Scuba diving as a hobby and sport

This is one particular activity which we rarely hear of in the Club. It is always associated with clear waters, beautiful Nemos and colourful corals, going out to remote islands and a day well-spent.

We have a few members who love scuba diving, and they go out regularly to their regular spots. And, of course, we have members who want to know more about this activity.

If you are a scuba diver or you love to find out more about the sport, please indicate your name here. We will organise a session for you to find Nemo together.

Terence Seah

9 thoughts on “Scuba diving as a hobby and sport

  1. When I first joined SHC, one of the things I tried to do was to form a SCUBA section. Although I know that several members were divers, the response was quite luke warm to say the least. However I did reconnect with one person who was with my diving group from long ago. This particular SHC member had not dived for 25 years but would like to dive again.

    5 years ago she followed my group on a trip to Malapasqua (Cebu, Philippines), redid the entire SCUBA course from scratch and is now a very regular diver. Coincidentally, we were at Bunaken (Sulawesi, Indonesia) last week; had beautiful sunny weather with only one rainy day during our trip which we did a total of 11 dives.

    I know that there are divers in SHC who have hung up their fins but if you guys want to, as Terence says, ‘to find Nemo’ again, give us a shout and we’ll organise something, trips, refresher courses if needed etc. If you have not dived before and want to, we’re all young enough to do something new.

    My diving group is a senior dive group in which at 64, I’m the youngest person in the group!

    • Main thing is interest. If you are prepare to learn new skills and have an interest “in finding Nemo”. Then why not?

      Of course, needless to say, you must be able to swim and feel comfortable in and under water.

  2. HI Terence Seah
    Glad to know that you are a keen SCUBA Diver. Should encourage more Silver Hair to take this up as another recreational activities.
    I reckon I can help if there are peoples keen to find Nemos together.
    I started SCUBA diving since 1971. Now 65 years of age. Still love the sea! Have conducted many SCUBA diving courses as a PADI free lance instructors. Just completed two SCUBA diving courses conducted in Salang Bay Tioman. Wish to share the joy and benefits of SCUBA diving with all the Silver Haired.
    Don’t worry about your age! Anyone can enjoy the sport. It is easy and fun. Almost three quarter of our earth is underwater. It would be a waste not to pay them a visit. Many surprises await!

    • Hi Tony,

      It’s good to know that we have a SCUBA instructor in our midst. In my earlier attempts in starting a SCUBA group, I contacted an instructor friend of mine to conduct a refresher course for those who have hung up their fins for a long time or a full SCUBA course for newbies.

      Perhaps we can do the same if we have enough response since you are an instructor. This instructor friend of mine has unfortunately passed away (while SCUBA diving, you might know who).

      I fully agree with you that age is no barrier. As earlier mentioned, my diving group is a senior dive group.

  3. hohohohoho hahahahha , bro tony

    since small love sea life …keep me in d loop ..if timing match me , will like to join u ya !
    cheers Bro Sam

  4. Here’s a teaser – a short video I made of my dive trip in March this year :

    Pardon the sloppy editing and lack of audio (I’m a newbie at video editing) but this is what you can expect when you’re underwater.

  5. Like your Video. Rather well taken indeed. Dive there before, but missed the Eagle Ray 🙁 Love the place. You are treated like “RAJA” by the dive boat assistants. Less tiring for oldies like us! More video to share please.

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