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Due to increasing popularity and convenience of Whatsapp, SilverHairsClub will launch a number of Whatsapp groups for the convenience of members with focused interests. I shall initiate the startup of these groups, and shall generally be a non-participating admin for as long as the group is still active. Open to SHC members only.

If you wish to join the groups, please read and observe the follow rules.
1. No pushing of URL. This include videos and pictures.
2. No Greetings eg Good Morning without anything else to say.
3. Pictures and messages must be focused on the subject. Total number of pictures and message: 3 max per day.  Some groups may not allow pictures.
4. No advertising, invitations to unrelated events.
5. No Copy and Paste from any source. Conversation text best.

6. Anti social behavior eg personal attacks, persistent queries, frequent arguments not accepted.

If you break the rules:
First time: Unaccepted messages will be flagged with a * by Admin.

Second time: Admin will give u a second * and will remove your name from the Whatsapp group. You can request to rejoin the group after 60 days or as group allows.

We shall start with the following groups.
1. Cooking – receipes, invitations to cooking session
2. Online trading – equities only.
3. Online e-commerce – today’s changing trend which we cannot ignore (closed).
4. Short term stay in Chiangmai
5. Living in JB – where to eat, shop, live, finding friends to go JB together.
6. Gardening – plants, flowers and vegetables in your house or gardens.
7. Music, cinema and TV dramas – share your love for music. Going cinema and concerts together. (Closed)
8. Free for all – any topic except race, religion, politics, MLM and direct selling. Good for those who cannot sleep, interest in current affairs. The same rules apply.

Medical & Sickness
9a. SHC Men’s Health (closed)
9b. SHC Ladies Health (closed)
9c. Dementia with family members (closed)
9c. Dementia with family members. (closed)
Some of our family members have Dementia. Some of us employ a helper and some of us are dimentia caregivers ourselves. Soonerof later, we may develop Dementia. This group aims to enable fellow members to share our experience with Dementia.

10a. SHC Grannies and Grandpas. (closed)
For members who are busy with grandchildren, how to manage these young kids in today’s modern generation. Grand kids, Primary 6, tots and below.

10b. SHC mothers and fathers )closed)

whose children are no longer teens. Share what your kids and young adults are going through. Seek common grounds to chat, helping with interests, jobs opportunities or finding friends with other members’ young adults.

For travel, makan and dancing, I shall leave this to the different group admin. More topics may be added. Watch this space.

We will start the chat groups, after 10 members have signed up. Let me know which chatgroup you would like to join. Whatsapp +65 9489 4360.

Terence Seah

59 thoughts on “Join the new SHC Whatsapp groups

  1. I m in for:
    1. online trading – Equities only
    2. Short term stay in Chiangmai…bdw i m leaving for Chiangmai this Nov 2017 anyone?

    Thanks Terrence for connecting us.


  2. The response to SHC whatsapp groups is going on well, from the start.

    Plse pick only one group. You may join another group after 30 days.

    Terence Seah

    • Hi Terence

      This is sb (sbkhoo).

      You may have forgotten me because I have not contacted you for some time.
      Any I was browsing thru SHC and I am interested to join the following WhatsApp group if I may.

      2. Online trading – equities

      9 Medical and wellness.

      Hope you are doing well, regards

  3. Hi Terence,
    I would like to join the following if we can otherwise below is the order of my preference if we are allowed only one:
    No 7 – Music, concerts etc
    No 1 – Cooking, baking, recipes etc

    Many thanks

    Thank you.

  4. Hi..Terence. Interesting post. Without doubt, this is the best place to look for like-minded friends. While I can understand the reasons for imposing the 5 rules, I believe it will be an uphill task for you to monitor each group and enforce the rules fairly, particularly if all 8 groups are running.

    I do not agree with Rule #5. What if I have an event to share, organised by a third party, e.g. a nice promo poster by KSL @ JB.?

    Please put me in Group 5 – Down to earth enjoyment — makan, massage, medicine and music. I shall abide by your rules. Thanks.


  5. Hi DanielC,

    I shall put u in group 5. Plse wait until setup is completed.

    Hi RonaldL,

    I shall put u under Group 5 to start with. If u prefer Group 7, plse let me know.

    Terence Seah

  6. Hi Daisy,

    I shall put u in Group 5 to start.
    If prefer otherwise, please indicate. TQ.

    Hi Ronald Lim,

    I shall put u in group 2. Please wait for setup to complete.

    Terence Seah

  7. For record, those who responded via whatsapp. Members may exit the group at anytime. No questions asked. After exit, you may join another group after 30 days.

    Lim Joo Thian – group 3
    SS James – group 5
    June CHOO – group 1
    Kristy Quek – group 1
    Freda Lim – group 2
    Stan Ang – group 2
    Francis Rajaratnam – group 5
    Lim Sock Hoon – group 2
    Andrew Koh – group 5
    Ng How – group 6
    Raymond Yeo – group 8

    Terence Seah

  8. A new SHC Whatsapp group – Medical & Sickness – If you are experiencing sickness and health issues faced by seniors, here is the SHC Whatsapp group for you to share what you are going through, how you are coping and managing the sickness.

    * Strictly NO URL and “Copy and Paste”
    * Recommendations are not permitted, unless you are personally trying or have used the medication, cure or method.
    * All other rules in this Post same.
    * Max 3 comments on any one day.

    If interested, please indicate you would like to participate in Group 9 here.

    Terence Seah

  9. I have a chat group on FX, indices, gold silver oil trading

    mainly sharing by one ex fund guy on above, not promoting courses whatsoever…purely to share
    who already trade above and are keen

  10. Whatsapp Group 9 will be devided into two groups:

    Group 9A: Health and sickness issues for Men only.

    Group 9B: Health and sickness issues for women only.

    The “for men only” group has been sent out to all men. Closing date for registration 5 Jul 2017. I just send out the announcement and the response is excellent.

    For SilverHairsClub male members, I would like to set up a SHC whatsapp group for men to discuss health and sickness issues. As we grow older, many of us develop sickness and health issues.  We have not had the chance to discuss with anyone, except our doctors and friends.  This chat group is only for men. If you like to hear what other men are experiencing, especially from those with similar sickness, a simply reply YES and we will add u to the group. This group closes registration on 5 July 2017.  You may exit any time too.

    Terence Seah

  11. Group 9B Women’s Health is now ready to be launched. As this group chat is strictly for women, female members can share experience, feeling, treatment, costs, where to go, etc.

    As a reminder, strictly
    * no URL unless a fellow participant requests.
    * all participants are required to intro themsleves and area of interest. Listeners may be exited the door.

    Plse read the rules, and if you are ready, send a whatsapp message to +65 9489 4360. From now to 15 Jun, casual discussion. I shall appoint a lady admin, and she will take over after 15 Jun 2017. Rules will remain.

    Terence Seah

  12. Members register for chatgroups will be invited within a week. Takes some. SB group 2, Myra 9B, Gabriella 9B, Roland Leow group 1.

    Plse read the rules. TQ.

    Terence Seah

  13. Please put me in Group 7. Music, cinema and TV dramas – share your love for music. Going cinema and concerts together.

    Lydia Chin

  14. All members who have requested to join one of the whatsapp group chats, your name has been added.

    If you are not added, it could be you have not informed us or you ask for more than one group. Only one group is allowed.

    If you are kicked out of a group, you may rejoin after 30 days. First, a * is given. If you get the second date, the exit door suddenly appears.

    Plse make the lives of the moderators or group admin easy but following the rules in the post.


    Terence Seah

  15. All members writing on this post to participate in whatsapp groups will be be assigned to the group you requested.

    Only one group will be assigned.

    Terence Seah

  16. The SHC Whatsapp group concept seems to be going well. Some members find the interest group meet their needs very well.

    I may have missed out some of you who have requested to be in a specific group. Please ask again.

    The rules are clear. No pushing of URL and related content. No Copy and paste. A * is given to participants who do not observe the rules. Another * means auto exit.

    I am now ready to allocate one member two groups. Please let me know here which group or you may let me know the group number via Whatsapp +65 9489 4360.

    Members may exit the group without have to give reasons.

    Terence Seah

  17. Hi Terence…Sorry ive keyed in the wrong no. It is supposed to be in Group 7. Music, cinema and TV dramas. Thanks. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  18. The equities market has been very vibrant and active. If you are into online trading, and wish to join other SilverHairsClub members in discussions, feel free to Jon this Whatsapp group. Read the Post and send a whatsapp msg to +65 9489 4360. Rules apply.

    Terence Seah

  19. This week, SHC adds a few more WhatsApp groups. Rules include no videos, URL, pictures, copy & paste and unrelated content.

    If you like to join the groups, simply WhatsApp +65 9489 4360 with subject name, your SHC registered name, and your interest. Closing date: 26 Feb 2018 1800 hrs.

    1. Painting
    2. Cycling
    3. JB Live eat and shop (ongoing)
    4. Retirement evaluation in Chiangmai
    5. Gardening (ongoing)
    6. CPF Life, CPF medishield, eldershield issues
    7. Mahjong
    8. E-Trading Equities (ongoing)
    9. Cycling (ongoing)
    10. Travelling South East Asia
    11. Table tennis
    12. Charity and Social work

    Terence Seah

  20. Registration for the various SHC WhatsApp interest groups is now closed. We may add in new participants in two months time. TQ to those who have registered and participated.

    Terence Seah

  21. CPF. CPF live, medishield, Retirement account make up the most popular discussion topics on the SHC WhatsApp group. We have 54 participants to date.

    These are clearly important topics of concern. Members get to share their knowledge of each of these topics. Members also get to ask questions; and also get to respond one another.

    So far, we have been chatting, and getting to know one another. Next week, we shall structure the discussion by topics. This is the last call. Let us know by this week. We shall close the conference door this Sunday. Simply WhatsApp +65 94894360.

    Strict rules on unrelated content applies. Members only.

    Terence Seah

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