Business networking before or during retirement

As a follow-up to our recent SHC Whatsapp Business group, an interesting suggestion came up and I think it is worth pursuing.

Many members have worked in corporate life, and have good contacts in companies in Singapore and other countries. When members retire or about to retire, these members usually give up all their valuable connections.

Meantime, we have members over 45, who are expanding their mid life career, and are developing new contacts and networks. As a step ahead, SilverHairsClub can connect members with your contacts in your previous corporate life and undustry. You may have been in manufacturing, in arlines, in fertiliser, in agriculture, in trading, engineering, automobile, logistics, commerce, etc. You may have been a driver, a secretary, an executive, a manager or a VP.

The outcome is up to you. If you have contacts locally or overseas, another member may have a need to know your contacts. If a business deal is made, you can develop a relationship as introducer, liaison or agent. It’s really up to you. Maybe to have a more exciting retirement life. For a fee, a commission, you may be able to help another fellow member.

And of course, if you are looking at expanding your career or business, and needs some valuable contacts, our new business networking group, you too can join this group. Always be prepared and open about fees or commission. Don’t expect to develop a business for free.

Strictly for SHC members, male or female. No MLM, Network marketing permitted. This group is not for looking for a job.

If you accept the above parameters, and if you are prepared to share your valuable contacts, with another member, come join “SHC Whatsapp Business Networking”. Participants will also be invited to business networking gatherings, when organised.

Registration closes on 14 Nov 2017 sharp.
This activity will start on 15 Nov 2017 and close on 15 Dec 2017.

Simply send a whatsapp msg “Join SHC Business networking” to +65 9489 4360. Registration via Whatsapp only.

I am looking for one or two EOs for this activity.

3 thoughts on “Business networking before or during retirement

  1. Hi SilverHairs,

    I am looking for two members to EO SHC Business Networking activities.

    The persons should truly be interested in supporting such interests with fellow members in mind, besides personal business iinterests. He/she is expected to have high entrepreneurial spirits, a desire to inspire business networking which can lead to continued generation of seniors income way after retirement or loss of a permanent job.

    The EOs is likely soneone who is creative, never say die, and keen to build a business community, no matter how small or big, within SilverHairsClub. If you can think big, so much the better.

    The EOs can organise activities, gatherings, connect with external business communities, all for the benefit of ShC members. It is perfectly fine, if you have your own business.

    As long as politics, race, religion, sex and MLM are out, the EOs have my support.

    I look forward to hear from you, if you have the interests to build a SHC Business networking community.

    Terence Seah

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