The equities markets have come alive. Come and share what and how other members are reacting to global market changes?”

We are organising a gathering on Sat 1st April 2017 (April Fool’s day) from 2pm to 5.30pm at GreenDots cafe, right at STAR Vista, Bourna Vista MRT.

The equities markets have indeed come alive, from America, to Europe and Asia. It may be a reaction from the Trump effect, a possible trade war between the US and China, a lower un-employment in the States, and confidence that the world will swing either left or right. Now that TPP is off, interest rates are expected to climb and American companies will be going home.

Online Equities trading is a popular activity among seniors. With changes going around the world fast, we can hear what others are doing.

Please jot this date in your diary.

Price $20 per person.
Early bird (before 20 Mar 2017) $15.
A dish and dessert is included.
Strictly SilverHairsClub members only.

Plse make payment to Chris Chan POSB Savings Acct 542-10756-1.
Payment update will be handled by Christina Chan.

Plse register here.

  1.   Terence Seah
  2.   Joo Tian
  3.   Simon Wong
  4.   Richard Lean
  5.   Doreen Ong
  6.   Stella Sheng
  7.   Robert Ong
  8.   Andrew Koh
  9.   SS James
  10.   Bobby Yee
  11.   Doreen Chan
  12.   Susan CH Tan
  13.   Bobby Bok
  14.   Leon Lau
  15.   Laura Wee
  16.   Stanley Ang
  17.   Cheng Yau Kun
  18.   Daisy Yeo
  19.   Kim  Leong
  20.   Lee CC
  21.   Helen Wong Pow
  22.   Daisy Wee
  23.   Sally Kang

Terence Seah

43 thoughts on “The equities markets have come alive. Come and share what and how other members are reacting to global market changes?”

  1. Alamak…must spend $20 to attend April Fool’s Day event?!
    Fortunately I have something to do, otherwise I’ll be plonking down a load of cash…to learn how to lose my money.
    Haha…it’s only a joke…but can we have some specifics please…who is speaking out sharing? Can we hope to make back our small investment? Or is it just going to be a load of hot air!

    • Hi Kenneth
      I also wish to know who is the speaker and if its worth to part ways with our hard-earned $20 to learn any useful tips. There are many speakers in town and they are giving their 2-3 hours talk free ( as they hope you join their courses which can come up to a few thousands for a 2-day workshop). The real estate company I joined also gives investment talks and even throw in free dinner at Marina Mandarin on 9 March. No need to pay $$ & no obligation to invest. So i am curious what topics will be covered by this equity talk.
      Let’s hope Terence will clarify this.
      Thank you.
      Laura Wee

  2. Good Morning Terence,

    I would be happy to attend this event, and appreciate count me in.

    With Best & Warmest Regards,
    06 MARCH 2017, MONDAY
    0048 HRS

  3. Hi Laura,

    We had intended this gathering for members with equities trading interests to come together and share their positions, at this time of global changes and a lively market.

    No speakers have been arranged. However, members who wish to speak during the gathering, can let us know and we allocated some time.

    Terence Seah

    • TQ Richard. Good to have your coming.

      I just came back from a long trip to India and KL. I am hoping for more members to participate in this activity. We will go ahead with this event; and if there is significant interests, we will organise more.

      A significant happening these few months is trade from Asean has increased so much so that there is container shortages from major Asean ports. Meantime, shipping carriers are consolidating their space, making freight more expoensive.

      We have yet to see trade flows significantly affected by the Trump admin, but obviously many Asean countries are preparing to find new partners.

      Equities markets are not relenting. Members, please share your thoughts on China, South Korea, North Korea, and Japan in the coming months and year.

      Terence Seah

  4. For those who are coming to our Equities chat on 1 April, i look forward to seeing you at The GreenDot, at Bourna Vista station. We will keep this to a small group discussion, As this is a small size, we wont have speakers and program..

    To keep any F&B simple, you may order direct from the venue counter.

    See you soon.

    Terence Seah

  5. Hi Terence,
    Doreen Ong here. It has been quite a long while since I joined the last event. Please include me in for 1 Apr event. Thank you.

  6. I’ve tried out the menu at the Green Dot – they serve vegan meals and I’m surprised that the food is very tasty. You can have a choice of bento box meal or a one dish noodle dish. I tried the mock beef/mutton rendang – it tasted like the real thing – except the “meat” lah!

    • When you arrive at the GreenDot near Bourna Vista MRT, please take your seat. There is no formality. As this is a food cafe, please order the food and drinks, as youwish.

      Susan Tan has been to the place, and the food is nice.

      This gathering is for members to share their views on the current equities market. If you wish to speak, please let me know before the date. Of course, you may ask questions and chat among yourself. Have fun.

      Terence Seah

  7. Terence, Luckily Star Vista is near my place. I’m curious to hear from the gurus what’s our fate in this uncertain new world. Count me in!

  8. Hi Terence
    Hi Chris

    Please count me in


    Your transaction has been completed.
    Please note this transaction number for your records: 18495616691

    Recipient Name
    Chris Chan
    Transfer Currency and Amount

  9. Hi Terence, in your reply to Susan Tan, and I quote:
    “As this is a food cafe, please order the food and drinks, as you wish.”
    But there is a payment of $15 or $20 from each participant.
    There are rumblings in the background so allow me to be the devils’ advocate. May I ask whoever and whatever the payment is for?


    • Originally, we had planned to bring in projectors and some audio equipment to the cafe. This cost money. We had also packaged in the food, drinks and a dessert. We budgeted this at $20 per pax.

      To encourage members to participate, we offer the same package at $15 per pax. I hope you can see that there is a loss, and someone in the club has to pay for shortfall.

      However, as the response as of a week ago was only 4 to 5 pax, we do away with installing the projector and audio set. If you had read the earlier comments, you will have noticed we decided to just order from the cafe and pay dutch.

      It is hard to find a place that will allow us to use the premises without buying their food and drinks.

      It is equally hard to find members who will offer to let use their projector and audio equipment, truck it to the premises, install them uninstall them and bring them back.

      I wish you can encourage the people whom you had spoken with to come up and organise activities for club members.

      Please dont always be the devil. It is discouraging to organisers.

      Terence Seah

      • Terence, if you had made yourself clear and transparent before my question, there wouldn’t need to be any devil’s advocate (not devil). If you had talked about projector and audio equipment earlier, there wouldn’t be any disquiet among concerned members.

        Scroll up. Your “account” was still receiving money a few hours before my question.

        Every statement posted here is subject to scrutiny and question, because it is viewed by all members and the public at large. We are in Singapore and not some shady country where you don’t have to call a spade a spade.

        What is there to talk about equity and investment when a simple accounting procedure cannot be unambiguously stated?

        Do not treat readers who are not responding here as “illiterate fools”. I am trying to protect your credibility. As I have said, there are rumblings in the background and you should be glad that I have offered you the opportunity to clarify. When a clarification is sought, be graceful to answer it for the benefit of all, not only the questioner. There must be better ways to get members to be the EO, instead of “penalising” those who (dare to) ask you questions.


  10. Hi Terence,
    Thank you for organising. Please include me for the meeting. I will share a winning strategy to achieve in what my mentor claimed to be 100% success. Cheers..
    Bobby Bok

    • Look forward to see you Bobby Bok and Bobby Yee at our equities sharing gathering.

      The USD has since tumbled against a number of currencies. Where do we go from here? See u guys on this April Fools day.

      Terence Seah

    • Dear Bobby Bok (Ah Kor)

      I love your 100% success winning strategy.
      Looking forward to seeing all of you.

      Dear Terence, please register for this event.

      Thanks &I regards

  11. Why do every advanced country has an exchange for trading on stocks and shares in the markets.
    It is primarily set up for companies to raise funds through an IPO and later rights issues. It is an instrument whereby they raise capital without paying interests
    vis-a-vis borrowing from the banks. If the companies do well they may pay a dividend to the shareholders.
    So an investor who invests in buying shares through an exchange is subject to the vagaries of the market and the well being of the issuer of the equity. These imponderables are mined with many uncertainties. The management, the business, the timing and others have a bearing on the ultimate fortune of the
    company. In certain business eventhe weather also plays a part in determining the success and its viability.
    Many books and so-called experts have come out theories to corner the market but to no much avail. But there are individuals who become the richest billionaires in the world. One such person is none other than Warren Buffett. He invested in shares like Coca-Cola, IBM and American Express through his Berkshire Hathaway. The A share is worth US$260,000 per share.
    In our home ground, the general investment public does not do well. According to the CPF board those share investors who withdrew CPF funds to dabble in the market, majority of whom lost money.
    Then it bags the question as to who makes the money.
    In our sharing on 1st April, we will dwell further on this topic.
    Robert Ong

  12. Please include me. If we have studied Committee of Future Economy report by our government and also the Information Transformation Map, we are of consensus that many levels, there is an Industrial revolution ( albeit mainly a IT side) causing disruption in economy and jobs loss at a scale never seen before..
    Then we have the Trump effect challenging long held policies and convention both domestically and globally.
    Also the geo-political situation of the North Korea nuclear test, South Korea ousting of their president, the Brexit exit trigger, etc.
    The bottoming out of the crude oil is yet to be seen and may be too late for many smaller player with 2 solvency of Ezra and Swiber. Stock value of O & G darlings Keppel and Semcopr loses more than 40% values. The climb back is not clear as the crude oil has slipped back below the magical mark USD 50.00 again.

    There is an event called GlobalDisruptor Conference at Suntec tomorrow where Sir Richard Branson is one of the speakers. I will be attending and hear the insight of his views and a few more global entrepreneur.

    Guess all of us are still searching for the perfect what I called ” The Elusive Passive Income Model” . Such that some have fall prey to blatant internet scam on algorithm trading on option trading to an extent that MAS has issued a warning. Still the scam continue using references from Warren Buffet, Richard Branson and our own local billionaire, Peter Lim. It is a jungle out that.

    See you all the sharing

  13. Hi Terence
    Please include me for this meeting. I wish to pick up some investment tips. I may be a bit late as I will be rushing from another seminar.
    Thank you.
    Laura Wee

  14. Add one more to the Equities gathering. Daisy Yeo is coming. And Asean markets have slided, in line with US markets.

    To allow time for members with prepared presentations, I shall allocated about 10 mins each. So we have plenty of time to ask Questions.

    Some of you have asked, but I am now unable to organise projectors for laptop use. But, yes, we can hear from one another.

    Terence Seah

  15. Thanks for the registration.

    2 important tips for trading and investing
    1) focus on potential for profit and NOT potential profit
    2) focus on managing risk and not limiting risk

    Those who understand its significance just by looking at the headlines, good. If not remind me to elaborate. It make a difference between winning and losing in the trading game.
    It may be a zero sum game but it is better to be in the 20% winning side than the 80% losing end.

  16. Some two weeks ago, I was in Chiangmai. Well, it wasn’t the North Thai food that attracted but more to mingle with Singaporeans who have retired there with their families.

    Sometimes, we wonder how we can live overseas without work, and yet having to spend money living away from home. Well, the ability to trade online with good internet links has made making some money while overseas possible. This guy has packed up his bags and started a new life in a city.

    Daisy Wee is joining us for this equities gathering. I remember she has been to Chiangmai recently.

    I wonder whether we should have more such sessions. Everybody is welcome to welcome anybody.

    Terence Seah

  17. More people are coming to the Equities share gathering. We shall allocate the timing for those who have prepared to share their views, opinions and secrets this Wednesday.

    If you come late, or ordering your stuffs from the counter, please take a seat quietly as the session will be on. Time will be allocated for chitchats, at the last hour.

    Sally Kang will be joining us too.

    Terence Seah

  18. Yes, Robert, the equities gathering is on this Sat. It maybe an April Fool’s day, but. It is ON.

    For those who comes early for lunch, see you about 1pm. Event proper starts at 2pm.

    Terence Seah

  19. For the equities sharing gathering, the GreenDot cafe has allocated an area for SHC. As we have not made arrangements for special menu, instead of having fixed price per pax, we have made it flexible for members to order their lunch and drinks from the counter.

    Dress code: as casual as you like on a Sat, April fools day.

    Terence Seah

  20. For those who are coming to the Equities Share gathering, I look forward to seeing. The early oart of the afternoon will be short presentations from members. After that, we shall move our seats and move to talk with other members of the group, Hoping to have a fruitful afternoon.

    Terence Seah

    • It was a good afternoon discussing the Equities market. Robert Ong, Bobby Yee, Bobby Bok and Leon shared their experience and views; followed by further side chitchats on investments and online trading.

      Some members were disappointed there was no projector and felt a more suitable place should have been identified, instead of a small cafe. Others felt the food served at the cafe was vegetarian; and not to their liking. I see many end the afternoon discussion with plans to learn more about the equities trading.

      If any member wishes to organise similar gatherings, please feel free to do so. Put up a Post, share the subject title and invite likeminded participants.

      One warning message by a fellow participant: “At our age, we dont have all the time to make mistakes”.

  21. Hi DoreenChan,

    This confirmes that today I have returned via online banking $15.00 to your DBS Savings account.

    Cheerio! 😀

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