Do you watch the weekend TV drama Ai ??

Whenever I am in Singapore over a weekend, I would watch this TV drama Ai ?.  Must have seen at least 10 episodes.  Full of tears, plenty of hate, lust and jealousy.  I heard from my colleaques that this TV drama will last 5 years.  And, if you have not seen the drama, watch out for the actors and actresses.  The guys are handsome and they dont seem to need to work.  The actresses are really pretty.  Each time, when the show is on, I would just wait patiently for this petite actress to come online.

The theme song is very nice too.  In case, you have not heard of it, here it is.  Click here.

Do you watch this Chinese drama, and what do you think of it?

Terence Seah

26 thoughts on “Do you watch the weekend TV drama Ai ??

  1. I like Taiwan, and the cities of Taipei, Kaohsiung and Tainan. Perhaps, because I had spent some of my National Service and reservist time in the country. I still go to Taiwan regularly. Taiwan is really romantic; not just the mountains and rivers; but also the songs and the people.

    Taiwanese TV dramas show another aspect of life which seems so real. When I was in hospital recently for 10 days, I watched every episode during that time. A great way to pass my time.

    Terence Seah

  2. Hi Terence,

    Yes, I watch this programme too whenever I am at home. There are lots of episodes and still a lot of pretty actresses who has not come on yet (it is shown on M’sian cable TV at the moment). One thing I notice about Taiwan dramas is that eventhough you miss an episode or two, you can still catch up with the storyline cos they move at tortoise pace!

  3. Hi Terence,

    “old man” at home seems to like this Taiwan Drama. He followed closely at every episodes, I watched as and when I am free…I like the handsome actors & pretty actress, especially the Hokkien song; “I ask Heaven”…..Suzhang said she will tried to sing but again she said very difficult leh…….

    Ah Nee

  4. Terence & Lina

    Don need to envy those handsome & beauitful taiwanese actor/actress la.

    I will make a movie for the SHC handsome/Pretty ladies using this song “I ask Heaven” …

    U two will be the lead actor/actress ..


  5. Oh yes I follow the series so dramatically slow even tho if
    I miss 2 weekends still the same story aiyah liked it in the beginning but kind of bored now.

  6. Terence #1 and 3

    Thought only ladies like to watch this type of dramatic love story.

    Needless to say lah, I like the Song Cheng Zhang very much, he is such a lovelorn, and just looking at his teary eyes make my heart melt. Even when he is angry or scold his son, he is still so charming.

    My friend watched this with me last week and he said this charming man is an “auntie killer”.


  7. Hi Helen,

    I am glad this post will give Lee Patrick and Steven Chan something to talk about. Patrick, Steven, watch out for this auntie killer.

    Terence Seah

  8. Hi Terence,

    I used to be borrowing Hong Kong TVB and ATV video serials. Enjoy watching kungfu, swordfighting and especially sad movies. It can cost a lot monthly.

    Now I subscribe to Starhub Cable TV and watch Channel 55 whenever I am home. It a whole day showing one after another video from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. Some of the Korean serials are very moving which keep to glued day by day and could end about 2.00am in the morning!


  9. Hi Janet Loo,

    Borrow Terence Seah’s post, can’t find your Janet Loo’s profile in spite of searching.

    (…..Oh yes I follow the series so dramatically slow even tho if I miss 2 weekends still the same story.) I concur with you Taiwanese drama with Eng. subtitles so SLOW the action, VERY BORING that can make me go to sleep.Zzzzzzzzzzzzz snoring. Aiyah liked it in the beginning but kind of bored now.

    Janet, I believe you are like me love to ENJOY the strong story plots like those in popular HK TVB Cantonese drama series:- namely (Phoenix Rising,Romancing Rendevous),Mother in Law Vs.Daughter in Law ( beautiful comedy ),
    To Get Unstuck in Time,Point of No Return,The Ultimate Crime fighter, D.I.E. )Yesterday’s Glitter, Best Bet, Chan Moong Kat, Mismatched Couple (v. interesting comedy ,When Rules Turn Loose etc… ) which I borrowed from my
    sis-in- law , a HKTVB fan.

    I suddenly remember the name of the
    actress,Tang Pek Wan,a natural cry baby and
    the actor was Chow Yun Fatt . ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Hi Dan,

    ( ……..Now I subscribe to Starhub Cable TV and watch Channel 55 whenever I am home. It a whole day showing one after another. On the whole it is cheaper. )

    However, most of the dramas are old and alloted time 1hr.? for each episode daily with some advertisements.

    For me, I find it better to either rent or buy ( now the price of VCD drama serials has dropped considerably.
    At Poh Kim video, NEW TVB drama VCD serials are sold cheaply.

    If the FULL story is packed into 3 boxes ; each box is $10, total $30. Unlike b4 it could cost as much as $100. used to be expensive very much earlier.

    In this way, I can view as many episodes per day at my own convenience. I do not have to “CHASE” 1 episode after another and NO advertisements. And most of all ,I can be SELECTIVE of what I want to buy and watch.

  11. Terence,

    It is just unfortunate I have never watched this serial, though I watch The Mei Fong Cooking programme sometime ago.
    I love Taipei and Kaoshiong. I specially like the Alishan
    beauties. Have a memorable picture taken with one many years
    ago as a suave, handsome mid-thirty ‘lady-killer’.

    At this age, “the mind is willing but the flesh is weak” hahaha! So just can joke and reflect the ‘wild’ bygone days.

    Apart from my first love, (i.e. my wife of 34 years)though not perfect, all the other ladies that sailed through my life, I can only say each companionship is a total unique experience, good for a hollywood script movie. Many mellifluous memories and reminiscences.

    Happy is a contented man. The sky is beyond my reach.
    But I must confess, I like ladies like the Mei Fong type,
    mature, elegant, sophisticated and with poise.

    And for that matter, which man never like woman?
    Can see but try not to touch, can we? Hahahahaaaa!!

    “To all the girls I love before” – a song by Juglio Iglesias, the handsome singer. It melts my heart, not
    the ladies’.

    Lee patrick (Don Juan)

  12. Hi Terence S,

    …..I am glad this post will give Lee Patrick and Steven Chan something to talk about. Patrick, Steven, watch out for this auntie killer.

    Taiwanese drama serials with Eng. subtitles so SLOW the action, VERY BORING that can make me go
    to sleep.Zzzzzzzzzzzzz snoring.

    I do not see any local Spore or Taiwanese drama serials.
    These TV dramas to me are in 1 word Very V.BORING! even with Eng subtitles. Not my cup of tea.

    Still prefers HK TVB Cantonese dramas not the auntie killer type but “KAN CHEONG” (exciting) stories that keeps your adrenaline running!

    Too me,the appearance of the actors and actresses is secondary.What counts is that they can act naturaLLY which will move you to tears and most impt of must have a STRONG STORY PLOT.

    And I really salute some of these script writers who to their own creative imagination can make the story sounds so interesting,exciting and convincing too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Geraldine(HK), Lei Charn Seng Moe. ?

  13. Steven

    Just one good shot for you. Go find yourself a pretty, mid-age Taiwanese babe, with snow-white skin which most Taiwanese women possessed. And settle down happily ever after. Don’t waste so much time on a male dog. I can understand if it is a bitch. Hahahahaaaa! Just joking lah!

    From the vice-president of the Laughter and Jokes Corner, until the lady president (Sylvia Ang) also vanished because of my joke. This is a big joke. The founder just cannot be found. Help !

    Joker Don Juan

  14. Hi Patrick aka “Lady Killer” ,

    ….a memorable picture taken with one many years
    ago as a suave, handsome mid-thirty โ€˜lady-killerโ€™.

    Yes, now still can be a lady killer.
    Lots of Ai Sohs and Ah Sums from SHC will still cling to you like ants after your EXTREME makeover. Ha! ha! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Till then, I have to rush to tutor now. Chiao!

  15. Terence #8

    You are right. These folks exchanges are so funny and cute.

    By the way, both songs in Ai (“I ask Heaven” and “You are my only love”) are very nice especially the meaningful lyrics.


  16. I am no fan of Taiwan serial, no thanks after watching the first of its serials on tv. In “Bao Piao” (Protectors), I saw swords drawn and then the heavily powdered swordsmen engaged themselves in a debate. No matter how furious they argued, they never used the sword on each other, and the talk cd go on, into the next episode and forever. Then their hands got tired and back into the sheaths the swords went. No gore no blood but bore & sucks.

    The TVB HK serial “Chan Cheng” (True Love/Emotion) did leave an indelible memory in me.

    The producer and scriptwriter never expected so warm a reception and the story had to go on and on. No ordinary tear jerker, it did however tug at my heartstrings and it shared a message of love in each episode. So much so that one of the lead roles played by Lei C Kei actually got her daughter to see thru the drama what a good mother she was, and it was a happy ending as they made up.

    And TVB assembled all their stars and starlets to make the drama which helped propel Seet Ka Ying to fame (arguably, the least of the 7 Princess) and a successful stint at mediacorp.

  17. Hello Steven,

    ‘Lei Charn Seng Moe.?’ For a start, I do not watch HK series despite my years here. Strange, indeed. I did watch some series because of……….

    To answer your question, yes, ngor chaan seng. Whatever series, it HAS to be gaan cheong, the story line has to be strong with plot points to keep the audience going, at the edge of their seats; be it swearing and cursing (my thing) or to keep them psyched up and wanting more………..that’s a successful series or movie for that matter. Yes, the scriptwriters are the backbone of a successful series/movie. The delivery – that would be the actors to carry it through, so the CASTING is very important. Some just can’t act!! Of course, the director is equally important. A good production is where the whole team produced quality work and therefore a blockbuster.

    Yes, there are blockbusters which leave a lot of people scratching their heads and wonder why it’s so successful. In that case, I would call it ‘right time, right place’.

  18. Tim

    Aha! Love transformed the world even in Tim’s post. Straightforward and precise, no undercurrent.

    I watched the cantonese serial ‘True Love’ some years back. It is a very emotional, heartfelt story. It portrayed the element of human love and sacrifice. Would love to watch it again. Any SHcian have the complete serial for loan?

    Generally, I love to watch serial depicting the true human touch and compassion. Subscribe to Starhub ch.55 for many years and enjoy only the HK TVB serial.

    Presently, on Ch.8 every Sunday, from 11 to 1.00pm. The serial on the life of Bruce Lee is worth watching. The actor has a uncanny resemblance to the late Bruce Lee.

    It is sad for a legend to die so young at 32, mainly due to his inability to compromise his fame and fortune and ended
    in death at the home of Ting Pei. (a one time sex goddess of HK movie world).

    Beauty may be skin-deep, but the coquettish
    attributes of a beauty is the nemesis of many a weak man.
    Bruce Lee met his fate. Highly recommended to watch.

  19. Well, Patrick-L, I dont hv any blackcurrant above me or any undercurrent but still hold the eeel which I will readily slip it under folks when the occasion calls. A little low this lonely week so might come across as a bit mad again this week.

    Outside of his reel deadpan hero image, Bruce was said to be brusque in real life.

    Once while his partner and Wang Yu’s Lin chui were cooking in Wang’s kitchen, Bruce asked for a spar with Wang. No prize guessing who was floored.

    Wang was ambushed by a mobster of 5 wielding bats and rods in HK at the height of his fame. He managed to put his attackers down and so it was no coincidence that he was well respected by the bamboo united people.

    Hehe, the terrorists of today wd love to have him.

  20. Thinking that I shall spend some days in Singapore, i was wondering what I shall do on a Sunday afternoon. Had lunch at home, and then realise that I am going to have a boring afternoon because I have decided that I won’t go out.

    After dinner, I decided to spend time in front of the TV watching the weekend TV drama Ai ?. My favourite actress ShuHua was still there, pretty and sweet as ever. She just hasnt changed. If there is any reason why I would be here on a weekend, it has to be the actresses. As we get older, we realise our mistakes, not listening to our mothers or fathers, and then regretting what we have done. Spending time enjoying all the evils of society, only to realise that we have forgotten our wives (for men), our brothers and sisters and even our kids.

    I think this Taiwan TV drama “Ai ?” can just get me stuck to my sofa. I am beginning to wonder when I get old, will I be stuck in front of the TV? 4 walls, a comfortable chair, sipping cups of tea and roaming my neighbourhood Hougang mall.

    What about you? Especially when you stop work.

    Terence Seah

  21. After drooling a river for ShuHua, Terence you pined “As we get older, we realise our mistakes, not listening to our mothers or fathers, and then regretting what we have done”.

    I must tell you a secret then.

    Your loving parents actually had a long serious discuussion with me over whop we should marry you off. They put up a few names, like Tan Sar Ngo Neo, Lydia Sum, Than Nang Heng. I knew you deserved better so for your sake I rejected them all.

    I counter-proposed Raquel Welch, Bo Derek, Yeh Zi Mei, Tina…all TTL ones who wd have fed & nourished you many times a day and kept you chubby. Alas, she was afraid that your dad might be influenced and start thinking on the wildside.

    So, you didnt get to marry an actress but still, think you marry well.

  22. Hi Terence @# 22,

    Like many a sentimentalist, you idolize a CHARACTER in a drama! “Shuhua” as “Tianmi” in the drama Taiwan Tornado, isn’t such a likable character. “Tianmi” is scheming and a dangerous girlfriend to have – she can steal your boyfriend!… lol!

    About retirement – You are not ready for retirement. Retirement is NOT about “a boring afternoon”, getting “stuck in front of the TV”, “4 walls” and just roaming in a nearby mall…

    Retirement is about (1)Freedom … to do the things that are meaningful to you.

    (2) joy (tuo-1 li-2 ku-2 hai-3?)… for being your own boss.

    (3) learning … pick up skills.

    (4)reflection/contemplation…. searching for meaning….

    In retirement, one can be very busy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    My 2-ct’s worth.

  23. Hi Jassmine,

    I am definitely a sentimentalist; and I am sure there are many men around my age with the same characteristics. Women, too, just that I haven’t got to know enough. Well, I like ShuHua; but I think there are not many girls like her around. Just not possible that such a character exists.

    And, for others free on a Sat or Sun, do spend some time to see who ShuHua is. You might fall in love with her.

    And, if in the drama Tornado, she is the scheming Tianmi, I think I will still like her.

    Terence Seah

  24. Hi Terence

    I have been following Ai for a few months now. Just happen to watch it when I was accompanying an old lady watch TV and I got hooked !! I have never followed any chinese serial until now. I actually only watch English serials like CSIs, Heroes (stopped already), Amazing Race, Oprah Winfrey show, etc. I also set to record it on my starhub hubstation (kiasu..hehe).

    I am really fascinated by the characters – Shu Hua, Xie Ming Ming, Zhizhong, Jialing, He Xiaoli, Jianhong, Guo Cong Ming, etc. They are soooo good at acting that it is so believable. To me, it is like the old series ‘Dallas’ which I followed closely when it was running. They are all so handsome and pretty respectively (I mean the Ai characters, not Dallas)

    But I also feel sometimes, of course, that their actions are a little bit ridiculous and stupid but other times so touching that I cried especially the last episode where the mother begged the adopted son to return home. The show has a lot of aspects of character building, I think.

    It sounded like you stopped watching Ai for a while and now re-watching again?

    Happy watching !

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