Free Concert at The Esplanade Outdoor Theatre on 5 & 6 May (Fri & Sat) 2017

The Shanghai Jazz Club presents “Songs I Grew Up With – the 1950s”

5th & 6th May
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre
7.15pm – first set
8.30pm – second set
9.45pm – third set

If you are free on the two days, do come and join me there. See you if I see you.


19 thoughts on “Free Concert at The Esplanade Outdoor Theatre on 5 & 6 May (Fri & Sat) 2017

  1. Hi Amy,
    It’s my pleasure and looking forward to meet you there.

  2. Caroline dear,

    I’ll be there for the concert. Thank you for reminding/sounding out.


  3. Yay! Thank you Gingko dear. We will have fun there….again. See if the Tanglin Halt “uncle” is there and we can dance with him. LOL! See ya!

  4. Both Barbara and me will be going to the concert after the monthly gathering…

    Cheers… Dolly

    • Thank you buddy and Barbara! See you all soon! Yay! we are gonna have a party!

  5. Dear All,
    Please see update on timings of performance. Starts at 7.15pm and not 7.30pm.
    See you all there!

  6. Hi Caroline,
    The Shanghai Jazz Club sound interesting. I probably will drop by to watch the concert. Cheers.
    Bobby Bok

  7. Thank you all for coming to my daughter’s concert. Dolly, TC, Richard, Rosalind, Gingko, Daisy, Martin, Bobby, Grace, Amy, Christine, John, Doreen, Beng, Annie, Aileen, Barbara, Priscilla, Daniel, several Simei members, and your friends. My apologies if I missed out some names.
    Hope you all had a good time.
    For those who missed it, I hope to see you tomorrow same time 7.15pm same place.

  8. Yes, Carly, I enjoyed the concert.

    Oh ya, BTW, Stella, if you are reading, we had no time to gossip about you la.. we were too busy and rushing from MRT to MRT and walked as fast as we could to Esplanade lor.. Tio bo, Carly…

    • Glad you enjoyed Buddy. Yes Stella, agree with Dolly. Rest assured we got more interesting thing to do. Enjoy and don’t worry!

  9. Hi both of u
    Should dedicate this msg to bobby bok
    Ask him stop telling tale.
    Put words in other mouth.


  10. Hi Carly,
    Thank you for inviting us to your daughter concert, we really enjoyed the performance and she is really talented. BTW Stella, if you are reading this yes agree with Dolly, we are busy rushing to the Esplanade and engrossed in the performance, dun understand why you out of the blue draw me into your wild assumption. Please dun draw me into your unhealthy conversation.

    • Glad you enjoyed the performance Bobby and thank you for your support!

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  14. Hi Caroline,

    I hear the concert went well, and those who attended the event enjoyed it.

    Normally,i leave all posts alone but in this case, I have decided to close this post. I can only hope all parties can be amicable.

    Terence Seah

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