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Hi SilverHairs,

This SHC WhatsApp group is for members to share their ideas and plans for a small and easy business when they are about to retire or already in retirement. The aim is for business-minded members to decide and proceed, know who shares your thinking and maybe pick up some new ideas too.

SilverHairsClub has not had many business networking activities, mainly because starting or running a small business near retirement or during retirement is considered risky to our retirement savings. Many SilverHairs prefer to travel, gather in groups for chit chatting, go dancing, trying out food outlets and pursuing their interests and hobbies. And of course, to enjoy the fruits of many years of hardwork. Well, this WhatsApp group is not for you.

But in today’s Singapore, many retirees cannot do nothing. Taking a part time job is one way. The other is to do a small business, that is flexible and yet have enough time to pursue interests while bringjng in an income. And, for some, to avoid seeing your spouse throughout the day.

SHC WhatsApp chat groups are moderated and have rules. Please read this before joining.

1. Only TEXT chat. No URL, pictures, videos. No unrelated issues.
2. No greetings, good mornjngs, afternoons or goodnight. No invitations to events.
3. Business discussions on food, pets, hobbies, dancing, travel, properties, eldercare, plants, flowers, herbs, health & devices, direct selling, clothes, online trading and arts & crafts, trading, import exports and conceirge services are permitted. Services related to your previous work experiences are supported.

4. Anything related to politics, race, religion, sex and MLM or any forms of Network marketing are NOT permitted.

5. Each participant is limited to 3 text messages a day.

6. To join the WhatsApp Business group, please WhatsApp 9489-4360 and send “Join Business Group”. No email, SMS or phone calls. Deadline to join this group 20 Oct 2017.

7. This chatgroup ends 30 Nov 2017.

Terence Seah

5 thoughts on “Join the SilverHairsClub Whatsapp “Business Goup”

  1. I did a count of the SHC database. The SilverHairsClub has today more than 6000 Members. They receive Club news, very often they communicate with me but generally most do not find the social activities as their key interests. Many are aware that SHC activities are heavy into eating, travel, dancing and regular chitchats. And very many are not into regular participation in the Club Forum.

    We are making good inroads into Whatsapp interests groups. Participation is easy. A mobile phone with WIFI or a data plan. Group discussions are carried out well. Members stay focused 100% on the topic. Hellos, good mornings, URL, pictures and videos are not permitted. Strictly text chat exchange.

    We will grow our platform in this direction. If you have some suggestions, we should consider, if there is reasonable interest.

    Terence Seah

  2. Some members have requested a relaxation in MLM and network marketing activities. Many felt this are legal legitimate businesses and SilverHairsClub should relax it’s rules.

    I have no plans to relax this rule. My apology. Members join SilverHairsClub on the agreement they accept the Club rules.

    Some members do try to promote, sell and discuss MLM and network marketing products during Club activities and well as other activities using the name of SilverHairsClub. Please do not carry. The Club is fairly well informed if such activities are going on. SilverHairsClub will respect members’ business interest, but will not accept MLM in any activity that use the Club name and platform.

    There are some members who invities other members to MLM talks and presentations. Very often, this results in complaints, after unknowingly knowing the event is multi-level marketing.

    Plse be informed and let your fellow members know too.

    Terence Seah

  3. This SHC Whatsapp Business group registration has been closed.

    The group has 46 participants. I am glad the discussion has been very successful. Some members discussed travel business for seniors and how they can cooperate with existing travel companies, while others discuss production and offering home made products.

    Interesting enough, a participant start a discussion on selling herbal and healthy soups for working families..

    WilliamC offered assistance to the goup looking for setting up business in Myanmar. He has been in Myanmar more than 20 years.

    GraceT is looking at providing elderly Chaperson service. We also have AlanH who is managing canteens for the NTWU canteens. He is looking for help and interested cooperation.

    Our Hou Chong has his discussion focused on Australia Jam and Candles and soaps. He is branding each product as “A product of Australia”.

    I hope this group will find its own like-minded members. My plan is to support this members with their plans and implementation.

    Terence Seah

    • WilliamC, I am keen on business in Myanmar. Since you have over 20 years there, believed you know the culture and the types of business we Singaporeans are able to do especially for retirees. If there a way I can communicate with you on this further. Appreciate you or Terence can either PM me on this. Thanks.

  4. The SilverHairsClub whatsapp business discussion will be finishing the forum soon. Members discussed their ideas and moving forward. One group headed by members Hock Tong and Simon Wong is forming a Travel Biz group to go further into an investment into travel.

    If you are interested, please communicate with Hock Tong and Simon on this post.

    Other groups will be announced soon.

    Terence Seah

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