Talk on 30 Sep (Sat) – how to lose weight (the right way!)

Dear SHC Friends,

As we all know, Singapore is No. 1 in a lot of achievements and is a No. 2 nation with most diabetics (after US) – not something we should celebrate.

To borrow a phrase from CNA “First Look Asia” this morning, Singaporeans are living longer but spending more on ill health.”  Therefore it will be wise to take the initiative to keep our health in check and I hope SHC members take part in the monthly walks and dance to burn those calories away.

There is a Talk this Saturday to learn about the causes and risks of obesity, and the ways to successful weight loss.   You will find out from the dietitian and physiotherapist how to lose weight the right way through healthy eating and exercising, and listen to patients’ journeys with their challenges.

You need to register with your name, mobile number and number of seats to by today, 5.00 pm.   Sorry for the late notice – just received this yesterday and was busy this morning.  Even if you’ve passed the deadline, still register in case they still have vacancies.


Good luck!

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