Direct Selling : Kumquat Marmalade

I brought my home-made kumquat marmalade to sell for the first time in SHC 2010 flea mart. Thanks to many of you, the marmalade sold briskly. This year, I saw a bumper crop and so decided to sell the kkq marmalade once again.

FYI., the kumquat marmalade is natural, with no preservatives or artificial colouring added.It is hygienically produced and packed into tubs of about 380 gms. On wide request, the recipe has been altered to reduced the sugar content. However, It still tasted great. The price remained at $5 per tub.

If you wished to make an order, pls write to me on whatsapp or on this post. I planned to make the first delivery on 23 Aug ’17 at Gabriella’s coffee chat (see refer to her post on this subject). Thank you Gabriella for kindly consenting to this. The second delivery (for o/s orders, if any) would be at the monthly meeting but this is not finalised yet. Personal collection / delivery will have to be discussed one-on-one separately.

Thank you
Lee Hou Chong

22 thoughts on “Direct Selling : Kumquat Marmalade

  1. Hi HC

    Great to know yr kumquat jam is here again. I would like to have two tubs. Thank you for agreeing to deliver to my next Kopi chat on Wed, 23 Aug from 2.30 pm -4.30 pm at Raffles City food court, level 3.

    Thank you.

    See you then 🙂

  2. Hi Carly,
    Thanks for yr note, for being the first to write and for yr support.
    3 Cheers
    Hi Gabriella,
    Thanks for yr support too. I looked fwd to attending your coffee chat on 23 Aug.
    Meantime, my fingers crossed for more members of Gardening chat Gp to sign up to come.

  3. Hi Hou CHong ,,

    I ENJOY eating your marmalade kumquat with large pieces of kumquat in between the jam.

    If NO preservatives how long can it be kept In the fridge before I make an order ?

  4. Hi Carly
    You are a good cook and compliments coming from you, means a lot to me. Thank you very much.
    Hi Steven
    Sugar in the Marmalade acts as the preservative. If you keep the marmalade in the fridge, it should last over the year .

  5. Hi Houses Chong ,
    Please reserve for me 8 tubs of
    kumquat mama lade. My brother from Penang ask me in advance to reserve x3 tubs while the rest I will give to my best close friend , relatives and my self consumption.

    Many thanks HC your marmalade really taste great with so much of BIG pieces of kumquat in between the jelly and crunchy too. I have also tried some other brands impprted from UK which I buy from Robinson / S and L etc…But none of them has cone close to your own customised brand in terms of texture and taste.
    Well done Hou Chong !
    Keep it up *****

  6. Hi Hou Chong,
    Though i’ve not tasted your homemade kumquat marmalade at all, but thru the positive feedback from Caroline and Steven Chan , i would like to placed an order for 10 tubs but wonder whether you can do a home-delivery instead as i may not able to attend the mthly gathering. Thanks.

    Hi Hou Chong,

  7. The Sale of Kumquat Marmalade is now closed. I have rec’d orders for over 50 tubs and cannot accept anymore because of flight weight limitation in bringing it to Spr.
    Thank you once again for you patronage

  8. Hi Steven
    I don’t know how long the kkq marmalade can last in the living room. There is less sugar in this year’s marmalade and the new tub in use, provides for air pocket on top. I prefer the old tubs but they are no longer sold anywhere. Btw, the new tubs holds 410 gms of kkq net (much more than previously).
    If you like, I can hold onto yr tubs until you are ready to receive them.

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