What is your secret to looking good and feeling good?

All of us have our own secrets to looking good and feeling good.  We might think there are no secrets; but if we dont do anything about our health, our body and our mind, we can deteriorate.  I see many SHCians look and feel very good.  You see them at walks, cycling, badminton, dancing, tours and conversations.  They have great smiles, firmed bodies, healthy looks and are pleasant to talk with.

All of us have reached a stage in our life where such tips can help us feel good and look vibrant.  Do share with us, what is your secret to looking and feel good.  Is it your dress, hairstyle, or is it disco dancing all night or a glass of wine every day?  Dont be shy.  We love to hear from you.

Please do not copy and paste from the internet.  Please do not give advice.  Simply your secret.

Terence Seah

Knowing fellow SHCians:

  • Geraldine Ting – My secret is to keep smiling, laughing and keeping peace, while enjoying my vices.  I love going home before 1am.
  • Mary Lee (Perth) – My secret is a healthy drink of Korean ginseng red extract with honey, raising a garden and pampering myself once in a while.  My secret to feeling good is when I am able to help someone look good and feel good.
  • Terence Seah – My secret is a young son, moving all the time, and wash my face without soap.  My new secret to feel good is to read the SHC forum everyday.
  • Lina Ng – My secret is to start the day early, swim, gym and maintain crazy circle of friends.
  • Steven Chan – My secret to feeling good is to be with my dog and bringing him for walks.  Daily gardening, alternate day swimming and cooking my specialties.  As for looking good, I think my height is just great.  Just hoping to gain another 50 kg.
  • Tim Liu – My secret to looking good is my hair.  I feel good when I have some things to comment, and enjoy making fun of everybody else. I grumble when I talk about myself.
  • Hou Chong – My secret is really to be passionate about what I do.   And, I feel good when I smile at you and you smile back.  I love my "Min kiah Yu".
  • Abel Tan – My secret to feeling good comes from my two daughters 2.5 and 6 years.  And of course a good night sleep.
  • Mary Chan – Every body knows my secret.  It’s keeping fit walking and dancing.  I believe it is important to feel good and look good too.
  • Marilyn Tang – My secret is feeling good and looking good is my early retirement at 50.  I keep healthy, meet friends, keep investing and watching the world go by.
  • Sekaran – My secret  to looking good and feeling good lies behind my rehab and supervision job. I also job 2 to 3 times a week.  I hope SHC activities will also keep me active too.
  • Patrick Yeo – My Secret to looking Good and Feeling Good is to tell myself that I’m feeling good and looking good every morning in front of the mirror before going to work.  It’s mindset and positive thinking.
  • Lisa Ong – My secret to feeling good and looking good is to sleep before 10pm and rise early.  My other secret is to be happy and be harmonious with myself and everybody.
  • Rosna White – My secret to looking good is to smile at the moon every night and feeling good when the moon smile back at me.
  • Anne Chua – My secret is to stay bubbly, though I am already a grandma of two going three coming on the way.
  • Sue Chan – My secret to looking good is a strict 3-day fruit regime once a week.  I stay confident & keep thinking positive.
  • Sock Cheng – My secret is simply be happy and pamper myself with massages, shopping and eating.
  • Sylvia Ang – I look good and feel good, just by doing things in moderation and leading a simple life.
  • Shirley Yuen – My best kept secret to looking good is plenty of SEX, with some tongkat ali and bittle juice.
  • Sam Goh (Ah Huat) – I feel good when I deliver food to chairity homes and orphanages.  When the children smile, I feel happy and eage to continue do so again.
  • Norlinda – Hmm, you know my secret to feeling and looking young. I love, I care and I trust my family and friends.
  • Your turn – tell us your secret to looking good and feeling good.

81 thoughts on “What is your secret to looking good and feeling good?

  1. Terence,

    Hahahaaaaaha……..a very interesting thread!

    I like this very much – ‘Is it your dress, hairstyle, or is it disco disancing all night or a glass of wine everything?’ Are you talking to me? All of the above in my case (not sure about looking good, though) except I can’t sleep without aid. Kekekekekee….

    You don’t want advice but simply secret or beauty secret for that matter. Alright, my secret – smile, laugh, smile and laugh some more (less wrinkles) plus maintaining tranquility and serenity (given all my vices – drinking and unable to sleep, have to strike a balance).

  2. Here’s my secret:

    A warm drink of wild honey & korean red ginseng extract on empty stomach. 3 full meals (plenty soup), 2 kopi-O, 1 ginger tea, honey & apple cidar vinegar, tap water & red wine.

    For exercise, I changkul & changkul my garden.

    Now getting more lau hiao…pierced my ears 2 weeks ago.
    I use moisturiser SPF30 before make-up to match my tees & jeans or dress…looking good, simple and nice.

    I feel good with TLC from friends & family, and I embrace the downs in life too.

  3. Hi Geraldine #1,

    Besides Tim, I guess not many have met you. From the forum, altho you are a distance away in HK, you sound vibrant and seem to feel good all the time. We now know your secret is smile, laugh, keep peace and balance yourself between night and day.

    Hi Mary #2, your secret seems to a combination of healthy food, enjoying a gardening hobby and pampering yourself. I will have the Korean red ginseng extract for you. Look forward to seeing you soon.

    For other SHCians, please tell us your secret of feeling good and feeling vibrant. This way, other members will get to know you better. Again, dont copy and paste from the net, simply tell us your secret.

    Terence Seah

  4. I like to share my secret of feeling good and maybe looking good. Keeping active, I wake up early before 5am each day, and sleep around midnight each day. What keeps me vibrant, I guess is my 10 year old son. Over the weekend, he gets me to swim, golf, join him for music and dance classes and test me with countless number of questions.

    To keep me looking young, I wash my face without soap once a day, and try to dress like a 26 year old kid. And, I keep vibrant with a fast moving travel schedule. Well, I plan to retire next year, and do something else, but it will still be trying to look good and feel good. Other than drinking, I maintain a healthy diet daily. Not sure if I should share another secret, but I find looking at young people helps me feel vibrant too.

    Share with us your secret.

    Terence Seah

  5. I enjoy going for my morning swims, gym, walks. To have a good posture, walk tall, to eat healthily. To go out with my SHC friends, especially Ah Nee and Susan and have a ‘xiao’ night, like they did in Padang, which I missed!

  6. I enjoy bringing my dog daily for morning and evening walk if possible and keep him company while eating or ask him to sit beside my computer or LCD TV with the fan blowing at both of us.

    By doing daily gardening,I feel v.good too esp. when I see the plts are growing healthily and blooming.

    As a Swim Fit member I tried to swim almost every alternate day , gym twice a week as a new member and cycle to West Coast Park Mac Don ( my 2nd.home ha! ha! ) for breakfast sometimes with some SHCians or alone.I enjoy the peace,quietness and admire the lush greenery and as I cycle Isn’t nature that great ? I too felt v.good after cycling.

    With more exercises esp.starting this yr , I NOT only feel good but my appetite has improved tremendously. Despite eating more I still dont grow fat. Sob Sob 🙁
    I wish I can gain abt.50 kilos more to keep up with my height. Then, I will not look so tall.

    I enjoyed cooking 3 dishes and 1 herbal soup abt 2x a week and I always look forward to my home cooked food with soft romantic music and candle light in the backgrd.
    I felt v.good and energized after the meal.

    I use to cook more often but lately with more tuition assignments ,I am deprived of the time and had to eat outside.

    Our SHC monthly walks,cycling,sometimes traveling makes me feel good too that there is something to look forward to.

  7. Sengh, if “meet” means your eyes seeing another but that another’s eyes dont see you then yes you did facilitate G’dine’s meet me, and for that I had to pay you 1 rupiah in Padang to see that foto captured in yr handphone.

    Really, why this bother abt looking good?

    For me, so long my ugliness slows down I think I look good. The only big effort I put in is to comb my hair and that’s more to assure myself that I still have that tuft up there.

    Tho it might sound trite preaching but still the best of all good oozes from within. Clothes are mere drapes to cover the body in compliance with the law; cosmetics & jewelleries are no more than the Xmas tree decorations, too heavy for the good of one’s spines.

    Be good, do good and you will soon feel good and look good. Yeah?

  8. About Feeling Good – my is simple. I am passionate about most things that I choose to do. These are pursued with an objective of learning and sharing with like-minded people. Normally, enthusiasm will drive the particular involvement to some depth and Feeling good will come naturally. Obviously, it means that I am no Jack or Master of any trade and conversely, I will dismiss those activities which are likely to bring bad feelings.
    Actually, it is simpler that the crap that I wrote above, just call my name, look me in the eyes, give me a bright smile, extend your arm to offer me a bear hug….I am Feeling good already.

    About looking Good – ask others. I cough while drinking a cup of coffee this morning – that is my secret to looking Bad. If I have a share of “looking good”, that is probably found inside, pls don’t even think about it – it is more within than that…haha.

  9. Hi Scians

    For me is sleep before midnight and arise between 6.45-7am. and excercise on most days, usually brisk walking along the East Coast Parkway and reduce consumption of fried-foodstuffs. Always be ready to smile. And thank God for blessing me with two fine daughters(aged 6 & two-and-a-half) in my late years, now being 62.


    Abel Tan

  10. Looking good and feeling good?

    Looking good for me,is, getting enough sleep, moderate exercises which include walking and dancing, remembering to take my vitamin supplements, eating in moderation (hee hard to stick to that)and a simple skin care routine, plus lots and lots of sunscreen.

    Feeling good? Waking up with a smile? Enjoying the company of my family and friends. Liking what I do, whether it’s work or play. Counting my blessings instead of grumbling about what’s “missing” in my life.

    Most important of all is smiling! Whether it’s reciprocated is immaterial. Who was it who said,

    “Smile and the whole world smiles with you!”

  11. Getting compliments about looking good makes me feel good! Of course, more than that, it feels good to be healthy and energetic enough to pass each day fruitfully, be it catching up with friends for a cuppa, going brisk walking, massages & facials, dabble in FX and equities, cooking for family and most of all, playing with my 16-month old grand-daughter.

    Semi retirement life is good, with so many varied and enjoyable stress free activities. Over the past 15 years, life as a private banker and then businesswoman had been extremely hectic and stressful, although financially rewarding. It feels good that I am fortunate enough to “retire” in my early 50s, take things easier and pursue my own interests.

  12. “It feels good that I am fortunate enough to “retire” in my early 50s, take things easier and pursue my own interests”.

    Yes and indeed. I too longed to pursue that interest which you did on 25 July 2009 at or about 6 p.m. But with poor eyessightt, I dont drive and have no car waiting to hop in. So for the time being, my interest is to hobble around to hop into open arms but that doesnt mean Sengh you shd open your arms so wide, winking and waiting.

  13. Hi Tim #12

    Say, your memory serves you well indeed, especially when we only had a very brief introductory encounter. On that particular day and time I was actually not pursuing “my interest”, but being pursued! Hehehe, there’s a difference, yah?

  14. I feel good when I deliberately allowed the water from the hydro pool to gush out from its opening to “hit” on to my neck and shoulders. See Fook Sai or the same when I bathe using the shower.

    And naturally feel good when I sit and pat my dog’s head and see him eating his dried dog food. Kreka…kreka..


  15. Steven dear,

    I really must correct your so called Cantonese. It is ‘SHIU fook sai’, not ‘See’. What’s to see? Kekekekeee. You also mentioned this to Hou Chong with the royal flush thing. No wonder he couldn’t understand. Kakakkaaaa. So please, use this phrase in future.

    Love that you feel good (naturally, of course) when you sit down and pat your dog’s head (so sweet) and doggie goes krekakreka eating his dried food……simply awwwww. Reminds me of my previous dogs. Yes, they were chow chows. Hopefully I get to met him.

  16. “……your memory serves you well indeed…..I was actually not pursuing “my interest”, but being pursued! Hehehe, there’s a difference, yah?”

    Nay, my memory is worsening, cant even remember whether I have flushed the toilet after use but luckily still retain this sharp eye for the gorgeous.

    Well, on the word “pursue”, will have to take it back to the drawing board to re-work on its definition.

    See, if I was pursued, I wd have run like a cheetah…..I wdnt, kepala salah, hop into an enclosed & sealed 4-wheeler to be taken away. Too dangerous and moreover, it was getting dark. There’re many secluded places in spore where one can scream one’s head off yet no one hears or cares. Scared now, hehe ?

    If “that” wasnt yr interest…..can this me – be yr “interest” then?

    I do run very fast and it’s not easy to pursue. But then again, if you do pursue, I shall run very slowly, smthg like running on the spot……might even borrow Bira’s Chin gear and lock it on the reverse.


  17. Haha, just finished an Indemnity Letter in btwn forum visits….quite proud of what I drafted there, maybe, was inspired? Seriously, I am on top when i do the serious at woirk and drop by in here for some fun and relief…

    Ok, Marilyn, good to read that yr day was made so quickly…it takes 10 mths to make a baby and even them with no hair, the job isnt quite complete, hehe.

    Rushing off shortly but noted you and will do………….hopefully, no one else jump in before me to write and pursue…………….

  18. Hi SHCians,

    For me, I believe that my work routine keeps me healthy going. Although I jog about 2 or 3 times a week, my rehab and supervision work is enough to tire me mentally and physically. Although I get tired after work, I am happy that my work routine is keeping me fit and healthy. Out of eight hours at work, I am on foot for about six hours. My eyes and ears are engaged at all times. I speak less, but use more of my whistle and hand gestures for warning or giving direction. I do at time raise my voice if need be to put across a point to the receiver. Just wondering what will happen to me if I were to retire in 4 to 6 year time. Hope that SHC activities would come in hand to keep me active and healthy upon my retirement. TQ

  19. My Secret to looking Good and Feeling Good is to tell myself that I’m feeling good and looking good everyday on the mirror in the early morning before going to work.

    So it is the MINDSET and POSITIVE THINKING that I believe is the SECRET to achieving anything you wish to have in our daily Life.

    My greatest challenge in life is : if you can do it, I also can do it better if not the same.

    Cheers and have a nice day.

    Patrick Yeo

  20. Hi Geraldine Ting,

    Although I am a Chinese, my Cantonese is Poon Thoong Sheu.
    Thanks for correcting my Cantonese. I believe you being a Hong Kee speaks fluent Cantonese.

    Sometimes, when I buy and see the TVB HK drama series in Cantonese,I read the English subtitles too if I do not understand what the actors /actresses are talking abt esp.using idioms etc..

    ……Reminds me of my previous dogs.Yes, they were
    chow chows. Hopefully I get to met him.??? meet the dogs again or meet me ? Ha! ha!

    I had 3 chow chows namely ( Bear Bear, Teddy Bear and Cowboy )before. However,chow chow are NOT suitable to be reared in Spore becos of our hot and humid weather. Besides, the chow chows have double coating of fur and needs air cond to keep them in good condition.

    Why the name chow chow ? Not “smelly” in Cantonese.
    Becos the word “chow” in Mongolian language means food. Long time ago the Mongolians ate chow chows for dog meat. Poor thing ! 🙁

  21. Hi Steven,

    It’s ‘boon tong sui’. Kekekekee.

    I meant meeting you and your dog.:D Is your current dog a chow chow, too?

    Even now in some countries people still eat dog meat. Mo yum gong!!

  22. Hi Patrick #22,

    Ever since I met you at the first SHC meeting, I have been impressed with your life philosphy. The wide smile on your face and the confidence you display when singing really make you look good.

    And for those who have not met Patrick Yeo, he is one guy who does not give up on failures. He is a real fighter.

    Terence Seah

  23. My secret to feeling good and looking good is to sleep before 10pm and early to rise and most importantly, be happy and be harmonious with yourself and everybody. Rgds, Lisa

  24. Yes, i agree with TerenceS. Patrick Yeo always appear cheerful and friendly. I think he found the secret to happiness. Lisa Ong , you also look very relax , happy and calm. You too have discovered the art of living harmoniously with all.

  25. “Lisa Ong……very relax, happy and calm….have discovered the art of living……with all”. That’s where Lisa was in one room with Charles doing the soft launch.

    In another room where I was comforting Fred where he was about to launch his slipper-missiles at Charles, he was anything but relaxed, happy or calm, was complaining to me what art of living was that?

  26. My secret to looking good is to smile at the moon every night and thus feeling good when the moon smile back at me.Oh!!! so sweet.


    Rose White

  27. For me, I adhere to my strict 3-day fruit regime every once a week, to ward-off cell-damaging free radicals and eliminating toxins. With this routine for years, I would wake up every morning feeling totally refreshed, and a mind, mentally alert.

    Feeling confident & positive in thinking, one will naturally feel good & wear a nice smile, which is certainly a great attribute to us ‘Looking our Best’ too!

  28. Hi Only Sue,

    …I adhere to my strict 3-day fruit regime every once a week.

    Could you pls. share with us what kind of fruits that you take for detoxification ? We are anxious to know.

    Thanks for sharing.

  29. Hi Steven (#32),

    The simple detoxification program I adopt would include eating raw fruits e.g. green apples, oranges, and sour grapefruits. Alternatively you can opt to juice these fruits together with carrots, giving it a sweeter taste, if you prefer.

    With a strict regime, this would enhance our cognitive function and our mental abilities stimulated and increased, while emotional disorders such as unnecessary stress or anxiety will also be minimized.

    To allow more members in sharing their secret to looking good on this forum, I will forward some details on juice fasting to your emailbox.

  30. Shirley-W, pending Sue-Chan’s confirmation, below is my take of what she wanted us to know:-

    “The simple detoxification program I adopt would include eating raw…….this would enhance … and ….increase emotional disorders such as unnecessary stress or anxiety………..”

    Still curious? Still want?

  31. There is a say in Cantonese that translate roughly to

    “When the sky drops you treat it as your blanket”

    So don’t worry be happy and pamper yourself once in a while…..massage, shopping, eating etc etc

    Laugther is also the best medicine


  32. Hi Shirley, #34,

    Am most glad to share with you my 3-day fruit diet. Will compile my list and exchange notes with you by this evening.

    Miss your cheery smile & hope to meet up with you @ Han’s next Thu, if you’re attending!


  33. keep smiling and be positive. Do on the good side of others. Be appreciative. Count my own blessings and the blessings of others. Have a simple life and do things in moderation.

  34. Hi Terence,

    Thank you very much for your comment @ #25.

    Currently, I’m fighting hard to pull through this economic downturn that had effected our Taxi cum Tourist Guide business.

    When the going gets TOUGH, the TOUGHESTs get going.

    Hope to meet up with you guys soon.

    Cheers and have a Nice Day

  35. Everybody said everything except the ONE thing – maybe its politically incorrect but here goes – the best kept secret is SEX – lots of it – with a little help from tongkat ali and beetlejuice for those in need – wink! wink!

  36. Hi Shirley,

    You are absolutely right. The best kept secret is SEX and yes, lots of it. Really keeps the juices flowing………….but alas…………

  37. Hi Shirley and Geraldine,

    When I was younger, and I think we all do, SEX helps us to look young and feel young. And, as long as we still have the urge, the energy and the opportunity, yes, sex is good for SilverHairs.

    I have a bottle of tongkat ali, which I bought some months ago on the way to Fraser Hill, well, it is half empty and I am not sure if it is helpful. Will try BettleJuice, whatever it is.

    And, for those who are wondering what is barred on the SHC forum on SEX, I am referring to the “procurement of sexual services”.

    Have fun.

    Terence Seah

  38. Well, well, a topic taboo to our parents and grandparents, is an open secret to many but only some have the audacity to invite controversy of open discussion.

    Terence, did not leave any bones unturned. Candid to the point of divulging the power of tongkat ali, with Shirley talking about beetle-juice.

    Sex is always in the air throughout the world. When a young couple married, sex is the predominant excitement of marital bliss and esctasy. Many orgasm is attained.

    Asian culture of yonder days, viewed Sex as a concomitant factor of married life, not the paramount factor.
    Western civilization’s emphasis of sex life in married as the deciding factor of family’s cohesion. Hence the high rate of divorces abound. To them, Sex come before love.
    Hollywood is an icon for sexual divorces. Elizabeth Taylor
    still holds the record for the highest number of divorce (seven, in her journey to marriage and sex.) Nothing to be ashamed off in an open Western society, taking sex as the yardstick to seemingly happy marriage life. No sex, no life.

    With many of our cohorts well-educated and informed, Sex has revolutionised society into delinquency. Free sex, pre-marital sex, sex orgy, promiscuous sex, gay and lesbian sex. You name it and it can happen. Society has degenerated
    into a free for all. Illicit sex, adulterous sex.

    The decadence of social norms and liberal sex underpin the
    seriousness of sex without a cause. Families paid a price for not upholding the moral dignity of a one man one woman sex life of devotion. We begin to wonder, has sexual freedom totally transformed the world or are we to be blamed for the liberty of sexual desires into the abyss.

    Sex is a doubled-edged sword. Do it clean and good with our wife or husband, is the ultimate in sexual orgasm and everlasting faithfulness. Illicit sex life of fling is a no no, but human weakness, be it men or women, unable to resist the sexual temptations, will betray our very morals to enjoy the wildest sex of our life.

    Copulation with a legal partner is different from fornication with anyone we have a fancy.

    Everyone loves sex. Sex makes the world go round. Sex can round the world into a square. Haha! Sex for all and all for sex… really keeps the juices flowing….as Geraldine puts it … but alas….. (to complete Geraldine’s sentence), sex welcomes the world of HIV, the deadliest now; with Vietnam Rose once upon a time sent a chill down the spine.

    Who do not love and like sex, please raise you hand!!??
    Stay alive for sex, never let sex outstays you.

    I love “Sex in the City” the TV show.

    Lee(Don Juan)Patrick

  39. well 4 me my secert is dat wen i ve deliver de makan 4 charity hme & orphange children hme , i c their smile & laugh ,it make me so happy & eager 2 contd again & again,thus making me busy & no tx 2 go clubbing wif my brothers or peng u hiah ti la…

  40. Terence@43..maybe your TA is a fake!, u shud ask TianSoo..he has the original from the deep dense jungle!..haha

    DJ@44..u talk so much about that taboo thingi..susah la
    For me.. love,care & trust is much better recipe for looking youthful & keep us going..be it from family,frens & loved ones.

  41. “as long as we still have the urge, the energy and the opportunity, yes, sex is good for SilverHairs.

    I have a bottle of tongkat ali, which I bought some months ago on the way to Fraser Hill, well, it is half empty and I am not sure if it is helpful.’

    Sengh, it is quite a drive up Frasers Hill. You finished half a bottle of Tongkat Ali on the way up, obviously egged on by yr urge and the seduction of Tengsua Ahsors. Trust me, Ali was helpful. Believe me, Ahsors had delivered. Some months from now you will find a lot of kids looking good and feeling good up there; best, they all look like you.

    “Terence did not leave any bones unturned….Many orgasm is attained…..Sex has revolutionised……. Society has degenerated…to enjoy the wildest sex of our life”.

    Sorry, Patrick-L, the above are all I can made out of your #44.

    Obviously, Sengh wasnt looking for smthg. Had he, he wd be turning stones not bones. And for him to attain many orgasms just by turning bones, it has got to be yr bones. Pls dont put the blame on society that it has degenerated; it’s one fetish which got you to revolutionise sex.

    But frankly, I still can visualise how Sengh’s turning your bones can be the wildest sex of yr life.

  42. Hellooo Tim,

    You are really an expert in any field. It really tickles
    my funny bone everytime I read your post. Terence cannot turn my “funny bones” but you. I always feel ‘horny’ reading your post. But Article 377A is not been approved yet
    by the authority. So we have to sex the right partner.

    Heard from “SHC gossip corner”, you got hitched eh!
    Romance and sex is like chess – one false moved and you are mated.

    As a wise man said: There is one woman whom fate has destined for each of us. If we miss her, we are save.
    Good Luck

    Lee patrick (Don Juan)

  43. “But Article 377A is not been approved yet by the authority”.

    Not to worry, Patrick-L, Section 377A is intact and it reads “Any male person who…..commits….any act of gross indecency with another male person, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 2 years”.

    Thus, wait no longer and if they throw you in the gaol, you hv another 2 fun fulfilling years with the bhoys in there(you wont want out so quickly so the usual 1/3 remission is not for you). Being highly fertile, who knows, it might be a case of one in and 2 out, with you walking out with yr junior, hehe?

    Yes, I have found her and she is very doting on me. I need to work hard not only to love her but to make her feel loved.

    “There is one woman whom fate has destined for each of us. If we miss her, we are save”.

    Frankly, I dont think you’re very wise to say this. But if you still think it’s wise of you then I have nothing but sadness and pity for Mrs Patrick Lee.

  44. Hellooo Tim

    Mrs Patrick Lee is well and prospering.
    “There is one woman whom fate has destined for each of us. If we miss her, we are saved.”
    It was unfortunate or fortunate I did not miss her hence I have to endure her daily presence for the past 34 years.

    You can imagine the patience, the understanding, the love,the care, the likes, the quarrels, the dislikes, the naggings (it becomes worst as age catches up). I am ear-plugged ready always. O. M. G. I survived 34 years of and lovey-dovey ‘hardship’ to marital bliss. This is the consequence of not missing her. Fate hands one the beauty of love or otherwise. So, every family has a story to tell.

  45. I am still hoping for more of you to tell us your secret to looking good and feeling good. First, this is one way for us to know one another better.

    Second, as we get into our SilverHairs years, some of us may forget the need to look good. We forget to show our charm and our attraction to the world. We may forget that we are still young and that there are many more years to live for.

    As I was talking with a gentleman last night, we were looking around the Hans Cafe at fellow SilverHairs. We felt many SilverHairs stand up very well. Some had straight posture when facing one another to talk, while others present themselves with well kempt hair. It is important to stay fit and look attractive to the world. We also talked about grooming. Look around, and you will see that looking good means feeling good and staying fit.

    Just a part of the whole story, do share with us your secret to looking and feeling good.

    Terence Seah

  46. i agree with Terence on looking good will make you feel good. Years ago , during one severe economic downturn, i asked a sales executive how he kept his spirits and enthusiasm up when his sales were plummenting. He simply said , ‘make sure you continue to shave, put on your tie, comb your hair, brush your teeth, clean your shoes, walk tall and have positive thoughts,….. then you can face your boss, your friends and neighbour confidently, then only can you have a better chance of clinging an order.
    That i thought is good advice for all of us.

  47. What is your secret of looking good and feeling good? asked Terence. Looking good and feeling good are two different things altogether.

    Looking good as to personality and attire are concerned can enhance the physical aspects of a character. Taking me as an example, born to look good due to my genes which is a blessing. Dress code is important for anyone wants to look good. Proper attire on the right occasion will make you look good and presentable. No amount of personal grooming will suffice if a personality is a mismatch with his/her clothings. That is the number one sutra for a looking good person.

    The poise, the posture, the maturity you convey yourself to others in a conversation defines the polished culture of an individual. Ah Beng can never look good in the company of a cassanova, nor do Ah Lian be compared with ‘my fair lady’ (aka the late Audrey Hepburn). That visualised the difference of looking good.

    Feeling good encompasses a greater pre-requisite of the inner self in relation to the outward appearance. Feeling good as the word implies, is the feel. How can one feel good?

    Taking myself in context. An extrovert, positive inclination, conversant, and the ability to empathise my feelings with others, is a good feeling.
    A happy family, cohesive and engaging, understanding the perimeter of each other’s space of privacy, be it wife, children, is a disposition of feeling good. Feeling good comes from the heart. No amount of success or material abundance can give you the good feeling if one lacks the very basic of life humility. A show of wealth, self-centreness is only a feeling to yourself. But in a world of engaging reality, the feeling good angst, radiates without pretension.

    Feeling good has to do with achievements of career and many positive attributes. Different yardstick for different individual. Feeling good depends on one’s satisfaction of wants. No amount of feeling good will be there, if the pursuit of the good feeling is infinite.

    Doing volunteer work by helping others is a good feeling. True to one’s heart and a compassion to our less fortunate peers is a real good feeling. My personal experience can attest to joyous feel.

    When morning dawns, looking into the mirror and SMILE to begin the day, is a good feeling. The simple pleasure of life can be a good feeling. The impermanence of life makes it not worthwhile not to feel good.

    In a nutshell, the feeling is in our heart to activate our own feeling of goodness to ourselves, to others and to the world at large. HAVE A NICE DAY

  48. Hi SHCians

    Cheers & High Fives to Patrick Lee Song Juan for his comments on “lookin & feeling good”.

    My take is some Sporeans do sometimes become “unlooking & unfeeling good” due to either the worry of a steadily depleting bank account or the bother of increasing one’s bank account.

    Perhaps too, in not looking and feeling good can be attributed to the missing-link of a likeable companion being often at one’s side.


    Abel Tan

  49. Well said Abel, in one paraphrase you sum up my long-winded
    In essence, a understanding and dedicated companion, be it wife, girlfriend or even to the bold guys, a mistress will bring the joys of feeling good. But not too sure about ‘looking good’ like an Ah Peh with a young China Doll. You see what I mean.

    Patrick Lee S J

  50. “….make sure you continue to shave, put on your tie, comb your hair, brush your teeth, clean your shoes, walk tall and have positive thoughts,….”

    Well, Charles-W, I certainly have no quarrel with yr last 2 propositions of walking tall and hv +ve thoughts which you can do all the time but the rest?

    Imagine :-

    1. Continue to shave when you are in a concert

    2. continue to put on your tie when you’re swimming

    3. continue to brush your teeth when you’re making a speech; and

    4. cotniue to clean your shoes through a dinner.

    So the devil is in the “continuation”. No matter how good it is something will have to be discontinued sometime.

  51. Hi Terence,

    Just like to share and maybe get concurrence from those who are not only looking good but are financially and physically in good health too. As for me feeling good comes from being healthy do to what you dream to do and being also able to affort it and to have the peace of mind.

    Below is the “21 distinctions of wealth” (in many forms, health, wealth and peace of mind)from the author Peggy McColl. Library book no: 332.02401. So will welcome all your feedbacks on which of these are those you really believed in, for those who feel that are rich in their own way. Cheers

    1. You are already rich
    2. The willingness to give it all up leads to having it all
    3. There in an infinite supply of abundance
    4. The universe is always giving
    5. When U let go of envy, you let go of ignorance
    6. All the riches you haven’t recognised or claimed in the past
    is still available for you
    7. Infinite patience produces immediate results
    8. You don’t have to know how you will get what you want, you just decide
    what you want
    9. the more value you give unconditionally the more you’ll have
    10. All your positive emotions positively increase the flow of abundance to you
    11. Dwelling in negative emotions slows the flow of abundance
    12. Your desire to help another become abundance for you
    13. Your gratitude and appreciation for your own and others’s abundance
    causes you to become more abundant
    14. Your abundance will show up for you in exact proportion to your belief about it
    15. The language of abundance is powerful
    16. Ask for what you want ( ask and you shall receive “as quoted in the bible too”)
    17. Your unique values regarding wealth are important
    18. There is an abundance of resources available to everyone
    19. Wealth comes in many forms
    20. Right now, you have the wisdom within you to be rich
    21. Wealth consiousness leads to wealth generating actions.


  52. Ron Wie

    Interesting. Made me sit up.

    You have listed 21 “distinctions of wealth”. Could you please elaborate on them yourself, all 21 of them?

    Randomly, I have some questions.

    #1. Please define “already rich”. How much do you need to have to be ‘money rich’? Does the word ‘rich’ refer to monetary wealth or more? ( # 1 and #19 )

    #2. “The willingness to give it all up leads to having it all.”? Give what up? Your ‘wealth’? Honestly, have you yourself ever consciously ‘given it all up’ in order to ‘have it all’?

    #7. ” Infinite patience produces immediate results.” How so? and what do you mean by ‘immediate’ results?

    #16. “Ask for what you want ( ask and you shall receive “as quoted in the bible too”). As simple as that? Just ask??? And you shall receive???

    Sounds a lot like what’s in that book and CD “Secrets” by Rhonda Byrne.

    Easy to read and easy to put down in WORDS, but is it easy to PRACTISE?

  53. Since love is in the air in SHC, my inspiration to compose a poem for the lovebirds is getting the better of me. I am no poet but I try: The title is; LOVE

    Love strikes with a bolt of lightning
    The force is nature’s binding
    It blinds everything with the flash
    Lovers interlock in tight embrace
    Due to the thunderous roar from heaven

    Two hearts diffuse as one
    The world unfolds without a care
    My love for you will always be there
    To eternity we shall part

    Never before the love so strong
    Is it fate that brought us together
    Love’s power vanquished the impossible
    Forever we will stay faithful to each other.

    An inspiration by Leepatrick (Don Juan)
    Copyright reserved.

    Dedicated sincerely to Tim and Marilyn, Sam and Dolly, Dan and Joy. Sorry, secret love is not published.

  54. whew.. i must say this thread is getting really hot… so much to read.. and i only have time to skimp through the 60 responses.

    Song Juan’s love poem struck a chord… i like it

    I am now inspired to contribute on the secret to feeling good and looking good


    Be in love
    Find the right partner and try to stay in love

    Try to laugh at difficult situations

    Love & laughter makes the world go around
    Jealousy, selfishness makes it a standstill

    Sure, money is needed
    But too much or too little of it can cause problems
    So just enough is the ideal

    Live a simple life
    Don’t offend people
    Try to forgive those who’ve offended you

    Give thanks to God everyday for whatever you have
    Do not focus on the have-nots
    Be thankful for the haves

    Be thankful for the beautiful clothes you’re wearing
    Be thankkful for the breakfast you just had
    Be thankful for the roof over your head

    And a good night’s sleep tonight
    And health
    And your family and friends


  55. Thank you Patrick-L @ #60, the Don Quixote you desrves something good in return, yeah? So here in comes, hehe……..

    The loaf strikes Patrick-L like kick from a boot so blinding

    On him, the force is nature’s whack and hiding

    It binds everything – broomsticks, feather dusters – with the bash

    Left holding his pet cock it, he tightly embraces

    Spewing a thunderous bawl from a heart so craven

    Two harts he seduces he wants

    The weird unfolds and the luckless him got a hare

    Love for a hare, a bear or a ewe in despair why would he care?

    Till maternity they shall part as he begins to suck

    Never before a love so wrong

    Fate in bad faith brought them together

    Yes, love’s power does vanquish the impossible

    Forever, a man and a ewe will stay farting to each other.

    Inspired by Leepatrick (Don Quixote)
    Nothing is reserved.

  56. HAHAHAAA! I am out of breath laughing, Tim #62 The bionic brain works again. See when I say I will take my hat off for you. My tender old ribs are cracking up now. Good work !!

  57. Hahaha, Mary-C @ #59, dont be so hard on Ron-Wie lah.

    Once known to us as our All-rounder, he is still round and so if he does occasionally get us round and round, he is only becoming himself again. Moreover, we men like to CKLP Song, so no sin there lah………..

  58. Hi Patrick,

    Your poem is quite nice. Some lines are heart-tugging. I just want to ask ‘Forever we will stay faithful to each other.’. Are you sure? Kekekkeeee.

  59. Tim,

    What a poem! Made me laughed out loud. This is the Tim I’d known who can really make me laugh and giggle……..


    ‘My tender old ribs are cracking up now.’……..so cute.

  60. Lydia Chin
    Now, THAT’s a realistic and refreshing attitude of life. I try to live my life like that.

    Of course, there are times when one longs for something not within one’s reach and that’s the time to count one’s blessings.

    I try to adopt the “glass half full” attitude. It’s up to oneself to add ‘goodness’ to the rest of the glass.


  61. Tim Liu
    I’m not being hard on Ron Wie.

    If he put up something, he surely must have lived by it, right? I just wanted some answers from him, that’s all.

    Btw, you seem happier these days. Good for you. Remember to work at it, otherwise, it will not survive.

  62. Thank you Mary-C.

    Some months ago, I decided to put down my last emotional baggage which I carried for almost 3 years, and moved on. I freed myself to opportunities but without clamouring for them.

    She came, she saw, she conquered.

    The road ahead is long, parts of which wont be like a plane runway. Yes, you’re right that it needs consistent work on it, real hard work. And she’s not shirking it either. We will count on our life experiences to put it on a straight path again should the smallest of trajectories appear.

  63. Geraldine #66

    Thanks for the kind words, a rare accolade, after all the bashing from you till ‘blue black eye’

    The reality of faithfulness in most marriages, is very personal to each and every couple. Silence is sometimes the best answer. Stay focus on marital bliss.

    As someone once said: A perfect marriage is between a ‘blind’ wife and a ‘deaf’ husband.

  64. Hey Patrick,

    You know I care. I know, I know…………mwah, mwah. Of course, you know me. Will spank you again, darling. Such a hard-on for me. Kekekekeeeee………still ‘blue black eye’?? Lots of love………..

  65. Hi Mary,

    Guess in summary the book to me is telling us to be thankful and appreciate whatever we have, accept what we cannot change and change what can be change that is our attitude to are getting accept that at our age we have to learn to accept our physical capabilities are slowing down,etc and loved once also may not have that much time with us and so on.

    However try and get the book to read it for the author’s real thoughts. As for me the above summary is good enough with a cup of coffee and positive thoughts of what I can do not what I can’t do for the day, to get going.


  66. Dear Lydia and Patrick,

    Pertaining to#61,

    Be in love

    Find the left partner
    And stay at the corner

    Try to laugh at the difficult position
    Love and laugh make the earth stoodstill
    Hatred and animosity always go to square one

    Well, honey is ideal
    But bees and hive can cause a drawback
    So juices will do

    Live to the fullest
    Eat will die no eat also die

    Give to God of heaven
    Be it your crook
    Be it your hood
    Whatever that break loose

    And tonight will be good
    For your family, friends and health

    Rose White

  67. Hi Karen,

    You are indeed very talented! The youtube video truly showed how everybody at the party enjoyed themselves and crazy SHCians can be. And, thanks for the tip on the stars.

    Terence Seah

  68. Terence

    Thanks. I must thanks my two sifu – Chan Kwong Wah & Loh Yew kwong for teaching me this Making Making skill and standing by me whenever I got into some “problem” with the movie I am making …they are always there to solve the IT problem whenever I knock at their MSN door ..Yk give me 24 hours round the clock service when I need him for the IT info (haha)

    Thanks to Chan & Yk ….

    Karen Thio

  69. Hi All

    View the Two video here and u will know that these members in the video are getting younger by the day and enjoying themselve to the fullest to looking good & feeling good..

    Enjoy …


  70. Hi All

    SHC – person-in-charge advised that my two movies link is not a SHC event and they don allow me to post it in the web…

    Well….There are more than a hundred viewers so far , thanks for all supports..


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