Tea Dance at Club 5, Park Royal on Kitchener Road on Saturday, 21 October 2017- EC Event

Dear All,

We have received many positive feedback from members and friends who attended our last tea dance and also many asking when we will be organizing another one.

To all the happy people and those who missed the last one, we are pleased to announce that we shall be organizing another tea dance soon.

For this time round, the management of the club has informed us that we could have the place exclusively for our party if we hit 40 pax.

Date:             21 October 2017 (Saturday)
Time:            2pm to 6pm
Price:           S$25 net

Mini Buffet:  Comprising one fried item (prawns or samosa or onion rings or spring rolls)
assorted mini cakes and pastries, one fried noodles or fried rice, one dessert (green bean soup or bubur chacha or cheng tng or bubur hitam) and fruit platter.

Drinks:          Free flow of hot or cold tea (other drinks at your own expense)
Music:           DJ Armstrong – one of the best DJ in town.  You can make song requests.
Account:        Payable to Caroline Gee – POSB savings account 067-00687-9

There will be a game or two and a lucky draw.  So if members feel generous and would like to sponsor some prizes, please contact me via caroline.gee23@gmail.com and it will be very much appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.

P.S.  Club 5 at Park Royal on Kitchener Road has informed me that they will be sponsoring several prizes which will include dining vouchers and one or two bottles of wine.

Registration starts now and the closing date is 2 October 2017 so please save the date and get ready to party through the afternoon. We shall close registration at 45 pax (paid up). However, if the response is good, we may close at 50+ – (for paid) up by the closing date or if we reach our targetted number, whichever comes first. For the comfort of our guests, it should not be more than 53 pax.

If you don’t know how to dance, you could learn a step or two from other members or just be there to soak in the atmosphere and chill out.

1.     Caroline Gee (Paid)
2.     Stella Sheng (Paid)
3.     Maria (Paid)
4.     Maria’s friend (Paid)
5.     Michelle Sim (Paid)
6.     Dolly Lim (Paid)
7.     Jennifer Lim (Paid)
8.     Jennifer’s partner A (Paid)
9.     Joan Ang (Paid)
10. James (Paid)
11.    Reserved (Paid)
12.   Reserved (Paid)
13.   Reserved (Paid)
14.   Reserved (Paid)
15.   Reserved (Paid)
16.   Reserved (Paid)
17.   Reserved (Paid)
18.   Reserved (Paid)
19.   Reserved (Paid)
20.   Reserved (Paid)
21.   Reserved (Paid)
22.   Reserved (Paid)
23.   Reserved (Paid)
24.   Reserved (Paid)
25. Susan Tan
26. Philip (Susan Tan)
27. Molly (Susan Tan)
28. Roger (Susan Tan)
29. Alice (Susan Tan)
30. Rosalind Lee (RL) (Paid)
31. Rosalind Low (RL) (Paid)
32. Geraldine Ting (Paid)
33. Gingko Tay (Paid)
34. Steven Chan (Paid)
35. Li Hong (CG) (Paid)
36. Friend (CG) (Paid)
37. Friend (CG) (Paid)
38. Friend (CG) (Paid)
39. Friend (Anne) (CG)
40. Friend (Diana) (CG)
41. Catherine Tan (CT) (Paid)
42. Andrew Tan (Paid)
43. Friend (Annie) (CT) (Paid)
44. Friend (CT) (Paid)
45. Friend (Anna)(CT) (Paid)
46. Friend (CT) (Paid)
47. Friend (CT) (Paid)
48. Friend (CT) (Paid)

49. Friend (CT)
50. Friend (CT)
51. Mega (Paid)
52. Jane Tan (Paid)
53. Richard Wong (Paid)
Full amount paid by James and his reserves. Waiting for name list from him to update.

34 thoughts on “Tea Dance at Club 5, Park Royal on Kitchener Road on Saturday, 21 October 2017- EC Event

  1. Hi caroline

    Very glad and thank for organising the events.
    I had miss the previous events and will be the 1st to registered now.

    Cheer !

    Stella Sheng

  2. Hi Caroline

    I have been waiting and looking forward to this event… guess timing is not on my side. I will be in Zurich during that period. But I will keep on a lookout on your next available date.

    Looking forward…….


    • Dear Sally,

      What a shame that the date is not right for you. I am sure there will be more to come if there is enough support.
      Enjoy Zurich. Its a beautiful place. Love the chocolates there. Have fun!

  3. Weiwei, Buddy,
    Will support but can’t help you in game this time round ya.. you know la…

    But will upside down my home storeroom, to search for some white elephants to sponsor ok.. no promise though..

    Cheers… Dolly

  4. Hello Buddy,
    Thank you so much. I understand about the games so no worries at all.
    Hope you turn every corner of your house upside down and search carefully ok LOL!
    Looking forward!

  5. Hi Caroline
    Please register me for the Tea Dance on 21 Oct.
    Thank you for organising this event.
    Will make payment soon.
    Have a nice day.& God Bless

    Joan Ang

  6. Hi Joan,
    So good to hear from you again. And thank you for your support. Looking forward to seeing you again. Take care and stay happy!

  7. Hi Caroline,

    I am keen to join in this tea dance. Pls include Philip, Molly and me as confirmed going.

    I am still getting 4 friends to join us. Let you know later once they confirm.

    Will make payment once our attendance for the # of pax confirm.

    Susan Tan

    • Hi Susan,
      Thank you for your support. So glad you are coming this time. Shall update my list accordingly and also hoping that more of your friends will be come too. Looking forward…..

    • Hi Susan,
      Have you gotten your list of friends yet? As I am almost reaching my maximum number and its on a first pay first serve basis, I hope you can make payment soon because I do not want you and your friends to miss out. I know you and your friends love to dance, and can do it well too. So looking forward to seeing you all there.

  8. Some people have used my post for their quarrels. I shall have to delete your postings because my post is for a happy occasion and not a platform for your quarrels. You have to save what you have written because I will not condone this kind of actions on my post. Please take your quarrels and arguments elsewhere.

  9. Hi Caroline Gee ,
    Please register me for the tea dance in October 2017.

    I fully support you although I cannot do the ballroom dances.
    I enjoyed the previous tea dance very much esp with the DJ Armstrong choice of music and songs.

  10. Hi Caroline,

    I will e transfer $25 to your account soon.
    Thanks so much for sacrificing so much time and effort to organise the Tea Dance a 2nd . time

  11. Hi Steven,
    Glad to know you enjoyed the last tea dance. And thank you for your support once again. I love Armstrong’s selection of music too. Looking forward.
    Its my pleasure.

  12. Dear All,
    For those who have registered, please kindly pay soon because my seats are filling up and it’s on a first pay first served basis. Don’t want to disappoint so I have to send reminder. Thank you all for your wonderful support and looking forward to another fun afternoon together!

  13. Good Morning Caroline
    I have transferred $25.00 to your POSB Savings A/c
    (Receipt No: 035I)
    I have invited Ken for the Tea Dance. He can only
    confirm next month. (Too busy travelling)
    Take care and be happy, don’t worry .. ….

    Warm regards,
    Joan Ang

    • Thank you Joan for your support. Looking forward to seeing you again.
      Yes, I know Ken is a very busy man. Mr nice guy. Hope he can come.

    • Hi Susan,
      Thank you for responding. There is no last day to pay up. Once the first 53 has paid up, we shall close registration.

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