Party On Board ss Aegean Paradise On 16th June 2017

I had racqi the Cruise ship last Friday and decided to co-ordinate the Gathering. A programme is drawn for your consideration. You can participate in 2D1N or One full day event.

The Pragramme: ( S$ 25.00 NCD)
1 Day event: Starts at 8.00 am or 10 am Ferry from Taman Merah Ferry Point. Catch the 6.45 pm Or 8.30 pm (latest) Ferry from Aegean Paradise Of course there are earlier Ferry 5.00 pm/2.45 pm.
Breakfast – 5.30 am to 9.30 am ( Want BF catch the 8.00 am Ferry)
Lunch – 11.30 am to 2.30 pm
Dinner – 5.30 pm to 9.00 pm
Supper – 10.00 pm to 1.30 am(Next day)
Day Show – 2.00 pm to 4.00pm

2D1N event : In addition to above mentioned in a 1 D event , the following include
Karaoke : 7.00 pm to 3.00 am at S10 per table with 1 free drinks
Disco ( Fri Night) 11.00 pm to 3.00 am

Passengers also can buy the following services
1. Foot Reflexology & shoulder @ S$20 per One hour
2. Indo Massage at S$ 25 per hour Or
3. Thai Massage at S$ 50 per hour ( Men like this, Why?? Find out yourselves

We arrange our meeting, Coffee Chats , or Excises in between when you are on board. Please Volunteer your valuable service to EO the coffee Chats, Excise, Karaoke sessions. The dancing floor is too small for mass dancing.

Please register your interest to attend. No collection . Pay before you board the ferry on the day of event.


24 thoughts on “Party On Board ss Aegean Paradise On 16th June 2017

  1. Hi Tony,
    Wow! Sounds so interesting. The things I would have loved to do on board.
    However, I have promised to help my daughter babysit my grandsons for that very weekend. Have to give it a miss. I hope another opportunity comes along in early August. Its really value for money with so many activities and makan sessions.
    Many thanks and Enjoy!

  2. Wow Tony, thanks for yr effort to organise and to racci the place and proposing the June meeting at Aegean Paradise. I will attend the meeting and going along with a few friends who are non SHC members. They will be busy on the table and not at the meeting. Haha

    • TQ Christine,
      Looking forward to C U. and your friend.
      looks like we may have to change the Subject Title to
      ” Party On SS Aegean Paradise ” as another member has offer to hold Monthly Meeting.

      We don’t need to have 2 Monthly Meeting in a Month.

      P/S Terrence ,
      Please change the Subject Matter to
      ” Party on board ss Aegean Paradise on 16th June 2017 ” as I do not have the editing rights

    • Hi Maria,
      The Monthly Meeting will be called off as we do not want another member to hold another monthly Meeting in the same month.

      Our outing will firm on the 16th June as ” Party on SS Aegean Paradise ” Join us if you are available


  3. Hi Tony,
    Thousand apologies.. as I did promised you that I will support this event, but right now, from work schedule, it seems that I would need to work on June 16.

    Will join you next time.. Hv a fun trip.. ya.. Cheers.. Dolly

  4. Hi to all people express interest to go on Board Aegean Paradise.
    I had just inform that Fridays consider as week end rate for Cabin Room.
    i.e. S$ 120 for Balcony ; S$ 80 for Window View ; S$60 for inner room.
    I will be going on 8.00 am Ferry and return the same day by the last/2nd last ferry to Singapore. ( 6.45 pm OR 8.00 pm )


  5. Hi tony
    I still prefer harbour front
    Tenah merah is really to far from bt timah
    Have to take downtown to bugis change green line to tenah merah and wait for bus to go in
    I.had to reconsider.
    Don know if my car park overnite
    What is the parking rate ?
    Or maybe i might not stay overnight.
    Back at 6.45pm

    Stella sheng

  6. Hi Tony, Thanks for your reply. Still considering going.Just to know if boarding alighting the ship from the ferry is very difficult as my husband has arthritis of his knees and is not very steady on his feet. If we do go, it will be just for a day.
    Have a great day!

  7. Tony dear,
    My friend and me will join you next Friday to chong for massage, makan and etc etc… Will join for 8.00am ferry and back by 6.45pm ferry. Now the only obstacle is to find our way there for TM ferry point… 🙁

    Cheers.. Dolly

  8. Hi Tony,
    What is the price for day trip ie go at 8am and back at 6.45pm or 8pm. Dun understand what is NCD? Probably will join your 1 day cruise to nowhere. Thanks

  9. Hi Tony ,
    Please register Steven Chan for the 1 day event starts at 8 am and be back to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal by 8pm.
    1) What bus no to take from Tanah Merah Mrt Bus stop to the TM ferry terminal ?
    2) Which side should I wait ? At the TM condo side or the opposite side ?
    3) Do I need to bring along my international passport ?
    4) Thanks Tony Ang for your time n effort in organising this EXCITING EVENT. on board the Agean Paradise.
    5) Please reply to my above questions so that I can mentally prepare myself what to do to go on board the Agean Paradise. CRUISE to no where ?

  10. Hi friends,
    I regret to inform due to unexpected work requirement, I will not be able to go on board the cruise.
    Million apologies.
    Bob will now be leading the party.
    Enjoy yourselves


  11. Hi all,
    Due to poor response from Tony Cruise event and many withdrawal he has postpone event to a later date. Please contact him directly as I am not the EO for this Cruise . Thank you

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