Retreat, Refresh and Retain

Hi folks,

I am looking at a plan to set up a very cultural, ethnic and rejuvenating retreat centre in Yunnan for travelers with special needs or people who need to travel abroad for the special medical, physiological or psychological needs. The premise will be mainly for foreigners or foreign chinese. Yunnan weather is 365 days spring, except for 2 months of cold winter, and has cool crisp air and because of its at least 1,000M above sea level location, it should be able to handle whatever flu with its good ultra violet rays.

Yunnan has at least 100 NGOs operating there, all the chinese herbs and plants for TCM and 24 ethnic nationalities with lots of interesting ethnic botany cultures.  

Hope to find folks with the skills, management personnel and of course the "worldly possession" to consider this opportunity.

Regarding June yunnan trip, so far one shc member is definite, wondering any more keen to go.

The date might have to be from 9 to 16 June. email me for details. feztus

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  1. Fren,
    Any recommendation for treatment for osteophorosic arthritis amongst the TCM there? Would need some herbs for someone’s left knee PRONTO.
    Cheers ………………:>)

  2. I would definitely be interested to go some other times especially if can visit the beautiful rice terraces I heard about. Have to give this June trip a pass as I’ll be going to Kuching and Hong Kong.

  3. Hi Fetzus,

    I am looking to see if I can find a time slot in my diary.

    Meantime, can you share with us the bigger picture in your plan. Feel free and be comfortable to tell us your vision and what you have in mind on this forum. There are far more people than we know that read the SHC forum regularly. You never know, so I can only encourage you to spread your thoughts, as you bring your plan to fruit.

    Terence Seah

  4. I will be in yunnan this weekend edwin, will ask around for the tcm herbs edwin.

    cecil, to see the rice terraces in the scenic flooded condition for good photos, you need to go before end april.

    The idea of this retreat centre has been on my mind for few years and still brewing. will have the clearer plan soon if not for the ocassional mental constipation.

    The chinese here and even the koreans who are here have a few lodges here; homestay type. But i hope to have something for retreat centre for folks who like to stay longer for health, recreational and recovery reasons.

    I really like to hear from members their thoughts about a place for retreat and how it would appeal to people.

  5. Hi Lim,
    Your idea of Yunnan retreat + herbs treatment is good and should be supported.The only disadvantage is the costly airfare to there.Is there cheaper airfare?
    I want to visit Yunnan during your next visit. I love this type of weather and would like to stay for long long time – possibly on a budget. There was mentioned previously of some Singaporeans operating a farm there — are they still doing it ? I am keen to do farm work – was born in the countryside !!
    Till then – best wishes/regards from:

    TM Fong
    e-mail :

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