O-Bike Meet May 13th 2017 Time 6.00 pm at Meeting Point

The past Cycling Events were organized to get participants to meet at East Coast Park, rent a bicycle at $10 for 2 hours. After cycling, rush to return the bike to the kiosk.

Now we can rent a bike at our doorstep and cycle to the meeting point. What you need to do is to download and installed the O-Bike from your “Playstore” . Suggest you pay through your telecom bill.

The app will show you where to find the bicycle near where you are. Unlock the Bike and start cycling towards the Meeting Point.

Please register your interest with  the location you are coming from. The Meeting Point will be Map out based on the average distance each cyclist will have cycle .

Registration starts now and will be close on 11th May 2017. Meeting point will be announce the next day.


Tony Ang

4 thoughts on “O-Bike Meet May 13th 2017 Time 6.00 pm at Meeting Point

  1. Hi Tony ,
    Many thanks for reviving this Cycling post . I am very HAPPY that we can continue cycling as a group.
    I remember when Douglas n Yew Kwong organise cycling events with overnight stay at Pengarang and Desaru.
    Those were my memorable n fine vents as a group of 20 pax cycling together as a “convoy.
    At Pengarang stop 10 km from the Johor customs I LOVE the herbal bak kut teh which has a strong herbal smell.
    Also the famous Tau Sao Piao which is sold at the bakery fresh from the oven.

    BTW Tony instead of paying thro telecom bills can we use our Visa Card ?

  2. Hi Tony ,
    Your cycling event clashes with another monthly walking event on the same day
    13th May 2917 ie on a Saturday.

    I love to attend both events BUT I cannot attend the 2 events at the same time. I would appreciate very much if you could change the cycling date earlier or later ie either 6th May or 20th May please ?

    Awaiting your reply..
    Thanks Steven Chan.

    • Hi Steven,
      TQ for bringing event clashes. I totally forgot 2nd Saturday of every month were booked for walking event.
      Shall change to 20th May

      Tony Ang

  3. Thanks Tony for changing the date to 20th May and also explaining rationale behind your new system of cycling with O bike.

    BTW it will be good if you amend your main post cycling event title to 20th May.

    Right now it is still stated as 13th May.
    And thanks again for REVIVING this monthly cycling event. With appreciation Steven Chan

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