Go Wild! What can SHC do for you? Or what can you do for SHC?

SilverHairsClub started in 2005. When you first join SHC, the Club had only one objective, and that is to provide a platform for you to find and meet friends. Today, the objective remains unchanged.

Many members have found new friends and form small groups. Many go travel together, have tea and meals regularly, and go social dancing together. Some go for exercises and walks together. If not for these outings, many are happy to chit chat.

But more than 95% of SilverHairsClub members are inactive. You may be one of them. The Club likes to bring you out, and come together as seniors, over 45. While we are aware you may be busy working or looking after tiny-tots. You may also not like too much socialising or you may find the activities not suitable to your like. Or is your non-participation because we have more lady participation than men.

Well, take a step and Go Wild. You maybe exploring retirement possibilities, a part time job or some things to keep you busy. Perhaps, exploring online ecommerce where u can be anywhere and still enjoy some income to keep up with today’s modern kids.

Or fishing, golfing, camping, a wild BBQ, listening to music or reading a book.

You definitely have some ideas, that’s why you join SilverHairsClub, a club for over 45s. But if your goal is to relax and do nothing, do share with us too.

Tell us what we can do for you as a Club. You can also share what you can do for the Club. You can share on the forum or you can whatsapp me at +65 9489-4360. And the wilder, the better.

Write to us today. We look forward to hear from you.

Terence Seah

18 thoughts on “Go Wild! What can SHC do for you? Or what can you do for SHC?

  1. A comment came in to me via WhatsApp:

    Good morning Terence, l just read your posting ‘go wild what can shc do for you, what you can do for shc’.
    Thank you for the huge effort to give senior a platform to meet. I am one of 95% inactive members.
    Why l am inactive:
    1. Makan, tour, dancing etc are good for people who know each other well and are interested in these activities.
    2. When l joined the activity l like (example Walk in the reservoir) often there is a certain ‘pressure’ that everyone should also try to be EO (event organiser). This turns me off, people volunteer to be EO, if nobody volunteer so be it….less activities…

    I only take part in nature walks, the last one was several yrs ago.
    Again l like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to take part in those walks, may you br blessed with good health????????????

  2. Under Go Wild with your ideas:
    Comment 3 from an old member.

    I have been a SHC members for a long time, 5 yrs ago, I remember attending one gathering at Hans Cafe in the city. Everybody was chatting and chatting with one another like old friends. But I was alone. No one tried to speak with me, I was like a statue, eh. After an hour, I decided to go home.

    I think you must do something different or I will continue to be an inactive member. Plse continue to send me updates. I enjoy read the updates.

  3. Comment 4 from Whatsapp on Go Wild.

    Hi Terence, i’m so glad to lear that 95% of SHC members are inactive. Phew! I’m not the only one.

  4. Comment 5 from whatsapp “Go wild”

    Why doesn’t the Club allow members to do direct selling? Just because many members got money, you don’t allow members to make a small income. We have a respective way to make $$$, and still make frens. Come on, we are senior adults.

  5. Terence, to be honest, I’ll be afraid to turn up at Club events if everyone is there to sell their products, especially if they are my friends. I will feel very awkward. Sorry.

    • Hahahaha…. I fully agreed with Susan and Sam. If the member wants to sell something, he or she should create a new forum stating they have the intention of holding an event of such a product sales… anyone interested, can reply to the person… instead of asking for mobile number and starts to spam…

      That is why after my 1st kopi chat, i do not feel like going to the next one. I also fully agree to “Comment 3 from an old member”… this gathering is in cluster and not group.

      Just my 2 cents of comments.

  6. Hi Terence,
    I have been organising karaoke, live band and dancing all 3 in one for my other group of friends for the past 2 months doing it 6 times already and the next coming up one is this Saturday. This is held in Geylang Lorong 10 . It is a Sports club with complete facilities/seatings etc and fairly cosy.
    As I am a member, I am able to secure very often. The only setback is the stairs which is on the 4th floor. So far none of them complain as we are paying around $12 per head minimun 15 persons to utilise the location for a block of 4 hour.
    We can do with our own KJ or a site KC at no extra cost.
    I am toying with the idea to bring forward to our members if we have people of the same interest.
    Any nights if available, arrangements for booking can be made.
    Those showing geniune interest comment welcome…………………….

    Jeffrey Gan/ Irene Lee

    • Jeffrey/Irene,

      I miss those Selegie days. My buddy and I would love to organise a session at the sports club. Will discuss with you further when something us firmed up.
      I shall check with my buddy to see if she is available this Saturday provided there is still vacancy for us. Many thanks for organising and always being so thoughtful and helpful to the members.

  7. Interesting comments…..

    Comment 1
    Quote : “people volunteer to be EO, if nobody volunteer so be it….less activities…”. EXACTLY

    Comment 2
    Good idea. The Chinese seventh month is coming

    Comment 3
    Oh dear. I thought that only happens in primary one.

    Comment 4
    You belong to the silent majority. Want to change…before time runs out?

    Comment 5
    I support you. If product too expensive, I will tell you I check with my bank for a loan. If affordable, I will buy it and give it to my maid.

    Keep the comments coming. Don’t be shy.


  8. Comment 6 from Whatsapp “Go Wild”. The person who put up this suggestion has raised same subject to me before. But the idea has not taken track. I made some changes to spelling and spell check weirdos.

    “Hi Terence,

    SilverHairsClub beginnings were humble, simple and honorable. But to this day, it is a disorganised club. Activities are adhoc. You have no address, no club facilities and no management team. Worse, no money. Nothing at all. I won’t pay a dollar to join this club.

    You ask members to Go Wild. It is time to have a proper Club.”

    • Whoa! But I love all the surprises that come with a “disorganized” club. I am happy that I don’t have to pay a subscription fee. I guess members who expect the club with facilities and amenities, may have come to the wrong place. That person could donate a large sum of money to set up a proper club. I may pay the $1 to join.
      Happy Weekend to All

  9. I find it interesting that members are more responsive with Whatsapp than email. For some reasons, members prefer using Whatsapp as the communication medium.

    I get many responses to “Go Wild” but many are too short, and I am unable to piece together the suggestion. Here is a good one. Terence Seah

    “Dear Terrence,

    SHC is a good grouping for seniors, esp for the retired members. Everyday, I see my dollar fly out from my wallet, but I can never see any dollar jumping in. How to attend the JB dinner cum dancing? For retirees, this is very expensive.

    Why not you gather together a grp of retirees and go into online commerce. I cannot do OMO but we can do together. You want wild, I can go wild together. My Cpf no enough. Children, can wait long long. Plz try. You have the magic. I hear many people talk about you. But never meet.”

  10. Hi carly,
    Anytime you are ready for a 3inone, do let me know.
    I can pull in a few if you want to meet people of the same interest…..
    singing,dancing and live performing…….hehehehehehehehehe…

    Jeffrey Gan

  11. Hmmm… This post has been rather quiet, since 15th May. Wonder why? Is everyone busy on Whatsapp?

    I’d like to put in my 2 cents worth. SHC has allowed me a platform to pursue my interests in singing, dance and lately, a chance to work in a committee to organise the coming D&D event in KSL. I look forward to MC the English Segment, and I hope everyone will have a wonderful evening.

    Going forward, I hope to organise a short trip to Malacca, where we can sing on the Jonker Street open stage. That will be a challenge! And also a stopover at KSL and sing in the open Lounge. We will need some practice with Jeff at Lorong 10 …haha..

    My 2 cents worth.

    Take care, everyone. See u all at KSL on 8th July.

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