Stage Club – October Show – Comedy

Greetings all.
Rob and I have been involved with this long standing amateur theatre group for many years.

We are both seeking your support for this coming show, while also inviting those of you who may not be familiar with a Stage Club production to come along and enjoy a night of hearty laughter.

Stage Club is presenting the 3 act Comedy play ABSURD PERSON SINGULAR.

Show dates :- October 11 to 14.

Location :- SRT Theatre @ Robertson Quay 20 Merbau Road 239035.

Tickets available through SISTIC or at the theatre.

Ticket Price – Wed & Thur $ 37:00
Fri & Sat $ 42:00

Curtain opens at 8 pm each night.

As we will both be there each night , working on the show as back stage crew, we hope to see you.

Doreen & Rob Cady.

7 thoughts on “Stage Club – October Show – Comedy

  1. Hi Doreen and Rob

    I m interested in the Christmas pantomime ‘Snow White and the 7 Dwarves’.. wd appreciate your advice on:

    Cost of ticket
    Venue for this pantomime
    Dates of show

    Thank you!


    • Hi Gabriella.
      The show is currently confirmed to be held on 3 different dates in 2 seperate venues and we are trying to finalise a 4th show on another date and in another place.

      1 – Date :- Nov 25 & 26
      Location :- Tanglin Club.
      Ticket Price :- This is set by the Club and tickets are only available through a member. Non Member $ 45:00.

      Should you wish to get tickets for this show we have a good friend who is a member and tickets can be booked through them.

      2- Date :- 3rd December.
      Location :- British Club.
      Ticket Price :- This is set by the Club but tickets are available for nonmembers directly from the club $ 45:00.

      3- Date:- 2nd Dec
      Location :- Siglap South Community Centre.
      This performace has yet to be confirmed.

      Discussions still ongoing so will update the status of this performance as soon as we can.


  2. Hi Doreen,
    I have bought my ticket for Friday 13th.
    I understand Robert Cady will be helping with building the sets, and yourself with the props. Will see Robert and yourself real soon. Bringing some friends and looking forward to the Show.

  3. Hi Gabrielle
    I will be going for the rehearsal tonight, will check with Rob re panto.

    there are various clubs they performing, I will come back with more details for you tonight.


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