Hands-on Basic Cookie Lessons/Tea Session/Chit Chat/(Karaoke-optional) – 3-in-1



               Photos of some of my bakes.

Dear All,

In the past, Terence did bring up this activity to me about conducting lessons on cooking and baking for members.
I have been busy with work, family and social life. Well, I guess its now or never so I am putting up this post to gauge the response.
I am no expert but I have attended several baking lessons and have many many… years of cooking and baking experience.
I started cooking for my family when I was 9+ years old when my mother was taken ill. All my older sisters were in the morning session in school and I was in the afternoon session. Those days, there was hardly any supermarkets so marketing had to be done in the morning.
From then on, I started to develop a love for baking too. My first pineapple tarts were rock hard. That time, I didn’t understand about gluten development so I pulled and stretched my dough too much. My mum said I could crack the wall if I threw my pineapple tarts at it. And when she asked me for some of my tarts to take with her to visit my aunt in the kampong, I was so happy that she wants to let my aunt try it. But she burst my happy bubble when she said its to throw at the dogs in the kampong if they tried to attack her. But I was not one to be easily discouraged. Now my pineapple tarts and cookies are yummy (if I may say so) LOL!

I hope to be able to do a 3-in-1.
That is to have the cookie baking session followed by tea to enjoy the fruits of our labour and talk about anything (and karaoke optional). I shall also make something sweet or savoury (with compliments) to complement the cookies and coffee/tea for the “tea time”. You pay only for the ingredients and miscellaneous items at cost for example, baking paper, paper cups etc. Basically to share what I know and in the process to have fun together. I am not making any profit from this activity.

Date & Time: TBC (probably early afternoon on Saturdays in the third quarter of the     year, when I am in the festive mood)
Venue: In my humble chicken coop in Bedok
No of Pax: 6 pax per session and strictly for members only.

Name List
1.   Stella Sheng
2.   Jassmine Teo
3.   Dolly Lim
4.   Maria Tan
5.   Yat Sing
6.   Joan Ang
7.   Susan CH Tan
8.   Christine Teo
9.   Doreen Chan
10.  Sally Tan
11.  Winnie Tan
12.  Grace Kang

Reserve List
1.   Gingko Tay
2.   Roland Leow and
3.   Dona Ching
4.   Karen Thio
5.   Serena Tay


From here, if there is enough interest and support, we could move on to more “difficult” cookie recipes and maybe include some simple cake and bread making too. However, I can’t teach cake deco except piping of cream rosettes.

Yay!!! Weekend is round the corner.  Have a good one!
Stay Healthy & Happy!  Its a bonus if you are lucky too!

Caroline aka Carly

40 thoughts on “Hands-on Basic Cookie Lessons/Tea Session/Chit Chat/(Karaoke-optional) – 3-in-1

  1. Hi carly
    All those pic look delicious.
    Hoping that the date and month are favourable.
    Keep.me updated


    Cheers !
    Yummy yummy

    Stella Sheng

  2. Hehe, Dearie,
    May not be a good learner to bake but definitely a good eater hor… Keep posted on date and nothing clashed, I will be there… Cheers.. Dolly

  3. Hi Caroline,
    Pictures of your yummy bakes proves that you are a fantastic baker.
    Please register me for your cooking/baking lesson.
    Look forward to this event.
    Thanks & Regards.
    Joan Ang
    Joan Ang

  4. Hi Carly, How are you? The last time we met was at our local day trip to the farms and had a good time in the bus with your song rendition while on board. So like you to be such a sport, as always.

    Yes, I’d like to join you and our friends at this 3-in-1 get-together – it’s really to catch up as it’s been a long time since we all last gathered together. And I’m also a keen learner in baking and pastries which is what I’m not very good at as I’m not really a pastry fan but can be converted under your good hands!

    • Hi Susan,
      Good to hear from you. Yes, its been a long time. I still remember the yummy chee cheong fun on that trip. And of course the fun and laughter. You are most welcome to this baking activity.

    • Glad to know you love to bake too Sally. If you can make pineapple tarts, then you are not a beginner liao!
      Happy to have you in the group!


  5. Dear All,
    I will stop at 12 pax so we will have two sessions. Then we see how it goes from here.
    I am sure we will have lots of fun. A bunch of fun and “crazy” people in a tiny room. I cannot imagine what will happen.
    But I am quite sure you all will love it! Looking forward to it.

    Caroline aka Carly

  6. Hi Carly, you are such a sport to invite us for a baking cum bonding sessions. I can already envisage the fun and laughter at the event. If date and time meet my schedule, I would love to join in the fun. Thank you, Carly.
    Cheers, winnie

    • Hi Winnie,
      Its been a long time since we last met. Its my pleasure my dear. Glad you want to join us. I know you are a very good baker too. What we want to do is to learn from each other and have fun while doing it.

  7. Hi Carly,
    Could you please register Grace Kang’s interest in joining the baking session?
    She has a problem with her computer presently.
    Thank you.
    Cheers, winnie

    • Hi Winnie,
      Thank you for helping Grace out. I have registered her name and please let her know she is very welcome and that I am glad she wants to join us.

  8. Dear Caroline,
    If day and time fits my scheudle, would like to join in this 3in1/&more “merry-making” session.


  9. Dear Gingko,
    Glad that you have decided to hop onto the fun wagon. However, I have to put you on the waiting list as I have stated I shall be stopping at 12 pax for the moment. When I have set the dates and time, I will see if there is any drop-outs and shall keep you posted.

  10. Hi Carly, could you put our names in reserve. If time and date permits, me and my Wife would like to join in the fun.

    Roland Leow & Dona Ching

    • Hi Roland,
      Thank you for your interest. I shall put your’s and your wife’s name on my wait list. As mentioned to Gingko, I shall see the response when my dates and times are fixed and will keep you posted.

  11. Dear All,
    My apologies for MIA from this post for so long. I was planning to conduct the lessons in late Nov/early Dec of this year.
    However, I recently had an op so jumping up and down and doing crazy stuff is put on hold temporarily.
    I am recovering well and fortunately, the lump is non-cancerous. My Soft Tissue Tumour surgeon told me it takes 3 to 6 months for full recovery.
    I shall monitor my healing and I will keep you posted once I have fixed the dates of our baking sessions.
    Thank you for your patience.
    Caroline aka Carly

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