Kopi chat on Wed, 19 July 2017

  Hi kopi kakis

It’s time to arrange for our next kopi chat.  Details are as follows:

Date:                                         Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Time:                                         2.30 – 4.30 pm

Venue:                                        Raffles City food court (nearest mrt: City Hall)

Cuisine:                                      All types of food and  beverages at reasonable price

Topics for discussion:                Anything under the sun except the shc taboos… viz: sex, politics, religion, direct selling and MLM selling. 

Don’t stay at home ~come and join in this kopi event for a hearty chit chat, fun, laughter and sharing of views.  We can agree to disagree ~ no ‘fights’ encouraged over differences of opinion.  HeeeHaaa….. Please register here if interested.

Let me end with a quote:

“Happy people are always happy, not because everything is right in their life.  They are happy because their attitude towards everything is right.”

Those coming are:

  1. Gabriella Chua (EO) (+ 2 friends Lulu & Bee Chin)
  2. Stella Sheng
  3. Martin Han
  4. Veronica Wong
  5. Michael Yeo
  6. Daniel Chan
  7. Edward Lim
  8. Dave Chong
  9. David Low
  10. Richard Kwok
  11. Lim Tiang Soon
  12. Mok Chun Weng
  13. Cheng WK
  14. Alan Ang
  15. Steven Chan
  16. Tony Ang
  17. Peter Loo
  18. Pat Oei
  19. Christine Teo
  20. Lily Boon
  21. Jimmy Longpoetih
  22. Amy Yu(+ Friend Margaret Koh)
  23. Christine Neo
  24. Joan Ang
  25. Hew Lee
  26. Nina Choo (+ Friend Catherine)
  27. Lee Weng Cheong
  28. Seng Kim
  29. Sam Huat ah
  30. Cat Yeo
  31. Grace Wong
  32. Maria Tan
  33. Maria’s friend


Thank you to all who came for the kopi chat this afternoon. We had an afternoon of fun, chit chat and laughter as well as meeting old and new friends.

Cheerio till we meet again…..


15 thoughts on “Kopi chat on Wed, 19 July 2017

  1. Hi Gabriella,
    Please register me for the Kopi Chat gathering.
    Looking forward to meet all the young at hearts.
    Thanks for organising this event.

    Joan Ang

  2. Hi Amy
    Registered for Christine and you. Noted that yr Friend Margaret Koh will also be joining (potential shc member).

    Joan Ang
    Glad you’re coming..

    C u all friends.

    Thank you!

  3. Hihi Amy Ko
    Glad that you managed to take leave from yr gm duties.. haha.. welcome and see you on 19th 🙂

    Looks like it’s going to be a BIG PARTY!

  4. Hi Seng Kim
    I’ve registered yr attendance. We’ll be seated at a Long table near the window of the food court.
    C u then.

  5. yo yo hohohooho hahahahha ,

    it been some times ya didnt support our sister Gabriella …okay ill attend , if no last minute emergency case ya …

    will talk about adventure trip to malaysia by self drive ya..hahahahahha

    hohohohohoho Bro SAM a Trained & qualifed india laughter yoga teacher !

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