselves. Even if you do not dance, you can come and eat and chat and chill out!

    We are looking at the possibility of a lucky draw and one or two games to have some fun and to laugh our heads off! I can assure you the games will be loads of fun and we can do this only if we have the club to ourselves. So try to make it happen. Looking forward to more people signing up for the event!
    Many thanks!

  10. Dear Caroline, Thanks for organising the dance event. Being a dance enthusias, and much as I would love to go and dance and join in the fun with you all but I regret not able to attend as I will be cruising from 7-9 April. I already missed 2 dance events organised by SHC members and I hope not to missing the next dance event. You all have fun. Cheers

    • Dear Christine,
      Thank you for responding to my call! So sorry that you are unable to come! No worries! I am sure there will be many more dance events to come if we have enough people interested.
      Have fun cruising!

    • Hi Dan, Yes its been a long long time until you forgot my name LOL!
      Glad you decided not to hibernate or hatch eggs anymore so now you can come out to play. Thank you for your support. Looking forward to catching up! See you soon!

  11. Hi Caroline and all

    I am pretty new to SHC. Have joined “A poolside SilverHairsClub gathering Sat 14 Jan 2017”

    The beautiful thing is all of you, ladies and gentlemen are not proud; so friendly and sweet

    Please sign me for this tea dance
    Please find my payment to Caroline Gee
    Your transaction has been completed.
    Please note this transaction number for your records: 18436246987

    Recipient Name
    Caroline Gee
    Transfer Currency and Amount
    Need Help?Print This Page
    Full Transaction Details


    • Hi Doreen,
      Welcome to SHC. Glad you have started to participate in the activities organized by members.
      Very glad you will be coming for the tea dance. Thank you for your support and payment and looking forward to meeting you soon! Cheers!

  12. Hi Caroline,

    Please register the following names :

    Anna Choi
    June Lim
    Rina Tan
    Sokie Neo
    Judy Lim

    I will arrange to transfer funds tomorrow.

    Thank you.


    • Thank you Judy, Anna, June, Rina and Sockie.
      Sorry for the late response as I am currently away and has Internet only intermittently. Looking forward to have fun together.

  13. Carly, Peter Loo called me to inform you that he is joining in the fun. He will transfer $$$ to you by today.
    Terence, Peter Loo said he can view and read SHC forum but unable to log in to the forum to post comment. Can you help him to solve the problem. Thank you.

    Ah Nee

  14. Hi Carly,

    Transfered of $125/- being payment for Anna, June, Sokie, Rina and myself.

    Transaction ref : 8724
    Date : 11 Mar 2017

    Thank you


    • Hi Maria,
      So good to hear from you. Yes it’s been a long time since we last met. Glad you want to join us and look forward to a fun time together. See you on 8 April. In the meantime, keep healthy and happy!

  15. Dear All,
    There are 33 signed up as of today but so far only 26 had paid. I had said earlier that I will sponsor some gifts if I had some time to spare while I am in Hunan last month.

    So good news is I had indeed brought door gifts to be distributed to those all signed up and paid. But only 49pcs left now as I had lost 1 in transit. Hence, the faster you paid, you will get this door gift before it reached 50paxs. Those signed after 50paxs, sorry, I had nothing to give liao…

    I had also promised Caroline that if this is closed door event, I will organise 1 game for all of you. But, I had not given this a serious thought yet as it is still a long way before we reached the required paxs.

    But as I said before, 50paxs or not, the event is still on…

    Cheers… Dolly

    PS: Ros, I don’t know how are we going to deal with door gifts’ give out, any suggestions bo?

    • Dolly mei mei ah, easy mah. We have the list of names here….whoever reach venue, tick off name, give the door gift lor.

      I will have 10 lucky draw prizes for the supporters to this event. We fold the paper with name of those who checked in and draw by calling out names.


  16. Dear All,
    Thank you all who have signed up for the Tea Dance on 8 April at Club 5, Park Royal on Kitchener Road, for your support .
    We have 42 signed up and 37 paid. For those who have registered and have yet to pay, please do let me know when you have done so as the closing date is near. Many thanks.
    We have eight more seats to go! Yay! Thank you again.
    Once I have the 50 pax registered and paid up, I shall close registration and those who are late shall wait for the next member to organize another event – probably the One Night In JB.
    So please, don’t drag your feet any longer! I hope we can make it!
    Thank you and see you all soon! So excited!

    • Hi Joo Tian,

      This is triple thanks to you and your friends. Sorry, I am quite a “sotong”. Missed the part about you bringing two friends. My apologies. I have updated the registration list.
      See you and your friends on 8 April!

      Many thanks

  17. Dear All,

    I have reached my 50 pax and those who have registered and have yet to pay, please kindly do so and inform me because I am going to close registration once all 50 have paid up and I will not be taking new registration. Thank you all for your kind support. Very much appreciated! MUAH! MUAH!
    Looking forward to all of us having a fun time.

  18. Hi Bobby and Stella,

    Thank you for your interest. However I shall put you both on the waiting list. Please do not pay yet as I cannot guarantee you a place and the door gift.
    Will let you know by 21 March.
    Many thanks for your understanding.

    • Hi Judy,
      I shall put Ashley on the waiting list. Please don’t trf the payment yet. Will let you know if there is any seat left by 21 March.
      Many thanks for your support.

  19. Good morning, dear,
    Payment for Jennifer Lim and her friends as follows:

    Please note this transaction number for your records: 18493360653
    Payee Name
    Transfer Currency and Amount

    I had paid on her behalf as she is not in Spore now.

    Cheers.. Dolly

    • Hi Stella,
      Thank you for informing me about your withdrawal from the event. Have fun in Gentings! Looking forward to catching up at another event!

  20. Hi Carly’
    Congrats on the overwhelming response.
    Put me in the waiting list if it is okay.
    Likely able if any last minute withdrawal.

    • Thank you Jeffrey.

      I have included you in the registration list. However, please could you pay up by 12noon today because registration is officially closed this morning as I want to finalise my arrangements.

      Many thanks.

  21. Caroline,
    I suggest that you delete those yet to pay since they yet to transfer by yesterday (20/3/17) which was the dateline and put those on waiting list and get them to pay by next 3 days to close the registration list.

    In order to make sure everyone hv the door gift, Geraldine, you and me had agreed to give give up our door gifts for those but we can only cater up to 52paxs.

    Cheers.. Dolly

    • Thank you Dolly. Done. I have requested those who have yet to pay to do so by today so that I can get the lucky draw card done.

  22. Dear All,
    Thank you very much to all of you who have registered and paid up. Registration is now officially closed. We shall not be accepting any more pax.
    Bobby, Ashley (Judy) and Jeffrey, please could you make payment before 12noon today?
    Looking forward to a great afternoon with all of you!
    Caroline aka Carly

    • Dear All,
      I would like to announce all my babes who have been helping me and their contributions to this event.
      Dolly – Games Master and Lovely Door Gifts and Prizes & Props for Game.
      Geraldine Ting – Registration and Gift Wrapping.
      Rosalind Lee – Fabulous Lucky Draw Prizes, Gift Wrapping and Registration.
      Most importantly, they are the reason to make me want to do this and with their support, could make it happen.
      And very importantly too, your support in this event and we hope we will make full use of the four hours at Club 5!
      Please note that lucky draw cards will be issued at registration desk. The desk will be just outside the Club entrance and will be manned till 2.15pm. The door shall be closed at all times from 2pm. So if you come after 2.15pm, no worries. Please push the door to come in and look for the committee members who will be seated at the table nearest the door.
      All lucky draw prize winners will have to be present to collect them when drawn.

      * A big thank you to Gingko Tay who have generously contributed SGD50 of vouchers for prizes.

      See all of you soon!
      In the meantime, keep Healthy, Safe and Happy!

  23. Dear Caroline,

    Well done. Congrats to your overwhelming event, am very sure all of us will have a fun Saturday’s noon on 8 Apr 2017.

    Pls be inform I have transferred on behalf of Ashley as below details:

    UOB bank transaction ref : 862.

    Thank you


  24. Hi caroline
    So sorry i totally forgot abt paying u forthe T-dance and i didnt log in to shc so didnt see the good response.
    Can i still be included? I will trsf $25 once i get ur ok. Look fwd to yr ok..the more the merrier, as they say

    • Maria, Maria,
      where have you been?
      Since you wanted to support the event and registered for it, I shall give you the benefit of the doubt.

      To be fair, I had the contact numbers of all those who registered but did not pay up yet so I could send them reminders.
      However, for you, I only had the email address that was used in this website but the email I sent was undeliverable.
      I watsapp admin to try to reach you to contact me but there was no response from admin. Prob that number was for outgoing messages only.

      So please, could you pay up by tonight? Do let me know once transfer is done.
      See ya!

    • Dear Mega,
      I am so sorry registration has already closed. There were several very late requests to join in which I have turned away so I really cannot include you.
      Hopefully, we will have another or many more.
      Thank you for your interest.

  25. Dear Carly,

    Your time and efforts contributed making the fun ? wonderful Tea Dance this afternoon let all us have a great Saturday noon. DJ played with awesome dance music continual which really let us have a great time enjoyed ourselves in the dance floor, games and lucky draws bring us so excited look forward our lucky number to be draw, atmosphere was fantastic.

    Kudos to you and committee members – Dolly, Geraldine and Rosalind for the successful event.

    Thank you once again.


    • Thank you Judy! So glad you had a good time. You are always so supportive and kind! Congratulations on your win in the games segment. You did an awesome job on the dance floor! And you are right! My fabulously lovely, hardworking and generous Dolly, Geraldine and Rosalind to help make sure everyone has a good time!

  26. Dear All,
    Thank you everyone for being there! So happy to see the dance floor was always filled. And the plates too lol!
    You all did an awesome job to make the event a success! And all the hugs I got and the finale! I was almost in tears cos the gesture really touched my heart deep deep!
    I am not a speech person so I was lost for words so do excuse me on the rushed one. Rosalind prepared a 10page speech for me and fortunately she forgot to bring it. Phew! Otherwise we would not have much time for dancing.
    Congratulations also to the lucky draw prize winners. And thank you for the volunteers who sportingly came up to play the game.
    There were many surprises. Some came, planning to just chit chat but the fantastic music by Armstrong drew them to the dance floor! And boy did they do their thing.
    Many said to me you should hold more of these parties! I’d love to. But for now, I need a breather!
    So once again, thank you and to Dolly, Geraldine and Rosalind! Love you all! HUGS!
    Caroline aka Carly

  27. Statement of Account
    Total collected 54 pax x $25.00 = $1,350.00
    Total paid to Club 5 54 pax x $23.30 = $1,258.20
    Balance = $91.80
    Amount paid to DJ Armstrong = $85.00
    Balance = $6.90
    Props for game (ping pong balls) = $15.00
    Balance = $8.20 (borne by Dolly Lim)
    Gratuities to Club 5 staff members = $60 borne by Caroline
    Door Gifts donated by Dolly Lim
    Gift wrappers and other miscellaneous items donated by Geraldine Ting
    15 Lucky Draw prizes
    11 prizes donated by Rosalind Lee
    2 Prizes donated by Caroline
    2 prizes (2 bottles of wine) donated by Club 5
    6 Game prizes – $50 donated by Gingko and $10 by Caroline & A set of placemat donated by Dolly
    1st prize $10 NTUC voucher + 1 set placemats
    5 Consolation prizes of NTUC vouchers of $10 each
    Time spent by my committee members invaluable and priceless
    Time from all participating members that afternoon – very much appreciated and cant put a price tag to it!
    Till we meet again! Stay healthy, happy and safe!
    Caroline aka Carly

  28. Hi…Caroline. First of all, I apologise for not being able to be at your function – was with family, performing “Cheng Meng” festival rites.

    I don’t usually shower praise but will not hesitate to express appreciation when credit is due. This one is overdue. I have been literally reading from start to finish the flow of this event. Quite “kay poh” perhaps.

    For lack of a better word, I can only say you are meticulous in the entire project. You were committed and consistent in what you targeted to do, from responding to the first participant (Feb 9) to accounting to the last dollar that you have had spent (Apr 10). Here is an excellent event organiser. When comes such another?

    Indeed, till we meet again, stay healthy, happy and safe.


    • Dear Daniel,
      Its so nice to wake up to see such sweet and kind comments. It made my day because I know you rarely shower praises, so I know its genuine.
      This is how I do my things. Whether for my loved ones, my friends, my colleagues or acquaintances, if I agree to commit, I will give my 100%, if not more and to my capabilities, barring any unforeseen circumstances.
      At the end of the day, what I treasure most is the happy faces I see. It tells all I want to know.
      Have a great day ahead!


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