Networking Lunch on Thurs 19th Oct 2017

Dear friends.

Im organising a lunch session on Thursday 19th Oct. EC event

1pm at *Singapore Recreation Club*
At the Padang.

Great food and Reasonably Cheap

Naan plain n garlic
Fish curry
Fish head curry
Hokkien mee
Chai tou kuey
Other types of local mee
Fish n chips
Western food
Great drinks too

Pay members price. Only Gst
No service charge

No compulsio to have lunch. U may also comr for a drink.

If u want to swim at the heated indoor pool. We can start swimming 11am..and bathe there. Swimming guest fee $5 only.

Hot jacuzzi too

Those interested. Pls Kee Chiu

Those who have signed up :

Rosaline Lee
Dolly Lim
Stella Sheng
Daniel Chan
Christine Teo

Ah Nee
Christina Phau
Winnie Tan
Richard Lean
Frisna Tan

Steven Chan

Peggy Ho tbc
Thomas Loh tbc
Sarah tbc
Lina Tan tbc
Michelle sim tbc
Thomas Loh tbc
Mega tbc
Cat Yeo tbc
Nina tbc
Jazzmine Soh tbc
Bira tbc

18 thoughts on “Networking Lunch on Thurs 19th Oct 2017

  1. HI….Pat. Thanks for organising. SRC is a nostalgic place to meet old friends and talk about the good old days. The layout of sumptuous gourmet delights is a bonus.

    It is a working day afternoon so many may not be able to attend although they want to. I suggest intending participants to extend their public holiday by a day, in taking one or half a day leave, or reschedule their working hours if possible.

    For those who are free and easy, come join us. It may be 3 weeks away but remember time flies. Make your necessary arrangements now.

    Another thing I must mention is – there are many historic buildings around the SRC. Get your cameras ready to take good pictures for your digital album or sharing them with your family and friends.


  2. Hi Pat
    ????For the dancing queens/kings, you may want to try an early dinner on one Thursday, then adjourn to the Lounge1883 ( live band) for mixed dancing @$21 a drink for non SRC member? Cheers
    Zara ????

  3. Dear Friends

    Thanks for yr interest to attend SHC Luncheon on thurs 19th

    We can have lunch as early as 11am if u can make it.

    Another session is also 1pm

    Pay n note wat u eat or drink
    Prices are cheap
    Subj to 7% gst only
    No service charge

    Do let me know wat time Ure coming.

    Come enjoy each other’s company

    Do note
    Dress code in b1 Poolside cafe is casual.

    But if u want sit at gr floor reception…or go to the lounge later.. no shorts or collarless t shirt

    U may also stay on for 2nd session. And stay till late. We can proceed to the lounge

    Photo taking greatly encouraged. Let us know if u dont wish to have yr pics posted n we will respect yr wishes.

    Pat Oei

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