Sept Monthly Investment Meeting

Hi gals and guys,

I thought a new post will help grab your attention.

We got lucky and have managed to booked the Presentation Room at Phillip City Tower Level 6 (same place lah) from 1.30 to 4.30pm on Sat, 5 Sep 2009.

We shall have our next meeting then and there are some feedback the last meeting that I would like to address in the agenda.

1. Online Trading has been well requested and learning this skill will be an important step to manage your money and trade better. I will conduct a 30-min training session using live POEMS, I will see if we can have access to the terminals there for some hands-on during a short break. Those who wants to open POEMS account (free) beforehand, plse email me separately (

2. Stock Picks & Fundamentals – I shall talk about this in more details. We can also share and identify some attractive small & mid cap stocks and get organised to do some research on them as a team (investor club).

3. Review the stock market (STI) and anticipate potential upcoming correction levels.

4. Analyse the stocks you want to know more about. From feedback, some listen to “tips” and buy without knowledge; some got burnt badly before, are stuck with loads of shares and don’t know how to move on to take advantage of the opportunities that are opening up now.

5. Re-visit money management, timing market entry & exits and stop loss (auto with POEMS ProTrader).

6. Initiate discussion on Investor Club. Suggestion to call it SHC Top & Bottom Club (like sell top and buy bottom as motto)?

7. There will be a 30min break for socialising and chatting as we now have 3 hours. I know the last time was rush rush.

I have been asked if I can handle the buying and selling shares as a Phillip Security Consultant. Yes, contactually I am a Remisier with Phillip but have the flexibility of operating a mobile office as a consultant. Yes, I can open your trading account with online POEMS free of charge (even if you already have one) and yes, I can meet you anytime and place to do it. And yes, I will answer your questions, meet you, advise on shares and guide you to trade online to save on brokerage fees (0.28% vs 0.5/0.4%) if you so desire (especially for SHCians, to help you save money).

Lastly, any further feedback for the agenda are welcome. I know few have asked for coffees and soft drinks the last time. There is a great coffee shop at City Link about 50M from the City Hall MRT entrance and good local coffee O only 90cents. Maybe can buy during break (we will have a break this time, note the time is longer).

Same thing as usual, plse leave you name behind if you are coming so that we know how many will be there.

Thanks for your kind co-operation and looking forward to “siow liao lah” positive energy greeting again.

28 thoughts on “Sept Monthly Investment Meeting

  1. Hi Ben

    I have an appt on 5 Sep but like to join in the meeting. Can you count me in first and I will try to shift the appt to another date. Will let you know whatever the outcome is.

    Kim Leong

  2. Hi Investors,

    For your info pls,

    Do your Home work.
    …. TEMPTED to jump into the share market because of good gains in recent months?

    Investing, and profiting from it, though, needs work. To be successful in growing your investment portfolio, you must do adequate research and homework before making any financial decision.

    Even if you’re a speculative investor and liken investment to playing poker, one would be foolish not to study the cards before placing a bet.

    Investors should be fully apprised of risks when undertaking investments, and they should take responsibility for the outcomes.

  3. Dear all, this Sat is our investment meeting. The confirmed ones follow:

    1 Helen Wong
    2 Lina ng
    3 Susan Chong
    4 Christina Chan
    5 Peng Peng
    6 Lawrence Lee
    7 Gingko
    8 Roland Tong
    9 Kim Leong
    10 Maria Tan
    11 Peggy Ho
    12 Henry Lim
    13 Angie Ng
    14 Nina Choo
    15 Catherine Yeo
    16 Margaret
    17 Eliza
    18 Lina
    19 Andrew Young
    20 Thomas
    21 Jonathon

    Sori if I have forgotten your names… Anyhow, there are plenty of seats so just drop by…

    Looks like correction is coming in Sep and Oct. Where is the STI now and what market correction can we expect? What should you be preparing for? When do you start to buy? Which stocks? Which blue chips? Which ETFs? Which small / mid caps?

    How do I trade online? Multiple currencies? Settlement? Other POEMS capabilities? Charts, News, etc….

    Should I sell waht I have already bought? Keep or sell? What is their current valuation? Are liquid? When should I sell?

    See you on Sat 5 Sep 1.30pm at Raffles City Tower Level 6 to find out. Same place as last time.

    For 1st timers, get off at City Hall MRT, go to ground level and look for the tower lift lobby.

    Cheers, Ben

  4. Hi Ben,

    …..Exracted from NST 1/9/09 .

    …. The drop in Shanghai’s volatile market Monday triggered a wave of selling in markets around the world, adding to concerns stocks have rocketed too high, too fast since March.

    What is the cause of this SUDDEN drop?
    Manipulation by the BIG fishes?

    Pls. clarify.

  5. Dear Steven,

    I don’t work for NST or ST so not in position to clarify their reports. However, I can give 2 cents worth of my opinion.

    The bubble burst loh. And looks like more will be bursting. It is sign of market nervousness and may signial the start of the anticipated correction worldwide.

    Why now? First, Chinese gov is reining in lending low interest RMB (which most of it has found its way to the property and stock market instead of going into infrastructure projects and factories). Secondly, the “hot” money (investors brrowing in almost zero interest USD and investing in the Chinese stock market for both capital and exchange gains) is pulling out as USD strengthens and fears of FED increasing interest rate to cut back supply of Dollars in the market. Third, the consumers in USA are not spending enough to keep the economy growing as unemployment is still rising.

    Hence corection in the stock market looks unavoidable. Big or small fishes (so can you) will start to short the market which will further expedite the drop.

    However, a safer strategy will be to buy at the end of the correction and wait for the next bull run when employment and consumption returns.

    Cheers, Ben

  6. Hahaha, Steven!

    You always have something to say but don’t want to join us at the Investment Talks… poor Ben: he has to answer all your very “cheem” questions… with even more cheem answers.

    September is the dreaded month for equities and so is October. “Sell in May and Go Away” is an old saying for the US market. And may have something to do with the summer holidays where everybody in the States takes a long vacation. Well, some research has shown that the stock market mirrors just that and produces better returns by investing only outside those months.

    So there is a trading strategy where you buy at the end of October and remain invested until the third trading day of May. Then you just cash out and go and have a nice vacation until October comes around again!

    Enough said, I would like to attend this Saturday’s talk and see how as a long-term investor I can preserve my capital while getting a small return…

    See you guys!

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