Another idea to hold Gathering/Events

2 days event forĀ  S$ 80 per couple with 4 meals-lunch, dinner, supper and breakfast and twin-share cabin and two Shows
Day 1 = pick up at JB ( after check point) at 8.45 am or 12.00 noon. to board the Crusie
Proposed proramme – Any topic discussion over lunch/Dinner; coffee chats
over tea time.
Show Time after dinner
Karoake / Dance until 2.00 am the next day.
Day 2 = Say Bye Bye until the next gathering . This will be done after breakfast ,lunch Bus will transport you back to JB City Square

Please indicate your interest here so I shall co-ordinate the arrangement for our next gathering.

Tony Ang

26 thoughts on “Another idea to hold Gathering/Events

  1. This particular Cruise ship was build in Japan 1990 and served under Japanese Group – Venus Cruise.
    2016 Jan sold to New Century Group and refurbished to cruise around Singapore/Batam/Malaysia.
    Ship Capacity : 1274 with 327 Cabins
    Speed : 20 knots
    Length : 174 m x 24 meter; 23,300 Tons

    I like the NO restriction of Person(up to 4) sleeping in a cabin. If you group in 4s, each will pay $25.

    Shall we make this an EC event so that you can bring your spouse/friends along ?
    However, SHC meetings will only cater for members on board
    Questions and comments Welcome.


    • Hi Caroline,
      Tkns for responsing to my post.
      It will be better to receive more ………..
      Every month, there are walks, coffee chats, monthly gathering,…etc
      Do you think is possible to combine all activities into one outing to save cost ?
      Walk can be done on Deck – During sun rise/sun sets, follow by gym, dip in pool for those to show their beautiful posters.
      Coffee Chats on board cater for different groups
      Karoake/Dancing group to swing into the early morning…………

      • Hi Tony,
        Actually what you have said is quite true. Doing everything in one place. Having the cake and getting to eat it! I shall wait patiently for more responses to come in. And if the date is ideal, I shall register to participate.
        Many thanks.

  2. Hi tony,
    Look great to me , May i know any jackpot machines too.
    Hoping that the date is favourable to me.
    Thank for organising such a wonderful events

    cheers !

    Stella sheng

    • Hi Stella,
      Tkns for the positive response. All cruise ship have plenty jackpot machines- a live line we must avoid

      I am looking for some one to take my idea to organized bigger scale gathering together ( Coffee Chats = avg spending S$5; Makan gathering = avg S$ 10 to 30 depends; Monthly walkexercise S$ 7 ; ) rather than small groupings.

      Do you know who the someone should be? ( don’t point at me-as I only facilitate as an opportunist )

  3. Hi Tony
    I am quite new in SHC . For this I cant of any help.
    Would only like to participate and know more people.
    Hope you will meet someone for this ????.


    Stella Sheng

    • Hi Stella,
      The right person to call the shot is Terence. Doing Activities in one place with a big group on a monthly basis. Of course if he prefer to have small group mushrooming and subsequently shrinking, then my idea will be lousy.

      • Hi TonyA,

        In principle, I am fine with many small groups mushrooming in SHC. The group leaders are always full of ideas, they are creative and able to manage small groups, be it on travel, coffee, makan , fishing, etc. These small group leaders cater to the needs of their friends and they do have common interests.

        I am very time constrained, and I would rather you EO the event, based on your contacts and the way you like to see the event organised. Go ahead and move on with your ideas.

        Terence Seah

      • Tony, so is SS Aegent Paradise. I have been a few times from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. This ship does call at Harbourfront on alternate Wednesday. It would be more convenient to take from Harbourfront rather than from JB. What’s the date u are planning?

        • Hi Christine,
          The ship call at Harbourfront on the lst and 3rd Weednesday subject to a surcharge. It will be definitely more convenient to board in SinagporeHF.
          Is comparing MR 50 Vs S$45.
          Lets see if we have more hands up for Wednesday Outing.

    • Hi Daisy,
      Unable to firm date at the moment. I propose the following for members to consider :
      1. On Fridays Or Sundays – depart from Tanah Merah 8.55 am. and back the next day before 2.45 pm.

      I will experimenting a trip next week to draw up a detail programme

      • Hi Tony,
        Fridays at Tanah Merah sounds good to me. Thank you for being the “guinea pig” (hope you are not offended) for us and drawing up the detailed programme. Much appreciated.

  4. Hi Tony
    Agree MR50 cheaper versus $45. But then the hastle of going to JB City Square as against conveniently boarding fr harbourfront. I think friday departure fr Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal is $25 and weekend is $45. Departure fr harbourfront is $45. Great idea to racqi the place for a detailed programme. Thank you for initiating such trip.

  5. Hi Tony Ja
    I read with great interest about your cruise to no where.

    MR 50 compare $45 now with booking trains on line is convenient and less jam.. 5 mins from Woodlands to JB CIQ Immigration check point.

    Which part of JB will the cruise ferry be parking ?

  6. Hi Tony ,
    Once you have recee can use pls provide us with the exact date time n venue to board in Singapore or JB. ?
    And an itinerary for the 2D/1N event ?

    Looking 4 ward to the event . And many thanks for initiating this event .

  7. Hi
    I cant attend the cruise due to last min got to.go bkk.
    Hope every had a enjoyable trip

    Stella sheng

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