SHC May monthly gathering, Fri 5 May 2017

Our last few monthly gathering was organised by Daniel Chan. it was held at Hans Cafe at the basement of Chinatown point.

We shall now try another location, away from the buzz of working people and shoppers. We make effort to keep to somewhere near the train station so that members working in various part of Singapore can get here conveniently after work. Food and drinks, we go for variety and choice. Seats plentiful, as this venue is crowded during working hours. So, here it is, details of our May monthly gathering. Strictly for SHC members.

Date: Fri 5 May 2017
Time: 1700 – 2030 hours
Venue: Asia SquareTower 1 Food court, level 2,
Marina View, Asia square, Singapore 018960
Near train: Downtown DT 17

If you have been there, please recommend an area to meet. If you have a special interest, do highlight here so that others know you are coming. You may introduce yourself here before coming, to make the gathering more fun.

The monthly gathering aims to provide a platform for members to meet new and old SHCians. Please register your coming.

Terence Seah

Those coming:

  1. Caroline Gee
  2. Amy Yu
  3. Stella Sheng
  4. Maria Tan
  5. Bobby Bok
  6. Doreen Ong
  7. Hewlee
  8. Andrew Koh
  9. SS James
  10. Jazz Soh
  11. Doreen Chan
  12. Steven Chan
  13. Robert Ong
  14. Doris &
  15. Graham Smith
  16. Martin Han &
  17. Christine Neo
  18. Christine Teo
  19. Chan Keng Ngee
  20. Dolly Lim
  21. Rosalind Lee
  22. Gingko Tay
  23. Barbara Ong
  24. Edward Lim
  25. Daisy Wee
  26. Tony Ang
  27. Edward Lim
  28. Grace Kang

Some pictures from the evening event:

74 thoughts on “SHC May monthly gathering, Fri 5 May 2017

  1. The date for the next monthly gathering is now set for Fri 5 May 2017. It will be at the Asia Square food court on level 2. Nearest train station: DT17.

    If you like to meet up with fellow members with interest to go on your next holiday trip, please let us know your plans here so that others can join you.

    If you like to chit chat on the new Samsung Galaxy S8 after buying one, and you need some help. Well, you just got to tell us your problems, and maybe someone might be able to show you how during the gathering.

    Many SHCians, at our age, are busy with our grandchildren, bringing them to school and facing the same issues we face with our children, do get together and share time together. You will find common things to talk about.

    Shy, not so sure how to get started with dancing? We have plenty of dancers in the Club. And plenty of non-dancers too. There are the social dancing queens and kings. Mind you, not to forget the line dancers too. Tell us your interest here, or you may be sitting down quietly at the foodcourt all alone, waiting for another non-dancer to say hello.

    For those who can sit down for hours playing mahjong, but sometimes, short of one kaki, well, you just got to yell on this post. But, if you keep quiet, no one will know.

    I cant believe it; but there are so many members who make the last minute decision to go into JB for massage, lobsters, a nice lunch or even a quick shopping trip, and of course, if you are not planning to go alone, here is the place. Tell us your escape routes, and you may find others meeting you when you arrive in this city north of singapore.

    I may have run short of ideas, but if you have ideas on how to make the monthly gathering more exiting, this is the place.

    Finally, our club rules require no discussion on politics, race, religion and direct selling.

    Have fun.

    Terence Seah

  2. Asia Square Food Court is a good choice of venue for a gathering as it is very spacious. Love the ambience there. However, generally the food there is slightly more expensive than other food courts.
    I will be there but for a short while as I shall be going to the Esplanade Waterfront for a free concert featuring songs of the yesteryears. Hopefully I can cabot early from work.
    I shall put up the post on this free concert when I have more details.

  3. I am adjusting my May travel schedule. It is likely I may miss the SilverHairsClub May monthly gathering.

    In the meantime, I have asked Stella Sheng to be the co-EO on 5 May 2017. Event is on, and I look forward to your participation at Asia Square Tower 1.

    Plse register your attendance.

    Terence Seah

  4. Hi Terence/Stella,
    Thank you for organising this monthly meeting. Please register my name for the meeting. For those who like to know how to maximise the use of their mobile phone and to try some new app are also welcome to the meeting for discussion.
    Bobby Bok

  5. Hi Hew Lee,
    we appreciate your efforts to join us in the monthly meeting despite the jet lag from your long airflight journey back home. Hope you can help Bobby to handle those iphone queries.

    stella sheng

  6. Hi Terence / Stella , please register the ” giraffe ” Steven Chan for the May 5th meeting.
    Congratulations to Stella for being appointed as co E.O. I will fully support you at this event. However I have to leave by 7pm to Pasir Ris to join midnight tour @ Pasir Panjang Wholesale market n later to Jurong Fisheries Port . Looking forward to meeting old n new Shc members.

  7. Hi Stella/Terence
    Please register me for the event.
    As a matter of interest, those who are keen to play or to learn a board game called RUMMY-O, I shall liaise for the interest group which meet regularly at a CC. The use of the spacious room is free and all chats are communicated through a WHATS-APP.
    It has been claimed that the game can enhance the wellness of the brain and reduce the onslaught of dementia.
    Robert Ong

    • Hi Stella/Terence
      Thank you for organizing the Gathering.
      As much as I would like to attend the event but due to unforeseen
      circumstance I would give it a miss.

  8. Hi robert ong,

    Welcome to join our monthly meeting.
    Very glad to hear that u are organising this game.
    Let me know the outcome of the game, i will register.
    In the meantime, i suggest you advertise in shc forum , I believe you will get more participants.

    Cheers Robbert

    stella sheng

  9. Hi Terence
    I may join in the 5 May gathering for a short while. My grandchildren also need my presence for dinner.
    Christine Teo

  10. hohoohohoho hahahhahha , halo sister stella

    actually would very much like 2 support u for your first attempt being EO …but sorry lei cant …as i am coming back for my group meeting on next day !! sorry ya ..maybe next time ya !! cheers

  11. Hi Stella,
    Finally managed to shift work schedule on this Friday, confirmed will be there early unless other impromptu at home but got to leave early to support Caroline Gee’s dotter concert.

    Gingko, are you coming here to meet both Carly and me. At the same time, support the event too, please let us know.

    Cheers… Dolly

  12. Hi Terence,
    I will come by this monthly meeting, albeit rush, rush. Please include me.

    Ah Doll, you gals have company, hee…


    • Tio Tio, Gingko, let see if we catch a glimpse of Tanglin Halt Apek there bo? This time, we shall all rumba or cha cha with him if he is there.. hahahahaha….Cheers.. Dolly

  13. Hi Dolly
    I was so happy that you are coming despite someone told me that i am not welcome to attend club 5. organised by caroline. I like to attend the concert too but dont know can allowed to leave early or not .How i wish i am just participant and not appointed EO.Welcome you and caroline with both hand.Cheers

    Stella sheng

  14. Mong Cha Cha Ros, Stella is the EO lah.. Stella, FYI hor…

    Stella, regret to know of the bad experience on the Club 5 event nevertheless, this event already over and closed – so let’s all forget this ok… much happier this way lor..

    BTW, pls register Barbara Ong for this meeting too.. She will also be leaving earlier to attend Carly’s dotter concert.

    I think there should be 2 segment for her dotter’s concert, you can join us for 2nd segment of her concert mah.. Carly, tio bo?

    Cu on Friday… Cheers… Dolly

    • Dear Stella

      Agree with Dolly. You can join us anytime because we will be there until late. There will be three sets of the performance. The first one starts at 7.30pm and the last set ends at 10.30pm. Hope to see you there.
      Very good response for a monthly gathering so you are doing fine.
      Looking forward to meeting long time members and new members. See you on Friday.

  15. Stella dear,
    Pls register for Gingko for mthly gathering too… She will also leave early for the concert too… Cheers.. Dolly

  16. The monthly SilverHairsClub gathering is an important gathering. Please be encouraged to attend and keep in touch with one another.

    I won’t be able to join and Stella Sheng has volunteered to take over as EO. Have a good time.

    If you like to lead future monthly gatherings, do get in touch with me. This is a great way to know more members.

    Terence Seah

  17. Hi Dolly Dear,

    You are always so lovely like your photo.Welcome Babara Ong & Gingko. to our monthly meeting.


    Stella Sheng

  18. Hi caroline
    Provided after monthly meeting end, someone is willing to go together with me as companion
    Let see how thing work out.
    No promissing


    Stella Sheng

  19. 5 May Asia Tower 1 – Take Downtown line ( blue) to Downtown (DT 17) exit E follow signboard walk to Asia Tower take escalator to big food court at level 2

  20. Hi
    Good Morning
    Thank Everyone give out your special time to attend this monthly meeting.
    No matter we are old or new members, We gather together to have a happy time tomorrow getting to know each other and share our interest.See Everyone tomorrow,Cheer !

    Stella Sheng

  21. Hi Every One,
    We will sit near Imperial Treasure Windows of Hong kong, Tower 1.
    Many seat there,So don worry about tower 1 or 2, both are link together.
    Direction Take blueline stop at D17 DownTown station and exit E.
    All the way there is signboard to guide you there.
    See Everyone tomorrow, Cheer !


  22. The SilverHairsClub monthly gathering is the best place and time to meet new and fellow members. Stella Sheng has done a marvellous job as the EO. She went to recce the place to find the best seats for our meeting.

    I hope each of you will take one picture, in small groups and send the pics to me at whatsapp +65 94894360.

    Terence Seah

  23. Hi Tony Ang
    Very happy you are joining too .
    Even the last minute decision is a pleasure to me
    See You this evening .

    Cheers !

    Stella Sheng

  24. Ref DollyLim on May3, 2017@11:05
    Ah Doll, I sure hope Uncle Tanglin Halt will be there. He was so smitten by you and Caroline. Both u two can Rum and Cha with him. That leaves me to Lam lah, LOL

  25. EO StellaS & friends,

    Looking forward to this monthly meeting to catch up with friends and old & new members.

    See you !

  26. Thank you Stella for your warm welcome. It was nice to meet long time no see members and meeting new ones. Very nice place to gather. Quite convenient to get to.

  27. TQ Stella for hosting the May SilverHairsClub monthly gathering.

    I looking forward to reading feedback on Asia Square Food Garden as the venue for future monthly gatherings.

    How to make this venue more convenient for members? What are the comments on food, space and ease of social networking?

    Members who have new ideas, you may like to be the next EO. Do get in touch with me.

    Also, Jazz Soh has created a short video of the evening event. You can enjoy it in the main post.

    Terence Seah

  28. Hi Stella n Terence ,

    T hank goodness we finally found a suitable place with a pleasant green surrounding non smoking food court at Asia Towers.

    I give compliment to the one who recommended this favourable food court.

    Unlike the other 2 venues you have to talk very loudly to be heard . The loudest noise WINS. Ha ha.

  29. Hi Stella n Terence ,

    T hank goodness we finally found a suitable place with a pleasant green surrounding non smoking food court at Asia Towers.

    I give compliment to the one who recommended this favourable food court.

    Unlike the other 2 venues you have to talk very loudly to be heard . The loudest noise WINS. Ha ha.

    Why is my comment always MODERATED despite being a permanent member ?

    Admin please CLARIFY. THANKS.
    Steven Chan

  30. Many thanks and credit to our professional photographer who took good clear photos of our meeting.

    And also to post the beautiful photos as a memory of our events will follow this way of presentation.

    I hope this May Gathering Meeting be set as a precedent for future events to follow.

    My personal view but you may choose to differ .

    Steven Chan

  31. Yes, Stella, you have been a great EO for this monthly gathering, glad that I attended. Looking forward for another EO event from you soon…
    Cheers… Dolly

  32. Hi StevenC,

    Re your query as to why your comments go into moderation.

    Our SilverHairsClub forum treats every member the same. It does not differentiate StevenC from StevenD. Honestly, I don’t know why. When our forum was first started, some criteria had been set. Outside the approved criteria, the comments and also Posts go into moderation.

    I have no intention to relook into the whys. 99% of members comments go through as swiftly as a breeze. Comments under moderation may be published at a later time. Others stay in the bin forever.

    Please be reminded the SilverHairsClub forum is a moderated site. It is a Club for all members.

    Terence Seah

  33. Time flies. Half of 2017 is almost gone. Thank you Terence,  for giving me the opportunity to be EO. I have attended many events and functions organised by SHC and for SHC. It is only fair that I do my part to serve others. 

    Being an EO is no easy job, even when there is no money collection. I was worried no one would register. Then I worried whether those who registered would turn up, and how many would turn up without registering.

    It leaves me to thank each and every one who was present at Asia Square on May 5th. It was a wonderful meeting. We chatted on anything that came to our mind. Some left early for the Esplanade while others stayed on.

    A picture tells a thousand words. So I leave it to Terence and members to look at the pictures and derive their own opinion about the place. Personally, I like it.

    Till we meet again, take care and have a safe and pleasant journey for the second half of 2017. For a change, I think we should have a gentleman to be the next EO. 

    Best regards

    • Well said Stella.

      I like the place too. Spacious and comfortable. Easy to get to. Not noisy so we don’t have to speak at the top of our voice to be hear. But I have a built-in stereo so I speak loud – no matter where.

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