Oct Investment Update

Dear all,

I have wirtten a post yesterday morning but discovered now that it’s content is empty pending review. There is a bug in the system.

So here goes again…

1. Instead of organising our own meeting this month, I am inviting our kakis and those who are interested in investing to join a talk on 24 Oct 09 at Phillip Investor Center at Shan Rd/Balestier RD from 9.30am to 12.30pm. It is free, and light refreshment will be served. I will conduct training on POEMS for those who are keen and willing to stay back for 30mins after the meeting. Plse reply to this post, thanks.

2. I have started Twitter braodcast and you are invited to "follow me" for stock market news, stock alerts, US indexes and STI directions, stock chart analyses, US econmic data, etc. You can join Twitter at www.twitter.com and "Search" for benfoo88 and "Follow Me" and read all my braodcasts or tweets. This is faster and I will try to keep it short and relevant to help you in the decisions to invest. I have made some recommendation before opening yesterday morning after the STI trashing on Monday and DOW trashing last Friday.

Cheers, Ben

9 thoughts on “Oct Investment Update

  1. Sure Nina.

    BTW, the time is 10am to 12.30pm.

    There will be market analyses by 2 fund managers and a Q4 Marekt Outlook by a top Phillip analyst.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Ben,

    Some contents of your post have been deleted. Please note we do no have corporate membership and therefore you cannot represent a corporation. You can do so in an idividual capacity. Advertising is not permitted. Names of external persons are not allowed.

    Terence Seah

  3. OK Terence,

    If it is sensitive, maybe it is better I postphone the 24 Oct meeting.

    This time is to “tong pang” on one organised by Phillip with free lunch. We can re-schedule, no problem.

    Cheers, Ben

  4. Ok Lah Pauline, since no objection from anybody. I have reserved 10 seats only (incl me).

    The topics covered will be Stock Mkt Q4 outlook, Asia – the next big thing, China’s opportunities and making smart investments. Plus POEMS training after talk.

    Time: 10am to 1.00pm – Lunch provided foc
    Place: Shan Rd Phillip Investor Center at Balestier/Shan Rd junction (check http://www.poems.com.sg for map and location) Can take mrt to Novena and bus no?? (will check and post later).

    Interested, put your name below.
    1 Ben Foo
    2 Nina Choo
    3 Pauline Tan

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