1 Day Tour on 18 October 2017

We look forward to our Happy Tour

18 Oct 2017 Tour to Batu Pahat, Kluang and Kulai

07.25 Pick up at Marine Parade CC

08:00 Pick up at Newton Circus Car Park.Hawker Centre

08:10 Leave Singapore to JB immigration via Tuas 2nd link.  Est 2hr drive to Batu Pahat

10:30 Visit the beautiful seaside.  enjoy the scenery,  Minyak Beku Beach, Batu Pahat

11:00 Lunch at Batu Pahat, Good quality food restaurant
Lunch Menu (1hr)

1. Shark fin with crabmeat
2. Red snapper with Thai sauce
3. Pork Leg
4. Broccoli with soy skin
5. Braised duck
6. Kari Pork ribs
7. Signature Tofu
8. Ice lime longan
9. Tea, rice, tissues

12:30  Est 1hr drive to Kluang

13:00  for those Coffee lovers;  Kluang Rail Coffee is one of the famous coffee tourist attraction.  (own expenses).  Will stop and buy coffee powder if shop is open

15:00 Proceed to the organic farm. An admiring and wonderful fruit and vegetable gardens/organic park. Truly a paradise especially if you love organic fruits and vegetables; there are mulberry garden, dragon fruit garden, cucumber garden, banana garden, and varieties of fruit and vegetable garden that you will definitely enjoy visiting (2hr)

17:00 Est 1 hr drive to AEON shopping mall

19:00 Will proceed to Kulai for dinner
19:45 Dinner Menu (1hr)

1. Five Happiness Combination
2. Braised Crabmeat soup with mushroom
3. Sweet & Sour Crispy Fried Garoupa
4. Shell-less Prawn with salad dressing
5. Sambal fried four kind veggies
6. Steamed salted chicken
7. Yam basket stuffed with pork ribs
8. Iced longans
9. Including tea, rice and tissues

20.45 back from the restaurant to Singapore. Drop off points at Marine Parade, Newton Car Park  Will advise one more location soon

Tour Fare S$78.00 per person include 1 lunch,1 dinner, sight-seeing and insurance coverage up to  S$20,000.00   Please scan your passport via Whatsapp to my phone for insurance purposes

Thank you

1st group
Stella Sheng
Evelyn Ong
Maria Tan
Steven Chan
Shirley x 2
Leon x 3
Rick x 6
Daisy Yeo x 6

2nd group
Jeffrey x 8
Dolly x 2

The drop off point will be at Marine Parade CC and Newton Food Court Car Park

We have 70 people joining this tour

We thank you for your support

Doreen Chan

23 thoughts on “1 Day Tour on 18 October 2017

  1. Hi doreen

    I will be the 1st start the rolling.
    Will support your 1 day tour.
    Can i pay you when we meet at harbour front on 14 oct.
    Lazy to go search atm to transfer.

    Cheers !

    Stella Sheng

  2. SHC reservation confirmation is normally payment paid then is considered confirmed reserved. I like to do the same
    Sorry, Stella. Hope you can transferred payment to DBS account
    Thank you


  3. Doreen
    Pls register steven chan
    He will transfer the money to you after back from genting trip.
    We back on 11oct evening n he will transfer to you on 12 oct.

    Cheers !

    Stella sheng

  4. Hi Doreen
    Steven Chan is keen to join in the 1 day tour
    to Malaysia . Please reserve a seat for me.
    Now on my way to Genting Highlands but
    return on 11th October
    and will immediately transfer to
    your bank account.

    .account .

  5. Hi Doreen,

    Travel is one of SilverHairs’s most desired activities. I like to encourage you, as well as other members, to organise trips, for members and well as their non-members friends.

    As a SHC member, and being in the travel business, I like to encourage you to keep organising travel activities for Club members.

    Terence Seah

    • Thank you Terence

      I will do my best to those who are interested to travel
      At our age, it is best to enjoy what we can now

      Once again thank you for your encouragement

      Doreen Chan

  6. Doreen..reference our conversation yestd i hv already paid to yr account $78 n you hv taken my details. Notice i m moved to waitlist from confirmed n payment not indicated.
    There must be a mistake. Pls advise

  7. Hi Maria,
    Yes I agree with you , if have paid it should be confirmed going why still on the waiting list. Steven also paid how come still on the waiting list.

  8. Hi Doreen,
    I have message you earlier to register me for the Batu Pahat tour on 18thOct2017. Please note that $78.01 have been atm transfer to your Dbs account today ref number 1273. Thank you.
    Bobby Bok

    • Apologise Bobby
      Registration is already closed
      Will refund you the money
      Please let me have your account no.
      I will transfer back to you

      Thank you for your support


      • Hi Bobby

        Your registration for this 1 day tour is accepted by us

        We will let you know the seat arrangement

        Please let me know your pick up point

        Thank you


  9. Hi Doreen!

    I am grabbing the last! Will be in touch with regard to payment, copy of passport, pick-up and drop off points.

    Appreciate the arrangements, Doreen.

    Daisy Yeo

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