“One night in Bangkok” date not firmed

We shall be starting our planning for “One night in Bangkok” soon. The date, the venue and the program are still at liquid stage, but I think we may not have many moons to wait.

I am hoping to coincide the date with a Thai traditional culture and date. And if this is the case, the event will be held before this year end. Obviously, we must have thai food and maybe Singha or Chang beer to go along.

We need not structure the event as a dinner & dance, so the committee will have to crack this out.

To start, if you like to join the committee, plse whatsapp +65 9489 4360. Suggestions and comments are invited on this Post.

Terence Seah

4 thoughts on ““One night in Bangkok” date not firmed

  1. HI Terence. ,

    May I suggest it coincide with
    the Loy Kratong Festival in Thailand on Nov 14 or on aby Sat in Nov .

    Perhaps, the organiser can bring along a very big plastic basin to store 2/3 of water. And participants can either bring their small flower mini ” basket ” or organiser buy from the plant nursery the exact no of plastic lotus flower of different colours and with plastic leaves sttached to the flower that can float on the water to symbolise forgiveness for abusing or polluting the rivers or hoping to receive good luck and prosperity soon.

    I suggest the $2 each for the plastic lotus flower floats be included in the final pricing of the entry fees.and as such everyone can have FUN to release them.

    I suggest you may ask ” Live wire ” Stella of pure THAI BLOOD origin her permission whether she can help out or other Thai members if any .to help out with this very meaningful celebration and tradition especially for the Thai community.

    As they are Thais they may come out with better ideas or suggestions .

    Hopefully this event will come to fruition.

  2. Hahaha…no comments yet…except for Steven?!

    If it’s Bangkok, I’d suggest late November or December as the weather will be cool.
    Loy Krathong may be interesting…but better. If it’s in Chiang Mai or Ayutthaya. Maybe if the trip is during Loy Krathong we can arrange a side trip to Ayutthaya for the festival.
    And Steven: Do not suggest plastic flowers for the krathong float…the Thais use only natural plants for green reasons. Don’t pollute and contaminate the environment by using China-made artificial flowers!
    And, one night is not enough for Bangkok…sheer waste of time and plane fare!

  3. Heehee…Frisna!
    Silly me!
    If you want to celebrate Loy Krathong in Singapore, just go to Golden Mile…
    That’s the closest you can come to Thailand without leaving Singapore!

    I was thinking of going to Thailand for this festival, so the post made me excited thinking our fairy godfather was arranging a trip…but, so sad!

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