Relaxation on the rule on Direct Selling

One of SilverHairsClub rules is No Direct Selling activities. The Club has now decided to relax this ruling, in support of active members interests and hobbies.

1. Active Club Members may now sell and promote products which are personally made to other members. Examples include: Arts & crafts, kueh2, food, jams, balms, plants, furniture and electronic items.

2. Active Club Members may also offer chargeable personal services eg repair services, animal care, aged care, child care, concierge services, guide services, dancing training, events organising and house work.

3. Corporate products, network marketing, MLM and house items are not permitted. External organisations and corporate items are treated as paid advertising. Plse contact

4. Only Active Club members are allowed to participate in this program. Non-active members won’t be allowed.

5. Currently, this program is free to use to approved members. Approved products and services will receive a “Supported by SilverHairsClub” letter from the Club. SilverHairsClub may withdraw this support, if the member misuse this program. Members are wholly responsible for their products and services.

Terence Seah

12 thoughts on “Relaxation on the rule on Direct Selling

  1. Wow, this is a piece of good news for SHC members – be the sellers or buyers..

    But, how come non-active members not allowed – My read is that if non-active members hv good products to promote to members thus making them more active here.. why not? They might even come to monthly meeting and start to promote their products.. This could be another way of making non active to be active members in return..

    Good luck.. Dolly

    • Agree with you buddy. This will encourage the non active members to come out of their shells and make the club more happening! Sellers want to peddle their wares and buyers will be looking out for good deals. So its a win win situation.


  2. The words active club members are mentioned many times.
    Can we see a list of “Active Club Members” to avoid misunderstanding?


  3. This is indeed a wonderful development for the club and its members, a positive step forward which could bring benefits in many ways.
    I am excited with the prospect that from now on, I will be able to obtain articles/bargains offered by members and at the same time, market my home made products, on this club website.
    To start, I shall be offering for sale, my home-made KUMQUAT MARMALADE which is typically produced in Aug each year. Some details will follow separately.
    Thank you Terence for this initiative.
    HC (Hou Chong)

  4. Hi Terence, while waiting for your list of “Active Club Members”, let us take this as a case study.

    Do you consider Hou Chong (HC) an active club member? Is he allowed to sell his stuffs? Please back your decision by facts and figures. This is important because you will have to judge the next potential participant with the same criteria.

    The point is – the line must be clearly drawn between active and non-active members. If you are to accept or reject “business transactions” based on the rules that you have set, they must be enforced fairly and firmly; failing which, the activity shall be open to all.


  5. Members who wish to participate with offering and promoting their products and services, can write directly to me at The rules are in this post.

    Hou Chong has written to me, and his products have been approved. Hou Chong is clearly known to members and has been active.

    For the moment, non-active members cannot participate. However, I may review this again in a year or two.

    Terence Seah

  6. Dolly
    Thank you for your support.
    I am glad that you liked the marmalade. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to hear positive feedback. Much appreciated. FYI., many people helped me in the pdtn process. Once a yr, my Golf buddies come to pluck the fruits, then 2 ladies painstakingly cut the fruits to remove the seeds, and so on. They do not ask for anything (alth I do return a token something ). Suppose, the fun lies in getting together in a friendly atmosphere, to interact while participating in the kkq making process . A good reason for producing the KKQ Marmalade year after year alth there is no attempt at selling them in some years.
    Hope to have your support once again. Thank you
    Daniel Chan
    We have met and I believed that you know me. So I presumed that the focus of your query, is not of me but of the criteria behind the “Active Club Members” rule. Without spelling out the various circumstances, I see merits in the rules. One of which, is perhaps (my guess ) to eliminate regd members who ordinarily have no interest in the club but only wished to come forward for this one activity ie of peddling his/her product to members.

    • Hi HC,
      I remembered one year where we rented tables for the SHC flea market. We had so much fun and your marmalade sold out so quickly. I have baked my bread already. Just waiting for your kumquat marmalade! Slurp!!!!

  7. Indeed, HC…the focus is not on you. Thanks for allowing me to use you as a “case study”, as you have put up your request here. You are right. Every rule has its merits and undoubtedly created for the common good. However, as with all rules, it is the fair and firm enforcement process that we shall question.

    Members join the club for various intentions and we can only guess. In the wake of such uncertainty, my definition of active members is, “members who attend monthly meetings regularly”. It will be interesting to see who the “non-active members” are, if any.


  8. Different people see things differently and have different criteria too but these may not necessarily be that of Terence’s and/or SHC and ultimately is their decisions that matters.

    HC, looking forward for your kumquat marmalade and hope to see other handmade items of yours too.. Will that be coming too..

    Cheers.. Dolly

  9. You are right Dolly. “Different people see things differently and have different criteria”. And this is the problem.
    This is why, from the start, I am asking for the standard that has shaped the rule. If ultimately it is Terence’s decision, then there is no need to mention “active” and “non-active” members. Just write to him and he decides.


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