This Saturday’s Investment Talk cum Meeting

Dear all who have registered (in total 51 SHCians),

Plse be reminded the talk cum meeting is this Sat 080809 (auspicious day, double ‘fatt’) from 2.00 to 4.00PM at Raffles City Tower level 6 Phillip Presentation Room.

The STI index has briefly touched 2,700 points this mroning and retracted. The 2700 point is the very strong support turned resistance level. It is also the 50% retracement between the Oct07 high  at 3907 and Mar09 1455 low, in line with Fibonacchi’s retracement projection. So, are we due for a correction? If so, how much will the STI pullback? Is this my second chance accumulate at reduced risk? If I have shares now (CPF or others), should I be selling now?

Well, to add some spice to this Sat’s talk, I shall include a Technical Analysis of the STI (from the past to now what’s next?), looking at possible retracement and support levels in the coming months.

So, don’t miss the Sat’s event. The theme is Stock Market: Preparedness (when meeting Opportunity = Managed Luck).  Plse refer July 12 Post for topics and details.

Cheers, Ben

16 thoughts on “This Saturday’s Investment Talk cum Meeting

  1. Auspicious day, double ‘fatt’.

    Hope it will be for all and everyone whether or not a Cantonese. Have fun together.

    For me, I will be spending time with a down and trodden angmoh to learn from him what double f means to him.


  2. Hi Ben,

    Sorry,I will not be able to attend this talk. Somehow the Tiger Promotion game was moved to this timeslot. I guess to coincide with the NDC. Hope it is not too late for someone else to take up my seat. Thanks.


  3. Thanks Ronald, it is very thoughtful of you.

    SB, Maureen & Lin Oi, you are most welcomed. We can put in another 10 seats or so. We now have 52.

    Cheers, Ben

  4. hI Ben!

    I’ve already registered for this talk.

    I’m interested in learning more about FX trading – the pros and the cons. Please let me know whether this topic will be covered, at all?

    Thank you.

  5. Hi Ben

    Sorry, unable to attend this Sat’s talk due to…..

    But would like to attend future talks if there is a

    Happy Holiday.


  6. Dear all,

    We have a big room and enough seats (can take 20 more if necessay) to cater to all, so just come.

    Hi Jac, even though the focus is on the stock market, the topics I will be covering are applicable to any investment. However, there may be others like yourself who can have a discussion while you are there or to plan for future forex talk.

  7. Thank you Ben, for the very informative talk you gave on Saturday.
    For a very naive person by way of Stocks and shares, I now have a clearer conscept of what it is about, and how you come to a decision. Of course, one has to learn to read the data of the market.
    I hope you come up with more talks, and also the POEMS On-line Guide.
    Keep up the good work……….Jie

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